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5 Best All in One Computers Under $800 in 2021

You might know that an all in one (AIO) PC is a computer having all the internal components combined into one unit along with the display.

Though AIOs are available in different price ranges and are generally more expensive than regular desktops, you can find great choices that cost under $800. These computers can be more regarded as a budget to mid-range machines coming with impressive specifications and features for the price.

Therefore, you should look for the best all in one computers under $800 that would be suitable for home use and work.

In this article, we will review some of the worthy AIO PCs that are available under the stipulated price range. Following that, we will also look over the noteworthy aspects you should consider before investing in such an AIO PC.

List of Best All in One Computers Under $800 in 2021

The following is the list that shows the best all-in-one computers under $800 in our opinion:

  1. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 F0EW005SUS – Recommended All-Rounder All in One Computer under $800
  2. Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91 – Affordable Large-Sized AIO PC
  3. HP 24-df0040 – Affordable Touchscreen AIO PC
  4. Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 – With Capable Processor and Display
  5. Dell Inspiron 5490-24 – Touch-Enabled AIO with Capacious Storage

1. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 F0EW005SUS – Recommended All-Rounder All in One Computer under $800

We commence with a recommended and all-round option from Lenovo that would highly suit you. It comes with good mid-range specs and its price is well within the $800 range.

This AIO makes use of a powerful mid-range AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor that’s one of the most capable CPUs of the current generation. Being based on six-cores and having a maximum speed of up to 4.0 GHz, it should give a smooth everyday performance for home and office.

The computer is equipped with 16GB memory that would be excellent for professionals needing good multitasking capability.

Talking about the screen, it’s a 24-inch beautiful but touchless display coming with Full-HD resolution and thin bezels on the sides. This would be a source of sharp colors and text even from wide angles.

You will like that the AIO has a large 512GB NVMe SSD for storage that also results in the system’s fast overall performance.

With its stylish stand and base, this AIO will fit even on a small desk and save space.

It also comes with all the essential features including a built-in DVD drive and webcam along with a wired keyboard and mouse.

Wrapping up, this capable AIO rightly stands as the best all in one computer under $800 for multiple purposes.

2. Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91 – Affordable Large-Sized AIO PC

Are you in need of an AIO that’s affordable and comes with a large display? Then you can look to this model from Acer that stands as the best al in one computer under $800.

The main attraction point of this AIO is the big 27-inch IPS screen that provides detailed colors. It’s also a borderless display coming with a Full-HD resolution. Though it’s not a touchscreen still you will enjoy watching videos and doing more on this AIO.

This computer employs a 10th Generation Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor that’s a quad-core processor topping at 3.6 GHz. Though it’s a bit weaker than the CPU used in the above AIO, it still would be a source of efficient performance for home use and being more productive at work.

Acer provides a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX130 graphics card with 2GB of memory. Though it’s an entry-level graphics card and not meant for high-level gaming, it’s still excellent to have it for the price.

This AIO has 12GB RAM which is less than the previous AIO but comes with the same and good 512GB SSD.

There’s plenty more to like such as stereo speakers along with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Concisely, this under $800 model is a very popular model with a large number of positive reviews.

3. HP 24-df0040 – Affordable Touchscreen AIO PC

We have an affordable offering from HP with the model 24-df0040 coming in white color. It would be great for those users who need a touchscreen AIO without breaking the bank.

You see that the desktop sports a 23.8-inch widescreen anti-glare display with IPS technology. It’s also a touchscreen that’s responsive and should give an intuitive experience. This is great for an AIO of this budget and this is one of the reasons for regarding as the best all in one computer under $800.

Concerning CPU, there’s a newer and dual-core AMD Athlon Gold 3150U CPU. Though it’s an entry-level one, it’s still ideal for home use and basic work like running Office applications and smooth browsing.

The AIO ships with the Windows 10 Home version that comes with several features to optimize the way of computing.

Moreover, there’s a decent 8GB RAM and a large 512GB SSD that would prove abundant given the AIO’s price. Note that the RAM is also upgradeable leading to much better performance.

You get all the usual and expected features such as an HD webcam with a popup mechanism, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

All-in-all, this is a slim machine providing nice features and specifications under $800 price.

4. Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 – With Capable Processor and Display

There’s an interesting option in the form of Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 PC for those users who need a more capable processor and touch display under $800.

As you see a 9th Generation Intel Core i3-9100T processor is utilized here that’s reasonably more powerful than the CPU in the earlier AIO i.e. AMD Athlon Gold 3150U. Being a quad-core processor topping at 3.7 GHz, this Intel CPU should provide good performance for various purposes such as home use, educational tasks, or working from home or office.

