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Best Keyboards for Data Entry in 2023

Are you a full-time or part-time data entry operator working in an office or as a freelancer? Then like other components of your computer, the keyboard is a very vital part which you need to have.

Whatever keyboard you use to work on, it must suit your job needs. It must also be durable enough and shouldn’t cause any sort of injury or strain.

Given the work that involves typing all along, you must look for the best keyboards for data entry.

In this article, we will review some of the quality keyboards for carrying out data entry tasks. We will also look at characteristics one should consider in such options.

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Comparison of Top Keyboards for Data Entry

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1. Logitech G513 –  Recommended Keyboard for Data Entry – Wired

Logitech G513

A recommended keyboard if you are looking for a quality option with mechanical switches.

If you are looking for pleasure in typing then there is nothing better suited than a mechanical keyboard.

This particular mechanical keyboard from Logitech is one of the most famous in its class. It is on the expensive side of the spectrum but if you are looking forward to a very comfortable typing experience, then this is the best keyboard for data entry in our opinion.

Of course, given its price, it is for power users and not for someone who does not data entry for a living.

While on the surface this is a gaming keyboard, it works perfectly well for professionals as well.

Being a mechanical keyboard, it features dedicated switches for the keys. For those of you are who are not aware, mechanical keyboard are differentiated by the type of switches they have.

For instance some switches are heavier, some make a clicky sound and other are tactile.

The switch featured in this keyboard is GX Red Linear making it quite keyboard. There is also an option to go for the Romer-G switches which are generally even quieter.

As far as the construction quality goes, this is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. Hence if you are looking for something to last you for ages, then this durable keyboard can be the way to go.

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2. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard – Economical and Wired

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

An economical ergonomic keyboard with a split design.

Are you searching for an inexpensive and ergonomically-approved keyboard from a known company? Then Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard could be your best choice.

This wired keyboard is also made in a V-shaped split design that is known to reduce injury and fatigue while working the whole day.

As you use it more, you will gradually feel relaxed and your wrists and fingers will be more comfortable. Many customers have acclaimed this fact in their reviews.

There’s also a good quality cushioned palm rest included that would make typing even more comfy and relaxed on your wrists.

Additionally, there are several dedicated shortcut keys for common functions such as search, Office, media playback and more. All these would make you more productive in your job.

Do note that this is a full-sized large keyboard with an integrated number pad. Many users have reviewed that its keys are smooth to press.

Keep in mind that this accessory from Microsoft doesn’t support Macs though.

We highly recommend this as the best keyboard for data entry particularly in Windows 10, though it also supports earlier versions of Windows.

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3. Logitech Ergo K860 – Premium and Ergonomic  – Wireless

Logitech Ergo K860

A premium ergonomic keyboard with shallow keys for fast typing.

Logitech Ergo K860 isn’t your average keyboard. Yes, it’s pricey, but it can be your typing companion for a long-time with a premium design and wireless connectivity.

So why are we placing this peripheral in the list of keyboards tailor-made for data entry?

This one has all the capabilities of an ergonomic keyboard as it features a curved split layout. This is essential in reducing strain in forearms and wrists while typing. The presence of pillowed wrist rest would make your typing experience more relaxed.

Please note if you are new to data entry, getting an ergonomic keyboard like this one would help you to work in a natural posture.

But the thing is ergonomic keyboards can be had for quite cheap, then why go for this keyboard instead?

Well simply because it speaks of quality from all corners. It has a very comfortable cushioned wrist pad the size which is rarely found on keyboards. This is exceptional for long hours of usage.

On top of that, they key construction itself speaks volumes about the experience you can have.

Not only are the keys shallow which would promote fast typing speeds, they also have scooped center which basically helps in housing your finger tips. This can in turn help with precision.

Additionally, you can either connect it wirelessly through a USB receiver or use Bluetooth built in within your PC.

So overall you can have less clutter on your desk.

Many customers have applauded the premium design of this keyboard and satisfied with the smooth keys that make up for almost noiseless typing experience.

All these aspects make it a highly recommendable candidate as the best keyboard for data entry.

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4. Redragon K556 –  Compact and Budget Mechanical Keyboard for Data Entry  – Wired

Redragon K556

An affordable mechanical keyboard with quite and linear Brown switches.

If you want to stick with mechanical keyboard but you do not have a budget to dish out a hefty sum that most mechanical keyboard demand, then we highly recommend this as the best keyboard for data entry.

This is a very affordable mechanical keyboard that features the same Brown switches that are found on premium grade models.

Brown switches are basically quite and linear so they are great for typists and for data entry.

These would especially suit those individuals who work in a noisy environment whether at home or office.

Other than the comfortable typing experience on mechanical keyboards, another great advantage they have is that they are longer lasting in comparison.

