5 Best Keyboards for Streaming Games in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Streaming games on platforms like Twitch or Youtube has gradually become quite the sensation particularly for gamers. This is mostly attributable to the fact that there are so few barriers to entry.

You can too start your game streams from your computer but that requires you to choose a gaming setup with some precise features.

Not only do you need to have a high performance core hardware for playing the game as well as encoding the stream, you also need to pay attention to your peripherals, the most important of this consideration, we believe, is the Keyboard.

For stance, the last thing you want is a keyboard that makes needless noise that can disturb or irritate your viewers. So here silent keyboards are the preferred choice.

It does not matter whether the keys are tactile, or linear, heavier or light – that is your choice. The only thing that the best keyboards for streaming games should do is be comfortable for you and your viewers.

On top of that, there are plenty of other features a streamer needs to take into consideration and we look into these in detail below.

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Comparison of Top Keyboard for Streaming Games

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1. Corsair K70 – Cherry MX Red Silent – Recommended Keyboard for Streaming

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

A high quality and a durable mechanical keyboard with silent MX Red switches.

First up we have one of the most popular gaming keyboards out there. For those of you looking for a quite keyboard with a high quality construction, this should be on top of your list.

This is a keyboard that you simply cannot go wrong with. It has been tried and tested by many customers and almost everyone can vouch for its strong and sturdy aluminum base construction.

Of course the reason we have chosen this keyboard here is because it features the silent Cherry MX Red linear switches. These are perfect for streamers who do not want their sensitive microphones to pickup the keyboard noise.

Besides that, being a premium keyboard, it features a lightweight anodized aluminum frame with full RGB backlighting as well as robust media control.

It features a media wheel along with USB pass through port for connecting other peripherals directly to the keyboard instead of the PC.

It should be noted that this keyboard has a very close cousin in the market i.e the Logitech K68. They look more or less the same however, the K68 utilizes a plastic body, does not have a media wheel or a USB pass through port yet it costs more or less the same as K70.

Hence, we recommend that you stick with the superior K70 model.

All in all, if you want to go straight for a high quality and a durable quiet option, then this is the best keyboard for streaming.

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2. Corsair K63 – With Programmable Keys

Corsair K63

A popular mechanical gaming keyboard with plethora of additional features.

If you want a smaller and a more compact keyboard for your gaming session then this quiet Ten Keyless keyboard with Cherry MX Red Silent mechanical switches may interest you.

A Ten Keyless, or TKL, keyboard is generally loved by gamers who rarely use the numpad on a full size keyboard. It basically allows you to declutter your deskspace and also focuses your hand position on only the most needed keys for gaming.

Being a Corsair keyboard, it does not sacrifice on quality as it not only comes with per key lighting but also the iCUE software which makes this keyboard fully programmable. Hence you can assign macros and commands to any key or a selection of keys you choose.

Furthermore, despite being a compact keyboard, it also comes with multimedia controls for ease of use.

The only drawback with this keyboard is that it does not offer RGB color back lights. It only offers the red color for its backlight.

However, given the price and features, this is the best keyboard for streaming games particularly for those looking for a small form factor device with silent keys.

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3. Razer Ornata Chroma – Hybrid Keyboard with Quite Keys for Streaming

Razer Ornata Chroma

A hybrid gaming keyboard with fully programmable keys.

Razer Ornata is a reasonably priced keyboard with a unique take on the key switches.

This is NOT a mechanical keyboard. This is a membrane based keyboard that has the FEEL of a mechanical keyboard. So in essence this is a hybrid keyboard.

It combines the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard but has the quiet and soft touch of a membrane keyboard.

Therefore, if it is comfort and utmost silence that you are after, then this is may be the best keyboard for streaming to go for.

To add to the comfort factor, this keyboard also includes a thick cushioned detachable wrist rest making it an ideal keyboard for long sessions of gaming.

One of the most lucrative aspect of this is that this is fully programmable. This keyboard basically allows you to setup macros through the provided software. You can setup macros for commands, actions and spells which can be accessed by pressing your assigned macro.

