5 Best Keyboards for Long Nails in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

There is a fair share of people out there, particularly ladies, who love keeping long nails as part of their style. However, keeping up with this trend often becomes a nuisance if you are someone who types a lot.

A bad physical keyboard design can not only cause straining of nails, but it may also make your fingers slip amid the keys and thus hindering your typing accuracy and speed.

While there aren’t any particular set of keyboards dedicated or marketed as for long nails, there are certain feature sets instead that you can look into that can help you.

In this article, we will review some of the best keyboards for long nails taking into consideration their features, value and reviews. We also look at some of the important characteristics you should consider in them.

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Comparison of Top Keyboards for Long Nails

ConnectivityErgonomicCheck Price
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Cooler Master
MechanicalCherry MX
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MX Keys
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Ergo K860
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1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Shallow Chiclet Keys – Recommended Keyboard for Long Nails

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

A low profile keyboard great for those who want to type a lot with their long nails.

First up, we have our most recommended option. The reason we have chosen this is because of its low profile.

Not only is the keyboard chassis thin and slim, the keys are shallow scissor switches thus making them easier to press if you have long nails.

There are plenty of low profile keyboards out there. However, not all keyboards with scissor switches are created equally. Low quality options have keys that are heavier and harder to actuate.

In other words, you need to look for a keyboard that requires as little force as possible to avoid any strain on your nails and this keyboard does just that.

It has soft, easy to press keys thus making it a joy to type on.

This keyboard is wireless and connects via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled device.

All in all, if you are looking for a high quality low profile option, then this is the best keyboard for long nails in our opinion.

2. Cooler Master Sk-650 – Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers

Cooler Master Sk-650

A rare low profile mechanical keyboard for gamers with long nails.

If you are a gamer girl with long nails looking for a mechanical keyboard with low profiles keys then you are in luck with this keyboard.

Finding low profile keys on a mechanical keyboard is not easy. Most of the mechanical keyboards have large switches with deep actuation points which can be nuisance for those with long nails wanting to enjoy the joy of using a mechanical keyboard.

The keyboard uses the Cherry MX Red Low profile switches. Cherry MX Red are already well known for their lower force required and shallow actuation points.

They are also quiet making them ideal for office environment. The low profile variant for switches just adds further to the comfort factor for long nails.

Other than that, this is a highly durable and well built keyboard with aluminum chassis. And of course, to cater to the gamers, this also includes a comprehensive lighting solution with per key backlighting.

This is a wired keyboard which is generally preferred by gamers who want to reduce any chance for an input lag that can be caused otherwise by wireless connectivity.

3. Logitech MX Keys – Premium Wireless Keyboard

Logitech MX Keys

An expensive but a very functional wireless keyboard for typing.

Here we have a keyboard that would suit you if you are looking for convenient typing experience as well as various advanced features.

You can see the popularity of this wireless keyboard by the sheer number of positive reviews it has received from many satisfied customers.

This, along with the fact that it has a shallow profile, makes us recommend the Logitech MX Keys as one of the best keyboards for long nails.

As you see the keys of this product are not only low-profile and responsive, but they have a dished design and are spherical with round edges. This matches the shape of your finger pads and nails.

As a result, not only can your experience be comfortable, it can also help you improve your accuracy by providing you with a better grip.

The keyboard can pair up to 3 devices simultaneously. You can easily switch between them through the profile key. You can use both the USB receiver and Bluetooth for connection.

A smart backlight feature is also there that enables automatically adjusting to the lighting conditions. You can also turn it off.

The battery this keyboard uses is rechargeable and can last up to 10 days on a full charge.

This accessory is a little costly, but it’s made to give you a pleasant typing experience.

4. Logitech Ergo K860 – Slim and Low Profile Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech Ergo K860

A premium ergonomic keyboard with unique shallow keys.

Before we start, let us make it clear that this is an expensive keyboard to procure. However, if you are looking for the most comfortable typing experience, then we cannot recommend this enough.

For starters, this is an ergonomic keyboard. Meaning it has a split design with an arc in the middle. This allows the keyboard to have a design which mimics the natural position of the wrist.

If you suffer from wrist pain, then this is a no-brainer. However, if you don’t suffer from wrist pain but still want to experience comfort when typing, then this can help you.

Another feature here is the large cushioned wrist rest. This keyboard has perhaps one of the thickest wrist rest that you can find.

But the actual beauty of this keyboard lies with the keys. The thing is, most of the ergonomic keyboards out there feature large rubber dome key caps making them inconvenient to type on if you have long nails.

This keyboard, on the other hand, challenges that notion by having low profile scissor switch keys. Not just that, the keys are scooped and sculpted in a way to improve your accuracy as well.

Again, this is an expensive option, however, if you are looking for utmost comfort, then this is the best keyboard for long nails in our opinion.

5. HAVIT KB395L – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Long Nails


Low profile mechanical keyboard with blue switches

Here we have yet another mechanical keyboard with low profile keys well suited for gamers.

It differentiates itself from the Cooler Master Sk-650 above by having blue switches. As such it requires a little more force in order to actuate compared to red switched and also makes clicky sound.

However, some people like putting extra force into the keys as it gives them the feeling of better precision. If you are one such person, then this can be the right option for you.

