5 Best Keyboards for Work in 2021

Today, the range of keyboards has extended so greatly that they are also specific for work purposes.

Whether you are a professional working in an office or a freelancer at home, investing in a comfortable keyboard could be a big step you take in your working life.

A good keyboard must be quiet, fast and easy to type on. Chances are you aren’t fully satisfied with the keyboard that probably came with your computer. It could also lack the features and attributes that you need. Therefore, it has become vital to look for the best keyboards for work for doing your computing tasks productively.

In this article, we will be reviewing some valuable keyboards you can purchase for reliable work. We will further look at different characteristics you should consider in such options.

List of Best Keyboards for Work in 2021

We have selected the keyboard based on comfort, value and popularity factors.

  1. Logitech MK850 – Wireless Combo – Multi-Device Connectivity
  2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Wireless – Recommended Keyboard for Work
  3. Logitech Ergo K860 – Premium Ergonomic Keyboard – Wireless
  4. Perixx Periboard-512 – Wired – Economical Ergonomic Keyboard
  5. SteelSeries Apex – Wired Mechanical Keyboard – Reasonably Priced

1. Logitech MK850 – Wireless Combo – Multi-Device Connectivity

We begin with a keyboard and mouse combo from Logitech with the name MK850. Both components are made to perform capably for everyday usage.

The best part of the combo is that it’s wireless and comes with handy features you will like for work.

The mouse has a contoured design with a smooth scrolling wheel that would make navigating through the websites and documents easy.

Like the mouse, the keyboard also provides effective performance with its full-sized form factor as well as soft, quiet and responsive keys. Typing would be a pleasure on this machine as it has the layout of keys for Windows and macOS. This would further suit you for work.

A distinct feature of the battery-powered combo is the ability to connect to three devices at a time through Bluetooth or the receiver. This means you can type on your computer and swap through devices whether it’s a phone, tablet, or another computer.

Note that buttons are there on the keyboard and mouse for swapping devices.

This combo has wide compatibility with different operating systems including Android and Chrome OS.

We rightly recommend this product as the best keyboard for work over its satisfying performance and features.

2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Wireless All-in-one – Distinct Number Pad

Your search for an ergonomic combo ends with the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. It includes a well-built keyboard and mouse along with a separate number pad.

This makes us rightly nominate this product as the best keyboard for work that would lead to a healthy way of computing.

As you see the keyboard has a split domed shaped design and a natural arc layout of keys. This makes it ergonomic that would help to keep your fingers, wrists and forearms in a relaxed posture.

A large-sized cushioned palm rest is also included as the keyboard’s part that supports your hands and wrists. Do note that it’s not removable.

You can type numbers and do calculations in a more convenient position through the separate number pad.

The mouse has an ergonomic round-shaped design that would provide comfort to your wrists and make navigation easy. It also has a dedicated Windows button to open the Start Menu.

A good aspect of the trio is that its wireless and battery-powered. You can use the included USB dongle to connect to your Windows-based computer. However, you may face issues while using it on Mac.

This combo is a little costly, but worthy to provide you good experience in terms of ergonomics.

3. Logitech Ergo K860 – Premium Ergonomic Keyboard – Wireless

Next, we also have an ergonomic offering in the form of Logitech Ergo K860. It’s a full-sized keyboard with a number pad that sports an ergonomist approved design.

You see its split layout, wireless capability and wide compatibility would suit you as you type heavily during work.

With a sloping design and a reverse V-shape, the keyboard would help you to type with less strain on your wrists. This would also protect you from typing related injuries. The keys are also quiet to type so others won’t be disturbed.

The manufacturer has provided a palm-lift that’s adjustable. This allows you to type even when you are standing.

You will also like the stain-resistant pillowed wrist rest for additional support. According to Logitech, it would reduce wrist bending to a great extent.

Note that the keyboard is wireless that you can connect through Bluetooth or the included USB receiver. Plus, you will cherish the layout of keys that’s according to both macOS and Windows.

Using two AAA batteries, the keyboard can run up to 2 years.

We label this peripheral as the best keyboard for work over its design and features. It’s a bit costly but worth the money if you can afford it.

4. Perixx Periboard-512 – Wired – Economical Ergonomic Keyboard

Are you in need of a quality keyboard that’s inexpensive and you can rely on it every day? Then we have an option in the form of Perixx Periboard-512.

This accessory has an ergonomic design and wired connectivity and provides efficient performance. Thus, we highly recommend it as the best keyboard for work for budget-conscious professionals.

