5 Best Mechanical Keyboards for Work in 2021

The keyboard is a vital part of the computer you use for work. Whether you work in an office or at home, it becomes essential to find the right one that suits your needs.

Among the different types of keyboards that are available today, there is a type called mechanical keyboards. These keyboards have physical switches underneath each key, and they provide more accurate and quick typing.

No matter what profession you belong to, looking for the best mechanical keyboards for work is worthy to explore. It would progressively make you more productive.

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the quality mechanical keyboards you can purchase for work. Further, we will also look at different characteristics you should consider in such options.

List of Best Mechanical Keyboards for Work in 2021

The following are very popular, quite, linear and comfortable mechanical keyboards that you can use for work and office.

  1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 – Recommended Mechanical Keyboard for Work
  2. Logitech G910 Orion Spark – Feature Rich – 9 Extra Keys
  3. Logitech G613 – Fast Wireless Connectivity – Tactile Switches
  4. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – Compact Design – Cherry MX Red
  5. AUKEY KM-G6R – Highly Affordable – Red Backlight

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 – Recommended Mechanical Keyboard for Work

There’s a premium offering from Corsair in the form of K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard. It would be a source of good mechanical performance and valuable features for work.

This wired machine makes use of Cherry MX Red switches that are known for low actuation force and distance. They are also relatively quiet as compared to other switches. What you get as a result is a satisfying typing experience for work.

Other features to cherish are the per-key RGB backlighting and the ability to create macros and remap the keys. This can be done through the software provided by Corsair.

There’s an 8MB onboard memory that works independently of the software. It lets you access up to three lighting profiles on the go.

You will like that the keyboard has a high-grade aluminum frame making it a sturdy typing companion.

Other features such as dedicated media controls, a volume roller and a USB-passthrough port make this machine more valuable.

Despite being a bit costly, this peripheral stands as the best mechanical keyboard for work over its switches, construction and features.

2. Logitech G910 Orion Spark – Feature Rich – 9 Extra Keys

We have another feature-rich machine with the name G910 Orion Spark and it’s from Logitech. This model enjoys a high rating among its large customer base that makes it popular.

Logitech has employed the Romer G variant of mechanical switches that are up to 25% faster in actuation. These switches are the closest to Cherry MX Reds and this means they have a smaller travel distance. The keys are also smooth and quiet to type on and it won’t annoy your co-workers.

Additionally, a wrist rest is also part of the keyboard offering extra comfort.

The G910 Orion Spark features per-key RGB lighting that’s customizable. Further, the presence of 9 extra programmable G-keys allows assigning macros that you can use in different software.

You will also find the dedicated keys for media controls as useful. There’s also a wheel for controlling the volume. Plus, this wired keyboard is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

We righty tag the machine as the best mechanical keyboard for work especially for professionals seeking to become more productive.

3. Logitech G613 – Fast Wireless Connectivity – Tactile Switches

Your search for a wireless mechanical keyboard ends with the Logitech G613 Lightspeed that’s reasonably priced and comes with worthy features. It provides effectual performance and has great battery life.

Thus, we righty recommend this accessory as the best mechanical keyboard for work.

Utilizing the manufacturer’s own Romer G switches, the keyboard delivers an accurate and precise typing experience. The switches are tactile, have a long lifespan and are not too loud.

There are six programmable keys on the machine’s far left. This lets you create and execute macros and in-app commands through the manufacturer’s software.

The keyboard connects wirelessly through either Bluetooth or the USB receiver. It offers a 1 ms report rate when connecting through the receiver. This ensures a super-fast connection and hence the reason for the name “Lightspeed”.

The model has an integrated wrist rest along with buttons for volume and media control.

It’s powered by 2 AA batteries that can run up to 18 months. You will like that it has wide compatibility with different operating systems.

In short, this keyboard is fitting for professionals who want fast performance without compromising on a tidy workspace.

4. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – Compact Design – Cherry MX Red

There’s a keyboard named HyperX Alloy FPS Pro that’s known for its minimalistic tenkeyless design and reliable mechanical switches. It’s a gaming peripheral disguised as the best mechanical keyboard for work in our opinion.

