5 Best Mouse for Clicking Fast in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Mastering the skill of clicking fast is important if you want to step up your gaming skills. Several techniques will help you raise the bar, but when all is said and done, having the best mouse for clicking fast will come in handy.

The point of clicking fast is to raise the number of CPS or clicks per second. On games like Minecraft, being able to register higher CPS counts will give you an advantage, especially when playing competitively online.

There are a few boxes the best mouse for clicking fast needs to check. The first is comfort. Being able to click fast should not come at the expense of cutting your gaming short due to fatigue. Hence, a nice and a comfortable ergonomic grip is essential to keep you in the game.

At the same time, the mouse switches need to be highly responsive to register all those clicks. Otherwise, things like debounce delay could severely hamper your performance regardless of how good you are at clicking fast. Here are some picks of mice that will help you click faster.

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Top Mice for Clicking Fast Compared

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1. Glorious Model D – Popular Mouse with Low Debounce Delay

Glorious Model D

One of the most popular mouse for drag, butterfly and jitter clicking techniques.

What makes this the best mouse for clicking fast is its use of high-quality Omron switches. These are very durable and come with a rating of 20 million clicks. As such, you can click as fast as possible without the fear of quickly wearing them out.

Additionally, the switches have reduced debounce delay. In fact, the mouse’s software allows you to essentially set the debounce delay and you can essentially turn it off for proving for CPS rate.

Debounce delay is a feature found on almost all newer mice that blocks repetitive clicks. While in games like Minecraft, having 0 debounce delay is ideal, for most other games, having a mouse that accidentally registers clicks is frowned upon.

This mouse weighs 68 grams. This is made possible by the honeycomb design which takes away extra material while maintaining durability. A light weight mice can come in handy not just for clicking fast but also easily moving it around.

It also uses a powerful Pixart sensor that’s rated for a maximum of 12000 DPI and 1000HZ polling rate. The mouse also come with 6 programmable buttons.

Its build quality and low debounce delay make this mouse very popular in the drag clicking community.

Dragging the mouse on surfaces is made smoother with Glorious Skates feet. These offer smooth movement and with the addition of their braided Ascended cable, you can move your cursor and click on items more gracefully.

So in short, if you are looking for a highly capable option for all sorts of clicking techniques, then this is the best mouse for clicking fast.

2. Razer DeathAdder V2 – Optical Switches, 20K DPI Sensor

Razer DeathAdder V2

A mouse that is synonymous for PC gaming, particularly FPS.

With mechanical switches, there’s always a chance for latency. Optical switches, however, eliminate it, by making use of a beam of light instead of physical contact.

This results in a very accurate click response, a feature that makes the DeathAdder v2 the best mouse for clicking fast.

Besides that, the mouse also comes with a 20000 DPI sensor with adjustable DPI levels. With this, you can calibrate the cursor to move to your liking, enabling you to click even more accurately.

The side grips are rubberized, giving the mouse a more efficient grip and ensuring you can move and control it effectively.

The mouse weighs about 82 grams, and this lightweight design makes it easy to move around. It also makes use of PTFE feet that allow smooth gliding. It also has an ergonomic build, making it very comfortable to hold and use with various gripping styles, thus making it very popular.

It has 8 programmable buttons and a highly customizable LED lighting scheme.

If you are looking for a mouse that is synonymous with the gaming industry, than this is the best mouse for clicking fast.

3. Roccat Kone AIMO – Large Mouse with 23 Programmable

Roccat Kone AIMO

A large mouse with switches that can allow for clicking very fast, including drag clicking technique.

This mouse was literally designed with the human hand in mind. As such, it portrays a lot of ergonomic qualities which let it fit the palm comfortably as well as provide a firm grip which comes in handy when clicking fast.

The way its buttons are designed essentially make this one of rare few mice that are capable of drag clicking. In addition to that, it is also highly suitable for butterfly and jitter clicking techniques. You can watch this mouse in action here.

It has 23 programmable buttons that can be set to various functions and macros, helping you play more efficiently. While all 23 buttons are not located on top of the mouse, with the addition of an Easy-Shift button, you can assign up to two macros per button.

The mouse has am average 12000DPI sensor, and DPI switches can be used to customize their responsiveness.

The surface is made of a grippy coat which makes this mouse ideal for a good palm or claw grip.. It can support many other clicking techniques depending on the user’s preferences, making this the best mouse for clicking fast.

It has a fairly large construction, making it ideal for people with medium to large hands. And, it weighs 130 grams which is good for people who like the feel of a weighty mouse.

All in all, if you are looking for a large and heavy option for all sorts of clicking techniques, then this is best mouse for clicking fast.

4. Logitech G403 Hero – Affordable and Lightweight Mouse

Logitech G403

A small and a lightweight weight gaming mouse with a highly affordable price tag.

Logitech G403 Hero is a highly affordable mouse with a rather light weight construction, making it great for most gamers on a budget.

While it is not packed with features like countless programmable buttons, what it does offer is performance/dollar value.

The G403 features rubber side grips that provide a firm grasping surface which makes it easy to click fast. Additionally, the shape of the mouse and its size makes it easy and comfortable to hold even for extended gaming periods for people with small hands.

