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6 Best Mouse for Day Trading in 2023

Most of the day traders out there have a robust setup with a rig consisting of multiple monitors, powerful systems, as well as multiple ISPs for redundant internet connectivity.

However, the actual device through which you communicate with the trading rig is via the peripherals i.e the mouse and the keyboard.

Hence it only makes sense that when procuring a mouse, you put a thorough thought into buying one that can help in facilitating your trading goals.

After all, most day traders sit for hours on looking for just the right time to enter a certain trade. Since day trading can get very volatile, quick reflexes and a responsive mouse can get you great wins.

In this article, we will look at some of the best mouse for day trading. We will generally consider different types of mice from productivity as well as gaming category for different user requirements.

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Comparison of Top Mouse for Day Trading

able keys
Logitech G403
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Logitech MX
Master 3
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DeathAdder v2
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Naga X
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G502 Hero
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MX Vertical
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1. Logitech G403 Prodigy – Recommended Mouse for Day Trading

Logitech G403 Prodigy

A gaming mouse with an affordable price tag, very high DPI and a reasonable overall weight.

The reason we have chosen this mouse as the most recommended option is because it bridges the gap between affordability and functionality.

While there are more feature rich mice out there, they are generally expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for an overall comfortable mouse with great precision then this is the best mouse for day trading in our opinion.

There are two particular characteristics that need to be highlighted here. For starters, it is neither too light nor to heavy.

A light mouse is easier to move around but damages precision, the opposite is true for heavier mice. With 87 grams of weight, this mouse hits just the right spot fro traders.

Secondly, being a gaming mouse, this naturally benefits from a very high DPI. It has a whopping 25K DPI which is adjustable via the button provided beneath the scroll wheel.

A higher DPI means that you can transverse across multiple monitors with a single slide of your hands. You can switch to a lower DPI using the adjustable DPI button if you require precision over fast scrolling.

Furthermore, this is a wired mouse, which is preferred by those who cannot afford even the slightest lag that may be caused by a wireless mouse.

By reducing the severity of lags, you can react to market changes efficiently and enter or exit trades effectively without losing too much time.

Besides, it would be shame if the battery of a wireless mouse were to die just when you are about to enter a critical trade.

In terms of design, you get RGB lighting on both the logo and the scroll button. With up to 16.8 colors for customization, you will be able to match your trading setup’s theme with this mouse.

Hence you can see here that this mouse is catered to gamers as well, but since gaming is a high performance common denominator, it can work well for day traders as well.

The mouse’s six programmable buttons will let you add certain hotkeys to the mouse, letting you work more efficiently. These can be saved on the mouse’s onboard memory, allowing you to use the mouse and its key assignments on other computers without having to reprogram it again.

At the same time, you get two side buttons that can be used when browsing. So, if you find yourself browsing and researching for current or future trades, navigating between pages will be more intuitive.

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2. Logitech MX Master 3 – Professional Productivity Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3

A mouse loved by all professionals. Very large and comfortable grip.

If there is one mouse that is loved by most professionals and power users it is the Logitech MX Master 3. Whether you are designers, engineer or a day trader, this is a mouse suitable for any power user.

Unlike the Logitech G403 Prodigy above, however, this is heavier and more expensive mouse.

The mouse weighs as about 142 grams, is wireless, has a large form factor and has a much lower DPI of 4000 as compared to the Logitech G403 Prodigy above.

Basically, this is a mouse for those who seek comfort, and precision tracking. The heavier weight and the lower DPI gives it a grip over your mouse cursor which can come in handy while navigating especially when you are dealing views with a lot of data and buttons.

As far as the ergonomics goes, the first thing you will notice with this mouse is that it has a large physical palm grip. On top of that it also has a large comfortable thumb rest. Hence for comfort, this mouse checks all the points.

If you spend multiple hours with your hand on the mouse and if you feel a slight hint of fatigue, then an ergonomic mouse such as this can help alleviate your pain.

But other than that this mouse is built for productivity. It features cross computer support. You can use this mouse on upto 3 PCs at once and even copy and past files from one PC to the other (if on the same network).

So in case if you have three separate computers for day trading, then you wouldn’t need to have three different mice.

The mouse connects via a Bluetooth as well as the available USB receiver. It charges via the USB Type C port provided in the front.

The mouse has three programmable buttons as well as two scroll wheel. It not only has the center scroll wheel but also a wheel on the side for horizontal scrolling (useful for video editors not so much for day traders).

In short, if you are looking for a productivity mouse with a comfortable grip, then we recommend this as the best mouse for day trading.

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3. Razer DeathAdder v2 – 20000DPI sensor, 8 Programmable Buttons

Razer DeathAdder v2

One of the best mouse in the market with no competition by a long shot in terms of popularity and sensor quality.

Many day traders out there recommend getting a high quality gaming mouse, why? because a gaming mouse promises precision and better tracking as compared to an average productivity mouse.

So if you choose to go this route, you will almost always come across Razer DeathAdder being the reigning king in the gaming mouse market due to its relatively affordable price tag but with a phenomenal sensor.

