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5 Best Keyboards for Streaming Games in 2020

Streaming games on different platforms is gradually becoming a popular trend today that draws the attention of viewers globally. You can too start your game stream from your computer but that requires you to precisely choose a gaming setup.

Not only this setup needs a high-powered processor and high-speed internet connection but also a mechanical keyboard too. Such a keyboard is known for its low response time which allows you to react quickly so that you are in your game.

Therefore, if you are an existing streamer or planning to be one, you must also be looking for the best keyboards for streaming games along with other PC components.

In this article, we will review some of the keyboards you can buy today for effective game streaming. We will also look at noteworthy characteristics you should look for in such options.

List of Best Keyboards for Streaming Games in 2020

The following are our highly recommended streaming keyboards particularly for gamers.

    1. Das Ultimate 4 – Cherry MX Brown – Professional Features – Recommended Keyboard for Streaming
    2. Ajazz AK33 – Wired and Affordable – Black Switches
    3. Logitech G513 –Solid Construction – GX Brown Switches
    4. Keychron K2 RGB – Brown Switches – Wireless and Wired Connectivity
    5. Logitech G915 TKL – Premium and Wireless – Low Profile Switches

1. Das Ultimate 4 – Cherry MX Brown – Professional Features – Recommended Keyboard for Streaming

We begin with a premium product that’s well-built and provides effective mechanical performance and attributes. It’s a costly keyboard but worth every buck if you can afford it.

We rightly tag this machine as the best keyboard for streaming games that would suit professional streamers.

The high point of Das Ultimate 4 is its Cherry MX Brown switches with gold contacts. These have tactile feedback and need a relatively low force to activate them. They respond fast and are almost silent that would be better while playing and streaming games.

This model comes with blank keycaps which is a unique aspect of this accessory. It helps to improve your typing efficiency and speed and advances your skills as a gamer.

The keyboard has a rugged and durable construction that’s strengthened by an aluminum top panel and comes with a magnetic foot bar (to raise the keyboard).

You will cherish that the keyboard comes with a long USB cable and flaunts a two-port USB hub. Further, the machine supports a full N-key rollover.

Plus, it also has a large volume wheel and dedicated buttons for media controls.

All in all, this peripheral stands as a professional keyboard for high-level game streaming.

2. Ajazz AK33 – Wired and Affordable – Black Switches

Are you seeking a budget mechanical keyboard that would give good performance while streaming? Then the answer lies in Ajazz AK33 that you can buy at a low price.

This is a compact and portable 82-key accessory that comes in different variants according to the switches used. However, we recommend you get the one with modified black switches. These are linear switches with a high actuation force and are comparatively quiet.

These switches are smooth to use and durable with a lifespan of up to 60 million keystrokes. This makes them ideal for fast-paced gaming.

You will like that the keyboard is made from aluminum and ABS plastic and have a splash-resistant design. This makes it a durable peripheral to last for years. It’s a wired machine that includes a detachable cable.

Other than this the keyboard features an RGB LED backlight which is customizable for all the 82 keys. You can choose from different lighting modes. This would make gaming more immersive with a visual experience.

Further, it supports N-key-rollover with anti-ghosting for all the keys. You can edit macros and set per-key lighting through the manufacture’s software.

Thus, we rightly label this machine as the best keyboard for streaming games over its price, performance and essential features.

3. Logitech G513 – Solid Construction – GX Brown Switches

Next, we have a product from Logitech in the form of G513 that has a solid construction and is a source of exceptional gaming experience.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we label this machine as the best keyboard for streaming games over its tactile brown switches and convenient gaming features.

The full-sized keyboard is loaded with an anodized aluminum top case that makes it a durable gaming companion.

You can buy the keyboard in different forms according to the switches used. We endorse the form with GX brown switches that have a tactile bump and need low activation force and distance. They are almost silent that won’t bother you in streaming sessions.

For your convenience, this wired keyboard comes with a large palm rest that’s made from a soft material.

There’s also support for RGB lighting for each key. You can store RGB profiles in the keyboard’s onboard memory. You will like the 26-key rollover feature with anti-ghosting so you can press multiple keys at once.

Through the provided software, you can customize the lighting effect, macro commands and more. 12 additional keycaps and a puller are included in the package that allows for upgrading the critical keys for gaming.

In short, this keyboard is pricey but loaded with gaming features and efficient performance that would make streaming pleasant.

4. Keychron K2 RGB – Brown Switches – Wireless and Wired Connectivity

There’s a gaming accessory named Keychron K2 RGB that’s known for both wired and wireless connectivity and comes with meaningful features.

As a streamer, we recommend the variant of this keyboard with Gateron Brown switches that are tactile and have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. They aren’t too loud, and you will enjoy gaming as you use the keyboard gradually.

Do note that this is an 84-key compact peripheral without the number pad. The best part of this keyboard is that you can connect it to up to 3 devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can connect to your computer via a wired USB type C cable.

