How to Find What Battery My Laptop Has? – 4 Methods

Last Updated on March 4, 2021

It quite common to ask how to find what battery my laptop has if you find yourself in the unfortunate state of having to replace it. This is because not all laptop batteries are the same and you must purchase the correct one for your notebook.

There are a few simple methods. Simply looking at the stickers on the battery itself can give you all the important details. But, if this is not possible, you can also check with the laptop’s manufacturer via their website. This requires you to know the exact model of the laptop though. A simpler way will be to use a third-party application.

If you’re planning on replacing your laptop’s battery, you need to know the exact model of the battery. If you decide to check online, ensure you use only reputable sources, otherwise, you may get the wrong information.

How to Find What Battery My Laptop Has

You may need to know how to find what battery my laptop has sooner or later. This information will aid in making sound judgments about a replacement battery.

There are 4 methods can guide you or tell you exactly what needs to be done.

  1. Read the Battery Stickers
  2. Search Online for Your Laptop Parts and Batteries
  3. Using Third Party Software
  4. Using Inbuilt OS Services

1. Read the Battery Stickers

How to Find What Battery My Laptop Has

This method will only work if you can safely gain access to the battery pack. All manufacturers apply stickers on the batteries that provide valuable information about the original part.

They do this because somewhere along the line, the end-user may need to do some replacement or repairs, and having these details can be useful for repair personnel.

Using the stickers, you can determine a lot of things about your battery, including its serial number, part number, and other vital information like its capacity.

The stickers may also provide you with information about how much charging current it takes as well as its discharging performance.

All this goes to say that a laptop battery’s stickers can be a treasure trove of information.

Be Careful

Some laptops have inbuilt batteries that are not easily accessible. Hence, you may have to open it up to check out the battery physically

This process can be daunting to users who are not experienced with disassembling laptops, not to mention that it can also void your warranty or result in other damages.

2. Search Online for Your Laptop Parts and Batteries

How to Find What Battery My Laptop Has 2

Finding the exact model of the battery can be tricky, especially if you do not the stickers to go by. Luckily, you can find information about the battery by basing your query on the laptop itself.

You will need to know the exact model name of the laptop, and if you can find its serial number, your search can be more precise.

The thing with online searches is you get tons of results; some may not be useful, let alone relevant. So, to fine tune your query results, give preference to results that come from the brand’s manufacturer.

So, for an HP laptop, you will be better off searching for results that come from the official HP site as they will have the best information for you.

In keeping with the consulting of the manufacturer motif, if the laptop is new, you can check the user guide that it comes with. With some models, you can find information about the battery there.


As you have seen, you need to have some basic starting information before proceeding with how to find what battery my laptop has online. As such, this process introduces a new angle of having to at least determine the exact laptop model.

As a result, this process can be time-consuming at the start. Users also run the risk of getting misleading information if they are not very careful with the online searching method.

3. Using Third Party Software

battery view
Source: Battery Info View

Some people determined that users would be looking for information on how to find what battery my laptop has, and in turn, created programs that do just that.

These are third-party programs that perform an analysis on your laptop intending to obtain information about its various components, including the battery it uses.

There are various programs you can use for this, and depending on the one you use, you can get a deep analysis of your battery, including the exact model and part number. This can make the process much easier as all you need to do is download and install a small application and run it.

One very popular third party software in this regard is the BatteryInfoView.

But this does not come without its issues though. You have to be careful not to download any unwanted software and you also run the risk of infecting your computer with malware.

Therefore, while this method is more straightforward, care has to be taken to avoid unwittingly exposing yourself to more risk than necessary.

4. Using Inbuilt OS Services

On Windows OS, there’s a program (powercfg.exe) that can be accessed with the powercfg command on the Command Prompt or PowerShell terminals.

In the case of the former, press the start button and search for the “Command Prompt” program. Then, execute it with the “Run as Administrator” option because it needs elevated privileges to run effectively.

Once you are on the terminal, paste the following command: `powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery.html”` (without the backticks). This will create a ‘battery.html’ file in the root directory of the C partition.

The file will open on your default browser, and somewhere at the top is an entry for the battery serial number. Check to see if yours is populated with any information. The rest of the file contains various stats about your battery.   

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Final Words

Now that you know how to find what battery my laptop has, proceeding with things like replacements should be a walk in the park.

Since there are many options available, users need to determine which method offers the most convenience, while being effective.

Third-party programs are easy to install and use and they can provide a lot more information besides the battery’s model. An online search can also turn up a lot of information depending on how much patience and care you put into it.

All things considered, determining your laptop’s battery type doesn’t need to be too complicated.


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