Among the several available variants, we recommend the Pro variant that comes with Cherry MX Red switches. They have a light touch and offer almost noiseless typing.

Apart from having a compact and space-saving design, you will cherish its steel frame that gives a sturdy feeling when typing. The keyboard is also lightweight and easy to carry.

This model comes with a detachable USB cable. Also, the presence of red-colored LED backlighting with dynamic effects illuminates the keyboard. It also comes with an n-key rollover feature with anti-ghosting.

Note that the peripheral is only compatible with Windows-based systems and will not work on a Mac.

The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro keyboard can be purchased at a decent price. Concisely, its space-saving design and responsive switches make it worthy to be considered for work.

5. AUKEY KM-G6R – Highly Affordable – Red Backlight

Are you searching for a well-performing keyboard and low on budget? Then you can consider a practical option in the form of Aukey KM-G6R.

The peripheral employs Outemu Red switches that are known for light touch and linear nature. These are equivalent to Cherry MX Reds and have a long lifespan. You will find that the keys are easy to press and a source of fast typing.

The keyboard has a red-colored LED backlight with various preset lighting effects. You can even turn off the lighting completely according to your preferences.

This full-sized and wired keyboard comes with a Numpad and supports full N-key rollover.

The machine is made from steel and ABS plastic and is also water-resistant. Further, the switches have an extra protective layer to prevent dust from getting inside.

You can use the functions keys for media controls, volume and other common commands. The keyboard works well on both Mac and PC.

All these aspects make us nominate this machine as the best mechanical keyboard for work at an affordable price.


How to Choose the Right Mechanical Keyboard for Your Work?

best mechanical keyboards for work

We will cover here chief aspects you should look for buying a mechanical keyboard that’s suited for work.

These are as follows:

Choice of Switches

You may know that different mechanical keyboards use different switches. When choosing one for work, we recommend those switches that are almost noiseless and have low actuation point and force.

By actuation point, we mean the key travel distance where a keypress is registered by the keyboard. The actuation force is the force needed at this point.

In our opinion, the boards with Cherry MX Reds or Browns meet the above conditions. In this way, you will be able to maintain your focus on work and your co-workers won’t get disturbed.

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Cherry MX Red

These switches are linear and need low activation force and distance. They are very quiet as compared to others. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for high-speed and consistent keypresses.

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Cherry MX Brown

They also need a low-actuation force and distance to register a keypress. They provide tactile feedback but without the loud sound. With these switches, you just need to press a key halfway down and move to the next one.

You can also buy keyboards with equivalent switches that are similar in characteristics to the Cherry MX Browns or Reds.

Full-Sized vs. Tenkeyless

As you see, keyboards come in a variety of sizes. The ones that are commonly used are the full-sized boards (100%) and tenkeyless (80%).

A full-sized board includes the Numpad, a row of function keys and the navigation keys. If you frequently enter numbers and do a lot of calculations, it’s better to opt for a full-sized board. It ensures you have all the keys in your reach including the Numpad.

You can also opt for a tenkeyless board that comes without the Numpad. It’s more portable and compact than the full-sized one and provides more space to use your mouse.

LED Backlighting and Other Features

An aspect to look for in a mechanical keyboard is the presence of an LED backlight. Some peripherals come with a single colored backlight while others come with an RGB LED backlight that’s also customizable.

You can use this feature to work in low light and assign varying colors to different keys. This allows for easy reach and helps in convenient typing.

There are other beneficial features that you can look for and these are listed below:

  • Extra Programmable Keys
  • N-Key Rollover with Anti-ghosting
  • Buttons for Media Control and Volume
  • USB-Passthrough Port
  • Metal Construction
  • Wrist Rest


Before buying a keyboard make sure that it’s compatible with the operating system (OS) you are using. Some keyboards have wide compatibility with multiple OS (such as Windows and macOS) while others are specific to work on a single OS.


Doubtlessly mechanical keyboards have existed for a long time. But today they have progressed to a level that you can utilize to their full potential in your working lives.

You can get them with switches that perform well and are also quiet, making it ideal for your occupation.

We expect that this article on the best mechanical keyboards for work be helpful to choose the right accessory for performing your tasks competently.

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