5 Best Mechanical Keyboards for Office in 2021

A keyboard is an inevitable part to use with your desktop computer at your office. Without it, you can’t do your computing tasks efficiently. Even if you use a laptop, you can connect a separate keyboard and find that it lets you type more conveniently.

A class of keyboards that’s popular among office workers are mechanical keyboards. As these are based on actual switches under each key, they offer more accurate and quick typing. Furthermore, these keyboards are known to last for years.

Whether you are a manager or clerk or belong to any position, it’s worthwhile to look for the best mechanical keyboards for office. It would gradually lead to more productive computing.

In this article, we will review some quality mechanical keyboards you can buy for office work. We will also look at different attributes you should consider in such choices.

List of Best Mechanical Keyboards for Office Use in 2021

The following are great mechanical keyboards for typing in general and excellent for office use.

  1. Redragon K551 Mechanical – Highly Affordable – Solid Construction
  2. Das Keyboard 4 – Premium Features and Performance – Wired
  3. Logitech G613 – Wireless – Fast Connectivity – Extra Keys
  4. Keychron K4 – Compact Design – Wired and Wireless Connectivity
  5. Ajazz AK510 – Retro Appearance with Modern Features

1. Redragon K551 Mechanical – Highly Affordable – Recommended Mechanical Keyboard for Office

We start with a budget offering in the form of Redragon K551. At a low price, it’s known to provide precise mechanical performance and flaunts useful working features.

As you see the keyboard makes use of Outemu Red switches which are equivalent to Cherry MX Red. These are linear switches without the tactile feedback. They need a light touch and low force to fully press the keys.

As a result, the switches are comparatively quiet and easy to use as compared to others. Further, the keycaps have a curved shape that makes it convenient to place your fingers. Thus, both the switches and keycaps make a good choice for an office computer.

Note that this is a full-sized wired keyboard with an integrated Numpad.

You will like the fact that the keyboard is constructed out of high-grade aluminum and ABS which makes it durable at this price. The keys are plate-mounted that adds to its sturdiness.

The keyboard features bright rainbow-style RGB LED backlighting. You can choose from different lighting effects and modes. Not only this illuminates the keyboard, but it allows working in dim conditions.

Hence all these attributes make us tag this machine as the best mechanical keyboard for office at an affordable price.

2. Das Keyboard 4 – Premium Features and Performance – Wired

Your search for a high performing and well-built mechanical keyboard ends in the form of Das Keyboard 4. It’s expensive but would suit those professionals who want to make the most out of this feature-packed machine.

The peripheral employs Cherry MX Blue switches that are both tactile and clicky. Due to this reason, they are favorable for fast typing as you don’t have to push the keys completely down.

Note that the switches make noise as you press the keys. So, your colleagues might get disturbed. You can also get a Cherry MX Brown variant of this keyboard that provides comparatively quiet typing.

On the construction side, the keyboard is made with a high-quality aluminum top panel. This makes it solid in terms of appearance and durability.

You will like the occurrence of a large knob for controlling volume along with dedicated keys for media controls. Further, the keyboard sports a two-port USB hub that lets you transfer media at high speed. Note that this is a wired keyboard making use of a long cable for connectivity.

Other notable features of this accessory include laser-etched keycaps and full n-key rollover.

All these aspects make us highly recommend this machine as the best mechanical keyboard for office.

3. Logitech G613 – Wireless – Fast Connectivity – Extra Keys

Are you looking for a wireless keyboard for work that’s adequately priced and gives responsive performance? Then the answer to this question lies in Logitech G613.

The keyboard rightly stands as the best mechanical keyboard for office over its durable and fast switches, extra programmable keys and multi-platform compatibility.

Featuring Logitech’s own Romer G switches, the keyboard provides stable and accurate typing. The switches are tactile and don’t make a loud noise. The accessory comes with a wrist rest for support.

It connects wirelessly through either Bluetooth or the included USB receiver. When connecting through the receiver there’s a delay of just 1 ms for transmitting a keystroke to the computer. This makes the keyboard super-fast and the reason for the name “Lightspeed” according to Logitech.

You will like the presence of six extra programmable keys that you can use to create macros and run different commands.

This model has compatibility with different operating systems including Windows, macOS and Android. This would be beneficial to you for work.

Note that the black-colored keyboard isn’t backlit and powered by 2 AA batteries that can last up to 18 months.

Briefly, this machine is ideal for workers who want a tidier workspace and need working features and fast performance.

4. Keychron K4 – Compact Design – Wired and Wireless Connectivity

We have a product that’s known for its compact size, both wireless and wired connectivity and smooth typing experience. It’s the Keychron K4 that stands as the best mechanical keyboard for office in our opinion.

This is a 100-key accessory that comes with an integrated Numpad. It has a minimalist compact design that won’t take much space on your desk.

