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5 Best Keyboards for Minecraft in 2020

Today, Minecraft stands as one of the most popular games ever made. It’s a sandbox game where users can create their virtual world and experiences. Its played by people of all ages. From hardcore games to noobs, this game is loved by all.

If you like playing Minecraft or are a parent looking to enhance the gaming experience for your children, then you can consider investing in a mechanical keyboard. Such a keyboard has a fast response rate along with smooth and accurate typing.

In this article, we will look at different options that stand as the best keyboards for Minecraft. We will further look at different characteristics you should consider in such keyboard options.

A good keyboard could make a big difference in making Minecraft more immersive and enjoyable.

List of Best Keyboards for Minecraft in 2020

The following keyboards are popular and excellent for Minecraft gamers.

  1. Corsair K70 – Popular Keyboard for Minecraft – Cherry MX Speed
  2. Logitech G513 – Premium Features and Performance – Wired
  3. Logitech G613 – Fast Wireless Connectivity – Extra Keys
  4. Razer Huntsman – Fast Optical Switches – Very Popular Choice
  5. Redragon K552 – Highly Affordable – Compact and Well-Built

1. Corsair K70 – Popular Keyboard for Minecraft – Cherry MX Speed

We begin with a feature-packed and well-performing keyboard that has become one of the most popular options for playing Minecraft. It enjoys a high rating among its large customer base.

We recommend the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 in the variant coming with Cherry MX Speed switches that are fast and smooth. With a very low actuation distance and force and linear nature, they are suited for past-faced sessions in Minecraft.

Note that this wired keyboard is available in the standard black version along with a special edition that’s white-colored.

It flaunts a lightweight anodized aluminum frame that makes it sturdy and well built. It also supports fully customizable RGB backlighting that lets you choose any color for any key. You can also do macro programming for performing gaming actions speedily.

The RGB backlighting and macro assigning can be done through the software provided by Corsair. Thanks to the accessory’s onboard 8MB memory, you can store up to 3 profiles on the keyboard without the need for the software.

You or your kids will also like USB the passthrough port, volume roller and multimedia buttons.

This product is pricey around $150 but stands as the best keyboard for Minecraft because of fast and reliable switches, well-made design and good features.

2. Logitech G513 – Premium Features and Performance – Wired

We have a viable option from Logitech in the form of G513 that’s well-built and is a source of good mechanical performance.

This full-sized keyboard rightly stands as the best keyboard for Minecraft in our opinion.

There are different variants of this keyboard according to GX switches used. However, we nominate the brown ones that are tactile with low actuation distance and force. You or your children won’t be disturbed while playing as these switches are almost silent.

You will like that this wired accessory supports per-key RGB lighting so that you can customize and integrate it into your game. There’s also support for macro programming that allows for quickly executing important actions.

Note that for customizing RGB lighting and macros you need to run the software provided by Logitech.

Furthermore, the keyboard has a high-grade aluminum top case that makes it premium despite being slim. A palm rest is also part of the accessory that’s made of soft material and provides additional comfort.

You can use the FN+F keys for media and volume controls. There’s also a USB Passthrough port for plugging in your flash drives, mouse and other devices.

In a nutshell, this machine costs under $150 but is loaded with premium gaming features that you will like for playing Minecraft.

3. Logitech G613 – Fast Wireless Connectivity – Extra Keys

Next, we have a keyboard from Logitech with the name G613 that’s cost-effective and comes with valuable features for Minecraft gameplay.

The best aspect of this machine is that it’s wireless that you can connect through the included superfast Lightspeed USB receiver or Bluetooth. It’s compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, macOS and Android. This means you can play on your smartphones and tablets too.

The Logitech G613 is a full-sized accessory with an integrated Numpad. It makes use of the Romer G mechanical switches that are tactile and offer fast and accurate typing. You will enjoy pressing the keys and playing upon gradual usage of the keyboard.

An aspect to cherish is the presence of six extra programmable G keys that you can use to run macros and gaming commands. They are located on the keyboard’s far left.

The keyboard is powered by 2 AA batteries that can provide up to 18 months of gaming. Further, this black-colored peripheral device has an integrated wrist rest that would provide support while gaming.

You will also find buttons for media controls and volume on the top right side.

Briefly, all these attributes make us nominate this machine as the best keyboard for Minecraft.

4. Razer Huntsman – Fast Optical Switches – Very Popular Choice

Are you searching for a mechanical keyboard for Minecraft with exceptional performance and features under $150? The answer lies in Razer Huntsman that’s a very popular choice in this price range.

This makes us highly recommend this wired machine as the best keyboard for Minecraft.

As there are different variants of this product, we recommend you get the Razer Huntsman version with light and clicky Optical switches. These are distinct from mechanical switches in that they actuate from light and have much shorter actuation distance.

As a result, not only the Optical switches are light to press but they also make a clicky sound every time you press the keys. These have a lifespan of up to 100 million keystrokes which is double that of standard switches. This would lead to a long-term and enjoyable Minecraft gaming experience.

