5 Best Desktops for Web Development in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

If you are a web designer and a digital content creator, then you need the right tools for your work. The best desktops for web development that suit your needs are basically a tool that you need to invest in to improve your productivity.

If you are procuring a completely fresh desktop and you do no have the time nor the acumen to build a fresh by yourself, then this article is for you.

Here we review the top desktop, ready to be operated, that are highly suitable for web development and content creation in general.

We will also talk about components and configuration that is generally required by web developers.

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Comparison of Desktops for Web Development

Acer Aspire
Core i3
8 GB512 GB
Buy at
Acer Aspire
Core i5
12 GB512 GB
Buy at
HP Envy
Core i7
16 GB512 GB
Buy at
Dell Inspiron
G5 5090
Core i7
16 GB128 GB
GTX 1660Ti
Buy at
Core i5
12 GB512 GB
Buy at

1. Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 – Budget Desktop for Web Developers

Acer Aspire TC-895-UA91

An affordable desktop with a decent hardware configuration for web developers.

First we have our most recommended desktop for those who want to make a bee line for the middle of the road model that is easy on the budget and also offers a great performance.

If you plan to start web development which deals mostly with coding and working on online CMS like WordPress then you don’t quite need anything more than this.

At the center of this desktop lies a very decent Intel Core i3-10100 processor from the latest 10th gen series. Now some of you may get get put off by the Core i3 processor, however, know that not all Core i3 processors are created equally.

The desktop Core i3s are significantly more powerful than  even the Core i7 on a laptop. Take the mobile grade Core i7-10510U processor. According to benchmarks, the Core i3-10100 is 27% more powerful than the mobile grade Core i7

Core i7-107510U (Left) vs Core i3-10100 (Right)
Core i7-107510U (Left) vs Core i3-10100 (Right). Source: cpu.userbenchmark.com

Hence, it is safe to say that if you can easily do web development on a laptop with a Core i7-107510U, you surely can on this desktop too.

While this desktop does feature a great budget processor, some of you may find the 8 GB of RAM in this a bit lacking. For the price, it is an excellent amount and quite great for most beginners and even intermediate web developers.

However, if you have some seriously large projects to work on, then we recommend that you invest on upgrading the RAM to 12 or 16 GB.

The 512 GB of SSD is another great attraction here. For the price this desktop offers a very high capacity SSD storage.

Since this PC features the newer LGA1200 motherboards, it also comes with built in WiFi 6 as well as the the faster and the newer USB 3.2 Type C port.

All in all, if you are looking for a highly affordable system, then this is the best desktop for web development in our opinion.

2. Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 – Recommended Mid Range Desktop for Web Development

Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92

A mid range desktop for most casual and professional web developers.

Next up we have another desktop by ACER and our personal favorite.

Essentially this is a step up from the previous desktop mentioned above. While the previous desktop offers a Core i3 processor and 8 GB of RAM. This particular models offers the Core i5 processor and 12 GB of RAM.

The Core i5-10400 in this is a notch better in performance but does offer a higher core count. Therefore, if you plan to use software that particularly make use of multi cores you will benefit from this.

Also, the higher RAM amount is essential for larger and more complex projects. It is particularly good for multitasking and working on large databases.

Other than that, this is more or less the same as above. It offers support for WiFi 6 and the USB 3.2 Type C like the desktop above and also comes with a mouse and keyboard as a package.

In short, if you are looking for a middle of the road option for somewhat complex projects, then this is the best desktop for web development in our opinion.

3. HP Envy TE01-1022 – High Performance with a Powerful Processor

HP Envy TE01-1022

A high performance desktop for professionals.

With this desktop, we enter the realm of high performance machines. As such, this is a desktop for those who work on very complex web development projects.

If your web development work by any chance also includes large scale graphics designing or video editing, then you essentially need a powerful processor.

This desktop thus feature the powerful Intel Core i7-10700 processor from the latest 10th generation. This is an Octa core processor with a high 2.90 GHz base frequency.

Most of the professional software require a high single core performance. This processor can thus boost its base frequency all the way to 4.8 GHz per core in situation where high power is demanded.

Other than that, this desktop offers a large 16 GB of RAM which is good enough for professional industry grade web development projects. Only working on huge files (in GBs) or large databases would require a RAM higher than this.

Another great advantage of this model is that it offers both a decent 512 GB of SSD as well as a large 1 TB of HDD. You can use the HDD for archiving and storing large media.

All in all, if you are looking for a high performance machine for complex and large projects then this is the best desktop for web development in our opinion.

4. Dell Inspiron G5 5090 – Desktop For Web Development and Gaming

No products found.

Here we have a treat for gamers. If you are a web developer and a gamer, then we can recommend this in a heart beat.

Gaming desktops can get quite expensive, this fortunately, is still quite within the reasonable range.

The thing that separates this desktop from the rest above is that it features a powerful dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti. So basically, if you are a gamer looking to play all the latest AAA titles on ultra high graphics (@ 60 fps and FHD resolution), then this may appeal to you.

Besides gaming and entertainment, a graphics card serves the purpose on professional software as well. Many editing and designing software use GPU acceleration for some of their feature. 3D software particularly require a good graphics card.

While a typical web developer would have little use for a graphics card, if you remotely work on other designing software or have a knack for gaming, then we recommend this as the best desktop for web development.

