6 Best Keyboards for Minecraft in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Today, Minecraft stands as one of the most popular games ever made. While it is a sandbox game, it can get quite competitive as well particularly when in PVP sessions.

On top of that, you due to the nature of this game, you can play for hours on. Hence in both situation, you may need to enhance your gaming experience with comfortable and durable peripherals .

A good keyboard can make the gaming experience more pleasurable and can also give you bragging rights.

In this article, we will look at different options that stand as the best keyboards for Minecraft. We will further look at different characteristics you should consider when buying the right keyboard for this game.

While for most part a simple keyboard would do just fine, if you are looking for an immersive experience, a good keyboard can only help you with Minecraft, but can also lead to a higher comfort and productivity factor.

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Comparison of Top Keyboards for Minecraft

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MX Red
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Romer G
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Romer G
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Corsair K55Membrane
Dome SwitchWiredYes6
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1. Corsair K70 MK.2– Mechanical Popular Keyboard for Minecraft – Cherry MX Speed

Corsair K70

A premium mechanical keyboard with cherry MX speed. Solid construction.

We begin with a feature-packed and well-performing keyboard with a solid construction. If you are a gamer of any sort including a Minecraft builder, this can do justice to your gameplay.

We recommend the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 in the variant coming with Cherry MX Speed switches that are fast and smooth. With a very low actuation distance, force required and a linear nature, they are suited for past-faced sessions in Minecraft.

If you are competitive player, or if you would simply like to have a keyboard that is easy to press, is responsive, and can complement your quick reflexes, then you can look into this. Unfortunately, given the price point, this is not suited for all players.

While the keyboard does not have dedicated Macro buttons, you can program any keys on this keyboard using the popular Corsair iCUE software.

Also, since this keyboard has onboard memory, you do not need to have the software installed in order to access the key profiles you create.

As far as the build quality goes, it is among the best quality keyboards out there. it flaunts a lightweight anodized aluminum frame that makes it sturdy and well built. It also supports fully customizable RGB backlighting that lets you choose any color for any key.

The keyboard offers other goodies such USB the passthrough port for connecting other peripherals, volume roller and multimedia buttons.

This product is pricey but it stands as the best keyboard for Minecraft because of fast and reliable switches, well-made design, good features and overall popularity.

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2. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum – Best Keyboard for Minecraft Under $100

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum

A high performance mechanical keyboards with programmable buttons.

Here we have another highly popular mechanical gaming keyboard for Minecraft. This is a bit older than the Corsair K70 above, however, it has proven its time to be one of the most capable gaming keyboards out there.

One of the most catchy aspects of this keyboard is that it offers 6 programmable buttons with 3 profiles along with onboard memory.

You can use these programmable buttons to set macros and assign tools and actions to the keys for easy access.

As far as the switches go, this keyboard features the proprietary Logitech Romer-G mechanical switches with very shallow actuation for fast paced gaming.

Like all gaming keyboards worth their salt, this also offers fully customizable RGB lights.

One of the best aspects we like about this keyboard is that it offers a plethora of features at a fairly cheap price despite coming from a respectable and premium brand.

Hence if you are looking for a great value, then this is the best keyboard for Minecraft in our opinion.

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3. Logitech G613 – Fast Wireless Keyboard for Minecraft – Extra Keys

Logitech G613

Wireless mechanical keyboard with programmable keys.

Next, we have another keyboard from Logitech ie the G613. We have selected this keyboard because this is one of very few gaming mechanical keyboards with wireless connectivity. 

Generally, when we talk about gaming keyboards, we do not recommend going for wireless keyboard, this is because of the lag found in the wireless connectivity.

Most wireless keyboards just cannot cope up with the super fast presses of the buttons and hence you may notice lags or even find that the key presses do not register at all.

Well that is exactly what this particular keyboard tends to accomplish. This keyboards has an extremely fast 1 ms response rate which allows this to register presses from players even with the fastest reflexes DESPITE being a wireless keyboard.

Another catchy aspect, of course, is that this is a mechanical keyboard. Again, mechanical wireless gaming keyboard are a rare find, and if you love the potential and the convenience of having one, then this is one the best keyboards for Minecraft or any competitive gaming.

It makes use of the Romer G mechanical switches. Note that the switch here is tactile and not the linear version and hence it does make a clicking sound and may not be as smooth as linear switches. But then again, it all depends upon personal choice.

Tactile switches with a slight bump are preferred by gamers over typists. If you are streaming, however, then this may not be the best option due to the small noise generated from the tactile keys.

Another convenient factor here is that this keyboard features 6 dedicated programmable buttons on the left side of the keyboards for assigning commands and macros.