The keyboard supports programmable macros. Further, there’s a Chroma RGB Lighting feature that lets you customize lighting for each key through the software.

This is a full-sized variant that comes with the Numpad. And it has an aluminum top frame that makes the keyboard sturdy in structure and keeps its integrity.

This machine has a very large customer base with the majority being fully satisfied by the machine.

5. Redragon K552 – Highly Affordable – Compact and Well-Built

Lastly, we have a highly affordable and compact mechanical keyboard with the name K552. It also comes with all the essential features and gives good performance given the low price.

We point out that this is a tenkeyless wired machine coming without the Numpad. That makes it small and compact which would save space on your desk. This would be convenient also for your kids to play Minecraft comfortably.

There’s also a rainbow RGB LED backlight that’s bright and illuminates the keyboard. You can choose from different lighting effects and modes and control the brightness. This would be a source of immersive gaming.

The accessory utilizes Outemu Red switches which are equivalent to Cherry MX Reds. These are linear switches without the tactile bump and clicky sound and suitable for high-end gaming. They have a low actuation force and are also durable enough to last for years.

Keys are smooth, easy and fast to press with curved keycaps that allow better placement of fingers.

In terms of construction, the keyboard is made from metal and ABS plastic that makes it sturdy and strong. And it’s compatible with all versions of Windows despite having limited functionality in Mac.

We label this machine as the best keyboard for Minecraft over its price, construction and features.

How to Choose the Right Keyboard for Minecraft?

There are a few chief aspects you should look for when getting a keyboard suited for Minecraft.

These are:

Tenkeyless Form Factor

By form factor, we mean the physical size and shape of a keyboard.

Though you will find different form factors in different keyboards, we suggest a tenkeyless (TKL) one if you want to use it exclusively for Minecraft gameplay. This keyboard does include the function row and arrow keys excluding the Numpad. (Source)

For kids, a TKL keyboard would be enough for Minecraft. If you intend to use the keyboard for typing purposes also, you can invest in a full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard.

This gives you the flexibility for playing Minecraft as well as entering alphanumeric data.

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Choice of Switches

best keyboards for minecraft
Source: Pinterest

Different mechanical keyboards employ different switches. When it comes to playing games such as Minecraft, we prefer the switches with low actuation force and point.

It means the keys can be pressed with a light touch and requires a low distance to register them to PC.

Further, switches come in different types. We recommend linear switches for gaming as these come with consistent keypresses and does not have the tactile bump or the clicky sound. (Source)

Some of these include Cherry MX Red, Speed and Outemu Red.

Some manufacturers also make and use their switches in their models. These are also preferred for gaming. Look for the same characteristics as linear switches that make them useful for Minecraft gameplay.

You can also opt for a keyboard with clicky switches if you like hearing the distinct sound that’s typical of a standard mechanical keyboard.

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RGB Backlight and Other Attributes

best keyboards for minecraft 2

Mechanical keyboards usually come with RGB LED backlight which is an aspect to look for. Not only you can select different lighting modes through this feature, but you also can set different colors for different keys.

This illuminates the keyboard that even children will enjoy while playing Minecraft. You can also locate important keys easily by assigning them specific colors. This is possible usually through the manufacturer’s software that you need to run.

There are also other attributes to look for in mechanical gaming keyboards. Some of these are:

  • Metal Construction
  • Media and Volume Controls
  • USB Passthrough Port
  • Palm Rest
  • Key Rollover

Minecraft Shortcuts and Macro Programming

Keyboard shortcuts in Minecraft help to boost gameplay and achieve things quickly. (Source)

Mechanical keyboards have become not only fast and accurate for executing shortcuts, but they also have a macro programming feature. Through it, you can assign single or multiple keypresses to execute even the most complex actions.

You should look for macro creation and editing features before buying a mechanical keyboard as even budget ones have them. Note that some models come with extra programmable keys which is even more useful.


Concerning connectivity, you will find two options in mechanical keyboards: wired and wireless. For playing Minecraft, we strongly recommend opting for a wired keyboard as it gives more precision and a stable and consistent connection. (Source)

On the other hand, you will find wireless mechanical keyboards that have become practically equal in performance as the wired ones.

Not only do they provide portability and a tidy desk without the wire mess, but you can connect them to smartphones, tablets and other devices to play Minecraft.

Keep in mind that a wireless keyboard utilizes Bluetooth or the USB dongle to connect. You may need to keep extra batteries at hand for powering or recharge it regularly.

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Undoubtedly, Minecraft is a very useful and learning game for you or your kids, especially in its Creative Mode. You can even watch your kids build in the game or play with them.

This is where a quality mechanical keyboard with good gaming features comes handy in making that learning experience more fruitful.

We hope that this article on the best keyboards for Minecraft would help you in acquiring the most suitable peripheral for you or your kids.

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