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Muhammad Atif Qazi

Atif Qazi

PCGearLab.com is Atif Qazi’s brainchild. He has an experience of more than twenty years in the industry. Having worked for Data Centers with racks and racks of servers, with each server multiple times more powerful than a personal desktop, has only expanded his knowledge and enthusiasm toward IT hardware.

He has also worked in the capacity of a product manager for a leading computer hardware brand. Muhammad Atif Qazi has a degree in Electrical Engineering and has experience with Data Center management as well as Electronics Design.

His passion for PCGearLab.com stems from his general love for PC hardware since childhood which was literally spent studying, learning, and fiddling around with computers and PC builds.

Writing tech-related articles is his hobby and he has worked for several PC hardware magazines as well as for websites and his deep understanding of the subject is rooted into every piece of content he produces.

Mediocrity is not something he knows because there is absolutely nothing in life that comes as naturally as PC hardware to him – both consumer and enterprise-grade.

He also writes at GamingConsole101.com

Job Title: PCGearLab Founder, Publishing Director, Lead Tech Writer

Contact: atif@pcgearlab.com 

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Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf is a computer systems engineer graduate of Curtin University, Australia. He has worked in leading IT industries.

He is currently working as the editor-in-chief at PCGearLab.com as well as a technical writer specializing in motherboards and processors.

He has been building PC for the past 20 years and he is not stopping anytime soon.

Job Title: Head of Hardware / Content – Strategy

Contact: rauf@raufqazi

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Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf is an IT and computer hardware specialist. Having done his degree in Computer Systems, he pursues his passion of computer hardware through writing detailed blogs and articles to demystify all the tech related jargon for a layman. Besides, hes a huge gaming nut and he's proud of it.

Atif Qazi

Atif Qazi is the founder of PCGearLab.com and a huge gaming nerd. Thanks to a vast IT related experience under his belt, you can often find him writing detailed pieces of content on PC hardware. But in all honesty nothing gives him more pleasure than 'one-shotting' everyone as a stealth archer in ESO:Skyrim.