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5 Best Keyboards for Accountants in 2020

Are you an accountant working for a corporation, a business, or an organization? Then you must be using a computer keyboard extensively to play with numbers, transactions and other data.

In today’s fast digital age, if you not at ease using your keyboard, it would badly affect your professional life. If you are easy using one, it will greatly help you to progress and excel in your career. Thus it’s an absolute necessity to look for the best keyboards for accountants.

In this article, we will review some of the quality keyboards you can purchase for your accounting tasks. We will also look at different aspects you should consider in such options.

List of Best Keyboards for Accountants in 2020

The following keyboards stand out the most in our opinion for accounting.

  1. HoRiMe Keyboard – Numeric – Economical and Wireless
  2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic –  All-in-One – Separate Number Pad
  3. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED –  Mechanical – Wireless Accounting Keyboard
  4. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Chiclet-Style – Sleek and Lightweight Keyboard for Accountants
  5. Apple Magic Keyboard – Wireless and Compact – For Apple

1. HoRiMe Keyboard – Numeric – Economical and Wireless

We would not be wrong if we label this keyboard as having one of the best value in the market for accountants.

This numeric keypad has several common keys along with number keys that would make you at ease doing accounting tasks. It would serve as a great accessory to pair up with your computer in your office. You can use it along with your existing keyboard.

. You can connect it to Bluetooth-enabled Windows, Android and Apple computers and smartphones.

Made of good-quality aluminum and having a slim ergonomic tilt design, you can also easily carry this handy accessory wherever you go. Many customers have appraised that its tying experience is comfortable with fast response.

You should note that the peripheral has two built-in rechargeable batteries. The standby time is about 45 hours when fully charged. This means that even on heavy usage, you will only have to charge it once a week.

We highly regard this affordable peripheral as the best keyboard for accountants, especially those who want a number pad.

2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – All-in-One – Separate Number Pad

Next, we have a product that has become one of the most popular choices out there. The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop comes in a package of ergonomic keyboard and mouse along with a separate number pad.

The number pad helps to better organize your workspace and enhance your productivity.

This makes it a highly recommended option as the best keyboard for accountants in our opinion.

A remarkable feature of the product is that it’s completely wireless. The keyboard, mouse, and keypad run on batteries and connects through a USB receiver on your computer.

Regarding the keyboard, it has a split layout along with what the company calls a dome-shaped design. A palm rest is also included. So it can be called an advanced ergonomic keyboard, helping you to type in a natural relaxed position.

The mouse is also an ergonomic one and shaped to have a natural posture of hands and wrists. It’s also made to work on any surface.

Furthermore, this combo works on any version of Windows from 8 to 10.

The majority of customers are satisfied with this all-in-one in terms of performance and design. However, it’s a little pricey on the side.

3. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED – Mechanical – Wireless Accounting Keyboard

There’s a very interesting choice in the form of Logitech G613 that you would like to have in your office.

This black-colored model is a mechanical keyboard and also wireless, meaning there’s won’t be a mess of wires on your desk. And yes, this does come with an integrated number pad, a feature that is vital for accountants.

The manufacturer has employed its own Romer G switches, which are similar somewhat to Cherry MX brown switches. The Romer G switches in this keyboard offer precise typing which doesn’t make a lot of noise. So it’s ideal to use it in your office.

An integrated palm rest would also help you to type with ease.

. Logitech has given the name “Lightspeed” to define the super-fast connection when using the included receiver.

Wide compatibility with Windows, Android and Apple devices further increases the value of Logitech G613.

As you see this keyboard uses 2 AA sized batteries which can last up to 18 months according to the manufacturer.

In short, if you want a solid performer for a long-time, then this is the best keyboard for accountants in our opinion.

4. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Chiclet-Style – Sleek and Lightweight Keyboard for Accountants

Another worthy choice from Microsoft is here, this time in the form of Surface Keyboard. We nominate this as the best keyboard for accountants because it has a sleek style, wireless capability and integrated number pad.

