5 Best Left Handed Mouse for Work in 2021

If you have been looking for the best left handed mouse for work you are in the right place. Finding a device that fits your needs and offers features to aid your productivity can be a bit challenging for left-handed people.

The devices need to be tailored to your dominant hand and perform well for day-to-day tasks whether its editing documents or doing more demanding things like graphic design and video editing.

There are features that go into making a mouse a useful tool for your workflow. Good features and comfortable design are essential.

There are different types of mice for left handed user but the most common one are the ambidextrous mice. We review them below.

List of Best Left Handed Mouse for Work in 2021

The following handed mice are great for office users in if most of them are gaming grade.

  1. ELECOM M-XT4DRBK – Recommended Left Handed Mouse for Work
  2. SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Durable with 12000CPI optical sensor
  3. Razer Viper Ultralight – 8 Programmable buttons, 16000DPI Sensor
  4. Razer Atheris – Wireless with 350-hours battery life
  5. Corsair M55 RGB Pro – Wired ambidextrous gaming mouse

1. ELECOM M-XT4DRBK – Recommended Left Handed Mouse for Work

Ergonomic mice come in various forms. This trackball mouse is an ideal device for people who work for long hours due to its comfortable shape.

Instead of using a regular optical sensor that tracks the surface as the mouse is moved along, this device uses a trackball. So, you end up rolling the ball, a sensor detects the changes and updates the computer which moves the cursor accordingly.

This is the best left handed mouse for work because as soon as you get used to the trackball you will be able to get more work done without straining yourself too much in the process.

The device operates on the 2.4GHz wireless signal and offers high precision tracking which is good for working with demanding tasks. There are two sensitivity presets available. 750DPI for high precision tasks and 1500DPI for when you need snappy cursor movements.

At the same time, 6 buttons can be used to make work more streamlined. The trackball can be removed for cleaning and maintenance and its mechanism is built to prevent dust ingress.

2. SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Durable with 12000CPI optical sensor

This device is built with a satisfying symmetry. While this makes the device aesthetically appealing, it also lets the device be usable by both right and left-handed people.

It is a gaming mouse with a 12000CPI optical sensor. This ensures you get very high performance for demanding tasks. Furthermore, the sensitivity is adjustable, making it the best left handed mouse for work.

You can lower the sensitivity to levels that you find comfortable for productive tasks like document editing or graphics work.

This device has very durable left and right a split trigger switches from Omron that are rated for up to 50 million clicks.

There’s also two-zone LED lighting for enthusiasts. These are on the scroll wheel as well as the logo and can be customized.  There’s internal storage for the mouse so all your customizations can be stored on the device and used on other computers conveniently.

In terms of compatibility, the device works with most major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also wired so you get high performance with faster response rates.

3. Razer Viper Ultralight – 8 Programmable buttons, 16000DPI Sensor

If you like lightweight devices then this 69-gram mouse from Razer will be your best choice. Despite its small size and weight, it packs quite a punch with its 16000DPI optical sensor.

This makes it the best left handed mouse for work and when you need to, playing competitive games with it will also be a breeze.

Through the Razer Synapse software, you will be able to change its sensitivity settings. You will also have the ability to tinker with the Chroma RGB lighting and get to choose from the available 16.8 million colors.

8 customizable buttons can be set up with different macros to perform various functions. This brings all your favorite tools to your fingertips hence enhancing your workflow and making you more productive.

For faster response rates, this device ditches mechanical switches for optical ones. These do not suffer from debounce delay, an issue that can cause some delay between when the button is pressed and the effect occurs. For latency-sensitive work, this mouse is ideal.

It’s comfortable and has a drag-free cord that offers a wireless mouse experience on a wired mouse.

4. Razer Atheris – Wireless with 350-hours battery life

Wireless mice are ideal for people who do not like to have their devices tethered to the computer. This offers much freedom for the user and eliminates the drag that a cable can introduce especially if it gets tangled with other things on the desk.