While membrane keyboards are not known to have a robust RGB lighting interface, this keyboard does.

In short, if you looking for a mid range advanced option with hybrid key styles, then we highly recommend this as the best streaming keyboard.

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4. Razer BlackWidow Elite – Silent Tactile Keys

Razer BlackWidow Elite

A popular keyboard among professional gamers. Tournament grade keyboard.

Next up we have another very popular keyboard from Razer. However, this time it is a fully mechanical keyboard featuring the Proprietary Orange switches for silent and tactile gaming.

While most of the silent mechanical keys have a linear feel to them, this tactile keyboard would thus be a welcome change.

You will notice that this keyboard looks very similar to the Razer Ornata above. It has almost the same layout as well as a thick cushioned wrist rest.

But other than fully mechanical switches, it also adds media control as well as USB pass through port. This keyboard comes with a dial giving you a lot of control over your media.

Another great feature it offers is the audio pass through. While USB passthrough is common on premium gaming keyboards, audio passthrough is rare.

Most of the customers have praised this keyboard for its joy of use and so have the critics. The keys are perfect to touch and if you remotely type a lot, then it will be a pleasure on this.

Unfortunately this is an expensive keyboard. However, if you have a decent budget, then we highly recommend this as the best keyboard for streaming if you seek quality.

In terms of quality, this is more or less similar to the Logitech K70 above. So either one are a great choice.

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5. SteelSeries Apex 3 – Affordable Quiet Streaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex 3

An affordable gaming keyboard with silent switches

SteelSeries Apex 3 is a keyboard built to appeal to those who have a smaller budget for their overall streaming PC build.

This is by far the cheapest high quality keyboard on this list.

This is NOT a mechanical keyboard, however, it does offer the looks and the feels of one. So you can consider this as a hybrid keyboard.

As far as the keys are considered, they are based on the membrane design. They are quite, linear and soft to actuate.

One of the best aspects about this keyboard is that it offers IP32 Water resistancesomething which even the more expensive keyboards above do not offer.

While this does not have a per key illumination , it offers 10 zone RGB illumination for controlling the lighting of 10 dedicated zones.

Besides that, this offers a good detachable cushioned wrist rest as well as dedicated media controls including a clickable metal roller.

All in all, if you are looking for a robust and a quite keyboard for cheap and you do not mind a membrane option, then this is the best keyboard for streaming in our opinion.

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What to Look For in the Right Streaming Keyboards?

When buying a keyboard precisely for game streaming, there are a few aspects you need to consider

Silent Switches are the Preferred Switches

Cherry MX Switches
For Durability mechanical keyboard are generally the way to go. Source: Twitter

Whether you are a beginner or professional streamer, you must invest in a switch that is particularly quite comfortable to you as well as not a nuisance for your viewers.

When it comes to your personal comfort and preference, you can look into the key cap design, actuation force, and the travel distance of they keys.

However, when it comes to viewing comfort for your viewers, silent keys are basically a prerequisite for streaming. This is particularly true for high quality streamers with condenser mics that can easily pick up even the slightest of clicks.

Mechanical Keyboards Switch Types

Mechanical keyboards have a variety of switch types that you can choose from. Most mechanical keyboards feature the Cherry MX switches. Others have proprietary switches. For instance, Logitech has the Romer G switches.

The benefit of mechanical keyboard here is that you have choice of switch type. Each switch type has a certain actuation force require, travel distance and feedback.

Some switches have audible clicks, for instance, Cherry MX Blue Switches are notoriously popular for loud audible clicks. Others are very silent.

The gold standard for streaming are the Cherry MX Red. Most would recommend these as they are fast with low actuation force required, low travel distance and no audible clicking sound.

Let us review some of the silent switches from MX Cherry.

Again you must note that some brands have their own proprietary silent switches. For instance, Razer has Orange switches and Logitech has Romer G Silent.

Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Red Silent

Cherry MX Red by far the most ideal mechanical switches for those who prefer quieter gaming.