The keyboard is powered by 2 AA batteries that can provide up to 18 months of gaming. Further, this black-colored peripheral device has an integrated wrist rest that would provide support while gaming.

Briefly, all these attributes, particularly the wireless aspect, make us nominate this machine as the best keyboard for Minecraft.

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4. Razer Huntsman – Fast Optical Switches – Very Popular Choice Among Pros

Razer Huntsman

A compact option using novel optical switches. Great for competitive minecraft gaming.

This is the most expensive keyboard in this list and we only recommend this keyboard for the Minecraft Pros who want every competitive edge that they can get.

What separates this keyboard from the rest is that it uses some of the fastest switches possible. While this is a mechanical keyboard, it uses optical switches. Meaning it actually uses light (infrared) for actuation or for registering the key presses amd hence circumvent the debounce delay.

What you get in return is a keyboard that is highly responsive, fast, require very low force and has the shallowest actuation point.

The Razer Huntsman series has three difference keyboards i.e the Elite which is a full size keyboard with a very comfortable palm rest and ergonommics and has multimedia controls, the regular Huntsman that ditches the palm rest and the media control, the Tournament Edition which is TKL (ten key less), and the Huntsman Mini which is a 60% keyboard.

All these keyboards are excellent for competitive gaming. The only downside is that none of them feature dedicated macros keys despite the fact that keyboards themselves are fully programmable.

You must note that the there two types of optical switches being offered i.e the Clicky and Linear, the experience on both may differ.

In short, if you are competitive minecraft gamer, then this can certainly be the best keyboard for minecraft for you. If you are not, then we do not recommend spending a hefty amount on something thta you will not use to its maximum potential.

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5. Redragon K552 – Highly Affordable – Compact and Well-Built

Redragon K552

A compact TKL or 87 keys mechanical keyboard for those looking for a budget option.

Here we have a highly affordable and compact mechanical keyboard by Redragon. Redragon is a peripheral brand that aims to dominate the market with highly affordable models.

Redragon tends to offer almost all of the features as the major brands but a fraction of their price tag. Hence, if you are short on budget, we highly recommend checking out Redragon K552 as the best keyboard for Minecraft.

We point out that this is a ten key less keyboard meaning it has 87 keys. It is a wired model coming without the Numpad. That makes it small and compact which would save space on your desk and ultimately, it makes this very affordable.

There’s also a rainbow RGB LED backlight that’s bright and illuminates the keyboard. You can choose from different lighting effects and modes and control the brightness. This would be a source of immersive gaming.

The accessory utilizes Outemu Red switches which are equivalent to Cherry MX Reds. These are linear switches without the tactile bump and clicky sound and suitable for high-end gaming. They have a low actuation force and are also durable enough to last for years.

Keys are smooth, easy and fast to press with curved keycaps that allow better placement of fingers.

In terms of construction, the keyboard is made from metal and ABS plastic that makes it sturdy and strong. And it’s compatible with all versions of Windows despite having limited functionality in Mac.

We label this machine as the best keyboard for Minecraft for its price, construction and features.

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6. Corsair K55 – Affordable Full Size Membrane Keyboard

Corsair K55

A highly affordable feature rich full size keyboard but with membrane keys.

Most gamers flock to get their hands on mechanical keyboards. However, due to their nature of being expensive, you have to settle for less or for a hefty price tag.

If  you do not care much for a mechanical keyboard are okay with the tradition membrane based rubber dome switches, then you can get your hands on beauties and robust keyboards as this for a very low price tag.

This is a highly affordable full sized keyboard with features to  match some of the premium mechanical keyboards out there.

It has 6 dedicated Macro keys, dedicated media buttons, a comfortable detachable palm rest, it is water and dust resistant with IP42 rating. Basically it has everything that you would expect from a premium keyboard.

The only thing it misses out is on the comfort factor and the typing efficiency of the mechanical switches. Compared to a typical mechanical keyboard, the keys would feel heavier and they would have to travel a larger distance for actuation.

Again, rubber dome keyboards are not for fast paced, comfortable or competitive gaming sessions. But if you have a limited budget and you are looking for a phenomenal keyboard, then this can complement your Minecraft gaming.

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How to Choose the Right Keyboard for Minecraft?

There are a few chief aspects you should look for when getting a keyboard suited for Minecraft.

These are follows:

Mechanical vs Membrane for Minecraft

As a Gamer, you would be tempted to go for mechanical keyboards. After all, the low force feel, seamless actuation and fast key responses make mechanical keyboards the right choice for any gamer who plays for long sessions or competitively.

However, mechanical keyboards are expensive. Minecraft in itself is generally played on low powered desktops. You don’t need a powerful processor or a powerful graphics card to play Minecraft.

