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5 Best Keyboards for Transcription in 2020

Certainly, transcriptionists type for a living and a keyboard is indeed a vital peripheral for them. If you are also involved with transcription, you don’t want to use a low-standard keyboard that badly affects your typing speed and efficiency.

Such a keyboard can also cause fatigue and pain in your wrists and hinder your professional duties. Thus, it becomes imperative to look for a quality keyboard that not only enhances your productivity levels but also makes your job trouble-free.

An appropriate keyboard makes you type in a comfortable position while reducing the risks of injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

In this article, we will review some of the quality options that stand as the best keyboards for transcription. We will also look at some of the significant aspects and characteristics you should consider in them.

List of Best Keyboards for Transcription in 2020

The following are highly recommended and popular keyboard among typists and transcriptionists.

  1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Chiclet Keys – Recommended Keyboard for Transcription
  2. Apple Magic Keyboard  – Minimalistic Design – For Apple
  3. Logitech Ergo K860 – Ergonomist Approved Split Keyboard
  4. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Domed Design with Distinct Numpad
  5. Logitech G613 – Fast Connectivity – Tactile Mechanical Switches

1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Chiclet Keys – Recommended Keyboard for Transcription

We start with a valuable product from Microsoft that’s named as Surface Keyboard. It offers a soft and smooth typing experience and flaunts a sleek and modern design.

The full-sized keyboard has chiclet keys that require short key travel distance. As a result, you will find that typing on this machine is responsive with a nice feeling. The keys have ample space between them that allows for easy reaching.

You will like that this keyboard has a minimalistic and sleek look while the combination of silver and gray colors make it appear modern.

It also has compatibility with multiple operating systems that include Windows, macOS and Android. Further, the keyboard makes use of Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to your devices.

Further, the keyboard can operate up to 12 months through the 2 AAA batteries it requires. So, you don’t need to change the batteries soon.

The keyboard is available at a decent price and rightly stands as the best keyboard for transcription in our opinion.

2. Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad – Minimalistic Design – For Apple

There’s a dedicated option for transcriptionists who work exclusively on the Apple platform. It’s the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad that’s a source of convenient typing and sleek design.

This makes us label this peripheral as the best keyboard for transcription for working with full efficiency.

It has an integrated Numpad that’s convenient when you are inputting numbers. Further, you get navigation keys for quickly scrolling through the documents along with full-sized arrow keys.

Apple has employed a scissor mechanism for keys that vastly improves the key travel and stability. This would make typing comfortable, easy and light.

The accessory sports a minimalistic design and is also lightweight. Keep in mind that the keyboard is available in two colors: silver and space gray. However, the latter costs slightly more but looks more elegant.

Utilizing Bluetooth for connection, you can pair it to your Apple devices. This model comes with a rechargeable battery and makes use of a USB cable for charging.

Even though this peripheral is a bit pricey, you can see that it has a large customer base and the sheer number of positive reviews it has.

3. Logitech Ergo K860 – Ergonomist Approved Split Keyboard

Your search for a wireless ergonomic keyboard ends with Logitech Ergo K860. It sports an ergonomist approved design that’s certified to reduce muscle strain.

With a curved split keyframe and a sloping layout that looks like a reverse V shape, it would make you type in a relaxed posture. Logitech has also provided a wrist rest here that’s pillowed and known to reduce wrist bending to a great extent.

There’s an adjustable palm lift feature through which you can type easily in whatever position that suits you.

As a result, typing will become comfortable, smooth and fluid as you gradually use the keyboard.

The full-sized Ergo K860 is wireless making use of Bluetooth technology or the include USB receiver. Further, it powers through 2 AAA batteries that can run up to 24 months. It’s compatible with Windows and macOS and has a dual key layout for both.

You can further connect it to 3 devices and switch between them.

With all these features and a precise typing experience, we recommend this peripheral as the best keyboard for transcription.

4. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Domed Design with Distinct Numpad

We have another ergonomic product in the form of the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. It includes the keyboard and separate Numpad though you can also get an ergonomic mouse additionally.

