5 Best Keyboards for Wrist Pain in 2021

Typing all day while sitting in front of a computer can cause discomfort and pain in wrists. The main reason is the prolonged usage of traditional keyboards which cause you to bend your wrists sideways. It can lead to severe ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chances are you are already feeling an ache in your wrists as you type for long. In such a situation you can get yourself checked from a doctor or ergonomics specialist.

You must also be looking for the best keyboards for wrist pain for typing in a natural position. Ergonomic keyboards help you achieve this objective.

In this article, we will review some of the quality ergonomic keyboards you can purchase for reducing wrist pain. We will also look at some of the aspects you should consider in such options.


If you suffer from acute or chronic wrist pain then we recommend that you consult with a professional doctor first. This should be taken serious particularly if you feel your wrist pain originates from typing.

The intention of this article is not provide you with any medical advise!

List of Best Keyboards for Wrist Pain in 2021

The following ergonomic and split keyboard are highly recommended for wrist pain.

  1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Recommended Wireless Keyboard for Wrist Pain
  2. Logitech Ergo K860 – Wireless – Very Popular Option
  3. Perixx Periboard-512 – Highly Affordable – Wired
  4. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard – Slim Design – Economical and Wired
  5. Kinesis Freestyle2 – Distinct Split Style  – Wired

1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic – Recommended Wireless Keyboard for Wrist Pain

We have a product that comes in a set of an ergonomic keyboard, mouse and separate number pad. It’s the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop that has become a popular choice for reducing wrist pain.

The keyboard is built on advanced ergonomic design principles that are ergonomist approved. You see it has a domed-shaped design and a split keyboard layout that keeps forearms and wrists in a relaxed position.

It also flaunts a large cushioned and detachable palm rest that would support your wrists.

The mouse can be called as ergonomic because it’s shaped to promote a more natural posture. It’s known to have a positive impact on your wrist comfort. You can also use it on any surface.

The entire components are wireless and run on batteries. You can connect them to your computer through the included USB receiver.

If you input numbers frequently, you will like the separate number pad. You can use it from any position which suits you.

All these aspects make us nominate this product as the best keyboard for wrist pain. Many customers have reported that the product made a positive impact on their wrists.

2. Logitech Ergo K860 – Wireless – Very Popular Option

Next, we have a product in the form of Logitech Ergo K860 that has premium looks and features. It is known to reduce your wrist strain and stress that you are experiencing.

We would not be wrong if we recommend this wireless accessory as the best keyboard for wrist pain.

You see that approved sloping and split design of the keyboard would improve your typing posture. The more you use it, the more comfortable you will feel in your wrists and forearms gradually.

Along with the keyboard, you also get an attached pillowed wrist rest that supports your wrists and lessens wrist bending to a great extent.

The palm lift feature is also there that you can adjust for typing with better posture.

You will also be at ease with its wireless connectivity options. Use Bluetooth or the included USB receiver for this purpose. Plus the batteries which the peripheral uses can last for 2 years.

This is a full-sized keyboard. You also get the function and media keys which would make your experience better.

Despite being pricey, it’s a very popular option among its large customer base.

3. Perixx Periboard-512 – Highly Affordable – Wired

Are you experiencing that disturbing wrist ache and want a low-cost ergonomic keyboard? Then the Perixx Periboard-512 could be your choice.

We highly regard it as the best keyboard for wrist pain because it flaunts an ergonomic design and is highly affordable.

With a split and 3-D curve design that matches your hand’s positions, this accessory would help you to type naturally and reduce stress on your wrists and forearms. The keystrokes also have a firm tactile feel for comfortable typing.

You also get an attached palm rest to keep your wrists supported.

There are also a few other features you get at a low price. It has up to 7 multimedia keys. You get a long USB cable that you can plugin and start using.

Note that the wireless variant costs more.

This particular machine is fully compatible with Windows systems and does not work with macOS though.

In short, this model has all the basic features of an ergonomic keyboard that is essential to protect your wrists.

4. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard – Slim Design – Economical and Wired

If you want a well-built and high-quality keyboard on a budget, then the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard could be your best choice.

Size-wise, it’s slim but full-sized and comes with an integrated number pad. Design-wise, it’s an ergonomist approved split keyboard that looks like a reverse V-shape.

This design is also known to correct typing related posture that would lead to the better positioning of your wrists. The keys are also smooth, quiet and comfortable to type.

Talking about the palm rest, it’s also soft, cushioned and large-sized that would be helpful to support your wrists.

Note that this is a wired USB ergonomic keyboard, so you get a reliable connection without the need for batteries.

You also get dedicated keys for media control, opening Microsoft Office and other common functions as a worthy extra feature.

This model has full compatibility with Windows-based systems, though you can use it with macOS.

Briefly, all these aspects make us recommend this accessory as the best keyboard for wrist pain at an economical price. Many satisfied customers have reviewed that it lessened ache in their wrists and led to better typing.

