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5 Best Keyboards for Couch Gaming in 2020

A variety of gaming keyboards are available today. This allows PC gamers to play their favorite games while sitting comfortably on the couch or bed.

Chances are you are an existing couch gamer or planning to be one. Then a gaming keyboard plays a pivotal role in making a worthy couch gaming setup.

Therefore you must be looking for the best keyboards for couch gaming as per your needs. We are also saying there’s no need for a controller here.

In this article, we will review some of the best quality keyboards you can purchase for couch gaming. We will also look at different aspects you should consider in such options.

List of Best Keyboards for Couch Gaming in 2020

The following keyboards either have the lapboard or have the ergonomic function to promote couch gaming for you.

  1. Razer Turret Wireless – Mechanical Keyboard – Mouse Combo – Compact and Premium Keyboard for Couch Gaming
  2. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Lapboard Combo – Recommended Keyboard for Couch Gaming
  3. Deco Gear – Mechanical Keyboard – Wired and Economical
  4. Perixx Periboard-512 – Ergonomic Design – Wired and Affordable
  5. KINESIS Gaming Freestyle – Separate Split Style – Wired

1. Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Mouse Combo – Compact and Premium Keyboard for Couch Gaming

Are you searching for a compact and quality performer that gives you a full-fledged experience? Then the Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo should be your choice.

This wireless combo is made specifically for both PC and Xbox One platforms. You can have extended gaming sessions with the manufacturer claiming that the keyboard lasts up to 43 hours and mouse 50 hours on a single charge.

You can connect the combo through a fast single USB receiver.

Featuring Razer’s mechanical switches, the keyboard is durable enough to last for years as it has a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes. The mouse can withstand around 50 million clicks. A wrist rest is also part of the keyboard that would lead to additional comfort.

The keys are clicky and respond fast. You will also enjoy playing with the customizable RGB backlight.

There are also other features you will like. For instance, the mouse mat is retractable. You can slide it when in use and also push it back.

Despite its high price, we highly recommend this as the best keyboard for couch gaming for both PC and Xbox One platforms.

2. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Lapboard Combo – Recommended Keyboard for Couch Gaming

We have a very interesting choice in the form of this Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

There are three variants available for this product. You can get the keyboard or lapboard separately. You also have an option to get both.

The combination of keyboard and lapboard would certainly help you to spur up your couch gaming experience.

Thus, we highly recommend this option as the best keyboard for couch gaming along with lapboard.

This keyboard is both wired and wireless one meaning you can use USB port for wired connection. For wireless, .

Talking about the keyboard, it utilizes Cherry MX red switches with gold contacts that are known for durability and solid performance.

The lapboard is large but portable and lightweight to allow easy storage.

There are also other features optimized for gaming here. The keyboard does have a full key rollover that allows pressing multiple keys at once. There are also dedicated volume and media controls present.

The presence of customizable blue backlighting would help to enjoy your games more.

In short, if you want a keyboard/lapboard combo at a reasonable price, then this should be your best choice.

3. Deco Gear – Mechanical Keyboard  – Wired and Economical

There’s an option we highly nominate if you don’t want to spend too much on a gaming keyboard.

It’s the Deco Gear keyboard that you can get at a reasonable price. Design-wise it not only looks attractive but has all the features you want on the performance side.

You see this keyboard utilizes a wired USB connection that results in a consistent performance.

This accessory is a full-sized mechanical one and based on Outemu Blue Switches. These are more suited for gamers and have notable tactile and audible feedback. The keys are loud and clicky when pressed.

On the durability side, this machine is rated for over 50 million keystrokes. This makes it enough to last for years even on heavy use. An integrated palm rest with carbon fiber top is also included which adds to the comfort.

Talking about other features designed for gamers, this one has a customizable RGB backlight with different color modes. Hence you will see that the keyboards look beautiful when in action.

Thus it allows you to play your favorite games in dark environments with ease.

Overall, we highly regard this as the best keyboard for couch gaming, especially for those who are starters.

4. Perixx Periboard-512 – Ergonomic Design – Wired and Affordable

We would not be far off if we label this as the best keyboard for couch gaming that is designed on ergonomic principles.

The reason is that this keyboard has split key and V-shaped 3-D design with an attached palm rest. This leads to keeping your fingers, wrists and hands in comfortable posture while typing for long periods.

As a result, you are protected from fatigue and injuries such as RSI (repetitive strain injury).

The keystrokes are tactile and reduce pressure when you press the keys. This leads to a comfy typing experience.

Do note that the switches are based on rubber dome but have the feel of a mechanical one. You will also find it’s easy to register a keystroke.

The presence of multimedia keys along with volume control and other functions would help you to switch between gaming and working environments with ease.

This wired accessory is an affordable option for couch gaming enthusiasts, though you can also get the wireless model for a few extra bucks.

5. KINESIS Gaming Freestyle – Separate Split Style – Wired

Lastly, we have a product named as KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge. It’s the first mechanical keyboard with a unique split design that gives you added versatility.