The main highlight of this keyboard is that it’s based on ergonomic principles. It flaunts a domed shaped design and a split layout that would help you to place your hands and wrists in a natural posture.

Together with the cushioned palm rest and reverse tilt feature, you will be able to type smoothly through the low-profile keys.

You get a distinct Numpad as part of the keyboard. It allows you to type numbers and do calculations conveniently on your desk. You can use it in any convenient position as you like.

The ergonomic mouse is also available with the keyboard, but you need to pay more for it. It has a round shape and is made to work on any surface.

The product runs on batteries and connects through a wireless USB dongle on your computer.

The peripheral is a healthy and practical option for long typing sessions. That’s the reason for tagging it as the best keyboard for transcription.

5. Logitech G613 – Fast Connectivity – Tactile Mechanical Switches

Are you exploring a mechanical keyboard for transcription that’s known for convenient typing and fast connectivity? We have a keyboard option in the form of Logitech G613 that can be your typing companion.

This wireless peripheral employs Romer G switches having a long lifespan (about 70 million keystrokes). They make little noise and have a tactile nature. Not only you will feel that you have pressed a key, but it will also turn out to be precise and accurate.

With a report rate of 1 ms when connecting through the provided USB receiver, you get a superfast connection to your computer. This is beneficial for fast typing as you transcribe video and audio while working.

The keyboard connects through Bluetooth to devices with different operating systems. The 6 programmable keys also let you execute various commands speedily.

Other convenient features include a wrist rest and buttons for media control and volume. 2 AA batteries power this keyboard that can last up to 18 months.

The Logitech G613 gives a satisfying performance at a reasonable price and stands as the best keyboard for transcription.


What to Look For in a Keyboard for Transcription?

best keyboards for transcription

We will cover here chief aspects that are significant when purchasing a keyboard that’s suited for transcription.

These are:

Light, Soft and Responsive Keys

As a transcriptionist, you need precision and quick response from the keys while typing. Thus, we advise getting a keyboard with soft and responsive keys that need a light touch to press. This way you will be able to speed up your workflow without tiring your hands and wrists.

Preferred Keyboard Type

As keyboards come in several types, we recommend getting a chiclet keyboard or a mechanical one with low profile or tactile switches.

Chiclet keyboards make use of keys in the form of small squares or rectangles. Therefore, they require a short travel distance for the keys to be pressed and have adequate spacing. You will be able to type faster and gently on this type of keyboard.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards utilize physical switches underneath the keys. It’s better to opt for a keyboard with low-profile switches such as Cherry MX Speed Low Profile or tactile switches such as Cherry MX Brown. You can also opt for keyboards with equivalent switches similar to these.

The Ergonomic Element

A variant of the keyboard that’s also available is an ergonomic keyboard. It makes you position your hands and wrists naturally and provide you with comfortable typing.

Ergonomic keyboards usually come with a noticeable split in the middle or have a contoured design. They are a healthier option as compared to other keyboards and protect you from typing related strain and injuries.


You also need to make sure that the keyboard you purchase is compatible with the device you use. This is because some keyboards work on only one specific platform such as macOS or Windows.

However, it’s not uncommon to find a keyboard that supports connection to multiple platforms. Many wireless models from known manufacturers have this capability.

Keep in mind that you will find many wireless keyboards that give almost the same performance as the wired ones. However, you can also opt for a wired USB keyboard if you need a stable connection with your computer.

Extra Features

Apart from providing convenient, smooth and accurate typing, there are other notable features you can find in keyboards. These include a palm rest, buttons for media controls and volume, and programmable keys.

These features are always useful while working and helps in optimizing your workflow as a transcriptionist.


As transcription is a demanding occupation especially in a niche like medical, it becomes equally important to invest in a capable keyboard that pays off with satisfying performance.

We hope that this article on the best keyboards for transcription would help in getting a convenient accessory as per your requirements. This would enable you to work with accuracy while staying completely focused.

We recommend you choose the keyboard that ideally meets your needs and is within your budget.

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