5 Best Keyboards for Productivity in 2021

Doubtlessly keyboards are one of the primary input devices through which you interact and work on your computer every day.

If you aren’t satisfied with your standard keyboard and want to take your working capability to the next level, you can look for the best keyboards for productivity. This would help to give effective output on your workstation.

In today’s digital age, specialty keyboards are available that not only offer convenient typing but also come loaded with features that maximize your productivity. This means that you can enhance and speed up your workflow in any profession or field you belong to.

In this article, we will review some of the best value productivity keyboards you can acquire today. We will also look at different attributes and characteristics you should look for in such options.

List of Best Keyboards for Productivity in 2021

The following keyboards, in our opinion, are excellent for productivity.

  1. Logitech G910 Orion –Wired Mechanical Keyboard – 9 Extra Keys
  2. Logitech Craft – Premium Wireless Productivity Keyboard
  3. Corsair K83 – Advanced Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
  4. Microsoft Sculpt – Wireless Ergonomic Combo – Separate Numpad
  5. Logitech G513 – High-Performance Mechanical Keyboard

1. Logitech G910 Orion – Wired Mechanical Keyboard – 9 Extra Keys

We start with a mechanical keyboard from Logitech that offers good performance and comes with useful features. It’s the G910 Orion Spark that’s popular among its large customer base with many positive reviews.

Though this is a gaming accessory, it comes out as the best keyboard for productivity in our opinion.

The primary highlight of G910 Orion Spark is the Romer-G mechanical switches that are 25% faster in actuation according to the manufacturer.

It means that typing will be smooth and require a slight touch to register a keystroke. These switches have a smaller travel distance as compared to Cherry MX Reds.

The switches also don’t make a loud noise and you will gradually enjoy typing. A wrist rest is also part of the keyboard that would provide additional comfort.

The keyboard features 9 extra programmable keys. You can use them in software such as Adobe Photoshop for executing various commands.

This is a wired keyboard that also features customizable per-key RGB lighting. You can use it to work in dim conditions and set different colors for different keys.

You will also like the fact that there are also dedicated media control keys and scrolling volume wheel.

All in all, this keyboard is adequately priced and is recommended for enhancing your productivity.

2. Logitech Craft – Premium Wireless Productivity Keyboard

Are you on the lookout for a keyboard that’s known for its creative features and capable performance? Then you have the Logitech Craft that comes with a versatile Crown dial and provides a comfortable typing experience.

The unique feature of this machine is the input dial that you can tap, rotate and touch to quickly access different commands in different software.

The dial supports popular Adobe applications including Photoshop and Illustrator and Microsoft Office applications including Word and PowerPoint. This will be advantageous for content creators to boost their productivity while working with various editing and designing programs.

This is a wireless accessory that connects via Bluetooth or the included dongle. You can pair and type it on up to 3 devices.

The dark-grey keyboard has a large aluminum bar at the top and is made of solid matte plastic that covers the rest of the machine. The backlit keys are chiclet-style and concave that makes them ideal for everyday typing.

The full-sized Logitech Craft makes use of a rechargeable battery that you can charge through a type C USB cable. The backlight can be turned off for longer battery life.

Despite being expensive, this machine rightly stands as the best keyboard for productivity, especially for creative-minded and busy individuals.

3. Corsair K83 – Advanced Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

There’s an interesting choice in the form of Corsair K83 that would suit multimedia users with wireless connectivity. The peripheral can be rightly be called an entertainment keyboard with multiple inputs and controls.

Be noted that the keyboard has a brushed aluminum construction making it sleek and durable. This is a tenkeyless accessory that comes without the number pad. The backlit keys are chiclet-style with ample spacing that would make typing comfortable.

The best aspect of Corsair K83 is that it’s wireless that allows you to connect to three devices through Bluetooth or the included USB receiver at once. You can even pair it to your smart TV, living room PC, or media players. Note that the device’s battery is rechargeable.

On the machine’s right side, you will find an integrated circular touchpad with clicking buttons below it. So, you can move the cursor on your PC or smart TV while sitting on your couch.

You will also find a joystick on the top right that lets you navigate menus and is useful for playing games. There’s also a volume roller to fine-tune your audio. You can use the F keys for controlling media.

In short, this machine stands as the best keyboard for productivity that you can even use in your living room. However, it’s a bit expensive.

4. Microsoft Sculpt – Wireless Ergonomic Combo – Separate Numpad

There’s an ergonomic combo in the form of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop. It includes the keyboard, mouse and separate Numpad.

We label this product as the best keyboard for productivity as its ergonomically designed to give you maximum comfort which leads to healthy computing.

