6 Best Keyboards for Day Trading in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

A typical day trading setup is one that includes a pretty comprehensive rig with multiple monitors and a powerful PC to keep things running smoothly.

Hence, equally important is your keyboard which can make a big difference in execution of commands. It only makes sense that you also invest in one of the best keyboard for day trading to improve your productivity.

A good day trading keyboard can only provide you with accuracy but also with a set of many programmable keys that you can assign your day trading commands to like opening buying or selling order, opening news ticker etc.

Along with some useful options, we will also discuss what to consider when choosing the right option.

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Hot Keys is the Way to Go

When it comes to choosing the right day trading keyboard, we highly recommend that you look for an option with programmable keys.

You can assign Hot Keys like opening a buy order for 1000 shares, opening a buy order for 500 shares, opening sell orders, cancelling all orders etc. Each of these commands can be assigned to a dedicated button.

The assignment of Hot Keys is one aspect that almost all day traders recommend if you ask them for their suggestion for the right keyboard.

You may have to make sure that the broker or your trading platform supports keyboard macros assignment.

Comparison of Best Keyboard for Day Trading

G910 Orion
Buy at
Razer Ornata
Buy at
Buy at
Tartarus v2
Buy at
Koolertron Keypad48WiredNo
Buy at
Ergo K860
Buy at

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1. Logitech G910 Orion Spark – Recommended Keyboard for Day Trading

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

One of the most popular keyboard among day traders as well pro users.

If there is one keyboard that you will hear quite often being talked about among day traders, it is the Logitech G910 Orion Spark.

This is essentially a mechanical gaming keyboard. As such, it has the looks, the accents and the overall design built for a gaming PC.

However, its functionality as well as its fairly reasonable price point for its functions makes this the best keyboard for day trading as well.

First and foremost, the most important aspect of this keyboard is that it features 9 programmable keys with 3 profiles. So essentially you get 27 different programmable keys.

Programmable keys are important keys for many day trading for setting up hot key macros on. You can do so with the provided software.

Other than that, this keyboard includes an extensive multimedia control for ease of use. It even includes a mobile docking station.

This along with the Arx Control app can be used to monitor different aspect of the PC – something which is important for gamers but not quite so day traders. Still a neat feature to have.

The mechanical keys on this keyboard are based on the proprietary Romer G switches which have a short actuation points, are faster and quieter than many mechanical switches.

Price wise, taking the programmable keys and mechanical design into consideration, this is fairly economical high quality option.

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2. Razer Ornata Chroma – Economical Day Trading Keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma

Economical and comfortable hybrid keyboard with programmable macro functionality.

If you are looking for one of the most popular keyboards out that is fairly economical considering its quality, then we highly recommend this.

Unlike the keyboard above, this does not feature any programmable keys, however, it does offer programmable macro functionality that you can use to create day trading macros using the included software.

This basically allows you setup different macros like “Alt+1” to short the trade, “Alt+2” to add a set number of stock to your trade etc.

However, if you do require dedicated programmable hotkeys, then this may not be the keyboard for you.

As far as the construction quality goes, this isn’t entirely a mechanical keyboard. Razer call this the Hybrid keyboard since it employs membrane construction but gives it the feel of a tactile mechanical keyboard.

Of course being a gaming keyboard primarily, this does have RGB backlighting.

Another very important factor here, that can help seal the deal for many, is the ergonomic and a very comfortable detachable soft wrist rest. This can come in handy during long sessions of trading.

In short, if you looking for a high quality economical option, then this is the best keyboard for day trading in our opinion.

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3. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED – Wireless and Mechanical

Logitech G613

Mechancal keyboard with programmable keys, but most importantly, it is Wireless.

Wireless keyboard and mechanical keyboard is a fairly rare combination. Logitech G613 is an economical mechanical keyboard that offers multihost wireless connectivity.

Now of course, if you came here particularly looking for a wireless mechanical keyboard, then this a great option to have, but it also offers plenty of critical features for day traders as well.

For starters, this keyboard offers 6 programmable keys which can used to set up day tracking macros on.

Secondly, wireless keyboards generally have a reputation of being less reliable than wired keyboards. The issues of input lag as well as PC failing to register a keystroke is quite common.

