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5 Best Keyboards for Long Nails in 2020

There are many ladies and girls out there who follow the trend of having long nails. No doubt it adds to one’s beauty, but they often face troubles when they type on a standard keyboard.

Not only this can cause straining of nails, but they may also slip amid the keys and eventually break, which can be very annoying.

You don’t need to worry as there are convenient keyboards available that lets you type comfortably with long nails.

In this article, we will review some of the quality options for the best keyboards for long nails. We also look at some of the important characteristics you should consider in them.

List of Best Keyboards for Long Nails in 2020

The following keyboards are perfect for those who love keeping long nails.

  1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Shallow Chiclet Keys – Recommended Keyboard for Long Nails
  2. Cooler Master Sk-650-Gklr1-US – Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard – Wired
  3. Logitech MX Keys – Premium Design and Features – Wireless
  4. Keychron K1 – Slim Mechanical Keyboard – Shallow Keys
  5. Redragon K502 – Chiclet Style – Highly Affordable – Wired

1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Shallow Chiclet Keys – Recommended Keyboard for Long Nails

We start with a keyboard that’s known for a simple and sleek design. It’s the Microsoft Surface Keyboard that would be suitable for you to type pleasantly.

We regard this machine as the best keyboard for long nails because of its chiclet-style keys, wireless connectivity and modern looks.

The main highlight of this machine is that it utilizes scissor switches that have a much shorter key travel distance. It’s the same type of switches you will find in a laptop. You won’t need much force to press the keys.

You will gradually find that the chiclet keys are quiet and shallow, which would make typing with long nails easy and convenient.

Note that the keys are also appropriately spaced.

There are other aspects of this accessory you will like. It’s a wireless one and makes use of Bluetooth to instantly pair with your computer. Plus, this model runs on 2 AAA batteries that last up to 12 months.

Design-wise, the color combination of silver and grey makes it simple and attractive.

It has compatibility with Windows and macOS based computers. Plus, you can connect it to your Android-based phone.

In a nutshell, this is a worthy keyboard that’s little pricey but would suit those with long fingernails.

2. Cooler Master Sk-650-Gklr1-US – Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard – Wired

Your search for a good quality mechanical keyboard ends with Cooler Master SK650 which would benefit you with long nails.

This keyboard is known for its slim and light design and low-profile mechanical switches along with handy features.

You can see that the accessory employs original Cherry MX red switches which are known for their low overall height. As a result, these switches need reduced travel distance. They are also durable to last for years.

The outcome of these switches is that keys are shallow and soft to type. If you work in an office or crowded places it would suit you as they are quieter as compared to other switches.

The keycaps are also flat and that would suit typing with long nails.

You will like that the machine has a brushed aluminum housing and floating keycaps which adds to its solid looks.

You will also find the presence of a customizable RGB backlight feature as interesting as it illuminates the keyboard.

This full-sized machine makes use of a wired connection in the form of USB type C cable.

In our opinion, we put up this peripheral as the best keyboard for long nails over its design and mechanical performance.

3. Logitech MX Keys – Premium Design and Features – Wireless

We have a keyboard that would suit you if you are looking for convenient typing as well as various advanced features.

You can see the popularity of this wireless machine by the positive reviews it has received from many satisfied customers.

This makes us recommend the Logitech MX Keys as the best keyboard for long nails.

As you see the keys of this machine are not only low-profile and responsive, but they have a dished design and are spherical with round edges. This matches the shape of your fingertips and nails.

The outcome would be that you will enjoy comfortable, easy and quiet typing.

You will like the fact that this machine is held together by a single metal frame. This makes it solid in terms of build quality.

The keyboard can pair up to 3 devices simultaneously. You can easily switch between them through the profile keys. You can use both the USB receiver and Bluetooth for connection.

A smart backlight feature is also there that enables automatically adjusting to the lighting conditions. You can also turn it off.

The battery this keyboard uses is rechargeable and can last up to 10 days on a full charge.

This accessory is a little costly, but it’s made to give you a pleasant typing experience.

4. Keychron K1– Slim Mechanical Keyboard – Shallow Keys

Are you seeking a keyboard with good mechanical performance and features at a fair price? Then the Keychron K1 could be your right choice.

Ladies and girls with long nails would like that it features long-lasting and low-profile switches, shallow keys and both wired and wireless connectivity.

