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Welcome to PCGearLAB, a site dedicated to PC components and PC builds.

We Have Always Lived and Dreamed Tech

We are a team of two writers who have always loved technology and tech related stuff. Perhaps this has to do with our upbringing around computers and gadgets.

Our upbringing with interest in everything computer related as well as engineering background has prepared us for a website like this.

So What Inspired Us?

Well, simply put, our personal experiences.

After having spent our entire lifetime on the internet, we thought we could also do justice to a fair bit of tech related topics.

Secondly, we have helped countless people choose the right type of hardware or IT product for themselves. So we think we can help the internet out as well.

Tech Can be Very Overwhelming for Non-Techies

We all want the right kind of product for ourselves be it a laptop, processor, or a hard drive. However, choosing the right kind of product can be overwhelming to say the least – like finding a needle in a haystack.

Take processors as an example. There are a countless types of processors out there. There are Core i3s, Core i5s, Core i7s and what not. But to confuse you even more, not all Core i7s are octa core processors, and not all octa core processors are made equal.

Well what does a core mean in the first place anyways and why does both single core and multi-core performance matters?

Just trying to understand a single series of processors can give you a massive headache and there are countless series by Intel and AMD – let alone the fact that once you get into embedded processors or enterprise solution then you will be looking into the likes of Qualcomm processors or Intel Xeon processors respectively.

And here we are just talking about processors, getting the rest of the components like motherboards, RAM, storage drives is a completely different story

IT is vast, intimidating, expensive and it often seems like it is deliberately made to confuse you.

Can You Trust US at PC Gear Lab?

We are committed to providing you the best source of technology product reviews and information on general topics that no one else tends to cover.

You can trust us because;

  • We have a vast experience – and interest – in the IT field.
  • We spend countless hours researching the right products to list for each category
  • We like to cover the product review topics from various angles so it covers many demographics.
  • We actively try to look for topics that are tough– and subsequently present the answer in a manner that a common consumer can understand.
  • You will notice that we DO NOT generally rank the products here. Why? well someone with a limited budget would have different definition of the #1 product as compared to someone with no budget constraints. It is very easy to list the most expensive product as the best product in a given category and be done with it. It is an entirely different story when you are actually trying to gauge the performance/dollar value.

We hope you will enjoy PC Gear Lab and perhaps find it useful.

Thank you so much for visiting my website.



Here is what our readers have to say,

I highly liked this post, im not a beginner in production, but i did never find useful performance info about fl studio, and with all this details. I think im going to try the i3 10100 instead of the ryzen 5 5600g and use the money difference for an audio interface. Even if i got less performance, i will get more audio quality. Im very thankful guys!! I wasnt able to choose what to do and what to invest to. now i preferred to start small and grow up step by step! Cheers! – Lucas

Thanks for explaining this. I am not an expert but your article helped me to learn something. Keep up the good work. – Abode

We are glad that we are empowering our readers with easy to understand knowledge on PC hardware. 

Can You Reach Us?

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