Of course, the last thing we want is for your PC not to register a swift open or close trade command. This keyboard tackles that by employing one of the fastest response rate of 1ms for a wireless keyboard, hence the name lightning.

Since this is a multihost wireless keyboard, it can connect through both the included USB dongle as well as via Bluetooth connectivity.

Construction wise, this is a mechanical keyboard with the proprietary Logitech Romer G switches for linear and quite experience.

All in all, if the prospects of having a wireless mechanical model appeals to you, then this is the best keyboard for day trading as it is economical and offers mechanical keys.

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4. Razer Tartarus v2 – 32 Hot Key Programmable Keyboard

Razer Tartarus v2

A Hot Key pad with 32 programmable keys. Gaming grade.

Anywhere you look or read, one thing that is common theme among most professional day traders is the use of hotkeys for swift execution of commands.

Some full sized keyboard, like the ones we saw above, have programmable keys that can be used as hotkeys.

However, in case, if you do not have programmable keys or if you need a lot more programmable hotkeys for setting up day trading macros on, then Razer Tartarus V2 is the type of device you are looking for.

This basically a standalone hotkey keypad that connects independently from the primary keyboard to your computer.

This particular gamepad offers 32 programmable keys that you can use to setup different day trading commands on using the provided software.

It also includes a thumb-pad, but that is a feature more catered towards gamers than day traders.

It comes with a comfortable and ergonomic palm rest as well. If you are an experience day trader, you may never have to lift your hand as it is designed in a way that it easily fits in the palm of your hand. Hence a single hand can easily operate it.

In short, if you are looking for a hotkey pad, then this is one of the best keyboard for day trading.

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5. Koolertron Single-Handed – 48 Hot Key Programmable Keyboard

Koolertron Keypad

A recommended keyboard if you are looking for a quality option with mechanical switches.

Like the keypad above, this is yet another fairly popular standalone programmable keypad for day traders.

However, unlike the one above, this features 48 programmable hotkeys. Hence the higher price tag.

Some day traders just cannot have enough of macro keys for their trading needs.

The keys are mechanical and hence they provide a tactile feel to every keypress.

You will notice that the keys do not have any description or label on top of them. This basically allows you put the labels yourself.

You can easily get sticker labels for placing on top of the programmed keys. For instance you can place a stick label for shorting or buying commands. Similarly a label for opening up news ticker for highlighted stock, etc.

While a very functional keypad to have, this is neither ergonomic nor aesthetically appealing.

In short, if you are need of an array of hotkeys, then this is the best keyboard for trading.

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6. Logitech Ergo K860 – Simple Membrane Based Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech Ergo K860

A minimal ergonomic membrane based keyboard with low key profiles.

If you do not care much for programmable keys, setting up macros or having robust mechanical switches, then this is the best keyboard for day trading in our opinion.

This elegant and a premium model is an ergonomic keyboard. Hence it is has a split design with an arc in the middle to resemble the natural position of the wrist.

Couple with that, it also features a very comfortable cushioned palm rest.

As far as connectivity goes, this is a wireless keyboard. It can connect via both the included USB dongle as well as via the Bluetooth included in PC or other devices.

One of the best aspects of this keyboard is the key design. There certainly are many ergonomic keyboards out there, what makes this special is the low key profile.

Most ergonomic keyboards have large keys, this, however, has a low profile. Low key profile promotes a much faster typing experience. On top of that they are less tiring as you do not have to press too far down for actuation.

On the flip side though, low profile keys are generally considered less accurate. To tackle this issue, this keyboard has scooped keys for allowing better grip for your fingertips.

In short, if you are looking for a simple and a comfortable option for your setup, then this is the best keyboard for day trading.

Again, it has no programmable keys, no mechanical switches and no backlight, just a simple membrane based low profile ergonomic design.

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What to Look For in a Day Trading Keyboard?

There are a few key characteristics you should look for when buying a keyboard suited for you as a day trader.

These are as follows:

Programmable Keys for Day Traders

programmable keys
The five keys on the left are programmable keys. Source: Logitech G910 Orion

Some call them programmable keys, others call them hotkeys yet others still refer to them as macro keys.