5. Kinesis Freestyle2 – Distinct Split Style – Wired

Lastly, we have a product known as Kinesis Freestyle2 which is known for its unusual split design. It can be very productive in reducing your wrist pain if you adapt to it properly.

The main concept behind this machine is that it allows you to move two separate halves of the keyboard around to whatever distance you need it to be separated.

Note that the halves are interconnected by a long cable. You can connect them through a USB cable on your computer.

This particular model comes with a tenting accessory with integrated palm rest for both the halves. This allows you to tent the keyboard up at different angles. This results in a much better posture of your hands, wrists and forearms

However, it may take some time for you to adjust.

Concerning keys the two halves are based on membrane switches that feature tactile feedback and need a low force leading to reduce strain.

Do note that this machine doesn’t come with a number pad. You have to rely on the top of the two halves for typing numbers. The left half has hotkeys for common functions such as copy, paste and more.

This keyboard is rather different from other ergonomic keyboards. Thus we rate is as the best keyboard for wrist pain for you to have a distinct experience.

What to Look for in a Keyboard for Wrist Pain?

There are a few characteristics you should look for when buying an ergonomic keyboard to reduce wrist pain.

We review them when discussing the types of keyboard below.

Types of Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards differ from flat keyboards in their design and shape. This difference helps in the proper positioning of your hands, which protects you from wrist strain.

There are three types of ergonomic keyboards which are commonly available:

Split Keyboards

Best Keyboards for Wrist Pain

These have portions that are split in the middle. The number pad is also separate in some of the models. There are also split keyboards with two separate halves.

This can be helpful for those who feel that the entire keyboard is too cramped up together.

Contoured Keyboards

These are shaped like waves or domes and allows a more natural positioning of your forearms.

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Angled Keyboards

Best Keyboards for Excel
Angled Ergonomic Keyboards can provide you with a comfortable position to type with.. Source; Microsoft Sculpt

These are slightly sloped to promote the proper placement of writs and hands while typing. (Source)

You can choose any type with which you are comfortable. In our opinion, a split or dome-shaped one would just be sufficient to get in a correct typing position.

Make sure the keys are also comfortable and not require much force to press. Otherwise, they may hurt your wrists.

Palm/Wrist Rest

Palm Wrist rest
Palm and wrist rest can go a long way in relieving wrist pain. Source: Logitech Ergo K860

Most ergonomic keyboards come with palm or wrist rest at the keyboard’s front. It provides more comfortable support to your wrists and keeps them in a neutral position.

The wrists rest in some models are cushioned or pillowed. This would greatly help you if you are having wrist pain. As you use the keyboard more, you will gradually feel comfy.

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Wireless or Wired

Ergonomic keyboards like other standard keyboards can either be wired or wireless.

A wireless keyboard utilizes a USB receiver or Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer. There is no need for carrying a wire.

Such an accessory is powered by batteries that have to be replaced when they are over with their life. You may have to keep extra batteries if existing ones die out.

If you want to establish an instant and easy connectivity you can opt for a wired keyboard. It doesn’t need any battery. Wired keyboards usually have keys with a large surface area along with added hotkeys. (Source)

Note that wireless keyboards may lag sometimes. So it may cause hindrances if you are doing heavy tasks like gaming. They are also more expensive than wired ones.

Price and Extra Features

Ergonomic keyboards can be affordable or expensive. The pricey ones come with extra features such as added keys for media controls and customizable keys.

You can opt for a basic ergonomic full-sized keyboard as long as it does the job of reducing your wrist pain and also helps to type better for long periods.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Good for Wrist Pain?

While everyone has their own personal preference, we generally do not recommend mechanical keyboards for wrist pain.

Mechanical keyboards have elevated keys. Not only they are harder they actuate, moving from one key to the other also takes effort.

For wrist pain, we recommend chiclet styled keyboard with very shallow keys and with very low actuation points. This will allow you to glide through keys without needing to lift your fingers too much.

While mechanical keyboards can be personalized by the usage of the right MX key switch, their heightened keys can cause you trouble in the long run.

Note on Posture

You may have heard this a lot when looking to alleviate your pain, however, we cannot stress this enough as well.

Most of the times wrist pain, neck pain, back pain and other pains originating from the use of PC are caused by an incorrect posture.

If you suspect a bad posture is the cause of your pain, we recommend you read this article from webmd: Typing? Check Your Sitting Posture


It’s much better to use an ergonomic keyboard for preventing uneasiness in your fingers, wrists and arms. If you are having some pain, then it somewhat becomes a necessity to try an ergonomic keyboard.

We hope that this article on the best keyboards for wrist pain would help you in getting the right accessory to alleviate your discomfort.

A good keyboard can save you from expensive treatments if you develop a serious condition. So it’s better to spend a few more bucks in getting the appropriate typing companion.

Again, it is important to note that the intention of this article is not to provide you with medical advise. If you suffer from chronic or acute wrist pain, consult your doctor.

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