5 Best Budget All in One Computers in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

All in one desktops are very popular among those who are looking for a neat, simple and easy to use PC that they can use for casual work and day-to-day tasks.

The definition of a budget all in one computer differs from person to person since it depends entirely on your needs.

While an average economical or inexpensive range for AIO PC hovers around $500-$600, going plus or minus a couple of hundred bucks is still regarded quite affordable considering the whole price spectrum.

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Are AIO PCs Worth It?

You may have noticed that AIO desktops do have a higher price tag in comparison to a standalone tower desktop. This is due to a few reasons:

While your average desktop is bulky, less aesthetically appealing and requires you to procure many different components by yourself, an All in One desktop computer, as the name suggests, aims to solve that. The higher costs factor in the screen (which is absent in tower desktops) as well as convenience.

All in One desktop computers are beautiful. They are almost always crafted with an artistic sense. They come complete with a mouse, keyboard and also a webcam. They are relatively more portable since they have all the hardware installed behind the screen (most of the times) and they are relatively cheaper than their laptop counterparts.

In this article we will only look at the best budget all in one computers from the latest hardware generation. Again, for limited needs and ease of use, AIO desktops are worth it in our opinion, but if you want performance, then we recommend you stick with tower desktops (more on this below in the FAQ section)

Comparison of Top Budget All in One Computers

HP 22-
4 GB256 GB
Buy at
HP 22-
4 GB256 GB
Buy at
8 GB256 GB
Buy at
Acer Aspire
Core i3
8 GB512 GB
Buy at
Acer Aspire
Core i5
12 GB512 GB
Buy at

1. HP 22-dd0010 – One of the Most Affordable AIO Desktop

HP 22-dd0010

As affordable as a good AIO desktop can be.

First up we have a highly recommended all in one desktop for light users. If you have limited requirements from your PC and a limited budget, then this can more than just serve you well.

For starters this All in One desktop features a reasonable AMD Athlon 3050U processor. AMD Athlon processors, like an Intel Pentium processor, are purpose built for very light use.

It should be noted that while this is an excellent processor for light use like word processing, working on excel sheet, homework for school and basic accounting work at office, it is not something that you would want to use for tougher tasks like editing.

In addition to a very decent processor, this AIO desktop also features a a fairy comfortable 22 inch screen. While 24″ is generally seen as the most recommended screen size for productivity, the fact that this too is an FHD screen like most 24 inch screen means that you are getting the same pixel density.

The panel used for the display is VA, though. VA panels are great for contrast ratio, but not as good as the IPS panels in terms of color reproduction.

The rest of the system is also highly optimized for the processor this machine offers. It features 4 GB of DDR4 RAM which is ample for system like this.

We really love the storage configuration on this desktop. Despite being very affordable, it comes with a decent 256 GB of NVMe SSD. SSD is something that you will come to appreciate a lot if you have never had the chance of using one before.

Other than that, this comes with a complete package i.e a keyboard, mouse and even a mouse pad. You can also find Webcam here.

In short, if you are looking for an option for day to day use, then this is the best budget all in one desktop in our opinion.

2. HP 22-df0022 – Intel Pentium Based with Smaller Screen

HP 22-df0022

22 inch AIO desktop with a decent processor a beautiful IPS screen.

HP 22-df0022 is yet another low key All in One Desktop that is more than ample for average tasks related to home and office use.

For starters you will notice that this desktop features an IPS screen instead of a VA screen that we saw in the option above. Therefore, for basic content creators or for those who appreciate good colors will like this.

A 22 inch display is excellent if you have a limited space and if you are looking for a compact machine. But of course, this isn’t the most ideal size for optimal entertainment or comfort of work.

The processor on this is the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U. As far as the performance goes, it is more or less similar in terms of what it is trying to accomplish, but scores higher.

AMD Athlon 3150U vs AMD Athlon 3050U
Source: CPUbenchmark.net

You will certainly notice a slight difference particularly when running low key tasks but not so if performing tougher tasks like editing.

Additionally, this AIO desktop features 4 GB of RAM and a good 256 GB of SSD. Again, these are typical features of a low end system.

The only relative drawback here compared to the previous AIO desktop mentioned above.

The only lucrative aspect about this option is the IPS screen and a slightly more powerful processor and if that appeals to you then this is the best budget all in one computer.

Other than that, this AIO desktop comes as a package with a keyboard, mouse, and a mousepad. It should be noted here that while the webcam is not visible here, it does feature a pop up mounted built-in cam, which we be believe is quite the neat feature.

3. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 – Highly Recommended AIO Desktop for Budget Users

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3

A mid powered AIO desktop featuring AMD Ryzen 3.

For those who need a much faster system or a system on which they can perform even the more demanding tasks like casual editing or heavy mulitasking then we highly recommend this.

The main highlight of this desktop is the AMD Ryzen 3 4300U processor. If you are not aware, the 4th gen Rzyen processors have truly established themselves as the king in the mobile processors market. They are far more capable than their competitors in the same price range.

AMD Athlon 3150U vs AMD Ryzen 4300U
AMD Athlon 3150U vs AMD Ryzen 4300U

Here you can see that the AMD Ryzen 3 4300U is twice as powerful as the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U seen in the previous option.

Hence the overall value that you are getting with this system is phenomenal.

Another critical highlight of this AIO desktop is that it offers a large 24″ screen. Most productivity users prefer having a 24″ screen on their desk.

This AIO desktop is basically for those who wish to perform more than just simple tasks and want to venture into designing and editing.

While professional studio grade work would still not be possible here obviously, casual work like creating graphics, light youtube video editing and creation is possible

Other core hardware of this desktop includes 8 GB of DDR 4 RAM and 256 GB of SSD. This is again quite decent for the price of this AIO machine.