The difference between this product and other keyboards is that you can adjust the position of the left and right halves of the keyboard distinctly to match your needs.

The separate halves bring the advantage of typing in a more natural posture.

Note that this is a wired keyboard. You can see that the left and right halves are separate but still interconnected by a long cable.

You can use different layouts of the two halves to play different games.

In terms of size, this is a large keyboard with no Numpad. There are three variants of the keyboard available and based on different Cherry MX switches. These range from blue, brown and red.

One thing that further distinguishes this from others is that all the keys are fully programmable. The presence of customizable RGB backlights lets you play in dim environments too.

A large number of customers are more than fully satisfied with it. Thus, we rate it as the best keyboard for couch gaming for a much-improved experience.


What to Look for in a Keyboard for Couch Gaming?

There are a few chief aspects you should consider when buying a keyboard that’s specifically suited for couch gaming.

These aspects are as follows:


We start with two choices in keyboard construction that are popular particularly for couch gaming: mechanical and ergonomic.

1. Mechanical keyboard

couch gaming mechanical keyboard
Mechanical keyboards are very famous among gamers as they utilize the Cherry MX switches. Source: Corsair K63

A mechanical keyboard is comprised of actual physical switches located under the keys. When you press a key, usually it gives you the tactile and audible feedback.

Mechanical keyboards are advantageous for couch gaming because they increase typing accuracy and speed. Furthermore, they allow pressing several keys at once, a feature that is needed in several games. It’s known as an N-key rollover.

Mechanical keyboards also have increase lifespan and durability which make them popular among gamers.

2. Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard couch gaming
If you are short on budget then a simple ergonomic keyboard may work well for you: Source: Perixx Periboard-512

An ergonomic keyboard is one that has keys that are made in a V-shape design. These keyboards allow better and natural positioning of the left and right hand when typing.

As a result, you minimize the risk of typing related injuries. It leads to increased productivity as you type or play on your couch for very long sessions.

Ergonomic keyboards are also getting popular among gamers. It’s because they have a layout that suits prolonged periods of typing yet keeps the fingers and wrists protected.

Wired or Wireless?

We will look at another important aspect that would make a difference in your gaming experience. It’s the choice between wired and wireless keyboards.

For normal or office usage wireless keyboards are preferred as they lessen the clutter of wire and give more mobility. But for gameplay which demands speed and precision, we prefer wired keyboards.

Not only wired keyboards help to maintain a constant connection with your PC, but they are also more responsive than wireless ones. (Source)

Keep in mind there are also wireless gaming keyboards in the market. Make sure they have high battery life.

Otherwise, you don’t want to face the inconvenience of changing or recharging your batteries when you are at the peak of the battle.

Keyboard/Mouse/Lapboard Combo

best keyboards for couch gaming
We highly recommend keyboards with lapboards for couch gaming. Source: Razer Turret

So you have connected your PC to an external monitor or your TV. Next, you probably need a lapboard or a lap desk on which your gaming keyboard and mouse resides.

You can use the lapboard or lap desk to comfortably sit on the couch or bed and start your gaming sessions. This allows you to easily use your gaming mouse and keyboard.

Thanks to the availability of a combo lapboard that comes with a gaming keyboard and/or mouse, couch gaming is gradually becoming easier.

You can also invest in a lap desk or lapboard separately if you have an existing gaming keyboard and mouse.

Extra Features

The following are the extra features in a keyboard you can look for to enhance your couch gaming experience:

  1. RGB Backlight
  2. Controls For Media Playback and volume
  3. Programmable Keys
  4. Integrated Palm Rest

While these features are not necessary and it is highly unlikely that you will find all of the features in one keyboard, it is still worth noting so that you can gauge your preference.

Our personal opinion is that if your budget allows, get a lapboard for yourself. Couch gaming and a lapboard go hand in hand.

How Else Can You Enhance Your Couch Gaming Experience?

There are many ways you can improve your gaming experience on your couch. You can either build a contraption for yourself or invest in a desk or a lapboard that can allow you to place your keyboard and your mouse over.

Also you need to make sure that you maintain an upfront posture. A bad posture can put needless strain on your muscles. You may not realize this while doing the long and intense gaming sessions. However, over time the muscles may drain their strength.

Couch gaming is certainly fun, but you have to careful with your posture and make sure you move around every now and then to promote blood circulation.


We hope that this article on the best keyboards for couch gaming would help you in getting the right peripheral for enjoyable gaming sessions.

You can also make up your couch gaming setup at home in whatever room you like whether it’s your living room or bedroom.

But remember, without a good gaming keyboard, you won’t feel the intense joy and excitement of playing your favorite games on that level.

Furthermore, while we highly recommend that you choose to go for a wireless keyboard, their expensive price tag may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, we discourage anyone from getting a generic wireless keyboard since they usually miss key registrations.

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