5 Best Keyboards for Photo Editing in 2021

As a professional photo editor or an enthusiast, you will come across various editing software. These let you change everything from resizing to cropping to adding effects.

Apart from a desktop or laptop with good processing power, equally important are your keyboard and mouse which can make a difference in maximizing your editing experience. This is particularly true for those whose job is full-time photo editing.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile to look for the best keyboards for photo editing that pays off in your work.

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the quality keyboards you can buy for effectively working as a photo editor. We will also look at significant aspects one should be looking at such options.

List of Best Keyboards for Photo Editing in 2021

The following are very popular models among photo editors.

  1. Logitech Craft – Photo Editing Dial Feature – Recommended Keyboard for Photo Editing
  2. Loupedeck+ – Dedicated Editing Console – Wired
  3. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Wireless Combo – Separate Numpad
  4. Apple Magic Keyboard – Minimalist Design – Wireless – For Apple
  5. CORSAIR K70 RGB – Premium Construction – Macro Keys Feature

1. Logitech Craft – Recommended Keyboard for Photo Editing

We wouldn’t be far off if we tag this keyboard as having efficient performance along with premium design and features.

It’s the Logitech Craft keyboard that has the Crown dial that photo editors would like to use.

The Crown is an input knob that provides quick access to different functions in various software with a tap, turns and touch. It works in different photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

For example, in Photoshop, you can modify brushes and quickly zoom in the details.

This full-sized keyboard is wireless that has the option to connect to three devices simultaneously. You can use Bluetooth or the included USB dongle for connection.

Despite a sleek and slim body, the machine feels solid. The keys are smooth to press and are backlit. They are also labeled for use with both Mac and Windows

According to Logitech, the rechargeable battery would last one week on a full charge. You can use the accessory three months if you turn off the backlight.

The smart dial, a solid feel and typing experience and decent battery life make us regard this as the best keyboard for photo editing.

2. Loupedeck+ – Dedicated Editing Console – Wired

Are you a professional editor looking for a dedicated keyboard to work on more photos in less time? We have the Loupedeck+ that’s uniquely made for this purpose.

It’s an editing console that can become the companion in your work. It’s designed mainly for the Adobe suite of applications including Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC with Camera Raw.

Additionally, it also supports Capture One software in beta form.

This accessory has buttons, dialers and sliders that allow you easy access to different parameters in various software.

As an example, you will find controls for contrast, clarity and exposure. You can also perform common functions such as copy, paste, undo and redo through dedicated buttons.

You can use the console on both Windows and Mac platforms. It employs a USB cable for connectivity.

The console has a much improved and sturdy build as compared to its previous variant. The buttons, wheel and sliders are also easy to operate.

Thus, we justifiably nominate this machine as the best keyboard for photo editing. However, it’s expensive and suited more to those who do full-time editing.

3. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Wireless Combo – Separate Numpad

Next, we have a combo offering in the form of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. It would be of interest to photo editors searching for a practical solution to promote a natural typing posture.

It would particularly benefit those who are experiencing or want to protect from the wrist and arm pain.

All three components of the combo are wireless meaning no wire clutter on your desk. And they run on batteries. Do note that they only connect through the included USB receiver.

The keyboard is dome-shaped and has a split layout that’s known to promote a healthy typing posture. A large cushioned wrist rest provides additional support.

Note that as the key layout is rather different, you may take some time to get comfortable with the keyboard.

This model comes with a separate number pad which is convenient to perform a variety of functions.

The mouse is ergonomic as it has a ball-shaped design that would promote the ideal placing of fingers and thumb. It has been made in a way to virtually work on any surface.

Briefly, we highly recommend this product as the best keyboard for photo editing to keep off from typing injuries.

4. Apple Magic Keyboard – Minimalist Design – Wireless – For Apple

The Magic Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that’s made to work only on the Apple platform, be it Mac, iPad and iPhone.

So, if you want to work efficiently on your Mac or other Apple devices, then this is the best keyboard for photo editing in our opinion. And it’s an official product of Apple.

Though this peripheral doesn’t have any dedicated photo editing features, still you will like the overall experience.

A scissor mechanism is used beneath each key. As a result, you will get more optimized key travel that requires less force to register a keystroke. What you get is a soft and comfortable typing.