Besides that, this AIO also features an optical drive – if you still remember those.

In short, if you are convinced by the fact that you need a good performing processor on a 24″ screen machine, then this is the best budget all in one computer in our opinion.

4. Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 – Budget Desktop with Core i3

Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91

An intel based AIO desktop with a large 512 GB of NVMe SSD

Next up we have one of the most popular AIO desktops currently available in the market. This is a beautiful and a fairly reasonably priced 24″ AIO desktop.

For starters, this features an Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor. While this processor is not as powerful as the AMD Ryzen 3 4300U above in terms of overall performance, it has a better single core performance and hence for a singular tasks like running an editing software, this can perform relatively.

However, the main highlight of this AIO desktop is that it features an excellent 512 GB of NVMe SSD. For the price tag, this is a significant amount of high performance storage you are getting with this machine.

On top of that, another goody is that it comes with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse making it excellent for offices where you want to de clutter your deskspace.

Besides, as far as popularity goes, this AIO desktop certainly wins the crown for the current gen of AIO desktops in the budget range.

In short, if you are a looking for a performance grade option with a large SSD storage, then this is the best budget All in One computer in our opinion.

5. Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91 – Large 27 Inch All in One Desktop

Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91

A mid powered AIO desktop featuring an excellent overall hardware.

Finally, here we have one of the latest and greatest “relatively” budget AIO desktop once again from Acer.

There are plenty of things that separate this desktop from the previously mentioned option.

For starters this Acer Aspire C27 features the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor. In all honesty, the tenth gen Core i5-1035G1 is only very slightly better in performance as compared to the the Core i5-9400T.

However, if you want to have the bragging rights such as higher clock speed, better processing technology and a much higher L2 cache, then you can have those with this processor.

According to PassMark benchmark report the Core i5-1035G1 and Core i5-9400T score 7967 vs 7863 respectively making them almost the same in terms of performance.

It should be noted though that while the Core i5-9400T consumes 35 watts of power, this Core i5-1035G1 consumes only 15W making it a lot more energy efficient.

Moving on from the processor, this is the only AIO desktop in this list that features a dedicated NVIDA GeForce MX130 graphics card. While it is a great addition to have and can certainly help you in rendering works, it is not something that you can use for gaming.

The graphics card featured here is an entry level card only. It is excellent for running effects or filter on software that require GPU acceleration.

Another distinctive aspect of this model is that this features a 27 inch screen making it the largest in this list.

To top that all up, this desktop features a large 12 GB of RAM and a decent 512 GB of SSD.

The catch here, of course, is that this is also the most expensive AIO desktop in the list. However, since ‘budget’ is a relative term, this is budget AIO desktop for content creators.

For casual home and office use, you can look at the options above.

In short, if you need a large screen AIO option for your beginners editing and designing studio, then this is the best budget AIO computer in our opinion.


Are All in One Desktops Affordable?

Best Budget All in One Computers
Most All in One Computer are NOT performance grade, but they are very convenient.

The answer to this question depends highly upon what you consider to be affordable.

However, the general rule of thumb is that all in one desktops are cheaper than laptops but more expensive compared to a normal tower desktop.

This makes sense because unlike a normal desktop, all in one computers offer a screen, webcam, WiFi, keyboard, mouse and even a mouse pad in some instances.

All these components add to the higher cost. Plus, while it is not explicitly mentioned that AIO desktops charge a premium for their form factor, it is usually understood that they do.

What are AIO PCs Good For?

microsfot studio
Top of the line AIO PCs can get quite expensive. Take Microsoft Studio 2, for instance, this can cost between $3,500 to $5,000

All in one desktops are available in many different hardware configurations but they are mostly used for home and office space purposes.

You can most certainly find all in one desktops with very high end specs like Core i7, a whole lot of RAM that you can perhaps use for even difficult task like data science.

They are also great if you are a content creator or an artist. AIO desktops for content creators can cost a fortune and the top of the line can even cost more than $3,000.

Plus if you want to make a statement in your office, then these aesthetically appealing machines can be the center of attraction.

When it comes to the budget range, the All in One desktops truly shine. These are great for home users or for casual working. Therefore for accounting, data entry, casual graphic designing, blogging, word processing etc, these are an excellent machine to have.

How do they Compare with a Normal Desktop?

Unfortunately, while All in One desktops are certainly an eye candy, when it comes to sheer performance, they lag behind their tower desktop counterparts.

If you take the same dollar / performance value, a tower PC will be much better.

This is because All in One desktop use the throttled down and low power version of the components. For instance, take an average mid range AIO desktop featuring the Core i5-1035G1 processor.

Despite being an Intel Core i5 processors from the 10th generation, it only features 4 cores with hyper threading with a max base frequency of 1.00 GHz.

Compare this to an average tower desktop Intel Core i5-10600 processor. This features 6 cores with hyper threading and has a whopping 3.3 GHz base frequency.

Intel Core i5 10600 vs Intel Core i5 1035G1
Intel Core i5 10600 (Left) vs Intel Core i5 1035G1 (Right). Source: userbenchmark.com

You can see that the tower desktop grade Core i5 processor is about 40% better than the mobile grade processor from the same generation found in a mid range all in one desktop.

On top of this, All in One desktop usually ditch a dedicated graphics cards. Hence whether you are a gamer or performing machine learning tasks, these will not cut out for you.

Final Words

If you are looking for an aesthetically appealing, simple, elegant, ready to use, and hassle free PC, then the best budget all in one computers here would appeal to you.

However, as mentioned earliet the definition of what is ‘budget’ differs from person to person. For instance a person who just wants to send emails and write text documents would have a different meaning for the term ‘budget’ as compared to someone who want to design graphics or edit videos.

Therefore, as is the case with buying any computer, you have to gauge your needs carefully.


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