As far as the processor goes, it features a good Intel Core i7-9700 8 Core processor. This is more or less the same as the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

It also features a 16 GB of RAM. The storage configuration here is a bit unique. It first offers a 128 GB of SSD and at the same time also offers 1 TB of HDD.

Hence you can use the SSD for system and most used filed and you can use the HDD for storing larger multimedia files.

All in all, this is a good desktop for performance based users with a need for dedicated graphics card.

5. Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91 – All in One Desktop for the Creatives

Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91

A large 27 inch mid range all in one desktop.

Finally, here we have an All in One desktop. An All in One desktop is different in terms of form factor but essentially serve the same purpose as any desktop i.e having a stationary work station.

Like most all in one desktops, you will notice that this is a beautiful machine. It has a gorgeous and a large bezel less 27″ screen and hence great for productivity.

The beauty of the AIO desktops is that since the entire hardware lies behind the screen, they not just declutter your work space and give it a clean feeling, but they are also relatively more portable.

One thing to note however is that the hardware featured on these is the mobile grade version of the components. Hence, their performance is not as powerful as the unthrottled desktop versions.

Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91 is a mid range AIO desktop featuring an Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor. While great for web development, it is not anywhere near close to the performance of a desktop grade Intel Core i5-10400.

The Core i5-10400 is 30% more powerful than the mobile grade version found in this.

Again, for beginner to intermediate web development use, it is more than enough.

Other than that, this desktop features a good 12 GB of RAM and an ample 512 GB of SSD storage.

It comes ready as package with a wireless keyboard a wireless mouse, built in WiFi and even a webcam.

If you are a fan of AIO models and you want something that is comfortable and can handle work, then this is the best desktop for development for you.


How to Choose the Best Desktop for Web Development?

best desktops for web development

Within the professional sphere of computing, web development is seen as a less demanding and taxing job in general as compared to say video editing, 3d modelling or machine learning.

Hence, the hardware that you choose does not have to be over the top. A mid range desktop would generally do the trick for most web developers.

However, we do recommend that you stay clear of budget desktops based on Athlon, Pentium or Celeron processor for the simple that they are not worth of professional work.

Let us discuss point by point which hardware components matter the most for web developers.

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Processors is the central and the most crucial component to any PC. It not only defines the scope of the work you wish to perform but also related directly to the price range of the model.

Processors can generally be divided into three categories: Entry Level, Mid Range and High End.

Entry Level processor include the likes of AMD Athlon, Intel Celeron and Pentium processors etc. These are weak processor built particularly for simple home and office use such as word processing, working on small excel sheets etc.

For professional work such as web development you have to look into mid range or high end processors depending upon your level of work.

Mid range processor include Core i3, Core i5, Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 series processors with the most recommended being the Core i5 and Ryzen 5 processors.

Basically, if your web development work revolving around coding, then mid range processors would work perfectly. In fact, you can use them for heavier tasks like rendering video files etc.

If you are a professional working on industry grade projects and very large files, you need to aim for high end processors. In this case, we recommend you look into Core i7 processor. Also while more cores do matter, just remember that not all software utilize multi core processing.

best desktop for web developers
Working on large databases requires a powerful PC.

If your web development particularly revolves around WordPress environment, then you don’t need a high end system. If your web development revolves around databases and large scale PHP work, then the more advanced a processor is the better.

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Graphics Card

For web development, most of the times there is absolutely no need for a graphics card. A dedicated graphics card is needed if you want to game or if you are designing.

2D designing, and 3D designing, in particular, use graphics acceleration for some or most of their functions. Photo Editing tools like Photoshop also utilize GPU processing for some of their functions and filters, but mostly the application of a GPU is critical for 3D environment.

If you are only writing codes, building a database or working on a CMS like wordpress, there is literally no need for a dedicated graphics card.

The integrated graphics card that comes built into the processor works well in most cases anyways.

Of course if you are gamer then that is a completely different story. Gaming and wed development PC would benefit from having a powerful dedicated graphics card obviously.


RAM is another critical factor like the processor and directly relates to how well your PC will function when working.

For most professional 16 GB is a good amount to aim for. This works for anyone who plans to use their PC as a pro workstation be it editors or wed developers.

If you are short on budget you can aim for lower RAM i.e 8 GB and that should still work quite well for most web developers but we do not recommend going for anything lower.

A good compromise between performance and money is seen with 12 GB of RAM.


You don’t really need a fast storage here. Since most of your work will be done online, the performance largely depends upon how good of an internet connection you have.

However, if you want to improve the overall performance of the desktop internally, then we recommend investing on an SSD.

An SSD can boost your disk reading and writing speeds. Hence whether it is installing new software, opening large files ore simply booting up your system, things will get done in a jiffy if you have an SSD.

On the flipside though, SSDs are expensive. If you are looking for large inexpensive storage option, then the good old HDDs may be the best way to go for you.

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Final Words

In this article, we had a look at some of the best desktops for web developments from a relatively affordable range all the way to the pro level price range.

The option you choose would depend upon your needs as well as your budget naturally. For instance, if you just code, then a mid range desktop would work just fine.

On the other hand, if you do web development, designing and other heavier tasks like editing very large image files, then we recommend investing in a high performance model.

All in all, we hope that this article helped you in your search for the right web development desktop.


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