5 Best All in One Computers for Video Editing in 2021

Video editing is one of the most strenuous task that you can perform on a computer. Professionals generally tend to consider a dedicated video editing PC as a long terms investment since most the workstation grade options can be quite expensive.

In this article we will look at the best All in One computers for video editing based on popular opinion, feature set and the overall value.

As you will come to see that there are generally two types of All in One computers i.e one that are reachable by an average person and those that would require you to invest a hefty sum for a professional machine.

Here we will look at both types of all in one computers.

List of Best All in One Computers for Video Editing

The following budget, midrange and professional grade all in one desktops have the best performance / dollar value for video editing.

  1. HP 27 Pavilion 27-d0072 – Recommended All in One Computer for Video Editing
  2. Lenovo IdeaCentre F0EW005SUS – Reasonable Hardware for Intermediate Editors
  3. Lenovo IdeaCentre F0EW005TUS – Budget System for Beginners
  4. HP Envy 32-a0010 – High Performance All in One Computer for Editors
  5. Microsoft Surface Studio 2 – Premium Option

1. HP 27 Pavilion 27-d0072 – Recommended All in One Computer for Video Editing

HP 27 Pavilion 27-d0072

A highly capable All in One desktop for heavy tasks like video editing.

HP 27 Pavilion 27-d0072 is our most recommended video editing all in one desktop. Its performance as well as its price range is suitable for almost all video editors seeking to make investment in their craft.

For starters, this is has a gorgeous 27 inch screen. While the screen is not 4K, the full HD IPS screen on this is touch enabled. Hence if you like another dimension for how you interact with your PC, then the touchscreen can come in handy.

The real beauty about this desktop is of course the highly capable octacore processor. The Intel Core i7-10700T is a desktop grade high end processor suitable for workstation grade machines.

It is worth noting here that while most regular AIO desktops feature mobile grade processors, this manages to fit a desktop grade processor. Desktop grade processors are more capable than their laptop grade variants.

Hence when it comes sheer performance, this AIO desktop ticks the right boxes for video editing.

Intel Core i7-10700T vs Intel Core i7-10510U
Intel Core i7-10700T (Left) vs Intel Core i7-10510U (Right). Source: cpu.userbenchmark.com

Furthermore, this desktop also features 16 GB of RAM, which is the recommended amount most professionals tend to go for. Most of the projects can be handled by this amount of RAM.

However, if a huge projects with very large files and media to work with, then you may need to upgrade to 32 GB of RAM.

Finally, it features an ample storage capacity with 1 TB of HDD as well as a large 512 GB of SSD.

Being an All in One desktop it comes as complete package with a webcam, wireless keyboard and wireless mice by HP.

All in all, if you are looking for a capable machine for most professionals projects, then this is the best all in one computer for video editing.

2. Lenovo IdeaCentre F0EW005SUS – Reasonable Hardware for Intermediate Editors

Lenovo IdeaCentre F0EW005SUS

A mid performance option for the intermediate users.

Going down a notch from the previous desktop we arrive at this desktop. This AIO desktop is basically an option for intermediate users who are NOT yet earning from their video editing projects.

Unlike the previous desktop, this features a smaller 24″ screen albeit with the same FHD resolution. Also, it does not feature a desktop grade but a mobile grade AMD Ryzen 5 4500 U processor but the beauty of this  processor is that it is unprecedented in terms of performance.

The way this processor improves over the previous generation is remarkable to say the least. To give you an idea, despite being a Ryzen 5 processor (comparable to Core i5 in price range) and being a mobile grade processor at that, it is only marginally weaker than the much more expensive Core i7-10700T processor featured in the desktop above.

Intel Core i7-10700T vs AMD Ryzen 5 4500U
Intel Core i7-10700T (Left) vs AMD Ryzen 5 4500U (Right). Source: cpu.userbenchmark.com

Hence, calling AMD Ryzen 5 4500U as a processor with one of the best performance / dollar value would be an understatement.

Besides that, this desktop also features an ample 16 GB of RAM and a decent 512 GB of SSD. Both of these features are great for video editors. While the storage may be a bit lacking, you can always expand further using external storage for video editing.

So in short, if you want great performance at cheap, then this is the best all in one computer for video editing in our opinion.

3. Lenovo IdeaCentre F0EW005TUS – Budget System for Beginners

Lenovo IdeaCentre F0EW005TUS

A great beginner level AIO desktop. NOT suitable for professional video editors.

Next up we have another desktop from the Lenovo IdeaCentre line of AIO models. This particular model is cheaper and has a weaker performance but is great for beginners.

