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Atif Qazi

Atif Qazi is an Electrical Engineer who has experience with Data Center management as well as Electronics Design. His passion for PCGearLab.com stems from his general love for PC hardware since childhood which was literally spent studying, learning and fiddling around with computers and PC builds.

There is absolutely nothing in life that comes as naturally as PC hardware to him – both consumer and enterprise grade.

Having worked for Data Centers with racks and racks of servers, with each server multiple times more powerful than a personal desktop, has only expanded his knowledge and enthusiasm toward IT hardware.

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Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf is a Computer Systems Engineer with vast experience and knowledge in IT infrastructure, physical servers, firewall and cyber security, as well as IT and network administration.

It started off with loves for games, personal PC builds and over time it turned into a passion as well as a career path.

PC Build is but a piece of cake for a Computer System Engineer who can only make the perfect build for you, but also tell you exactly how the internal hardware works.

Writing for PCGearLab.com is a hobby as it goes hand in glove with the education as well as with the passion.

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