It is a lightweight mouse, however, weighing about 87.3 grams. However, it comes with an optional 10g weight which allows you to pick your desired feel.

As the name suggests, this mouse uses a Hero sensor with a maximum of 25600DPI. This is adjustable, allowing users to tune into the responsiveness they find comfortable.

For those of you are who are not aware, the Logitech HERO sensor is one of the most coveted tracking sensor out there for gamers owing to its precision.

A discerning feature of this mouse is the added spring button tensioning system. Metal spring is used to adjust the tension of the left and right buttons. This lets users adjust the amount of force needed to register clicks. This customizability allows the G403 to be the best mouse for clicking fast. 

There are six programmable buttons on this mouse, as well as customizable RGB lighting which will let you personalize the unit to your needs. For an affordable mouse, this device offers many useful features.

5. Razer Viper Ultimate – High Performance Wireless Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate

A highly quality wireless gaming mouse.

From Razer, the Viper Ultimate is a unique gaming mouse, in that it’s wireless. While wireless mice are generally not preferred by gamers due to the lag, this mouse features the Hyperspeed Wireless technology which takes the polling rate to below 1ms. 

While this may not be a mouse suitable for drag or butterfly click with this due to its grip and switch type, you can however jitter click.

If the sole purpose for your to getting a mouse is to click as fast as possible, then we recommend the mice above, however, if you want to have a fast clicking AND a have a good aim in games like FPS then this is something that you can look into.

This is also a lightweight device, weighing just about 74g. And, while it does shed some extra grams, it does so without sacrificing build quality.

Both left and right-handed people can use this device as its ambidextrous. 8 programmable buttons can be customized via Razer Synapse software, and the same goes for the RGB lighting which can be tuned to the user’s preferences.

The smooth PTFE mouse feet and lack of a cable let this mouse glide smoothly over surfaces, providing accurate pointing which is essential for clicking fast.


How to Click Faster?

The number of clicks a person can perform is measured with a unit called CPS.

With practice and a good mouse, the number of clicks per second can be improved. But, to get to very high numbers, one of a few clicking techniques needs to be adopted.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is perhaps the simplest method to perform. It involves clicking your mouse as fast as you can but using only one finger.

This may involve any gripping style (and there are many of these too), and the most used appendage is the index finger. However, you are free to use the one you find more effective.

When jitter clicking, short bursts are easy to perform because you don’t take a while to click. Long bursts are however much harder and you will end up getting fatigued fast, or sustain an injury if you do it for too long or do it incorrectly. 

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Butterfly Clicking

This one will require a little bit of getting used to. Just like jitter clicking, the aim is to get as many clicks as possible. The only difference is that this technique is executed with the help of two fingers instead of just one.

So, the idea is to press the same key with two fingers, usually the index finger and the middle finger, one after the other but in a repeated motion.

This is a technique that requires practice, but once you get a feel of it, you will be able to record even higher clicks per second because it can theoretically double your CPS because you’re using two fingers. 

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Drag Clicking

This is a little difficult to master, and in some cases, you end up needing some grip tape on the mouse button to pull off successfully.

This is because drag clicking relies on the friction between your finger and the button you want to press.

You use one finger, place it on the button and drag it. The friction will push the button down and register a click. As the button bounces back into position, it is then pushed back down. This process repeats itself for the duration of the drag, and it happens very rapidly depending on how skillfully you perform it.

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What is Debounce Delay?

Best Mouse for Clicking Fast
Some mice like the Glorious Model O allow you to switch off debounce delay for fast clicking techniques

The easy way to think of debouncing in electronic equipment is, it’s the process of removing the signaling bounces. When you press a mechanical mouse button, a contact is made between conductors to register the click. But it doesn’t end there. The contacts “bounce” on and off, making other minute contacts.

Debouncing prevents these additional contacts from registering and the debounce delay is in essence the time in which the switch’s clicks cannot be registered.

This is of course bad for people who want to click fast because this delay means there will always be clicks that go unregistered.

While this helps prevent unwanted double-clicking, it can be a problem in itself. To counter this, some mechanical mice are built to reduce the delay time.

This is useful but not completely efficient as there’s still some delay. To completely counter it, optical switches are used. They use a beam of light instead of mechanical switches to register clicks.

How to Choose the Right Mouse for Clicking Fast

When choosing the right mouse for clicking, the first and foremost consideration is to choose a gaming mouse – obviously.

None of the productivity mice out there like the Logitech MX series mouse or the Microsoft Surface mice will be capable of fast clicking techniques.

Next, you need to consider what kind of clicking technique you will employ. The simplest is the jitter clicking. Almost any good gaming mouse can jitter click.

The toughest one to perform is the drag clicking technique which is not possible to perform on all mice. Only a few rare mice out there have the material and the switches that can allow for a comfortable drag clicking.

Some other considerations are the weight and the size, which essentially determines your gripping style i.e palm, claw or fingertip.

You can also look into programmable buttons, a high DPI as well as wireless connectivity.

Final Words

There are a plethora of gaming mouse out there. However, not all are suitable for clicking fast.

Basically, the best mouse for clicking fast is the one that complements your clicking technique.

Here we looked at some of the popular mice as well as reviewed the few important clicking techniques for achieving a high CPS rate.


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