Basically this AIO desktop uses the same chassis as the option above but features an AMD Ryzen 3 4300U processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD.

While it certainly cannot help your create extraordinary videos, if you just plan to edit small clips here and there perhaps for your YouTube video, then this can certainly help.

Video editing is a processor and a RAM heavy task. While this AIO desktop will not win any speed records, if you have limited budget for your setup, then we recommend this.

Usually, the larger the video, the more effects it has, the more powerful a system you need. If you all want is to compile a few videos, clip a video here and there and perhaps add basic effects like fading etc, then you don’t quite need anything more than this anyways.

So if you are on a budget, then this is the best all in one desktop for video editing.

4. HP Envy 32-a0010 – High Performance All in One Computer for Editors

HP Envy 32-a0010

A large 32 inch high performance all in one computer with a powerful processor and a dedicated graphics card.

With this desktop we enter the realm of premium machines. Now before we proceed further, know that these are very expensive machines and only suitable if you are a professional who knows what they are doing and are perhaps expecting to make monetary benefit out of their investment.

What this AIO desktop is is a workstation grade PC capable of creating and editing 4K videos.

This desktop features a huge 32 inch screen with 4K resolution great for all kinds of editing jobs as well for mutltitasking.

As far as the performance goes, it features the Intel Core i7-9700 processor. While coming from the previous 9th gen line, this processor is still more capable than the Core i7-10700T we saw earlier in the HP 27 Pavilion 27-d0072 above. Hence, if you are looking for a powerhouse then the processor here can deliver.

The only drawback we see here is that it features a mere 16 GB of RAM despite having a high price range.

However, to balance this out, it does feature an NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics card. This is a dedicated graphics card with 4 GB of VRAM. Dedicated graphics cards are not found on cheaper AIO desktops.

Graphics card can certainly help with video editing particularly for rendering effects that require GPU acceleration.

Finally, this AIO desktop offers a huge 1 TB of fast NVMe SSD storage.

So in short, if you have the budget to procure a professional machine, then this is the best all in one computer for video editing considering the package you get here.

5. Microsoft Surface Studio 2 – Premium Option

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

One of the most powerful and capable 28″ workstation grade AIO desktop out there.

Finally here we have, hands down, the best all in one computer for video editing. It may not be the best for those on budget, but if you are looking for sheer performance experience, then this is on the top.

Microsoft surface series needs no introduction. From Surface Tablets to Surface laptops, every Microsoft surface device is built with the intent to cater to content creators.

Following in suite, this a premium machine gorgeous 28″ screen with a higher than 4K resolution. It ditches the 16:9 aspect ratio for a 3:2 aspect ratio giving the screen a more square outlook.

The screen is not only touchscreen enabled with 10-point touch, it also features sRGB as well as DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. All professional designers and editors are obsessed with colors and if the screen is not capable of doing justice to the colors, then it would not matter how powerful a hardware you have.

This screen, however, can meet the requirements of professionals thanks to the color standards it meets.

Besides that, the screen can tilt and descend down so that you can work on it in tablet mode as a drawing screen.

Performance wise, this is a capable machine featuring an Intel core i7 HQ processors, a powerful dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card, a huge 32 GB of RAM and a large 1 TB of SSD.

The desktop also supports connecting to up to another two 4k screens.

If you are a professional looking for an industry standard model, then this is the best all in one computer for video editing.

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What Hardware to Look for in a Video Editing AIO Desktop?

best all in one computers for video editing
Premium AIO desktops are expensive: Source: HP Envy 32

Video editing can be considered as an umbrella term for a vast range of performance capabilities in a PC it entails.

For instance someone who just wants to combine a few clips together all the way to someone creating complex animated videos using Adobe After Effects would both consider looking for a PC for video editing.

However, the requirements of the two and the budget would be vastly different.

While the former would be quite happy with a budget desktop featuring a Ryzen 3 / Core i3 or Ryzen 5 / Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and small storage capacity, for the latter this would be an abysmal setup.

The latter would want a powerhouse i.e nothing less than a Core i7 or a Ryzen 7 processor with a dedicated graphics card an at least 16 GB of RAM if not 32 GB.

While both desktop would be capable of “Editing Videos”, their use cases would be vastly different.

Hence when it comes to question of what video editing hardware to go for, there is no one answer fit all situation.

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Final Words

If you are a video editing looking for all in one desktop because of the convenience and the aesthetic factor they offer, then you have a fairly good selection out there.

Here we talked about the best all in one computers for video editing from various price ranges ranging from budget all the way to premium.

As is the case with all disciplines, you need to understand your needs before you procure a certain video editing PC.

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