How to Get Ants Out of Laptop – 4 Methods

Last Updated on November 6, 2020

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you noticed ants swarming in and out of your laptop many times as you open its lid? It’s possible that they have colonized the entire laptop including the interior and you can’t use your precious computer. It can be very troublesome, and you may seriously wonder how to get ants out of laptop.

You can follow several ways such as cleaning and shaking your laptop gently and vacuum cleaning the laptop’s exterior and interior. You can also make a water moat to isolate the ants and let them move out of your computer. If the methods don’t work, then it’s better to look for professional help such as taking the laptop to a service center.

Keep in mind that solving this issue does need time and patience while caring for your laptop.

Below we explain the method of getting ants out in detail.


How to Get Ants Out of Laptop?

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It becomes necessary to take proper action when you detect ants around your laptop.

The reason is that they can damage the laptop’s external and internal components. If they get inside your laptop and make a colony there, there’s a possible chance of data loss and computer malfunction. In that case, repairing your laptop can prove very costly and even impossible if it becomes too late.

As ants are very small in size, they can get inside laptops and look for cavity space to nest in and live there.

There are several ways to get rid of the ants residing around or in your laptop. Some of them are simple to do while others require fully opening the laptop.

These are as follows:

1. Clean and Shake Your Laptop Gently

You need to first clean your laptop’s exterior softly and ensure that are no food pieces or spills of drinks lying there.

Then shaking and moving your laptop gently is one of the easy ways to get rid of ants. Do it at a safe place and avoid shaking while you are sitting on the couch or bed. Otherwise, the ants can create a further mess.

Don’t move the laptop at a face pace because the components can get damaged. We recommend you wear gloves and protective clothing up to your elbow so that the ants don’t bite you.

Though this works for fewer ants, some inside the laptop will probably become scared and come out.

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2. Vacuum Clean / Blow Compressed Air

An effective way to remove the ants is to make use of a vacuum cleaner. This will suck the ants out of your laptop. Try vacuuming the vents at the bottom or on the side, the keyboard, the ports and other openings.

For this method to work safely the pressure of the vacuum cleaner must be at a normal level and not very high. This is because as the laptop is sensitive, it can get damaged.

You can also vacuum over the laptop’s inside after fully opening it to get rid of the ants. Perform this procedure only if you are experienced in removing the laptop’s back and vacuuming the internal components such as processor, RAM and hard drive.

An alternate is to blow compressed air. Ofcourse the air pressure must be fairly low so that it does not damage any important components inside.

Note that this methods requires some expertise in dismantling the laptop. If you are not familiar with opening and rearranging a laptop back, we suggest you looking for professional help.

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3. Make Use of a Water Moat

There’s a method that’s unusual but has become very effective to get the ants out of your laptop. The motive is to create and make use of a water moat to make the ants feel insecure and isolated.

Here are the different steps for this procedure:

  1. You will need a container or tray that can hold water. Fill it not fully but just enough to cover the bottom.
  2. Take a stand such as a bowl and place it in the center of the container. Make sure it’s heavy and should not float in water.
  3. Place the infested laptop carefully on the stand. For this purpose, the laptop must be powered off and unplugged. Be sure that the laptop doesn’t get submerged in water and only touches the stand.
  4. Take a wooden spoon or stick and lean it so that it touches the laptop and the table on which the container is sitting on.
  5. Leave the setup overnight and don’t disturb it.

Many people have tried the above method and found that it seriously works. This is because the stand serves as an island here and the spoon as a bridge.

When ants come out of your laptop and see that their colony is isolated, that will force them to move through the bridge to leave the island. They will also see that they are surrounded by water and hence move through the spoon.

Eventually, all the ants would leave the laptop. Note that they are more active at night and it would take a few hours for them to move out.

4. Look for Professional Help

If the above methods are ineffective or you don’t want to take a risk, then it’s better to go to a service center or computer store. The certified and professional technicians there would open your laptop and properly wipe out the ants.

Carry your infested laptop in a proper bag when going to the service centre as ants can come out. You will be charged some money, but it will save you from losing your data and precious computer.

Why Ants Infest Your Laptop?

ants in laptops
Don’t eat or drink near your laptop. Any accidental, small or big, leftovers or spillovers can invite ants to make your laptop their abode.

Often people eat foods such as snacks and consume drinks such as coffee while using their laptop. Therefore, if the remains of the food and drinks lie around or get inside the laptop then it proves to be the main attractive feature for the ants.

This is probably the biggest reason why ants invade your laptop. It’s a well-known fact that ants have a great sense of smell that helps them to find food. They can sense and detect food inside your laptop also.

In case a spill occurs, and it goes inside the laptop, that can prove to be even worse. So, you should refrain from eating and drinking directly above the laptop. Also properly clean the laptop after eating or drinking near it to prevent an ant infestation.

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In this article, we looked over methods and solutions to a common issue people face and would like to know how to get ants out of laptop.

Doubtlessly these nasty ants can cause damage to your laptop and result in data loss. You can attempt the above methods yourself but be cautious that a laptop is a sensitive device. If the need arises to open it do it very carefully.

You can also follow preventive measures such as avoiding eating and drinking near your laptop and doing regular maintenance procedures such as cleaning.


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