Therefore, it would make little sense to many to invest in a keyboard that costs almost as much as a decent processor.

While there are affordable mechanical keyboards out there fortunately, a vast majority of them are expensive.

Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, are very cheap. They offer top of the line features for very cheap, but unfortunately, the experience of using dome switches is nothing compared to mechanical switches.

Dome switches feel heavier and have deeper actuation points.

If you choose to go with mechanical keyboard, the best part is that you get to choose what kind of switch you want.

Choice of Switches for Mechanical Keyboards

best keyboards for minecraft
Source: Pinterest

Different mechanical keyboards employ different switches. When it comes to playing games such as Minecraft, we prefer the switches with low actuation force and point.

It means the keys can be pressed with a light touch and requires a low distance to register them to PC.

Further, switches come in different types. We recommend linear switches for gaming as these come with consistent keypresses and does not have the tactile bump or the clicky sound.

Some of these include Cherry MX Red, Speed and Outemu Red.

However, depending upon your choice you may want a tactile feel or a little bump on your presses.

You can also opt for a keyboard with clicky switches if you like hearing the distinct sound that’s typical of a standard mechanical keyboard.

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Form Factor For Minecraft Keyboards

By form factor, we mean the physical size and shape of a keyboard.

There are three popular choices for form factor:

  1. Full-sized
  2. Ten Key Less (TKL)
  3. 60%

Full Sized Form Factor

This is your standard keyboard with three distinct column i.e Qwerty on the left, Arrow and Command keys in the center and the numpad on the right. They also have the functions keys.

These commonly have about 105 keys but they can vary if the keyboard offers programmable keys or multimedia keys.

These are generally the most common keyboards and you can possible go wrong with this purchase. Whether you game or work, this the staple form factor to go for.

If you are casual Minecraft gamer, this is quite sufficient. However, if you are a competitive gamer, you may want to look at smaller options.

Tenkeyless Form Factor

We suggest a tenkeyless (TKL) if you want to use it exclusively for Minecraft gameplay. This keyboard does include the function row and arrow keys but excludes the Numpad.

The best part about TKL keyboards is that they take all the useless keys away from the keyboard, make it lighter, compact and more focused for gaming.

Hence a competitive Minecraft player may find this to their liking.

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60% Keyboard

These are the smallest keyboards available. These keyboards ditch the functions keys as well as navigational arrow keys.

Instead, they are purely focused toward gaming. Since gamers use the WASD keys for moving around rather than arrow keys, you don’t need them.

60% keyboards do have an other layer which can be accessed to turn some keys into their alternate functions. For instance, the number keys on these keyboards can double as Function Keys.

Again, not great for work or for productivity, but for gaming they are excellent. Plus, they are cheaper than their full sized counter parts too.

Connectivity Options

Source: Logitech G613

Concerning connectivity, for playing Minecraft, we strongly recommend opting for a wired keyboard as it gives more precision and a stable and consistent connection.

On the other hand, you will find some rare wireless mechanical keyboards that have become practically equal in performance as the wired ones. Logitech G613 is one example.

However, do note that a regular wireless keyboard is not quite suited for fast paced gaming. Wireless connectivity suffers from lags and most wireless keyboards do not have the response rate to cater to a very high button press count at a time.

Therefore, if you spam your keyboard keys during competitive gaming, then a wireless keyboard may not be a good option for you UNLESS you spend on premium gaming models like the Logitech G613.

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Other Attributes

There are also other attributes that you may want to look into when choosing the right keyboard including:

  • RGB lights
  • Metal Construction
  • Media and Volume Controls
  • USB Passthrough Port
  • Palm Rest
  • Key Rollover

Minecraft Shortcuts and Macro Programming – Are You Allowed?

Many premium gaming keyboards suitable for Minecraft do feature programmable buttons for setting up Macros.

However, it is a given that any Macro that can give you a competitive advantage is banned on almost all servers.

The point to note is that while you can use the programmable buttons, setting up macros is not allowed.

While there are mods out there and guides that allow you bind keys and set macros, officially, anything that gives you a competitive advantage is banned.

Additionally, we do also note that anything which automates any player gameplay action is strictly disallowed, be those Minecraft modifications, external software or hardware. This includes things such as (but not limited to) auto / burst clicking buttons or macros, auto-sprint, and aim assists. – hypixel.net


Undoubtedly, Minecraft is a very useful and learning game for you or your kids, especially in its Creative Mode. You can even watch your kids build in the game or play with them.

This is where a quality mechanical keyboard with good gaming features comes handy in making that learning experience more fruitful.

We hope that this article on the best keyboards for Minecraft would help you in acquiring the most suitable peripheral for you or your kids.


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