5 Best Keyboards for Excel in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

You must be familiar with the capabilities of Microsoft Excel that is used in diverse sectors with diverse applications. Most excels users sit work on their spreadsheets for hours and hours on typing and entering data. Hence, it only makes sense that you have one of the best keyboards for Excel.

Having a good keyboard becomes essential as you get to realize the nuances of the key presses, their actuation and their overall feel. You may have noticed that certain keyboards make it a pleasure to work on them whereas others make it a chore.

If you use Excel at work or home, dedicated keyboards help to use the program efficiently. As you work more with them, you will learn to use Excel fast and comfortably.

In this article, we will review some of the quality keyboards you can purchase for enhancing your output in Excel. We will also look at significant aspects one should consider in such options.

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Comparison of Top Keyboards for Excel in 2021

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1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Combo Set – Separate Number Pad – Recommended Keyboard for Excel

Microsoft Sculpt

A recommended and a very popular keyboard for power and office users. Promotes comfort with its ergonomic form factor.

We have a very interesting choice in the form of Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard here. The reason we have chosen this keyboard is because of the overall value it offers for its ergonomic form factor.

This isn’t an expensive model, yet it offers a comfortable wireless experience. The keys are split-designed to mimic the natural position of the hand placement and hence promote comfort for long hours of use.

On top of that, this keyboard also includes a natural arc lifting it from the center and when you combine this with the soft and the comfortable palm rest, the overall package you get is worth it for many power users.

You will notice that the keyboard does not include a numeric pad on it. Instead, it offers it as a separate device. The benefit here being that you can decide on where you want to position it.

Some people like to use it on the left side as having so makes it possible to use the mouse with your right hand, while you enter data with your left hand.

As far as the keys are concerned, they are domed shaped and NOT chiclet styled. While domed shaped keys are comfortable, they are not the fastest around. Since they have deeper actuation compared to the chiclet styled keyboards, you will notice that in the long run it may take longer for you to type.

Note that all the components are wireless and operate on batteries. The option of connection through a USB receiver has been provided.

Also note that this you can choose to go with a keyboard only or a combo package which include the ergonomic Microsoft Sculpt mouse as well.

In short, if you want comfort at a fair price range, then this is the one best keyboards for excel that we can recommend.

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2. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED – Mechanical and Wireless Keyboard for Excel

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED

One of the very wireless mechanical keyboard. Feature’s Logitech’s Romer G switches for fast and quite performance.

If a mechanical keyboard is what you are looking for, then we cannot recommend this enough.

This is one of the very few wireless mechanical keyboards out there. Now mechanical keyboards really do not need any introduction.

While they are usually preferred by enthusiasts, office users can benefit equally from what they have to offer.

Mechanical keyboards are fast, reliable, durable and promote great comfort and pleasure in typing.

Mechanical keyboards are differentiated by the types of switches they have. Some are tactile, some are clicky while others are linear.

This particular keyboard offers Logitech’s Romer G key switches which are precise, and more importantly they are quite. This makes them suitable for offices as having a loud clicky switch can be a nuisance in an office.

Besides a full keyboard, this mechanical keyboard also offers 6 programmable keys which you can use to assign certain macros to. The included software allows you to set the macros.

We highly regard it as the best keyboard for Excel because of its full size, wireless connectivity and durable mechanical switches.

In terms of connectivity, this wireless model utilizes a super-fast USB receiver (hence the name Lightspeed) .

One of the biggest concerns users have with wireless keyboards is that the sometimes the key presses are not registered. This is particularly true if your keyboard does not have a high response time but your typing is fast.

This keyboard, fortunately features a very fast 1 ms response time and hence its name.

This model has attained high preference among its large customer base. For this and many reasons mentioned this is the best keyboard for excel if you want a mechanical option.

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3. Logitech Ergo K860 – Chiclet Ergonomic Keyboard – Wireless

Logitech Ergo K860

An ergonomic keyboard with shallow keys for very fast typing with comfort.

Like the Microsoft Sculpt mentioned above, this too is a wireless ergonomic keyboard with a split styled keys design and an arc in the middle for promoting a natural posture.

However, there are a few important factors that separate it from the Sculpt above. For starters, this offers a very comfortable adjustable palm wrist. You can judge that by the sheer size of the cushion on the palm rest.

Secondly, the keys on this are much more comfortable. This has shallower keys something along the lines of a chiclet keyboard. Shallow keys are fast.

Since they have a shallow actuation points, your typing speeds can certainly improve with this as you do not have to press too long or lift your fingers too high. You can basically glide through your keyboard.

However, shallow keys are less precise due their nature of having short actuation points. To tackle this issue, this keyboard features scooped keys. These keys basically have a curve in them for practically housing your fingertips as you type.

So overall, here you get comfort, precision and fast speeds. Everything that an excel user would look for in a keyboard.

If the prospects of having a premium ergonomic model appeals to you, then this is the best keyboard for excel users in our opinion.

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4. Ajazz AK50 – Economical – Mechanical and Wired

Logitech Ergo K860

An ergonomic keyboard with shallow keys for very fast typing with comfort.

If you want performance and features on a budget, we regard this as the best keyboard for Excel in our opinion.

The Ajazz AK50 is a full-sized mechanical keyboard that comes with a fully integrated Numpad. This accessory utilizes the Brown switches which are regarded as quite mechanical switches.

