5 Best Keyboards for Editing Video in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Whether you are a professional video editor or beginner, you will find several options in video editing software. These let you edit all sorts of videos from a short clip to a full feature film.

The availability of these software has led to the advent of dedicated keyboards. These could become the typing companion in your video projects.

Therefore, investing in the best keyboards for editing video should be your top priority for your creative endeavors.

In this article, we will review some of the quality keyboards you can purchase for enhancing your output as a video editor. We will also look at noteworthy aspects one should consider in such options.

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Comparison of Top Keyboard For Video Editing

ConnectivityCheck Price
Logitech CraftMembraneYesNoWireless
Buy at
Astra Series
Buy at
Creative Tool
Buy at
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Blackmagic Design
DaVinci Resolve
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1. Logitech Craft – Premium Keyboard for Editing Videos

Logitech Craft

One of the most coveted and popular video editing keyboard.

There’s a very interesting choice for video editors in the form of Logitech Craft. If offers premium features along with modern sleek design. The most attractive feature here, of course, is the creative input dial.

Not only this is a comfortable wireless keyboard, but the presence of the dial makes it a boon for editing videos. Plus, it has a sleek style along with the capability to connect to multiple devices.

The Crown is a smart dial that you can touch, tap and turn in various software. By default, it controls the PC volume, but you can assign it any function depending upon the software you are running.

It supports programs such as Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop along with some Office applications and web browsers. An application has been provided by the manufacturer for the easy configuration of the dial.

Whether you are looking to enhance your productivity or simply get precision on the tools you use on your editing software, this will allow you to do so.

For instance, in the Adobe Premiere you can use the dial to navigate across the timeline and your scenes in precision.

The keyboard’s battery recharges through USB type C cable. The keys are also backlit though you can turn them off to save battery.

The presence of quality features along with the ‘creative’ Dial makes us regard this as the best keyboard for editing video. Yes, it’s pricey but worth the money.

2. Logickeyboard Astra Series – Dedicated Shortcut Keyboard for Adobe Premiere Pro

Logickeyboard Astra Series

A keyboard dedicated for Adobe Premiere Pro. Offers plenty of shortcuts.

Next, we have a dedicated keyboard if you are editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It’s main highlight is the dedicated set of shortcut labels for the software.

In our opinion, we highly recommend this as the best keyboard for editing video for the industry-leading software.

The most distinct aspect of this wired accessory is that each key is color-coded which helps you to find alike tools quickly. Each key also has the shortcut icon that is used in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Plus, you can type on it like a regular keyboard too.

As you can access the shortcuts used in the program on the keyboard, you will find that editing videos will be much faster. This will greatly increase your speed and productivity.

Do note that this keyboard does include Numpad, arrows keys and function row.

It has compatibility with both Windows and macOS based systems. It offers both the CMD as well as the CTRL button for Mac and Windows respectively.

The only drawback here is that while this keyboard is excellent for Adobe Premiere, but for any other video editing software, this would be quite useless and expensive at that.

Briefly, this keyboard has dual usage of a standard keyboard plus that for the one particular editing software. However, it’s also a bit expensive.

3. Loupedeck Creative Tool – Comprehensive Custom Editing Console

Loupedeck Creative Tool

A dedicated editing console for a plethora of software.

This is a not a keyboard per se, but it is a tool that is specifically designed to help you with editing software including video editing ones.

This is basically a tool that you can use in conjunction with a regular keyboard.

For starters, this is a very expensive tool and only makes sense if you are professional power user. If editing videos is your source for bread and butter, then this is a tool that can enhance your productivity by a huge factor.

This console feature a touch screen which can be customized with a plethora of tool and filters. You can set those using the powerful software included with it. The software is intuitive enough and allows you simply drag and drop the different commands you want to display on the touch screen.

You can also set different profiles for different software. However, it also comes factory set with the right of presets for different software. Whether it is color grading, editing, retouching, applying filter or simply navigation, you can do all that with just a press of a button.

You can set macros to the console so that a single touch of a button would allow you to execute a complex command.

All in all, this is a very expensive device, however, if you want to improve your productivity drastically, then this is the best keyboard for editing videos.

4. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED – Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Programmable Buttons

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED

A wireless mechanical keyboard with programmable keys for setting macros or assigning functions.

Next we have one our most recommended keyboards for video editing. While this isn’t a dedicated keyboard for video editors, it has the features that one would find highly useful.

For starters, this is a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are sturdier and are highly loved by gamers. Many find the experience of typing and working with mechanical keys quite pleasurable.

On top of that, this is a wireless keyboard. Now wireless mechanical keyboard are quite rare to find. Hence this would allow you declutter you desk space.

The hallmark feature, that we believe that many video editors would appreciate, is the fact that this has 6 programmable keys on the side. You can assign this keys your common macros, tools, filters, commands etc.

On top of that, you can have a different profile for every app.

Another lucrative aspect about this keyboard is that it can connect via both the provided USB receiver as well as via Bluetooth. Hence if you ever loose or damage the USB receiver, which is quite common, you would still be able to connect this keyboard via Bluetooth.