This device has a long 350-hour battery life which will let you take it when traveling. You can use it worry-free on the go, knowing that its power will last a while before the battery runs out.

It uses either Bluetooth or a wireless USB dongle for connections. This is ideal as you can switch connections if need be and if you end up losing or forgetting to pack your dongle you will still be able to use the Razer Atheris.

It has an ambidextrous form factor meaning even right-handed individuals can use it. However, with its ergonomic design and high performance, it is the best left handed mouse for work.

Speaking of performance, the device has a powerful 7200DPI optical sensor. The DPI levels are adjustable to fit your needs. You also get 5 programmable buttons.

5. Corsair M55 RGB Pro – Wired ambidextrous gaming mouse

The unmistakable Corsair logo at the back of this device is backlit with customizable RGB lighting. This adds to its aesthetic appeal which also includes a symmetric appearance which hints to the fact that this is an ambidextrous mouse.

This wired gaming mouse offers very high performance that grants left-handed users a faster and more refined way to work.

It has a 12400DPI sensor that offers precision tracking and fast response rates. At the same time, the device is lightweight, coming out at about 86 grams which is remarkable for its size and lets you play for long with minimal strain.

It has durable Omron switches that are rated to be good for about 50 million clicks. That means this is a mouse that you can expect to use for a long time.

You also get eight customizable buttons that will let you set up convenience macros and functions to make your workflow more efficient. Buttons can also be quickly remapped to other functions if need be.

You get a firm and comfortable grip which makes this the best left handed mouse for work.


How to Choose the Right Mouse for Work if You are Left Handed

Despite what you do for work, having a good mouse will go a long way in keeping you productive.

When getting a mouse for work, the first things you need to focus on are the essential features. Things that the mouse should at least be able to do.

Sensor Performance

Many modern mice have powerful sensors. These offer excellent racking capabilities that are necessary for work. Mouse performance is measured using different metrics. These, however, go to show how well the device can detect a surface and report changes to the computer.

For work, you may not need a very fast sensor, the likes of 16000DPI, etc. These have their applications.

However, getting such a device will be beneficial because you will have a wide range of options for sensitivity. You will then have to pick a level that you find most effective for your work.

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Wired vs Wireless

Wired mice are great for people who want high responsiveness. When it comes to work, wired and wireless mice can both offer great performance. Furthermore, some wireless mouse delivers very fast response rates due to advanced wireless technologies.

Hence, when getting the mouse specifically for work, consider your needs when deciding between getting a wired or a wireless mouse.

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Programmable Buttons

corsair m55 RGB pro
Corsair M55 Pro RGB

Without a doubt, there are repetitive tasks that you do on your computer. These are particular actions that are associated with certain shortcuts on your keyboard or key combinations.

Performing these would be much easier if you had the functions wired up as a macro on your mouse. This is the greatest advantage of mice with customizable buttons. You will be able to set up the buttons to perform different functions and cut the time you spend working significantly.


best left handed mouse for work

Being comfortable is crucial to being productive. Imagine starting your work and barely halfway through you feel some discomfort in your arms.

This is common when you do not use and ergonomic mouse. You tend to get more strain on your arms and chances are you will come from your desk after some extensive work feeling exhausted and drained.

Ergonomic mice ease your hands into a comfortable position. They reduce the risk of getting Repetitive Strain injuries as a result of performing the same motion repeatedly for a long time. These come in different shapes and sizes but serve to keep you comfortable while you’re busy working.

Final Words

If you are left handed then it is quite unfortunate that most of the mice are designed for right hand user.

Hence if you are looking for the best left handed mouse for work, then you can go for either dedicated left handed mice or for ambidextrous options.

You must have realized that most mice mentioned in this article are gaming grade. This is because most quality ambidextrous and left handed mice are made by gaming peripheral brands.

The good news is that anything that is capable of gaming is generally  deemed as premium quality. Hence for work, these mice should more than suffice.

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