The keys are widely spaced which would help you to type accurately.

Even though this doesn’t have a backlight, you will still be able to use the shortcuts in different photo editing programs such as Photoshop. Note that it also doesn’t have a Numpad.

This model is slim, minimalistic and lightweight that’s easy to carry. You can connect it to your Mac instantly through Bluetooth. It has a built-in battery that recharges through a USB cable.

Regarding price, this is a bit costly but has a large base of users who are more than satisfied with it.

5. CORSAIR K70 RGB – Premium Construction – Macro Keys Feature

Lastly, we have a full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard that would be of high interest. It’s the CORSAIR K70 that’s pricey but loaded with features you will like for photo editing.

In terms of design, the keyboard is equipped with a heavy-grade aluminum frame that makes look it heavy duty and very sturdy. Photo editors would like the fact that it’s made for demanding usage.

The black-colored machine utilizes genuine Cherry MX Blue switches that are popular for good day-to-day typing. Even though are clicky and louder than other Cherry MX switches, they still offer accurate and reliable typing.

Note that this wired keyboard doesn’t have the extra programmable keys. The good thing is you can set macros on each key of this machine. This lets you access your common photo editing functions with ease.

We prefer the RGB variant of this keyboard so that you can set different colors for different keys.

The software provided by Corsair allows you to customize the RGB backlight according to your needs. It also gives options for changing the color brightness.

In brief, all these features and aspects make us regard this machine as the best keyboard for photo editing.


What to Look for in Best Keyboards for Photo Editing?

We would cover here chief aspects you should look for buying a keyboard suited specifically for photo editing.

These are as follows:

Photo Editing Shortcuts

keyboard with dial

Like a photo editor, you may know that different editing applications have keyboard shortcuts. These make you execute various tools and commands with just a keypress.

In many cases, you need to edit large amounts of photos. Working with such shortcut keys are handy to speed up your work. It also makes you proficient in the programs you use.

For instance, you will find shortcuts for one of the widely used applications i.e. Adobe Lightroom. These can be used on both Windows and macOS based systems. (Source)

When purchasing a keyboard for photo editing, make sure that the keys are not too cramped and have acceptable space between them. This will allow you to use the keyboard easily as well as press the shortcut keys with comfort.

Macro Creation

Some keyboards such as mechanical gaming keyboards have extra keys that allow you to assign single or multiple keystrokes to create macros. You can use the macro keys for performing different functions in image editing software.

These keys speed up your working capability to a large extent.

Do note that on some keyboards you can set macros on every key. This is also beneficial for photo editing.

Customizable RGB Backlight

The presence of customizable backlight is also a feature to look for. These give you two benefits that are good for photo editing:

The first is that you can work in a dark environment. This is beneficial if you are working at night and allow for easy pressing of the keys and shortcuts.

By assigning the same backlight color to keys for the same set of tools in editing software, you can easily work with macros and shortcuts.

You can also assign different colors to keys with different functions as per your needs. Some keyboards allow you to change color brightness which can be handy.

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Dedicated Consoles and Editing Keyboards

best keyboards for photo editing

You will find dedicated image editing consoles in the market that support various editing applications. These have dials, sliders, or buttons through which you can perform different functions.

These consoles are usually very pricey.

Apart from functioning as a standard keyboard, specific models have an input dial. It is customizable and lets you execute various photo editing commands.

If you are a professional photo editor or aspiring to become one, we recommend you get a quality console or keyboard.

Compatibility and Connectivity

apple keyboard

Before buying a keyboard for photo editing, it’s always good to check its compatibility with the operating system you are using i.e. Windows and macOS.

This is important as some models are dedicated to using only one platform.

Further, we recommend that you get a wired USB keyboard for photo editing. It has a more responsive and consistent connection with your computer.

It would also save you from the hassles of changing or recharging the batteries found in wireless keyboards.

Wireless keyboards may have some input delay. But they are not far behind as the wired counterparts and can be a good choice. (Source)


We hope that this article on the best keyboards for photo editing would help you in getting the worthy accessory for your creative efforts.

The key is that whether you purchase a console or any other keyboard, it must be efficient and pleasant to use and type. Only then you will be able to make the most out of it.

After all, your editing hobby may also turn into a profession if you use a good-quality peripheral.

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