This keyboard features over 15 RGB lighting options along with the capability to choose static color backlight. A 4000 mAh large battery powers the machine that provides up to 72 hours of typing on a single charge. A key-rollover feature is also part of the keyboard.

The machine has a layout for macOS, but it works with Windows also. Further extra keycaps for both operating systems are part of the package.

Briefly, this wireless keyboard is reasonably priced and stands as the best keyboard for streaming games in our opinion.

5. Logitech G915 TKL – Premium and Wireless – Low Profile Switches

You need to look no more than the Logitech G915 TKL keyboard for a premium wireless gaming accessory. It’s very costly but would be a boon for those streamers looking for clean aesthetics in their setup.

Thus, we rightly nominate this machine as the best keyboard for streaming games over its low-profile switches, wireless options and rigid construction.

This keyboard is available in different GL switches used. However, we recommend the tactile variant that’s ideal for playing competitive games.

These switches are equivalent to Cherry MX Browns and 25% faster to press than standard ones according to Logitech. These are almost silent that won’t be a concern in streaming.

Note that this is a tenkeyless keyboard and sports a high-grade aluminum top frame that makes it sturdy. The peripheral looks premium despite being slim.

You can connect it to multiple devices wirelessly through Bluetooth or the Lightspeed USB receiver. It makes use of a rechargeable battery that can provide 40 hours of gaming on a single charge.

You will also like customizable RGB lighting for each key through the provided software. Plus, there’s also a large volume wheel and media control buttons on the top.

Concisely, this is a premium machine with premium performance and features despite being wireless.


What to Look For in the Right Streaming Keyboards?

When buying a keyboard precisely for game streaming, there are a few aspects you need to consider in different keyboard options.

These are as follows:

Preferred Switches

Cherry MX Switches
For Durability mechanical keyboard are generally the way to go. Source: Twitter

Whether you are a beginner or professional streamer, you must invest in a mechanical gaming keyboard with appropriate switches.

The key is that these switches should be accurate, fast and responsive for high-level gaming. They should also be silent enough that should not cause any annoyances to your viewers.

As Cherry MX switches are the gold standard in mechanical keyboards, we recommend their two variants that are ideal for game streaming.

These are:

Cherry MX Black

These are linear switches without the tactile bump or the clicky sound. Though these have a slightly heavy feel and high actuation force, they are preferred for games due to quiet sound level and low actuation distance. They are suited particularly for streaming and spamming in fast-paced gaming titles.

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Cherry MX Brown

These are tactile switches with a silent travel and low actuation force. They are also versatile that gives a noticeable feeling every time you press the keys.

You don’t have to press the keys completely down due to their tactile bump. This would make you play faster and with less effort. (Source)

Alternate Switches

As keyboards with Cherry MX switches are usually pricey, you can also opt for alternate ones that are similar in characteristics to the above switches. The keyboards with alternate switches are usually less expensive.

Make sure that the switches are silent, and keys are easy to press. Otherwise, it may leave a bad consequence on your stream.

Some manufacturers employ their switches in keyboards such as Logitech’s GX switches. These are also preferred for effectual game streaming. Make sure you choose the same colors or look for similar characteristics as that of Cherry MX Brown or Black.

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RGB Lighting and Other Gaming Features

best keyboards for streaming games

An aspect to look for is the per-key RGB lighting feature that lets you choose a specific color for each key. This has many advantages for gamers. For instance, you can quickly locate the important keys you need to press.

Mechanical keyboards also come with other gaming features. These include macro programming that lets you run the important commands by single or multiple keypresses. You can also look for dedicated media keys and volume control knobs.

N-key Rollover

A feature to look for in a mechanical keyboard is the n-key rollover. By n we mean the minimum number of keys that can be registered after being pressed simultaneously. Many high-end mechanical keyboards support 6-key rollover or higher.

Some models support the full-key-rollover of its entire keys. There’s also a feature called anti-ghosting that blocks the extra keys from being registered once the rollover limit has been reached.

The advantage this rollover feature brings is that you can press and release multiple keys at once while playing and streaming your games. (Source)


keyboard connectivity

You will find two options in mechanical keyboards concerning connectivity: wired and wireless. We strongly recommend that you go for a wired one as it offers a stable, reliable and consistent connection. This is also the preference of even professional streamers.

Today you will also find wireless mechanical keyboards that have become almost as good as wired counterparts. This frees you from the wire clutter in your setup and allows connection to multiple devices. However, they are usually expensive. (Source)

Some models come with both options in connectivity, so this is even more convenient. This gives more portability as a game streamer.


As you see an ideal mechanical keyboard should be quiet and have features such as RGB backlight and macro programming. This lets you stream games while immersed in your gameplay that’s enjoyable for viewers.

We anticipate that this article on the best keyboards for streaming games would help you in getting the right accessory as per your requirements.

After all, you too can become a professional game streamer with the right setup including the right keyboard.

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