With a split layout and a 3-D build, this keyboard would provide support to your hands and wrists to type naturally.

Keep in mind that like other ergonomic keyboards, you may take some time to fully adjust to it. Furthermore, you will find that the keys are responsive and tactile and would give a satisfying feel.

The laser printed keys mean the letters won’t fade off even after heavy usage.

You can see that is a full-sized keyboard that also flaunts an integrated palm rest. On the top you will find 7 hotkeys for common function such as volume control, opening email and browser and more.

The plug and play feature means you can instantly connect it to your Window-based computers through the included long USB cable. Keep in mind it’s not compatible with Mac.

Shortly this peripheral is a basic ergonomic keyboard that comes with useful features at a reasonable price.

5. SteelSeries Apex – Wired Mechanical Keyboard – Reasonably Priced

We have an option in the form of a mechanical keyboard named as SteelSeries Apex M400. Like the previous one, it’s also an economical choice.

This is a wired and full-sized machine that would also suit you in your work with its effectual mechanical performance.

The keyboard makes use of SteelSeries QX1 Linear mechanical switches. These are known for low actuation point and force. As a result, you will find that the keys are light to press and requires less force to register keystrokes.

You will also get a smooth feeling on keypresses upon gradual usage. The switches are not very loud. Consequently, your colleagues won’t be disturbed.

The keyboard is made of tough-quality plastics and strengthened with a steel plate, making it durable.

You will further like the presence of a blue-colored LED backlight that makes you work especially at night. You can adjust the settings of the backlight according to different levels of brightness or turn it off.

With the manufacturer’s software, you can reprogram each key and create macros. This would be helpful to execute commands with speed on your PC. You can also press multiple keys at once with its 104-key rollover feature.

This machine is fully capable to be your working typing companion and that’s the reason it stands as the best keyboard for work.


How to Choose the Right Keyboard for Work?

There are a few chief aspects you should be looking for purchasing a keyboard suited for work.

These are as follows:

Form Factor

form factor

The form factor is the physical size and shape of a keyboard. You will find different form factors in keyboards. However, we strongly recommend getting a full-sized one that has 104 or 105 keys.

What you acquire as a result is a highly functioning keyboard that includes the number pad, the function row and navigation keys. (Source)

As a working individual, this would suit you. For instance, you can enter numbers with ease through the Numpad. You can also go through your documents quickly with the navigation keys such as page up and down.

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The Ergonomic Element

best keyboards for work

Ergonomics means making something as comfortable as possible. Standard keyboards cause the fingers to move in a repetitive way and your wrists to twist to reach for the keys. These actions may lead to developing ailments such as RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

If you are having finger ache or wrist pain, we strongly recommend going for a quality ergonomic keyboard. This would let you type in a more natural way with the least hand to wrist movement. (Source)

As a working professional, this is important because it would help to protect you from pain and injuries as you use the keyboard.

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Fast, Responsive and Quiet Keys

steelseries keys

An aspect to look for is that the keys should be fast and responsive so that you can type hassle-free. They shouldn’t cause noise otherwise the co-workers in your office may get disturbed.

As you see membrane keyboards have a reputation of being quiet. On the other hand, a mechanical keyboard usually makes a loud noise that can even annoy your colleagues. (Source)

If you have decided to opt for a mechanical keyboard, make sure that it has low-profile switches with low actuation distance and force, which make the keys soft and easy to press. This also means they produce less noise as compared to other mechanical keyboards.

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When buying a keyboard suited for work, make sure it’s compatible with the operating system (OS) you are using. While most keyboards are made to run on common operating systems such as macOS and Windows, few are specified for only one OS.


In terms of connection, keyboards come in two types, wired or wireless.

If you work in a stationary location such as home or office, we suggest going for a wired keyboard. This establishes a consistent and reliable connection with your working computer.

In case if you travel frequently while at work and carry your stuff, a wireless keyboard is the one to purchase. Today it has become almost efficient in performance as compared to a wired one. It also lessens the clutter of wire on your working desk.

When using wireless keyboards make sure you have extra batteries at hand. Some peripherals are rechargeable, so you must charge them regularly.

Note that some wireless models allow you to connect to multiple devices at once. This could be advantageous as you can type on your phones and tablets too.


Whether you are a designer, a writer, or belong to any profession, you have the right to use a quality keyboard for your computer.

We hope that this article on the best keyboard for work would benefit you in finding the appropriate one for your needs.

You can find suitable keyboards even on a budget, so there’s no point in taking this as a light decision.

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