5 Best Mouse for Coding in 2021

Coders will agree that spending a long time at their desks is a normal part of their daily routines.

Having the right tools will mean the difference between ending your sessions feeling fine as opposed to leaving the desk with a cramping arm.

This is related to the ergonomics of the mouse. Repetitively moving your hands in an uncomfortable position puts you at great risk of developing a Repetitive Strain injury like carpal tunnel or tennis elbow. The best mouse for coding can help.

Getting a good mouse depends on your specific needs and your budget.

List of Best Mouse for Coding in 2021

The following options are preferred and recommended by many coders out there.

  1. Logitech MX Master 3 – Recommended Mouse for Coding
  2. Logitech MX Vertical – Ergonomic vertical mouse, long battery life
  3. Microsoft Sculpt – Good for better wrist posture
  4. Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Light and portable, multitouch gestures
  5. Logitech G502 Hero – Affordable high performance wired mouse

1. Logitech MX Master 3 – Recommended Mouse for Coding

The Logitech MX Master 3 ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to providing useful features. For that reason, this advanced mouse costs significantly more than your average mouse.

However, for the extra cost, you get features such as a horizontal scroll button on the side. This will allow you to quickly pan across your page when inspecting or writing code.

Beneath the horizontal scroll button is two buttons that can be used for quick navigation or be set up to perform other functions.

Furthermore, you get another button under the thumb rest that can be used for gestures that you can set to do things like switching or minimizing your workspace.

The mouse is wireless and it can work via Bluetooth or use Logitech’s unifying connector. This is Logitech’s USB dongle that can be used with other supported accessories from Logitech like keyboards.

You also get a feature known as Logitech Flow which will allow you to not only move your cursor and control all the computers seamlessly but also copy files in one and paste them in another. That makes this the best mouse for coding.

2. Logitech MX Vertical – Ergonomic vertical mouse, long battery life

The MX Vertical is the best mouse for coding when users feel a lot of strain in their arms after long sessions.

The mouse has an ergonomic vertical profile that is set at a 57-degree angle. This provides a strain-free arm position when using the mouse, allowing a user to do more work with minimal strain on their wrists and forearms.

It is rechargeable via a USB-C connector and you also get impressive battery life. It can store power for months and with just a minute of charging, you can easily get up to three hours of use.

If you like to code on the go, you can take this mouse with you. It has a unique eye-catching appearance but also sports some useful features like multicomputer control.

You can connect up to three devices via Bluetooth, but the USB connector from Logitech will also work. That said, the device works with most popular Operating Systems and has a 4000DPI sensor that grants precise tracking on almost any surface.

3. Microsoft Sculpt – Good for better wrist posture

Coders who use Windows will appreciate having this device. It offers good performance and has features that integrate well with Windows OS. It’s the biggest drawback, however, is that it’s not fully supported in IOS. For a start, the large Windows button doesn’t work as expected on a Mac.

That said, the device does have some good features. It is ergonomic and has a thumb scoop that provides a good grip and provides a cradle for your thumb for a more comfortable feel.

The mouse is slightly taller than many other mice. It also has a rounded shape that fits well in the palm. If you are using it on Windows, the dedicated Windows button will let you access the start tab more easily.

It uses a powerful sensor that utilizes Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology for more precise tracking on different surfaces. This makes it the best mouse for coding, especially for Windows users who travel and have to work on the go.

Its size and profile provide a great experience for users and is good for better wrist and forearm posture, hence reducing strain.

4. Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Light and portable, multitouch gestures

The Magic Mouse 2 is for Mac users what the Microsoft Sculpt is for Windows users. While it is not the most ergonomic device, it comes with features that make it a pleasure to work with.

The mouse is small and lightweight. It can easily slide into a pocket or bag, allowing you to take it with you on trips.

It is rechargeable, so you don’t need to buy replacement batteries when they run out. The charging port is located at the bottom of the device. This will make using it while it’s charging awkward at the very least. Luckily, it charges up fast!

Its most attractive feature is the multitouch surface at the top. This opens the user up to a world of gestures that can be used to perform various actions on the interface.

You will be able to switch tabs, applications, and entire workspaces easily. This can come in handy if you’re coding on one window and have a web tab open on a browser. It uses Bluetooth and is the best mouse for coding on mac.

5. Logitech G502 Hero – Affordable high performance wired mouse

If you want to code with your mouse and occasionally enjoy some good gaming experience, you should consider the Logitech G502 Hero.

It’s a high-performance unit that has good features that a coder would need. Its feature that makes it the best mouse for coding is the access to 11 customizable buttons.

These can be mapped to different functions on the mouse, allowing you to work freely and have your most-used keys and shortcuts literally at your fingertips.

It has onboard memory so you won’t need to worry about setting the device up each time you connect to a different computer.

You also get a customizable weight system. It comes with removable weights, five of them, each weighing 3.6 grams. These can be placed in spaces inside the mouse for a configuration that offers the user a balanced and personalized feel.

It uses a high-performance 16000DPI sensor that’s adjustable to fit the user’s needs and has fully customizable RGB lighting as well.

This gaming mouse delivers good performance that will help a coder achieve more and save time.


How to Choose the Right Mouse for Coders?

There are specific features that can add great value to a mouse for a coder. Some may argue that a mouse is not necessary for coding. But when you need to quickly switch tabs on your favorite text editor, or scroll a couple of lines, its value will be inherent.

Features to Lookout For

We have seen that a mouse for coders needs to be ergonomic so that the user does not strain themselves or burn themselves out fast when working long hours.

Whichever method is used, from slanting mice to near-perpendicular vertical ones, you should be looking for a device that feels good in the hand.

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best mouse for coding

When you many lines of code in a single file, having the ability to quickly jump from one part to another is essential to a faster workflow.

To do this, you need a mouse with the ability to scroll multiple lines with a single flick of the scroll wheel.

You can set up your IDE to format your code so that you don’t have very long lines. But if you do, a mouse with a horizontal scroll wheel like the Logitech MX Master 3 can come in handy.

Customizable Buttons

Your favorite text editor or IDE will likely have several shortcut keys to aid with your workflow. Instead of reaching for them on the keyboard, you can get a mouse with programmable buttons.

This will let you configure the buttons to perform your required functions so that you can have them at your fingertips. With good practice, you can set up features as complex as running your development environment to closing some unnecessary tabs with the click of a button.

High customizability will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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Wired vs Wireless

There’s no clear way to determine which of the two, wired or wireless is the best for coding. They all have their pros and cons. Choosing one will depend on what you find conducive for your workflow and what fits well with your workspace setup.

Wired mice are usually more responsive than wireless ones, but wireless mice are more flexible with use since they are not tethered to the computer.


You can get away with getting a budget mouse for your coding setup. You will still get good performance from a respected brand. However, more expensive mice tend to have better features.

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Final Words

While the critical peripheral for coders is usually the keyboard, if you do coding as well as a lot of interactions with objects on the screen, then you need to invest in the best mouse for coders.

Whether it is the plethora of programmable buttons you appreciate or whether you want an ergonomic mouse for long term use case, the models we selected should have at least pointed you to the right direction and provided you with a generic idea about what coders generally prefer.

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