These are dedicated extra buttons on keyboards that allow you to setup programmed commands to.

You can set these commands using the included software.

For most of the professional day traders out there, programmable keys are single handedly considered the most important aspect of any keyboard.

These keys allows you setup up quick commands for execution like:

  • Opening buy/sell order
  • Opening news tickers
  • Stop loss at preset level

You can literally go in and out of a trade with a press of a single button.

In the fast moving and volatile space of day trading, quick actions become all the more important and programmable hotkeys enable you to do just that.

Dedicated Hotkey Keypads for Day Trading

Best Keypad for day trading
Hotkey Keypads can be programmed for different day trading functions. Source: Koolertron

If the available programmable keys on the primary full sized keyboard are not sufficient for you, you can invest in a standalone hotkey keypad.

These keypads offer a plethora of programmable keys which you can set different day trading functions to.

Choice of Keyboard Type with Regard to Keys

We will look at two choices in the types of a keyboard that are preferred if you do day trading:


Cherry MX Switches
For Durability mechanical keyboard are generally the way to go. There is a vast selection of mechanical switches you can choose. Source: Twitter

Mechanical keyboards are highly preferred by enthusiasts. They are expensive as compared to conventional membrane keyboard, but their feedback mechanism is phenomenal.

With mechanical keyboards, you essentially get a choice of which switch type you want to go for. For instance some switches are quite, some are loud with their clicky noise. At the same some switches have a deep actuation points others have a shallow one.

The tactile bump and the feedback you receive from the switches makes these great for day trading as each distinct key press can be felt and registered accurately.

Mechanical keyboards also come with plethora of other useful features such as programmable keys and the ability to get the switch that is suited to your needs makes them generally good for typing too.

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Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are your average keyboards that represent the vast majority. With these keyboards, there is literally a membrane underneath the keycaps.

These are lighter, generally made out of plastic and cheaper. Among the membrane keyboards, the low profile scissor-switch is very famous.

Scissor-switch keyboards are slim, compact and have a short height. They have keys that are connected to the bottom circuits by scissor-switches. Compared to the conventional rubber dome switches, scissor switches are faster and require a lesser amount of force.

low profile keyboard
Chiclet or low profile keys are excellent for typing speeds.

They are also commonly called as chiclet-style keyboards with flat keys.

For day trading you can get a scissor-switch keyboard if you work in an office and want silent yet comfortable experience.

However, they are not durable as mechanical keyboards and can get almost as expensive.

Ergonomics on a Keyboard

ergonomic logitech keyboard
Source: Logitech Ergo K860

Keyboards that are based on ergonomic principles usually have a split V-shaped design.

The main advantage they bring is that they make you type in a natural and relaxed posture.

You don’t quite need an ergonomic keyboard for day trading, however, if you suffer from injury or pain, then we recommend that you invest in a good quality like the Microsoft Sculpt or the Logitech Ergo K860.

They are also quite useful if you spend a long time day trading at a time with your hand always on the keyboard waiting for the right trigger and time to open an order.

It should be noted that most of the mechanical keyboard out there do not have the split-wrist ergonomic design. Their high grade sturdy construction and the placement of their mechanical switches does not allow them to have arcs or bends in the body.

Hence, most ergonomic keyboards are membrane based keyboards.

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Is Wireless Keyboard Recommended for Day Trading?

You can choose between wireless or wired keyboards. We strongly prefer that you opt for a wired one as it offers a consistent and reliable connection. This is important if you work from home or office.

It would be a shame if your battery on the wireless keyboard were to die just when you are about to open a very significant order. It would also be unfortunate if a subpar wireless keyboard present unnecessary lags in registering the presses.

If you travel as a day trader, its okay to go with a compact wireless keyboard. However, again, lag and unreliable connection is something to be aware off.

It is also worth noting that while the basic wireless keyboards require a dedicated USB dongle to connect, the more advanced and premium options can connect via Bluetooth as well.


Day trading demands that you make the most out of the opportunity when it arises. A quality keyboard can help you save crucial seconds which could be a difference between winning and losing a trade.

Thus, it’s an accessory that’s not to be under-estimated at all.

We hope that this article on the best keyboards for day trading would help you to find the right tool for executing trades with speed and confidence.


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