Of course this isn’t suited for those with extraordinarily large nails because of the slightly higher force required to actuate, but if you have marginally longer nails than average, then you may like what it offers.

Other than that, this features very slim keys with about a 7mm profile. The actuation distance is only 3mm. On top of that, the switch height from the base of the keyboard is only 11.5 mm. This is much shorter than a regular mechanical keyboard with about 18mm height.

So in short, if you prefer heavier switches on a low profile mechanical option, the this is the best keyboard for long nails.

It isn’t too expensive either. The keyboard is wired which is generally the norm with gaming grade keyboards anyways.


How to Type Effectively with Long Nails on a Keyboard?

Whether you actually have long nails or are using fake nails, there are some techniques and tips that you should keep in mind to type effectively.

1. Typing with Finger Pads over Finger Tips is Preferred

Generally typing with finger pads is more preferred over typing with the tip of the nail. Finger pad is the underside of the end of the finger.

For starters, this saves your nails from damage that may occur from repetitive key presses.

Secondly a finger pad can give you a better grip and thus improve your accuracy over time.

In contrast to the finger pads, a nail has a short contact with the keys and also has a lower friction which can harm accuracy.

This is even more pronounced depending upon the shape of your nail. For instance a pointy finger nail shape has the least contact surface area with the key.

However, on the flipside, for many, typing with the finger pads can actually be hard depending upon the size of the nails.

In that case you can type with your finger nails but just make sure you have a keyboard with soft shallow keys with low actuation points.

2. Posture and Position Matters

You may have to adjust your wrist position and the angle at which your fingers actuate the keys. You may also have to adjust the position and angle of your keyboard.

Instead of having to press directly down, you may have to adapt a posture whereby your hands are relaxed straight on the keyboard and your fingers more or less pointing straight.

Think how you would press a key on a Piano, that is more or less the posture that you may have to adapt particularly if you type with your finger pads instead of your nails.

3. Practice is the Only Way

If you had been typing your whole life with short finger nails and if you suddenly switch to wearing fake acrylic nails to type with then, well, you need to practice of course.

You need to condition yourself to the new wrist position and posture of your hands.

To practice, accuracy should be the primary focus. You must first type accurately and as you practice, the speed will also improve.

What to Look For in a Keyboard for Long Nails?

There are a few chief aspects you should consider when purchasing a keyboard so that typing and long nails can go together.

Preferred Keyboard Types

When choosing a keyboard that specifically suits typing with long nails, two types are preferred:

Low Profile / Scissor Switch Membrane Keyboard

chiclet long nails
Source: Microsoft Surface Keyboard

This type of keyboard is indicated by low-profile, rectangular keys resembling Chiclets chewing gum. The keys have some spacing between them.

These are generally preferred by those with long nails because they have shortest height form the base and also the shortest actuation point. On top of that, a quality keyboard with scissor switches requires minimal force to actuate.

Hence what you get is an experience that is fast, comfortable and puts less strain on your finger nails.

The issue with the alternate option i.e the Dome shaped keys, is that the long nails can sometimes slip into the crevices and can thus prove to be annoying.

With low-profile chiclet keyboards, yours finger can literally fly across the keys particularly if you have a quality keyboard with soft keys.

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Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

best keyboards for long nails
Source: Prohavit

Mechanical keyboards having low-profile switches can also be preferred for typing with long nails particularly by the gamers. These keybards are rare, but if you look hard enough you can easily find them.

The reason they are suitable is that these switches have low depth and need much shorter key travel distance before activating.

Mechanical keyboards are are liked over regular membrane based keyboards because they generally provide a more comfortable typing experience.

They have a good feedback which makes them great for touch typing and you get to choose what kind of switch you want.


In general membrane based keyboards cost less than mechanical keyboards. However, a good low profile scissor switch membrane keyboard can cost more than an average mechanical keyboard as we saw above.

This is a because a good scissor switch membrane keyboard is a masterpiece for typists. These are perhaps the fastest keyboards around.

If you have ever used a good quality keyboard on a laptop, then you will have good idea about the general typing experience on scissor switches.

However, you can opt for a quality mechanical keyboard with low-profile switches that is actually cost saving.

Again, you will find many who have tried and tested mechanical keyboards who say that their word per minute metric improves due to a better feedback mechanism that you receive from switch actuation and a generally better comfort factor.

The great thing about low profile mechanical keyboards is that they come with extra features such as customizable RGB backlight.

Size and Construction

Best Keyboards for Long Nails

There’s another aspect to look for in the form of the keyboard’s size and construction.

For working with long nails, we prefer slim keyboards with a large surface area. This would make sure that the keys are easily reachable and allow accurate typing.

The metal construction of keyboards such as aluminum is also an aspect that you can consider. It would make the device sturdy and further adds to its durability – albeit this is not an absolute necessity for in this case.

Wired or Wireless

Lastly, you can choose what kind of connectivity you prefer. 

A wired keyboard establishes a consistent connection with the PC. A wireless keyboard, unfortunately, may have issues, particularly if you procure a low end model.

If you have a very high WPM typing speed, then you may notice that on a sub par wireless keyboard there may be lags between key presses and the keys being registered by the PC.

If you have a nominal typing speed than this does not matter. On the other , high end wireless keyboards have high polling rate and can cater to very high word per minute typing rate. 


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