The keyboard flaunts a domed shaped design that’s known to promote a neutral wrist posture concerning your hands, wrists and forearms while typing.

A removable cushioned palm rest is also part of the keyboard.

Furthermore, you also get a separate Numpad as part of the combo. Through it, you can do numeric entries conveniently and with flexibility on your working desk.

The mouse is made on ergonomic principles as it has a round design that would make navigation easy. You can also get only the keyboard and Numpad at a low price which excludes the mouse.

One of the best aspects of the combo is that it runs on batteries and connects wirelessly through a USB dongle on your workstation.

You will further acclaim that the keyboard supports the encryption of keystrokes which protects your information.

In short, this combo is very useful to make your type and navigate your computer naturally. With the mouse included, it’s a little pricey.

5. Logitech G513 – High-Performance Mechanical Keyboard

Lastly, we have a high performing mechanical keyboard from Logitech that would suit those professionals who demand quality typing experience along with premium construction.

The Logitech G513 is available in different variants according to the switches used. However, we recommend getting the variant with tactile GX Brown ones.

These switches have a recognizable bump that gives a nice feel as the keystrokes are registered. They also have a low actuation distance and force and aren’t very loud which makes long typing sessions pleasant and convenient.

You will like the presence of a large and soft standalone palm rest that you can use with the keyboard.

Further, this is a full-sized accessory that has a high-grade brushed and anodized aluminum top case. This makes the keyboard rigid, premium looking and durable.

This machine supports RGB lighting for each key that’s customizable. You can also create custom macros by programming the keys.

The G513 uses F keys to control media and volume. For this purpose, there’s also a dedicated FN key. Note that this is a wired keyboard that also sports a USB passthrough port.

Hence, we rightly nominate this product as the best keyboard for productivity over its mechanical performance and features. It’s also a bit pricey.


How to Choose the Right Productivity Keyboard?

keyboard with dial

When buying a keyboard specifically for boosting your productivity, there are a few aspects you need to consider in different options.

These are:

Smooth, Fast and Comfortable Typing

As the primary function of a keyboard is to enter alphanumeric data, you should look for one that gives a smooth and fast typing experience in your comfort zone.

We would look at suitable aspects you must look for in different keyboard options to meet the above criteria.

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As these keyboards have switches beneath each key, we recommend a mechanical keyboard with tactile switches and low actuation force and distance.

This would ensure that you need a slight touch to press the keys and you get the nice feeling in the form of feedback from the switches. These further don’t make a loud noise. (Source)


Keyboards with chiclet keys are also a good option. You should look for one that has keys with short key travel distance and enough spacing. This would make you type comfortably and smoothly.

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Best Keyboards for Excel

You can also opt for a quality ergonomic keyboard for productivity as it lets you type in a natural posture. This is particularly important if you are having wrist or arm pain and want to protect yourself from injuries.

Form Factor

As you see keyboards come in different form factors. A full-sized one is highly preferable to use as it comes with the Numpad, function row and navigation keys.

However, you can opt for a tenkeyless keyboard if you seldom use the Numpad and would like more working space. (Source)

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Backlight and Programmable Keys

best keyboards for productivity

An attribute to look in productivity keyboards is the presence of a backlight. You will find different options such as customizable RGB LED backlight that lets you choose different colors for different keys. Some models come with single-colored backlight without customization.

With the backlight, you can not only illuminate the keyboard but also work in dark conditions whether it’s at home or office or when you’re on the go. (Source)

Some keyboards also feature programming of each key for creating and editing macros. This helps to speed up your workflow in the software you’re using by instantly executing commands. Specific models come with extra keys for programming which is even more beneficial.

Note that for customizing RGB backlight and macros you may have to run the manufacturer’s software on your workstation.

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Dedicated Keys

There are many models out there that have dedicated keys for media controls, volume, search and other functions. Some even have a wheel or roller for controlling volume. This can be convenient while playing audio files or watching videos on your devices.

Advanced Features

Be noted that some keyboards come with advanced features such as creative dial, touchpad and joystick, etc. that further maximizes your productivity. You can use the dial to instantly access different functions in different software and use the touchpad instead of your mouse.

We highly recommend these features but note that they make the keyboard more costly.

As many keyboards come with wireless connectivity, we also urge you looking for one that supports pairing to multiple devices simultaneously. This ensures connection even with your phones, tablets and smart TV apart from your laptop or desktop.


Undeniably, the right typing companion loaded with the right features can make a big difference in how you use your devices and the productive output you get.

That’s why it has become more than necessary to have a valuable keyboard to perform your computing and professional tasks effectually in today’s technological era.

In the end, we hope that this article on the best keyboards for productivity would help you to invest in the right peripheral that meets more than your needs.

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