These are silent, require a little force to press and have short actuation distance. Therefore, if speeds, silence and comfort is what you are after, these are recommended.

Cherry MX Red Silent Switches are preferred by those who want a faster and more lighter key press experience. Here is the difference:

  • Cherry MX Red: Actuation Force 45G | Actuation Point: 2mm | Total Travel Distance: 4mm
  • Cherry MX Red Silent: Actuation Force 45G | Actuation Point: 1.9mm | Total Travel Distance: 3.7mm

Cherry MX Black and Cherry MX Black Silent

These are also linear switches like the Cherry MX Red. Though these have a slightly heavy feel and high actuation force, they are also preferred for games due to quiet sound level and low actuation distance.

They are suited particularly for streaming and spamming in fast-paced gaming titles.

  • Cherry MX Black: Actuation Force 60G | Actuation Point: 2mm | Total Travel Distance: 4mm
  • Cherry MX Black Silent: Actuation Force 60G | Actuation Point: 1.9mm | Total Travel Distance: 3.7mm

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Cherry MX Brown

These are tactile switches with a silent travel and low actuation force. Since they are tactile they give a noticeable feeling every time you press the keys.

You don’t have to press the keys completely down due to their tactile bump. This would make you play faster and with less effort.

List of Silent Mechanical Switches

While Cherry MX switches have been quite popular among mechanical keyboard users. There are plethora of other switch brands as well as proprietary models that you can find.

The following is a list of most of the popular silent switches out there:

Force (g)
Point (mm)
Distance (mm)
Cherry MX RedLinear4524
Cherry MX Red
Cherry MX Black
Cherry MX Black
Cherry MX BrownTactile4524
Kalih RedLinear5024
Kalih BlackLinear6024
Kalih BrownTactile5024
Razer OrangeTactile551.94
Logitech Romer G
SteelSeries TopreTactile30-5524
For all switch types, PCGamer.com has an excellent guide here. However, do note that switches that are listed as quite, may not be too quite for some. Hence, an audio test for the switch is always recommended.

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How About Membrane Keyboards?

steelseries apex 3
SteelSeries Apex 3 is an example of a membrane keyboard with extra silent keys.

Mechanical keyboards can get quite expensive particular. For this reasons, many gamers may opt to go for membrane keyboards with rubber dome switches.

You can get some fairly sweet high end membrane gaming keyboards from established brands with plethora of features in the market.

However, there is a general notion that since membrane base keyboards feature a rubber dome switch with soft layers underneath and since they do not have a tactile feedback, they would naturally be quite.

While that is true to an extent, it not true for all. You will have to actively look for a quite membrane keyboard if streaming is your goal.

Membrane switches do not follow a standard as many mechanical switches do. They differ from brand to brand.

Other Gaming Features to Look For in a Streaming Keyboard

RGB Lighting

RGB lighting is a feature that serves the primary function of looks. If you want to show off your build while streaming, then RGB light can add to the aesthetics.

An aspect to look for is the per-key RGB lighting feature that lets you choose a specific color for each key. This has many advantages for gamers. For instance, you can quickly locate the important keys you need to press by using a different colored light that stands out from the rest.

Programmable Buttons

Macro programming lets you run the important commands by single or multiple keypresses.

Many streamers and gamers like having their keyboards with programmable buttons so that they can assign common commands to them


As game streamer, you will generally opt for a wired gaming keyboard because it offers a stable connection with literally no input delay.

A wireless keyboard, on the other hand, particularly if it is a sub quality one, would suffer from connectivity lags particularly during instances of fast key presses.

There are some rare high quality wireless keyboards out there, such as the Logitech G612 Lightspeed mechanical keyboard, but they may or may not have the right silent switches that is required for streaming.


As you see an ideal keyboard should be quiet and have features such as RGB backlight and macro programming. This lets you stream games while the gameplay is enjoyable for viewers.

We anticipate that this article on the best keyboards for streaming games would help you in getting the right accessory as per your requirements.

After all, you too can become a professional game streamer with the right setup including the right keyboard.


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