Other than this, this mechanical keyboard comes with RGB lights. Which basically means that you can choose almost any light or a combination of lights for your keyboard.

Overall this is a great option for those needing a quality mechanical keyboard at an affordable price tag.

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5. Apple Magic Keyboard – Rechargeable and Wireless – For Apple

Apple Magic Keyboard

An essential keyboard for Mac. Arguably one of the most comfortable keycaps on a keyboard.

If you are a Mac user and want the best keyboard for data entry, then Apple Magic Keyboard could be your choice.

This keyboard is designed to operate purely on the Apple platform. You can pair this sleek accessory through Bluetooth to iPhones, iPads and Macs.

As you can see this is a wireless keyboard coming with a rechargeable built-in battery. You can charge it by connecting the included cable on the Mac’s USB port.

The most lucrative part of Apple keyboards, besides their simple and gorgeous looks, is their keycaps are some of the most comfortable out there.

If you have ever had the change you an Apple keyboard, either standalone or on a laptop, you will quickly comes to realize that you hands will literally glide through the keys as you type.

With this particular model, Apple has included what it calls the scissor mechanism underneath each key. This provides increased stability and enhanced key travel, leading to a comfortable experience while typing.

Satisfied users have applauded this fact and praised that it takes much less force to press keys on this compact peripheral hence the fact that your hands literally fly over the keyboards.

As a result, you will enjoy typing and entering data in your Macs. Some users have connected it even to Windows-based computers, but it may result in reduced functionality.

This particular model has attained popularity among Apple users and they say that it’s a much better variant as compared to older models.

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6. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Apple Keyboard Killer for PC

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

A low profile comfortable wireless keyboard for PC

If you are looking for a PC variant of something close to the Apple Magic Keyboard, then we highly recommend this Microsoft Surface Keyboard.

This is a wireless keyboard with a compact design and a low profile chiclet styled keys similar to what you see on an Apple Magic Keyboard.

It has a sleek and a simple design and thus highly suitable for most office settings.

This keyboard does not come with a usb dongle instead it connects directly with the device if it has Bluetooth. Hence this can work not just with PC but also with Apple and Android devices.

While this may not look much on the surface, the real beauty of this keyboard lies in its construction quality and the quality of its keys.

From the keycaps to the weight and the actuation points, everything is optimized for swift and accurate typing.

Of course, some may find it too expensive for a mere membrane based keyboard, but if you need a premium experience, then this is one of the best keyboards for data entry.

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What to Look For in the Right Keyboard for Data Entry?

There are a few chief characteristics you should consider when buying a keyboard suited for data entry.

These characteristics are as follows:


Ergonomic Keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard can help you with long sessions of data entry

As you can see, you will find different options for keyboards like other computer parts. An option that has become popular with time is the use of an ergonomic keyboard.

A typical keyboard is comprised of a rectangle with keys placed in straight rows. In turn, an ergonomic keyboard is designed in a “V” shape. Typing in such a keyboard is more natural as fingers are placed at a slight angle.

As you type for long periods while doing data entry, an ergonomic keyboard reduces muscle strain and problems such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In case you are experiencing strain in arms and hands after prolonged usage, it is strongly recommended to change your keyboard. This is important to check if you are more at ease.


affordable keyboard for data entry

As your primary function with the keyboard is to enter data, you don’t need a gaming keyboard or a fancy one.

In general, gaming keyboards are more expensive. They have advanced features like programmable keys and RGB backlights that are made for gaming.

A regular keyboard would be more than sufficient for your data entry needs. These keyboards are more affordable to purchase.

Wireless or not?

In terms of connectivity, keyboards can either be wireless or wired. Wired keyboards connect through a USB port on your computer.

Whereas wireless ones can either connect through Bluetooth technology or Radio Frequency i.e. R/F. To connect through R/F, a tiny dongle known as a receiver is plugged into the USB port.

It’s up to you to decide between the two. If you are used to a wired one, then you should go for it. If there’s a lot of wire mess in your desk, you can probably opt for a wireless one.

The thing is wireless ones have become more or less equal in performance as wired keyboards today. However, they can be pricey if you select one from a reputable manufacturer. They also offer more portability though.

Mechanical or not?

There’s also a type of this peripheral called a mechanical keyboard. This type of keyboard has switches under the keys that are made of moving parts.

This variant of the keyboard can be quite comfortable depending on the different types of switch used.

One of the popular switches used in mechanical keyboards is known as Cherry MX. These have several advantages such as being long-lasting as well as offering fast and smooth typing.


Different users prefer different types and characteristics of keyboards for data entry purposes. So it has become necessary to invest in the right one.

We hope that this article on the best keyboard for data entry would help in getting the right accessory as per your work needs.

Do note that the right keyboard would significantly help you to improve your professional life.

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