6 Best Keyboards for Architects and Architecture in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

As an architect, you must spend a lot of time designing layouts of different structures on CAD software. Hence anything that could allow you to perform your task efficiently would be considered essential.

As such, good peripherals that have the dedicated functionality to support your work are deemed essential for power users. In this article we will look at the best keyboard for architects.

The selected keyboards not only make the typing process smooth and easy but are also a means of increasing your productivity in programs that you use for designing.

We also talk about what kind of features you should expect or look out for in a keyboard suitable for architects below in the FAQ section.

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Comparison of Top Keyboard for Architects

ProductTypeHotkeysConnectivityErgonomicCheck Price
G910 Orion
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Koolertron Keypad48WiredNo
Buy at
Ergo K860
Buy at
Buy at
Razer Ornata
Buy at
Apple MagicMembraneNoWirelessNo
Buy at

1. Logitech G910 – Recommended Keyboard for Architects – Plenty of Programmable Keys

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

One of the most popular keyboard among professional users. Mechanical keyboard.

First we have our personal favorite and one of the most recommended keyboards for anything related to complex professional work.

While this is a gaming keyboard from all angles and functionality, its features makes this one of the most viable solution for architects.

As an architect, it is a given that your work would be performed on complex industry grade software like AutoCAD or Revit. If there is one thing the users of such software demand the most it is cutomizability.

The ability to set macros and pre-programmed keys for some of the most used commands is time saving.

Hence, following in line with that thought, this keyboard features a good 9 programmable keys along with 3 switchable profile. Hence, you literally get 27 keys that you can program with this.

Besides that, this is a mechanical keyboard with the proprietary comfortable and quite Romer-G switches making it a charm to work on in an office environment.

While the looks for the keyboard are not quite suited for an office environment, we believe that if you value functionality and productivity, then this is best keyboard for architects

Other than, this features media controls as well as a dedicated Arx Control App which allow you to see the PC performance on your phone.

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2. Koolertron SMKD72-A – 48 Programmable Keys for Specific Use

Koolertron Keypad

A keyboard/keypad particularly for Architects looking for a plethora of programmable keys.

As a CAD power users, you cannot have enough of programmable keys. Architects spends years upon years mastering their craft on professional software.

So if there is something that can help them preserve precious time and thus improve their productivity, it is a highly welcome factor.

This keypad is basically designed to do just. This is a fully programmable keyboard with mechanical keys. Note that this does not have any label on the keys.

This is done intentionally to ensure full customizability. Basically, you can program a certain key and then put a sticker label of your own for the specific function assigned.

In total, this keybpard offers 48 programmable keys.

Other than, there is nothing to it. It is an independently connected device. So basically, you can use this as your secondary keyboard for architecture software.

So in short, if you want plethora of cuztomizable hotkeys, then this is the best keyboard for architects.

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3. Logtiech Ergo K860 – Ergonomic Premium Keyboard for Architects

Logitech Ergo K860

A premium keyboard with ergonomic design and low profile keys.

Next up we have a premium ergonomic keyboard. This is an expensive keyboard but as far as comfort factor this, this is a highly recommended option.

While this does not have any programmable keys, it does feature a design that promotes comfort for long hours of work like none other.

For starters, this has a split design with an arc in the center. On top of that, it has one of the most comfortable cushioned palm rest that you can find on a keyboard.

All these are designed to promote a natural position of the wrist and fingers.

One thing you will notice here is  that unlike most of the other ergonomic keyboards out there which which large profile keys, this has keys that resemble the shallow scissors switches.

Low profile keys are primarily built for comfort since the actuation force and the depth at which they register a key is much shallow. Hence, not only is this easy to use it is also faster.

In order to fix the inaccuracy issue faced with most shallow keys, this keyboard offers scooped keycaps which functions as a grip for your fingertips.

This keyboard connects both via an included USB dongle as well as via Bluetooth on both MAC and PC.

So in short, if you value comfort, then this is the best keyboard for architects.

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4. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED – Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Programmable Keys

Logitech G613

A wireless mechanical keyboard with programmable keys

Wireless mechanical keyboards are not a common peripheral to find. Therefore, to have the combination of both is quite a luxury to have.

The primary reason we have chosen this keyboard is because it offers 6 programmable keys that you can use to set commands for your architecture software.

To have this feature in any keyboard for professional use is time saving.

Of course, being a wireless keyboard has its own perk. Not only can you this from a distance, it also helps in de-cluttering your precious desk space.

Mechanical switches are particularly loved by power users. They are more accurate and are also much more durable.

This keyboard uses the Logitech quite and linear Romer-G switches which are great for office use in general.

This keyboard connects through both a USB dongle as well as via Bluetooth.

So in short if the prospect of having a mechanical wireless option with programmable keys appeal to you, then this is the best keyboard for architects.

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5. Razer Ornata Chroma – Programmable Macro Functionality

Razer Ornata Chroma

A fully programmable keyboard.

While the keyboards mentioned above had a few programmable keys, this keyboard does things differently.

