How to Move Mouse to Second Monitor in Game? – 2 Simple Methods

Last Updated on November 6, 2020

A primary reason for using a dual or multiple monitor setup is that one monitor can be used for gaming and the other monitors for running the programs and applications. A common problem often being faced is that when trying to switch to the second monitor, the game in the first monitor minimizes or the cursor is locked. In such a situation you may ponder: how to move mouse to second monitor in game?

Chiefly it involves changing the game’s settings from full-screen to borderless windowed mode and moving the mouse cursor offscreen into your second monitor. Alternatively, you can also make use of a keyboard hotkey Alt+Tab to switch between the game window and the second screen. It can also be done by applying the Window Deactivation function in DisplayFusion software.

When a game runs in full-screen mode, Windows simply can’t override it. Otherwise, it may lead to issues such as screen corruption.

Below we review two simple methods on moving your mouse to second monitor while gaming.


How to Move Mouse to Second Monitor in Game?

As you see, most people usually play games in a full-screen mode on one monitor and try to do other tasks on the second monitor. In that case, usually, they are faced with two problems.

The first is that the mouse cursor is locked into the game and they are unable to move the cursor to the second monitor. Secondly, if they can move the mouse to the second monitor, the game in the full-screen mode usually minimizes. Most people would like to determine the ways to move the cursor to the second monitor while the game is on.

Essentially there are two ways this can be done. One is by changing the game’s display settings and making use of a keyboard hotkey.

The second is by using third-party software called DisplayFusion. It’s a paid software that you can try for free for 30 days. Moreover, the relevant function that lets you achieve the above objective is part of the software’s free version.

The first method is described below:

1. Through the Game’s Borderless Windowed Mode and Hotkey

How to Move Mouse to Second Monitor in Game
  1. In the specific game you are playing, open the display settings. If it’s set to Full-Screen, change it to Borderless Windowed.
  2. Make sure the game’s Aspect Ratio is unchanged from the default setting.
  3. Now you can bring up the cursor while the game is on and move it off-screen into your second monitor.
  4. Alternatively, you can press Alt and Tab on your keyboard together to switch between the window of the game and your second monitor.
  5. Continue to press Alt to see the list of open windows. Select the one you want by pressing Tab.
  6. You can switch back into your game from the second monitor by moving your cursor back into the game’s window. You can also press Alt and Tab in this regard.

Note that to apply this method, you need to make sure that the game supports borderless windowed mode.

Keep in mind that you may experience minor drops in FPS (frames per second) when you play your game in windowed mode. This may also depend upon your computer hardware.

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2. Through the Function in DisplayFusion Software

displayfusion software

The DisplayFusion software comes with a built-in function named Prevent Window Deactivation. It helps the user to switch to the second monitor without minimizing the game and then come back to the gameplay. This function works for most of the games though some may not support it.

Here’s how to enable the specific function:

  1. Download the DisplayFusion software and run the installer. When prompted select the Pro version to begin the installation of the trial program. If you would like to make use of the Free version, you can remove the license key in the Settings window later.
  2. After the installation in Windows, right-click on the DisplayFusion icon in the system tray and select Settings. Then choose the Functions tab.
  3. In the Window Management section, look for the Prevent Window Deactivation function and then double click on it.
  4. You will be prompted to enter a key combination. You can choose any according to the given options.
  5. Click OK to apply the key combination and then check it in your game.
  6. If you press the key combination when in gameplay, you should hear a “whoosh” sound to let you know that the function worked.
  7. After hearing, you should be able to Alt+Tab out of the game and move the cursor in the second monitor.

Note that through the software you can run the game in full-screen mode and then move to the second monitor.

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Why Move Mouse to Second Monitor while Gaming?

There’s no doubt that a dual or multiple monitor setup has several benefits. One of them is that you can enjoy multitasking while you play your favorite and cherished games.

For example, you can game in one monitor and browse the internet or listen to different tracks from your collection in the second monitor.

A dual monitor setup becomes necessary when you are playing games on your primary monitor and utilize streaming tools on a secondary monitor. In that way, you can stream your gameplay on different platforms such as Twitch and interact with your viewers easily.

In all the above benefits and applications, a major bottleneck is removed when you can move your mouse cursor to the second monitor while gaming and switch back to your game again.

With this, a common source of frustration is also eliminated among people who try to different tasks while gaming in their PCs with dual monitor setup.

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In this article, we determined ways to solve the usual problem: how to move mouse to second monitor in game.

Gamers and streamers especially playing on a dual monitor setup face it. It can be very annoying because it ruins the whole enjoyment when they are advancing in the gameplay.

We reiterate here that the above methods work for most modern games on your PC.

If your game version is probably old, it may not support these methods. In that case, you can play it in full-screen mode and minimize to swap monitors.


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