All in all, if you are sold by the idea of having programmable keys on a wireless device, then this is the best keyboard for editing videos.

5. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve – Premium Keyboard for Editing on Davinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve

A supremely expensive professional keyboard dedicated for DaVinci Resolve editors.

If you are a DaVinci resolve power user and a professional editor, then this is the best keyboard there is.

One of the first thing to highlight here is that this is a very expensive keyboard. Hence you may have to seriously gauge your requirements before you make a huge investment into this.

Now as far as the keyboard goes, this is a feature rich device. For starters, this is large, much larger than a full sized keyboard. It is also quite heavy and sturdy as it is made out of metal.

The larger is mostly due to the fact that along with the regular keys this keyboard also offers dedicated DaVinci Resolve shortcut keys on the left and on the right side of the keyboard. On top of that it also has a large dial for further capabilities.

The keyboard layout also features color coded shortcut labels to help you with productivity.

As mentioned earlier, this IS an expensive machine, therefore, it may not offer the best value for money for everyone, however, if you are DaVinci Resolve professional and you are looking for the best keyboard for editing video on this software, then this is top in terms of performance.


What to Look for in Keyboard for Editing Video?

We would cover here key aspects you should look into different keyboard options for video editing.

These are as follows:

Dedicated Shortcut Keyboards

dedicated shortcuts
Some keyboards have dedicated shortcuts for editing videos.

Unlike standard keyboards, video editing keyboards have color-coded shortcuts labeled in their keys that allow you to execute video editing commands.

Some of these are designed for specific video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The main advantage these keyboards bring is that you can also type like a standard keyboard while at the same time having all the shortcuts at your fingertip literally.

You wouldn’t have to go about memorizing all the shortcut commands. The keyboard has them all there for you.

When in the interface of the video editing program, you can use the shortcuts to work faster and effectively. Some of the models also have adjustable backlighting.

Note that these are a bit pricier than standard keyboards.

Video Editing Consoles

video editing consoles
Some keyboard have dedicated consoles and controls

There are keyboards regarded as consoles that support multiple video editing programs. These have controls that can be buttons, wheels, or dials. These are made for carrying out various functions related to video and image editing.

Video editing consoles can be a vital accessory along with your standard keyboard and mouse, whether it’s for a desktop or laptop. However, they are more suited for full-time video editing professionals and are usually expensive.

You will also find models that are standard keyboards and have one customizable dial for various functions.

Loupedeck editing console
Editing consoles, such as the Loupedeck Creative Tool, are perhaps some of the best investments a professional can make.

Gaming Keyboards for Video Editing

A dedicated keyboard made for video editing could be expensive. If you are a starter in editing videos, a good-quality gaming keyboard could do the job if it supports macro recording feature.

This feature allows you to optimize your workflow in video editing programs. For example, with just one keystroke or two, you can impose effects in Premiere Pro or create a new file from a template. (Source)

You should also look for a customizable RGB backlight feature as it allows you to work in dark environments.

It’s better if you purchase a mechanical gaming keyboard as it has better durability and provides a comfortable typing experience. It’s also a more affordable option.

Mechanical Keyboard for Video Editing

Cherry MX Switches
For Durability mechanical keyboard are generally the way to go. Source: Twitter

Most of the gaming keyboards are also mechanical keyboards.

These are preferred by some professional due to the high level of customization that you get with the cherry MX switches.

Depending upon the type of switch you choose, you can decide what kind of feel, weight and sound you want from the keyboard.

On top of that, mechanical keyboards are also durable are general made with a very strong base construction.


Many gaming keyboards come with programmable keys. These are basically keys that you can program to simulate a certain function.

For instance, there are many tools and settings that are not found on the tool bar and you have them through a combination of many different keys.

With the programmable keys, you can assign them the dedicated macro. As such instead of combining several different keys, all you have to do is press that single key.

Connectivity and Compatibility

There are two options in video editing keyboards regarding connectivity: wired and wireless. For such tasks, we strongly recommend that you get a wired USB keyboard. It provides a more stable and consistent connection so there is not any lag in your work.

Some wireless models can also be your typing companion. If you have made your mind to go for a wireless one, then make sure it’s from a known manufacturer.

Make sure that the keyboard’s battery life is long. In the case of a rechargeable battery, the recharging time shouldn’t be very long. Otherwise, it may affect your workflow.

Do note that wireless keyboards tend to lag sometimes. This is particularly true if you are a very fast typist. In this case, you may notice that the keyboard may fail to register a certain key.

Note that most keyboard models are compatible to work with both Windows and macOS systems. However, you will find some video editing keyboards that are specific for each platform.


Whether you work in an office or at home as a video editor, you must have a well-performing keyboard that is adequate for your needs. It would be a source of becoming an expert in popular applications for editing video.

We hope that this article on the best keyboards for editing video would help in getting the right accessory which results in quality output.

You could even invest in a good keyboard and start a career in video editing as this job is in high demand today.


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