It allows you to set programmable macro functionality yourself using the provided software. For instance, you can use a combination of keys like Alt+1 for Move command, Alt+2 for Mirror command etc.

Of course these are just basic examples, you can set fairly advanced macros as well.

This feature single handedly, in our opinion, makes this one of the best keyboard for architects and professionals in general since it can boost your productivity if you know precisely the common macros to set.

As far as the keys are concerned, this keyboard features hybrid keys. These keys are basically based on the membrane design but have the feel of mechanical switches.

The large and comfortable wrist rest is also worth mentioning as it can help you with long hauls of work.

Each key is also individually lit so you can set any color you want for certain keys to stand out.

All in all, while this a gaming model first, but its customization makes this a great option for architectural software.

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6. Apple Magic Keyboard – Unparalleled Typing Experience

Apple Magic Keyboard

The epitome of typing comfort

If you are a Mac user, then you do not need to look any further since this dedicated keyboard for Apple devices is the best of its industry.

There are may keyboards that have tried and failed to mimic the comfortable typing experience this keyboard tends to provide.

There really is something about this keyboard that makes it magical as its name suggests. From the smooth keys to the optimal distance between them and the shallow actuation points due to the scissor switches, everything here seems to be perfected.

Your hands will literally glide through the keyboard. So if you are a fast users, you may find this an excellent tool for yourself.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks here, price being one. But other than that, it offers no macros and no backlight. Backlight is at least something that you would wish to have at this price tag.

It does not even include a palm rest. But if you value beautifully crafted scissor switches with highly stable form, then we recommend this as the best keyboard for architects using a MAC device.

Of course for Windows users, this is not recommended since it neither has the dedicated key layout nor the compatibility.

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Is Logitech Craft the Right Keyboard for Architects?

Logitech Craft

Keyboard with a dial for designers, but is suitable for architects? Read on

You will find many out there recommending Logitech Craft as the best keyboard for architects but is it really so?

Unfortunately, while this is an excellent keyboard for designers, it does not YET feature support for Autodesk or other architectural or CAD software.

The dial feature on this keyboard is currently enhanced for Microsoft office Suite , and Adobe Suite.

While there is an SDK available which, if you are programmer, you can use to make functionality for your architectural software, it does not YET come factory built for architectural software.

Hence, we do not recommend this keyboard at least until functionality is added for the most used professional engineering and architecture software.

How to Choose the Right Keyboard for Architecture?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right keyboard for architectural use.

Full-Sized Form Factor

best keyboards for architects

As an architect, we strongly recommend getting a full-sized keyboard that includes the number pad, navigation keys and function row. Note that the number pad is found on the far right of the accessory.

The main advantage the full-sized form factor brings is that you can type numbers and do various calculations with speed using one hand. This is significant because in architecture you must implement mathematical applications such as converting units. (Source)

Further, the navigation keys such as page up and down allow looking over important documents and are also useful in architecture software.

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Extra Programmable Keys

Best Keypad for day trading
Hotkey Keypads can be programmed for different CAD functions. Source: Koolertron

An aspect to look for in keyboards is the extra programmable keys. Through these, you can create macros by assigning single or multiple keystrokes in various architecture software. This would result in speeding up your designing process in software such as AutoCAD and Maya.

You will find these extra keys usually in mechanical keyboards. However, to reprogram them you may have to rely on the software provided by the manufacturer.

Being an architect, you can opt for a mechanical keyboard as it provides fast and responsive typing. Its also known for better durability as compared to other keyboard types.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can optimize your workflow with handy keyboard shortcuts in various architecture software.

For this purpose, you can also purchase a full-sized peripheral without the extra programmable keys. Do check the keys are comfortable, fast and easy to press. Otherwise, you may face hindrances in performing keyboard shortcuts.

A quality chiclet or ergonomic keyboard can be a worthy choice as it offers a smooth and soft typing experience.


Keyboards come in two types concerning connection: wired and wireless. We suggest going for a wireless keyboard as it gives the portability if you travel as an architect. It also reduces the clutter on your desk and leads to a modern and clean look.

Do note that wireless keyboards use Bluetooth or USB receiver to connect to your workstation. Sometimes they may become slower although this happens rarely.

You also need to have the extra batteries for power if existing ones die out. Some peripherals are rechargeable, so you need to charge regularly.

You can also opt for wired keyboards as they establish a fast, secure and reliable connection with your computer. Usually, they also cost less than their wireless counterparts.


Apple Magic Keyboard
Apple Magic Keyboard, although highly desirable by most, is not compatible by PC.

Before buying a keyboard, do check out the supported operating system (OS). Normally most keyboards are made to work with both Windows and macOS. However, some models support only one OS.

Many wireless keyboards can also connect to tablets and smartphones. This could be advantageous if you are working on the go. You can use the accessory to create or edit building designs while traveling.


Architecture can be a challenging profession and demands that you have an efficient computer along with its accessories for performing your tasks fruitfully.

If you are facing troubles in processes such as drafting, its time that you ditch your old regular keyboard and get a more appropriate one.

We expect that this article on the best keyboard for architects would give all the info to choose the right and suitable accessory.


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