5 Best Gaming Mouse Under $100 in 2021

A basic mouse is all you need to play most games. However, some mice are built with extra features, more durability, and a myriad of other features that makes them more expensive. You have come to the right place if wondering about the best gaming mouse under 100.

At this price range, you’ll get good features from a mouse. Some will have a lot more to offer than just point and clicking functionality.

Many features help make gaming a better experience and with a budget of less than 100, you can find a great fit.

List of Best Gaming Mouse Under $100

The following are some of the most popular and feature rich gaming mice under $100.

  1. Razer DeathAdder V2 – Recommended Gaming Mouse Under $100
  2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – Customizable weights and balance
  3. Glorious Model O – Lightweight and ambidextrous
  4. Logitech G502 Lightspeed – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $100
  5. Corsair Scimitar Pro – Ideal for MMOs, 16000DPI sensor

1. Razer DeathAdder V2 – Recommended Gaming Mouse Under $100

The Razer DeathAdder V2, one of the best gaming mouse under 100 is a testament to this.

It comes with a 20000 DPI optical sensor. This is also adjustable, allowing you to settle for very high responsiveness or switch to lower DPI for better control on less demanding tasks. This can be done using the two DPI buttons next to the scroll wheel.

The mouse has a unique gamer-centric design with a comfortable grip and size for most users. It also comes with optical switches from Razer. These are more responsive than regular mechanical switches as they do not suffer from debounce delay.

The switches are also durable and come with a 70 Million click rating. The cable attached to the mouse is flexible enough to allow unimpeded movement when gaming.

It is lightweight, making it easy to move around, and to make your flow more streamlined, it has 8 programmable buttons.

These can be set up with custom keyboard shortcuts and macros that you can use both in-game and when working and will help make you more effective.

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2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – Customizable weights and balance

This mouse strikes a unique balance between customizability and performance. As a gaming mouse, you get all the nice features you need.

It has a high sensitivity optical sensor with up to 12000DPI. This is adjustable depending on the game and your needs. You can even adjust the polling rate for more demanding tasks, and you get various options ranging from 125Hz to 1000Hz.

At the same time, users get programmable buttons that can be mapped to different functions on your computer to improve your workflow. The buttons are also easily accessible thanks to the design of the mouse. It is, however, only made for right-handed users.

RGB lighting on the device is a good addition and is customizable to match a given user’s needs.

All the customizations can be saved to the mouse’s onboard storage, making it easy to use your desired profile on multiple computers without having to redo the settings.

What makes this the best gaming mouse under 100 is its addition of customizable weights and balance. It comes with 5 3.6-gram weights that can be distributed inside the mouse to give you extra comfort.

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3. Glorious Model O – Lightweight and Ambidextrous

This lightweight device has a unique honeycomb design that sheds some extra weight and also lets you see the LED fixtures inside it.

It is a high-performance unit with an optical sensor, and it measures a mere 67grams. That is what makes it the best gaming mouse under 100. It is ideal for users who love light mice and the fact that it is ambidextrous makes it all the more appealing for most people.

Just like the G502 Proteus Spectrum, this also has adjustable polling rates, and you get values that will range from 125Hz to 1000Hz.

The polling rate is essentially the number of times the mouse updates the computer about its position so that the pointer can move accordingly. And, with 1000Hz, users can get very accurate and fluid motion.

The unit comes equipped with Omron Switches that are very durable, and the debounce delay is also reduced to just 4 milliseconds, making this mouse very responsive even to rapid and successive clicking that will help you get higher CPS.

Up to 6 buttons on the mouse support macros which can play into making your work and gaming life easier.

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4. Logitech G502 Lightspeed – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $100

If you do not like wired mice, then this is the best gaming mouse under 100 for you. The G502 Wireless, as the name suggests, is a wireless mouse. But it does offer some competitive features.

It offers an almost lag-free gaming experience thanks to Logitech’s wireless technology. This is also known as Lightspeed, and it offers ultra-low latencies compared to other popular standards like Bluetooth.

Also, the mouse does support Bluetooth. This is a better alternative when looking to lengthen your battery life or when you do not need the very high latency.

It is also equipped with the Hero 25K sensor, which offers high responsiveness and accurate surface tracking for more effective movements in the heat of the action during very intensive games. The sensitivity can be adjusted in steps from 100 to a whopping 25600DPI.

There is a total of 11 customizable buttons on the device, and you also get LightSync RGB that can be set to any one of the 16.8 Million available colors. These can be set up via the G-Hub software.

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5. Corsair Scimitar Pro – Ideal for MMOs, 16000DPI sensor

This is the best gaming mouse under 100 for MMO players. It comes with a generous number of programmable buttons that are easily accessible and also features some solid performance thanks to powerful optics.

There are 12 programmable buttons at the side of the mouse where the thumb rests. All these can be set up to do different things, and for MMOs, you can map them to certain actions and various other assets.

Due to its design, however, left-handed users will have a tough time with this.

At the bottom is a 16000DPI optical sensor with adjustable levels depending on a user’s needs. Unlike many other mice, this one can be adjusted in steps of just 1DPI. Also, via the accompanying software, users can do some surface calibration.

That gives users more accurate control and freedom to experiment with different levels to find their preferences.

If you ever customize the buttons or RGB lighting, you will be glad to know that you can save your profiles on the device’s internal storage for ease of use.

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Guide to Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse Under $100

Your gaming mouse should have the features you need. Just to name a few, these include a comfortable and firm grip, a responsive sensor and switches, and a generous supply of buttons that can be equipped with custom functions for ease during gameplay.

Aside from these basic features, there are a few more that would be nice to have. Here’s what you need to consider.

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Sensor Type

Gaming mice fall into two huge categories when looking at the loaded sensor. There are the optical sensor and the laser sensor.

Optical mice use Infra-Red LEDs while laser mice use lasers. Optical mice have improved in terms of surface tracking thanks to technologies like DarkField.


Mouse sensitivity can be measured in both DPI and CPI. DPI (Dots Per Inch) refers to the number of pixels that the cursor will move on the screen based on one inch of movement on the mouse.

On the other hand, the CPI is the resolution of the sensor that the mouse uses to track surfaces. Both will play into having the best possible experience and having a wide range of each can be ideal, especially for users playing on very high-resolution screens.

Weights and Balance

gaming mouse under $100

It is not uncommon to find mice with adjustable weights. They come with extra weight plates that can be distributed inside the mouse to alter its weight and balance.

Also, some users prefer lightweight mice whereas others lean more towards heftier devices. With this, the choice boils down to personal preferences.

Wired vs Wireless

Under 100, you will find god wired and wireless mice. Some wireless mice use Bluetooth, and others use a dongle. Some even have proprietary wireless technologies to help minimize lags and latency issues.

In the case of wired mice, you get high responsiveness and in some cases, they are cheaper than wireless mice.

Before getting yourself a sub-100 gaming mouse, it’s also important to consider the games that you are going to play.

Games like MMOs are easier to play on a mouse with several programmable buttons. These can then be set up with custom macros that perform different functions in the game.

One thing that’s also important to consider is the grip style. The popular ones include palm, claw, and fingertip. Some mice are more suitable for certain grips than others, and before settling for a mouse, you should consider this factor.

Final Words

If you are professional or an enthusiast gamer, then you can find some of the best deals under $100. Whether you are an FPS gamer, a gamer looking to get some butterfly or drag clicks, MOBA gamer or just someone looking for a pro grade mouse, then this is an excellent price range to go for.

Here we reviewed some of the best gaming mouse under $100. We looked at gaming mice for different purpose, features, customization options and layouts.

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