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5 Best Chromebooks for Homeschool in 2021

It’s hard to go wrong when buying a Chromebook for homeschooling. These laptops come with enough power to handle students’ needs.

Since they will be watching educational videos, attending online classes, and even some light browsing, you will hardly need a really powerful device.

Here we’ll see some of the best Chromebooks for homeschool. These devices have varying features including a large screen for the better viewing experience, sufficient storage, and a solid build to withstand a child’s use (and possibly abuse).

The best part is that an affordable Chromebook will be sufficient for the workload.

Comparison of Top Chromebooks for Homeschooling

4 GB64 GB
Buy at
Chromebook 4
4 GB32 GB
Buy at
Spin CP311
4 GB64 GB
Buy at
HP 14a
4 GB32 GB
Buy at
Core i5
8 GB256 GB
Buy at

List of Best Chromebooks for Homeschool in 2021

We find the following options from different price ranges to be exceptional for homeschooling needs.

  1. Lenovo – C340-15 – Large 15.6-inch screen convertible laptop
  2. Samsung Chromebook 4 – Affordable, 15.6-inch screen, non-convertible
  3. Acer Spin 311 CP311-2H-C3KA – Slim, portable and affordable device
  4. HP 14a-na0020nr – Great for users on a budget
  5. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook – 13.3″ – Powerful Chromebook for advance homeschooling

1. Lenovo – C340-15 – Recommended Large Screen Convertible Chromebook for Homeschool

Lenovo - C340-15

A large and comfortable 15.6″ convertible Chromebook with entry level price tag.

At almost $500, this laptop is a recommended choice for homeschooling students.

You get a 15.6-inch screen that’s large enough for comfortable viewing. This is great for watching video classes on the computer as well as doing assignments. Also, it has a 1920 x 1080 resolution which gives the content on the screen a crisp and clear definition.

The laptop is powered by an Intel Pentium Gold processor and runs off 4GB of memory. This grants it the ability to do basic multitasking and handle light workloads with ease.

You get 64GB of storage which is sufficient if all that will be stored on the computer are class documents and small files. However, if you need to store multiple HD format videos and large files you will quickly run out of storage space.

The laptop is convertible, allowing you to bend it to 360 degrees at the hinge and use it as a laptop. This is made possible by the fact that the laptop has a touchscreen.

You get fast bootup times and good battery life, making this one of the best Chromebooks for homeschool.

2. Samsung Chromebook 4 – Affordable, 15.6-inch screen, non-convertible

Samsung Chromebook 4

An affordable large screen 15.6″ Chromebook without convertible feature.

For those who are keener on using their devices solely as a laptop, going for the Samsung Chromebook 4 will give them just that.

It is a non-convertible device so no 360 degree turns. The screen is also not touch-capable. However, it does measure a good 15.6 inches which are great if you need a large screen for a more comfortable viewing experience.

This device is very affordable, making it one of the best Chromebooks for homeschool. As it’s not too expensive you can rest easy knowing that if it gets damaged, you won’t suffer very heavy losses.

With its moderately low price, you get an Intel Celeron processor with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Storing large files on this device is not an option as it’s best to leave the space for important applications instead. You can expand the space with an SD card for even more capacity.

The device has a Full HD screen and great battery life. A full charge can last about 12.5 hours, allowing you to get through a full school day without needing to recharge.

3. Acer Spin 311 CP311-2H-C3KA – Slim, portable and affordable device

Acer Spin 311 CP311-2H-C3KA

A small 11.6″ convertible Chromebook for portability

The main reason this comes up among the best Chromebooks for homeschool is its portability. The device has an 11.6-inch screen with minimal bezels around. This keeps its dimensions down and thus you can easily pack it in a small bag and carry it anywhere.

For even more measure, the device has a battery rated for 10 hours of use with a full charge. Hence, you can leave your power adapter at home if you’ll only be gone for a few hours and will need to do some work on the computer during that time.

The device has an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of LPDDR4(great for mobile devices as it uses less power) memory.

If the 64GB onboard storage you get with the device is insufficient, you can rest easy with the added 100GB of cloud storage you get via Google Drive. This will let the student store many of their files on the computer and back them up on Google’s servers when needed.

With this device, you get a slim device that’s affordable and happens to be convertible. This lets you use it in different configurations.

4. HP 14a-na0020nr – Great for users on a budget

HP 14a-na0020nr

One the most affordable Chromebooks out there with a decent 14″ size. Non Convertible.

For those on a budget, the HP Chromebook 14 has a lot to offer in terms of usability and cost.

To start, it has a 14-inch HD screen that is great for content consumption. Its size gives a good balance between comfortable viewing and portability.

You get a dual-core Celeron processor that is sufficient for web browsing and reading content on a computer. Furthermore, because it’s a lightweight system, students will have an easy time editing documents on this computer.

Furthermore, the device comes with 4GB of low power DDR4 memory that consumes very little power, is good for light multitasking and will handle the schoolwork efficiently.

With 32GB of internal storage, the student’s files can be safely stored on the computer and you can also do backups to Google Drive for the important ones.

Despite being non-convertible and not having a touch screen, this is still one of the best Chromebooks for homeschool. It is a budget option with good features including a backlit keyboard.

5. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook – Powerful Chromebook for advance homeschooling

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Performance grade premium Chromebook for home schooling with 13.3″ size.

For those who will occasionally be sharing their device with their kids, this is one of the best Chromebooks for homeschool.

If part of the curriculum involves demanding tasks like software learning and using some dedicated and resource-intensive applications, you will need a laptop that will be able to handle the workload.

Unlike many other Chromebooks that come with low-powered processors, this unit has an Intel Core I5 CPU and to make good use of it, comes with 8GB of RAM.

This makes it great for multitasking and with Chromebooks getting Linux support, users will have access to even more powerful software.

The laptop has a minimal yet aesthetically pleasing design and its aluminum construction makes it feel sturdy and premium. It has a 13.3-inch Ultra HD (4K) AMOLED panel which offers vivid colors and high contrast, making it great to look at when studying or watching educational content.

It comes with a built-in stylus pen that can be used on the touchscreen and with the device, you also get access to some applications from Microsoft Office.


How to Choose the Right Chromebook for Homeschooling?

There are two types of Chromebooks out there generally. Those with entry level hardware and those with high end hardware.

Chromebooks with Entry Level Hardware

The vast majority of the Chromebooks out there offer entry level hardware. Hence it is not uncommon to find Chromebooks featuring a mere Intel Celeron or Pentium processor.

The benefit of these Chromebooks is that they are far cheaper than an average laptop.

Plus having an entry level hardware on Chromebooks is generally not as bad as having the same on average Windows or Mac based laptop because the Chrome OS used by Chromebooks is very light.

On top of that Chromebooks are generally designed to utilize the internet resources the most. Hence, most of your work would be done on online application anyways.

For basic homeschool use, we recommend you stick with these type of Chromebooks that feature the low end hardware.

Advanced Chromebooks

samsung galaxy chromebook
Advanced Chromebooks feature high end hardware such as Intel Core i5 or even Intel Core i7 processor

Rarer breed of Chromebooks particularly the newer ones by Google itself as well as by Samsung offer hardware configuration that can match the performance of a premium Windows based laptop.

Samsung Chromebook 4 is an example of one such machine.

These Chromebooks offer advanced hardware as well as beautiful screens that reach 4K resolution.

These are generally intended for professional users such as graphic designers or editors.

For general homeschooling these may seem as an overkill. However, if you need a quality machine and if you want your kids to explore more advanced learning experiences such as software development, editing, programming etc, then these machines can be quite helpful.

Screen Size

best chromebooks for homeschool
Smaller Chromebooks such as 11.6″ models are portable and cheaper.

Most of the times, particularly in the budget category, the biggest difference between one Chromebook and the other is the screen size.

Chromebooks generally come in 11.6″, 13.3″, 14″ and 15.6″ sizes. The choice here depends upon whether you want portability or viewing comfort.

If you want portability, go for smaller models. If you want viewing comfort, go for larger models.

Another important factor to consider is whether you want a convertible Chromebook or not. Convertible Chromebooks can turn into a tablet. As such they have a touchscreen. However, convertible Chromebooks are naturally more expensive.

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Benefits of Chromebook for Homeschooling

Chromebooks run on the very lightweight Chrome OS. This is their biggest advantage over other computers as they tend to have minimal hardware requirements. This is why you find some of them using less powerful CPUs, with small amounts of RAM but still perform well

Whether its dissatisfaction with the curriculum in schools or the school environment is not appealing, having the right gear will lessen the tutor’s load and help the student learn better.

This is where Chromebooks come in. They run on Google’s Chrome OS which is a lightweight operating system. Apart from that, you get access to Google apps like Docs and Sheets as well as millions of other android apps via the Play store – including educational apps.

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Easy to Navigate

Chrome OS has a simple-to-use user interface. Therefore, the student will not need to spend too much time to get accustomed to all its nuances.

Instead, the learner will quickly get on board and be able to use the computer to do their work. It combines the computer’s native applications and web tabs in a single strip where they can be easily accessed by the user.

The result is a cleaner, more intuitive experience that maximizes the computer’s multitasking capabilities.


When getting a laptop for a homeschooling student, particularly younger ones, you don’t need to invest in a very powerful device because there’s a good chance they won’t fully utilize it. Also, it will be expensive.

However, if you also intend to use the laptop yourself for some productivity tasks then you should go for the more powerful ones with Core I5 – I7 processors and lots of RAM if you do very demanding tasks.

For a homeschooling student, you can get away with as little as 32GB of internal storage, as long as you have backup storage space for some extra educational material. For basic tasks, a minimum of 4GB RAM is recommended and will be sufficient for casual educational use.

Parental Controls and Security

A parent or a guardian can create a supervised account for the student. This will limit their access to unnecessary or malicious sites, hence safeguarding them on the internet. They are also secure with an inbuilt antivirus.

Chrome Extension for Students

Final Words

The price point, light use case, ease of use, integration with the Google infrastructure and the Chrome OS resembling an Android tablet makes Chromebooks an excellent tool for students.

If you are looking for the right machine, then we hope that our list of best Chromebooks for homeschool gave you a good idea about what to expect from such devices at least.

The beauty about Chromebooks is that you can install and use a plethora of education centric apps just as you would on an Android tablet – most of which are free.

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