This computer sports a 256GB SSD along with 8GB RAM which should prove adequate for storage and multitasking capability to quite an extent.

Additionally, there’s a 23.8-inch screen with responsive multi-touch capability that would provide sharp colors and text. Note that the Full-HD display is also equipped with IPS technology giving benefits such as wide viewing angles.

This desktop further ships with the features you need such as an optical drive and plenty of ports.

It ships with Windows 10 Pro version while other manufacturers provide usually Windows 10 Home version in the stipulated price range.

This makes us rightly nominate this desktop as the best all in one computer under $800.

5. Dell Inspiron 5490-24 – Touch-Enabled AIO with Capacious Storage

Are you searching for an AIO with good overall performance and very large and capacious storage? Then there’s Dell Inspiron 5490-24 that has a sleek design along with a touchscreen.

This AIO has a 7200RPM 1TB HDD that’s great for storing large-sized files including videos and more. It’s preferable for those users needing a larger HDD rather than an expensive and fast SSD. Other manufacturers usually provide an SSD in this price range that’s less capacious than what you get here.

The screen is 23.8-inch and touch-enabled with Full-HD resolution. You will gradually like the display’s clarity from all angles. Dell has also incorporated stereo speakers in this AIO that sound’s good.

There’s a 10th Generation Intel Core i3-10110U processor that can be more regarded as a lower mid-range CPU. When compared to Intel Core i3-9100T from the last AIO, it has a lower number of cores, but more turbo speed. The CPU is coupled with 8GB RAM that makes it plentiful for home use.

The integrated graphics along with the CPU should be fine for light gaming.

A wireless keyboard and mouse are also included but there’s no optical drive.

Large storage and touchscreen along with decent overall performance make us recommend this AIO as the best all in one computer under $800.


What to Consider in All-in-One Desktops Costing Under $800?

An AIO provides more room for working and with just plugging in the power, the computer is ready to use. It also looks pleasing and attractive as compared to a tower desktop and monitor.

Under $800, you can find such a PC with some great specs and features that normally are part of the premium machines.

So, what are the important considerations when purchasing an AIO desktop under $800? We will find out here.

The Preference of Processor and Graphics Card

Best All in One Computers Under $800

The processor is probably the most important internal component of any PC. In the range of under $800, you will find mostly entry-level and budget-friendly processors to those that can more be classified as mid-range CPUs. Few examples include the likes of AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor to Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU.

We recommend you invest in an AIO with at least a capable mid-range CPU as there may be times when you need more processing power.

Most manufacturers provide integrated graphics card in the under $800 price range. Though this will be enough for light gaming and graphics work, it’s more than good to have a dedicated graphics card for better performance.

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The Choice of RAM and Storage

Regarding memory, you should consider at least 8GB RAM if you need a more capable AIO for better performance. If you use the AIO for heavier tasks such as designing, you can opt for an AIO with 12GB or 16GB RAM.

About storage, you can look for a fast 256GB or 512GB SSD (solid-state drive) that would be more than enough for home use and work respectively.

As the cost of an SSD is higher than that of the HDD (hard disk drive), you may find AIOs coming with up to 1TB HDD at a price of under $800.

Size and Other Screen Characteristics

AIOs coming under $800 have varying screen sizes that may range from small (usually 22-inches) to large (27-inches). We recommend an AIO with at least a 24-inch display as it would be ideal for work and entertainment. Moreover, the larger displays become the attraction point and are more popular.

You should also consider an IPS (in-plane switching) LED display for an under $800 AIO. It’s the source of the best color and viewing experience among the types of display panels. Furthermore, it’s expected that most of the AIO in this range will come with an FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

You may also consider a touch-enabled display as it offers fast navigation without needing a mouse and keyboard and is great for professionals like digital artists.

The Sound

Speakers are very important when it comes to watching movies and playing music. That’s where AIOs come into play by providing a loud and clear sound that would suit your needs. Manufacturers often incorporate volume-boosting technologies in AIOs under $800.

Several AIOs have options for connecting external speakers for a better quality of sound.

Other Attractive Features

One of the best aspects of all AIOs is that you all the features in one package. This includes the latest operating system like Windows 10 Home or Pro version to a mouse, keyboard, and more.

The above is also very true for AIOs costing less than $800 and it’s suitable for people of all ages.


By now you should have a better understanding of the various options rising as the best all in one computers under $800.

You should also know about the important considerations before investing in an AIO under such a range.

A thing to note is that these value for money AIOs come with some of the finest designs and pack a lot of capability and potential.

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