The best part of this keyboard is that it has wireless connectivity that allows pairing up to 3 devices via Bluetooth. You can also connect it to your smartphones, laptops and tablets. Further, there’s an option to connect it through a wired USB cable to your computer.

You can acquire the peripheral in two categories of switches used: LK Optical switches and Gateron mechanical switches. They have a lifespan of 100 million and 50 million keystrokes respectively.

Note that for office usage we recommend getting the red ones in the categories of optical and Gateron switches. They require less force and are quietest which makes them suitable for the office.

With a battery life of 4000 mAh, the machine can last up to 7 days on normal usage. You’ll also like the presence of over 15 RGB lighting options for working in dark conditions.

The keyboard is reasonably priced and would provide adequate performance for using every day.

5. Ajazz AK510 – Retro Appearance with Modern Features

Are you looking for an accessory with a look that reminds you of the classic keyboards of the 90s? Then we have the Ajazz AK510 that flaunts a retro appearance and comes with modern features of today.

You can observe that the grey-white color scheme is the reason for its classic looks. With the RGB backlight feature, you can choose the color of every key via the manufacturer’s software.

This keyboard comes in different variants according to the switches used. However, we urge you to get one with modified brown switches for the workplace.

These would provide the same experience as Cherry MX Brown switches. They have a long lifespan and are a source of soft, convenient and quiet typing.

You will also like that the keycaps are spherical which makes them better to fit your fingers properly. Further, these are made from PBT material which makes them durable and gives a nice feeling on touching.

This full-sized keyboard supports an n-key rollover so that you can press multiple keys at once. You can assign and edit macros through the provided software.

A braided cable comes with the keyboard for connecting through a gold-plated USB interface.

This we rightly tag this accessory as the best mechanical keyboard for office over its convenient features and classic look.


What to Look For in the Right Mechanical Office Keyboard?

There are a few chief characteristics you should look for when buying a mechanical keyboard suited for the office.

These are:

Full-Sized Form Factor

best mechanical keyboards for office

A form factor means the physical shape and size of a keyboard. For office work, we recommend looking for the full-sized keyboard that has the Numpad, the navigation keys and the function row.

What you get as a result is a highly functional accessory for quick numeric entries and scrolling through the documents with ease. Keep in mind the keyboard may take space on your desk. (Source)

On the other hand, you will find specific models that are almost full-sized yet compact. These have all the essential keys you need.

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Mechanical Switches Option

Cherry MX Switches
For Durability mechanical keyboard are generally the way to go. Source: Twitter

When choosing a mechanical keyboard, it’s essential to look for the appropriate switches that suit you for the office. You can check out the ones that have low actuation point and distance and are comparatively silent.

This would help you to type quickly and accurately without interrupting your co-workers. We suggest looking for a keyboard with Cherry MX Brown or Red Switches as these satisfy the above criteria.

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Cherry MX Brown

These are tactile switches and need a low distance and force to activate them. They don’t produce loud noise and spring back rapidly after actuation. You can press the key halfway down and move on to the next key for fast typing.

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Cherry MX Red

These also require low activation distance and force. They need a light touch and are very quiet as compared to other switches. Due to their linear nature, you must push the keys all the way down. (Source)

Alternative Switches

You will find that keyboards with Cherry switches are costly. In case you are on a budget, you can buy mechanical keyboards with alternative switches. As these keyboards have a low price, make sure that the attributes of these switches resemble that of Cherry MX Brown or Red.

The motive is that you should have the same satisfying experience with alternate switches while working on your office computer.

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RGB Backlight and Programmable Keys

RGB lighting keyboard

An aspect to look for is the presence of RGB LED backlight and programmable keys.

Through the RGB backlighting feature, you can illuminate the keyboard to work in low lighting conditions or at night. You can also assign different colors to different keys for easy reach.

The programmable key feature means you can create different macros for running different programs or in-app commands. Some keyboards come with extra keys for this purpose. This would be valuable to you in the software that you use at work.


We prefer that you opt for a wired mechanical keyboard as it offers a consistent, stable and reliable connection with your computer. It eliminates the need for batteries or charging the peripheral.

However, if you need more tidiness on your desk and lessen the wire mess, you can get a wireless mechanical keyboard. You can also use it to connect to your smartphones or tablets at the office or when you are on the go. (Source)

Note that some accessories have both wired and wireless connectivity. This is more convenient as you can use either option for connection.


It’s no doubt that mechanical keyboards not only provide appropriate typing experience but also come with useful features that you can utilize to their full potential.

This would be a source of increasing your typing speed and efficiency. Further, you can work more productively in your office and perform your tasks competently.

We anticipate that this article on the best mechanical keyboard for office would greatly help you to carry out your professional duties fruitfully.

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