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Atif Qazi

Welcome! My name is Atif Qazi [Linkedin].

I have always loved technology and tech related stuff. Perhaps this has to do with me coming from a family of engineers. My brothers, my father are all engineers.

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession but I have always had a very keen interest in IT related stuff since childhood. My elder brother has studied Computer Systems Engineering and we have both learned a lot from each other.

Besides that, I work for Altron – A Czech Republican MNC that specializes in Data Center Solutions. Basically, I specialize in Data Center physical infrastructure design and operation.

You think you have a powerful PC? pfft! You have not idea how powerful just a single server in a Data Center is.

In case if you are wondering, no I do not deal with the networking side of the servers at data center, I just deal with the physical infrastructure, i.e Electrical systems, fire systems, cooling systems, cabling etc

How has Data Center experience helped in nurturing my tech knowledge?…

Well think of a Data Center as just a common computer but with the performance power that is literally bazillion times more.

When you design a computer, you have to take your requirements into consideration. You have to choose the processor, RAM, graphics card power supply etc.

Data Centers follows a similar idea as well, however, you just have to multiply everything by a huge factor.

Take just the power supply as an example. On average computers, you can slap in a good 500W power supply on a mid range PC and you will be good to go.

With Data Centers, well, first you need to decide on the architecture or tier design (ours was N+N in Data Centers’ jargon). You have to consider the power supply from various sources for redundancy, then you need to have multiple large standby generators, and also large UPS battery rooms and inverters all in the effort to ensure that downtime for your data center remains 0 seconds.

And here I am only talking about a single sub aspect of a Data Center. Imagine the whole enterprise.

Simply put, consumer technology is a piece of cake compared to the enterprise technology. Hence working in an IT Enterprise has only hastened and broadened my tech learning process.

I Have Always Lived and Dreamed Tech

My upbringing in a highly technical family, my childhood spent on building PCs and learning about various components, my engineering background, and my experience at a Data Center have in a way prepared me for establishing a site like PC Gear Lab.

So What Inspired Me?

Well, simply put, my own personal experience.

After having spent my entire lifetime on the internet, I thought I could also do justice to a fair bit of tech related topics.

Secondly, I have helped countless people choose the right type of hardware or IT product for themselves. So I thought I could help the internet out as well.

Tech Can be Very Overwhelming for Non-Techies

We all want the right kind of product for ourselves be it a laptop, processor, or a printer. However, choosing the right kind of product can be overwhelming to say the least – like finding a needle in a haystack.

Take processors as an example. There are a countless types of processors out there. There are Core i3s, Core i5s, Core i7s and what not. But to confuse you even more, not all Core i7s are quad core, and not all quad core processors are made equal.

Just trying to understand a single series of processors can give you a massive headache and there are countless series by Intel and AMD – let alone the fact that once you get into embedded processors or enterprise solution then you will be looking into the likes of Qualcomm processors or Intel Xeon processors respectively.

IT is vast, intimidating, expensive and it often seems like it is deliberately made to confuse you.

Can You Trust Me and My Team at PC Gear Lab?

My team and I are committed to providing you the best source of technology product reviews and information on general topics that no one else tends to cover.

You can trust us because;

  • My team and I have a vast experience– and interest – in the IT field.
  • We spend countless hours researching the right products to list for each category
  • We like to cover the product review topics from various angles so it covers many demographics.
  • We actively try to look for topics that are tough– and subsequently present the answer in a manner that a common consumer can understand.
  • You will notice that we DO NOT generally rank the products here. Why? well someone with a limited budget would have different definition of the #1 product as compared to someone with no budget constraints. It is very easy to list the most expensive product as the best product in a given category and be done with it. It is an entirely different story when you are actually trying to gauge the performance/dollar value.

We hope you will enjoy PC Gear Lab and perhaps find it useful.

Thank you so much for visiting my website.

Atif Qazi,

Can You Reach Me?

Sure! I will be delighted to hear from you! If you need help deciding on your next IT product, if you have any suggestions or concerns, or if you just want to say hi, you can most certainly send me a message.

Reach me through the contact form or send me an email at admin{[(at)}]pcgearlab.com

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