Again, for excel user we recommend quite switches because having clicky or tactile would make using the keyboard a nuisance for everyone around you as you type.

Now while this keyboard is not as robust as the Logitech G613 Lightspeed above, for the price it is certainly an exceptional keyboard to have.

This is not a wireless keyboard though. This is a wired keyboard. Therefore, if you want to save yourself from the trouble of changing the batteries every so often, then you consider this the best keyboard for excel with mechanical switches.

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5. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Wireless and Compact – Very Fast Typing

Microsoft Surface

Highly optimized keyboard for fast typers.

If you are looking for a sleek, simple and a compact keyboard with very little bells and whistles about, then this is the best keyboard for excel users in our opinion.

Design wise, this can be the perfect fit for a formal office space. It looks beautiful and elegant and can perfectly complement an office setup.

As far as the keys are concerned, this offers shallow chiclet styled keyboard for very fast typing. They keys are soft, easy to press and require very little force to actuate.

More importantly, the keys here are some of the quietest around. Hence there is literally no worry of disturbing the people around you.

This keyboard does not require separate dongle for connectivity as it can simply connect via your system;s bluetooth.

This also means that you can use this keyboard on your smartphone as well.

The only reservation we have regarding this keyboard is that for its price, it does not include a backlight.

Other than that, this keyboard is absolutely a beautiful keyboard to have if you require simplicity and fast typing speeds.

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What to Look For in the Right Keyboard for Microsoft Excel?

There are a few aspects you should look for when buying a keyboard that’s especially suited for Excel.

These aspects are as follows:

Form Factor

Keyboards come in different types regarding form factor. For optimizing your use of Excel, we strongly recommend that you get a full-sized one having 104 keys. These keyboards contain function row, arrows keys and number pad.

Also, you can find Home, End, Page up and Page down keys.

The number pad can either be integrated or can be a separate one. In our opinion, both are fine but if you want more mobility in your workspace you can opt for a separate one.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Common Excel Shortcuts
Common Microsoft Excel Shortcuts. Source: Pinterest

As you see, the use of keyboard shortcuts would make you more productive as well as save your time when using Excel.

Before buying, makes sure that all the keys, as well as the number pad, are located in a convenient position for you to allow easy access.

Some of the keys that play a major role in performing keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

  • Ctrl and Menu keys
  • Arrow keys
  • Home, end keys
  • Page up, page down keys
  • Number pad
  • Escape and Function keys

These keys are found on all keyboards. However, the point to note here is the position of these keys. Since they are use often and often in combination with other keys, it is recommended that they are position comfortably and to your liking.

We reiterate that in Excel you just don’t enter alphanumeric data. You must also be using shortcuts to make the most out of your keyboard.

A standard-sized keyboard without too many extra features would just be sufficient.

Wired or Wireless

There are two choices you will find in keyboards in terms of connectivity: wired and wireless.

Wired keyboards operate through a USB cable connected to your computer. This means there is a consistent connection that would not cause any lag.

Wireless keyboards can either connect through Bluetooth or through Radio Frequency that needs a USB receiver. Note that these keyboards are usually powered by batteries.

You can opt for a wired keyboard if you are more comfortable. Their wireless counterparts allow more mobility and lessen the clutter of wires.

However, they may lag sometimes. Their batteries are long-lasting usually and don’t need to replace soon. These keyboards are usually more expensive.


Best Keyboards for Excel
Ergonomic Keyboards stand out the most for excel users as they promote comfort for long usage. Source: Microsoft Sculpt

As you type for long, three types of keyboards are usually preferred.

Mechanical keyboards are based on actual physical switches. The reason that makes them popular among Excel users is the long lifespan (around several million keystrokes per key).

The keys also tend to make noise when pressed. This depends on the type of switch used. One of the best attraction of the mechanical keyboards is that you can choose the switches based on your needs.

You can choose a noiseless or a clicky keyboard. You can choose a switch with a heavy actuation force or choose one that require very little.

Ergonomic keyboards favor a long period of typing because of their split V-shaped design. This allows users to type in a more natural posture of fingers and wrists. You are also less prone to typing-related injuries.

These are also chiclet-style keyboards that are preferred. These are based on scissor switches and are known for being quiet when pressing keys. While most of them follow the cheaper membrane mechanism as compared to the mechanical mechanism they have several benefits.

For starters, chiclet keyboard are in expensive. Secondly, since they have a low profile and very shallow actuation points, they are great for fast typers. Along with shallow actuation points, the actuation force, or the force it takes to register a key click on the computer, is also very low making them effortless to type on.

Heavy Duty Load

Cherry MX Switches
For Durability mechanical keyboard are generally the way to go. Source: Twitter Cherry MX

Closely related to the construction of the keyboard is its ability to handle heavy duty work load. You do not want you keyboard die out or they keys to loose its function under heavy excel usage.

If you want durability, then mechanical keyboards are the way to go for. We recommend something like the MX Red switch that has a linear feel and require a little actuation force. This would improve the speed at which you work at.

Of course, the keyboard that promote the fastest speed is a chiclet styled keyboard. However, for heavy usage, get a keyboard from a well reputed brand.


Not all keyboards are made specially to optimize your Excel usage. A right full-sized keyboard would do the job as long as you are comfortable in making the best out of it.

We hope that this article on the best keyboard for Excel would help you to increase your efficiency in using the common program.

Even if you are new to Excel, it’s the use of the keyboard more rather than the mouse that would help you to become an Excel expert.


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