This peripheral has chiclet keys, meaning it has a much shorter key travel distance, like the one you will find in laptops. This ensures less force when pressing a key and allows you to do your work quickly and efficiently.

Because of this aspect, we expect that it would lead to a soft yet crisp typing experience for you.

Microsoft has provided the option of Bluetooth connectivity here. It means you can even connect it to Mac OS and Android-based devices, apart from Windows-based ones.

This particular model is a full-sized one and comes in silver and grey colors that make it look professional and modern. The presence of shortcut keys further adds to its value.

It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries which the manufacturer claims would last up to 1 year.

Overall if you want a lightweight keyboard with good battery life and good typing, then you can go for this one. Yes, it’s pricey but is worth the extra money spent.

5. Apple Magic Keyboard – Wireless and Compact – For Apple

Are you an accountant who purely works on the Apple platform? Then we have a dedicated option for you in the form of Magic Keyboard.

You can connect this sleek and compact keyboard to your Macs, iPad and iPhones through Bluetooth technology.

Apple has employed what it calls the scissor mechanism in this keyboard. This provides improved key travel and enhanced stability which would make typing comfy and easy.

As an accountant, you will gradually find that it takes lesser force for pressing keys on this lightweight peripheral. Thus you can enter data and perform calculations with ease. It also has a minimalist design, helping you to better organize your workspace.

Keep in mind that this model doesn’t have an integrated number pad, so you will have to rely on the top for entering numbers.

This particular model comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Just connect the included cable on Mac’s USB port for this purpose.

All these aspects make this slim product the best keyboard for accountants, particularly on the Apple platform.

What to Look For in a Keyboard for Accountants?

There are a few key characteristics you should look for when buying a keyboard suited for accountants.

These are as follows:

Presence of a Comfortable Number Pad

Best Keyboards for Accountants
A standalone or a comfortable numeric keyboard is a must for accountants

The occurrence of a number pad in your keyboard is probably the most needed feature for an accountant. It’s usually found on the far right side of a standard keyboard. It allows you to quickly input numbers and carry out calculations with one hand.

Without the presence of a number pad, the person would have to use both hands and look at the number at the keyboard’s top.

A number pad can be integrated into a keyboard or it can also be a separate one that connects to a computer. (Source)

Some products come with a keyboard and a number pad that are separate from each other.

Wireless or Not?

As an accountant, there could be a lot of objects on your working desk such as documents to stationery items. The last thing to happen on your desk is probably the clutter of wires that make it all messy.

To keep things organized and your productivity going, you can opt for a wireless keyboard along with your mouse. Wireless keyboards have become just as good as wired ones these days.

These keyboards can connect through Bluetooth or Radio Frequency that needs a USB receiver.

However, you can opt for a wired one if you are more comfortable using one.

Keyboard Types

Accounting is not just playing with numbers. You also need to enter alphanumeric data for which you can get a full-sized keyboard. There are many keyboard types, based on their construction.

There are three popular options we would cover. You can either opt for anyone that suits in your comfort zone. These are as follows:


Accountant Ergonomic Keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard can a go a long way in promoting comfort.

The first type is an ergonomic keyboard. This peripheral usually has a V-shaped design. If you are typing for long periods as an accountant, using one would help you to keep your fingers, wrists and hands in a natural position.


Mechanical keyboards help to type you faster for long periods as per your job demand. These can be expensive and also they tend to make a lot of noise.

Not all mechanical keyboards make the same level of noise. These keyboards are also durable and can last for years.


Lastly, a chiclet keyboard uses membranes or rubbers to complete the circuit when a key is pressed. These keyboards are more common. However, they are not as durable as a mechanical one.

It’s important to invest in a high-end chiclet keyboard as you type for long. (Source)


There exist different varieties in keyboards like other computer accessories. You must choose one with which you are most at ease.

We hope that this article on the best keyboards for accountants would help in getting the right peripheral as per your job demand.

Even if you have to spend a few extra bucks, don’t hesitate. After all, it’s the keyboard on whom our job is dependent the most.

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