The Keychron K1 employs Gateron Blue switches which are slimmer than conventional switches. They also need less finger travel and they don’t make noise as compared to other mechanical switches.

What you get as a result are shallow keys. You can easily press them with your long nails. As you use the keyboard more, it would lead to a soft typing without causing any troubles.

You can connect this slim full-sized peripheral ta single device via the wired option or up to 3 devices via Bluetooth.

Having compatibility with both Windows and macOS based devices, you can change the keycaps according to your operating system. These are included in the package for both macOS and Windows layout.

The presence of over 15 RGB backlight modes would be a feature you will enjoy using.

The combination of the price and suitable features make us label this as the best keyboard for long nails.

5. Redragon K502 – Chiclet Style – Highly Affordable – Wired

We have a very affordable option in the form of Redragon K502. It would suit those individuals with big nails yet have a very tight budget.

This is a chiclet-style gaming accessory but disguised as the best keyboard for long nails in our opinion.

You can look that this machine is based on chiclet keys which offer less resistance and they won’t need much force to register keystrokes. They are also quiet and ideal to use in an office. You will also feel the tactile feedback as you type gradually.

If you play games, then it’s also a good typing companion with a fast response.

You will also find that the keyboard comes with non-slip rear feet that you can adjust accordingly. From an ergonomic perspective, there’s also a large integrated wrist rest that would support your hands and wrists.

This is a slim and splash-proof keyboard that features RGB backlight. You can choose different modes and colors and further adjust brightness.

Keep in mind it’s made primarily for Windows-based devices and employs a wired USB connection.

All in all, this is a very practical and usable machine with good features at such a low price.


What to Look For in a Keyboard for Long Nails?

There are a few chief aspects you should consider when purchasing a keyboard so that typing and long nails can go together.

These are as follows:

Preferred Keyboard Types

When choosing a keyboard that specifically suits typing with long nails, two types are preferred:

Chiclet Keyboard:

chiclet long nails

This type of keyboard is indicated by low-profile, rectangular keys resembling Chiclets chewing gum. The keys have some spacing between them.

Note that some keyboards feature chiclet keys that are membrane-based. These deform upon pressing to make an electrical circuit. Others have chiclet keys that are based on scissor-switches. (Source)

The advantage of the chiclet keyboard is that typing is accurate, soft and almost silent with fewer typos. That’s why it’s more suitable for those individuals with long nails.

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Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard:

Best Keyboards for Long Nails

Mechanical keyboards having low-profile switches are also preferred for typing with long nails. The reason is that these switches have low depth and need much short key travel distance before activating.

As a result, you will find that low-profile mechanical keyboards are slim and offer fast and accurate typing. As less force is needed to press the keys, it won’t impact your nails in the typing process. (Source)


In general chiclet keyboards cost less than low-profile mechanical keyboards. You can get a good-quality chiclet keyboard at a low price. This would suit those females who have long nails and are tight on a budget.

However, you can opt for a quality mechanical keyboard with low-profile switches that needs a fair amount of money.

This type of keyboard is known to be more durable than a chiclet keyboard and can last for years without any effect on performance.

Some keyboards come with extra features such as customizable RGB backlight and capability to connect to multiple devices. In that case the price increases substantially. This means that more the features, the more they cost.

Size and Construction

keyboard construction

There’s another aspect to look for in the form of the keyboard’s size and construction. For working with long nails, we prefer slim keyboards with a large surface area. This would make sure that the keys are easily reachable and allow accurate typing.

The metal construction of keyboards such as aluminum is also an aspect that you can consider. It would make the machine sturdy and further adds to its durability.

Wired or Wireless

Lastly, we will look at two options you will find in keyboards concerning connection: wired and wireless.

If you work at the office or use the accessory at home without frequent traveling, then we recommend you get a wired keyboard. It establishes a steady and consistent connection with your PC.

In contrast, you can also opt for a wireless keyboard if you travel a lot and carry your stuff. The fact is that wireless ones have become almost equal to wired counterparts in performance. (Source)

However, they may lag sometimes due to inconsistent connection. Also, it’s important to keep the extra batteries available or recharge your keyboard regularly. This will let you use the peripheral without any hindrances.


We hope that this article on the best keyboards for long nails would help you in finding the right option so that you can have the best of both worlds.

You can now show your beautiful nails to others and conveniently use a keyboard without breaking or tearing them.

After all, having big nails is the pleasure and delight of many women.

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