As compared to the Logitech G403 Prodigy above, this is slightly more expensive, but weight a bit lower at 82 grams. On paper it has a lower DPI of 20,000 but the actual Focus+Optical sensor it uses is arguably superior.

Another way it distinguishes itself from the competition is by using optical button switches instead of the normal mechanical ones. The optical switches use light (infrared light) in order to actuate the button press and thus greatly reducing the latency.

While catered specifically toward pro gramers for whom a few miliseconds of advantage can mean win or defeat, it is equally great for day traders in the same sense where a fraction of a second is required to enter or close a trade.

This mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons that can be set with different commands such as opening or closing trades.

You get up to 5 memory profiles that will let you save your customizations on the mouse itself. Since it has onboard memory, it saves the profiles without needing to have the software always installed.

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4. Razer Naga X – For Setting a Plethora of Hotkeys

Razer Naga X

A gaming mouse with 16 programmable buttons for setting up hot keys.

We talk about programmable buttons and setting up hotkeys below in the FAQ section. However, briefly speaking, if you are someone who makes use of hotkeys for various commands, drawing etc, then this is one of the best mice for day trading.

Basically, this is a gaming mouse with a professional high quality optical sensor and a DPI of 18,000. It is slightly heavier than the Death Adder V2 above as it weighs at about 85 grams.

The real and the core appealing aspect of this mouse is the plethora of programmable buttons. The mouse has a total of 16 programmable buttons.

However, it is the 12 programmable buttons on the side that are the most interesting feature for a specialized day trader who makes use of hot keys.

It should be noted that many trading platforms do not come with built-in support for mouse based hot key mapping. However, using the third party customization apps such as the Razer Synapse, this can be accomplished.

It is still worth confirming the support for mice hotkeys either built-in or via third party apps with the support for your trading platform before you invest in this rather expensive mouse.

All in all, if you came here to make a beeline for something that can facilitate you in setting up a lot of hotkeys for quick working, then this is the best mouse for day trading in our opinion.

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5. Logitech G502 Hero – A Heavy Ergonomic Mouse for Palm Grip

Logitech G502 Hero

A mouse for those who require something heavy to anchor down on the desk

Logitech G502 Hero is yet another very popular gaming mouse which caters more towards gamers, as well as professional users like day traders, who want something heavier and grippier in their hands.

Weighing at about 120 grams (with adjustable weights), this is the heaviest gaming mouse in this list, but is lighter than traditional productivity mice like the MX master 3.

In addition to being heavy, it is also taller and does not have small form factor. Hence, it is excellent for those with medium to large hands.

While a heavier mouse can be slow to move around, since it provides a better anchor on the desk, it is more precise. The precision is further enhanced with the very high 25,000 DPI sensor (adjustable).

It comes with 11 programmable buttons and is wired. As far as the price is concerned, it is quite reasonable and well below the average for gaming mice of this caliber.

In short, if you looking for large and sturdy option, then this is one of the best mouse for day trading.

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6. Logitech MX Vertical – Ergonomic, Vertical and Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical

Vertical mouse for reducing wrist and finger pain for long term usage.

If you suffer from wrist pain originating from your prolonged use of mouse and other peripherals, then we recommend investing in a Vertical mouse.

For starters, if you have discomfort or any sort of pain, consult with a doctor first. Only after you have received the appropriate diagnosis that we recommend you choose to go for ergonomic peripherals that are designed to reduce muscle strain.

With its near-vertical profile, Logitech MX Vertical mimics the natural position of the wrist. However, if you are migrating from a normal mouse to this, it could get some getting used to.

Being an MX series mouse, it comes with a plethora of productivity enhancing features that you also find in the Logitech MX Master 3.

It feature cross computer support. You can connect this mouse to upto 3 computers at the same time. You can also copy and paste files from one computer to another.

At 4000 DPI, it does not have a super sensitive DPI like gaming mice, but it still reasonable for an average productivity mouse.

All in all, this is a specialized mice particularly for those who want wrist comfort. It you want the highest form for ergonomics for your hand and wrist then this is the best mouse for day trading.

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Can Programmable Buttons on a Mouse Help with Day Trading?

While not entirely necessary, programmable buttons, if used strategically, can greatly enhance your reaction times to how and when you enter and close a trade.

Programmable buttons allow you to set up Hot Keys. Hot Keys are basically dedicated buttons you get to assign for common commands.

For instance, you can set up a Hot Key for opening a Buy Order for 1000 shares, Opening a Buy Order for 500 share, opening sell order, cancelling orders etc.

You can also assign Hot Keys for opening and establishing different analysis, drawing tools etc as supported by the trading Platform.

It should be noted, however, that not all trading platforms support MICE programmable buttons.

For instance, while Ninja Trader can support keyboard based programmable buttons for Hot Key, it does not come with built-in support for mice programmable buttons.

To circumvent this, you can use a combination of third party scripts or simply the native customization software for the mice.

The following are the different customization software for different mice brands that you may encounter.

  • Logitech: Logitech GHub
  • Razer: Razer Synapse
  • SteelSeries: SteelSeries Engine
  • Roccat: Roccat Swarm
  • Corsair: iCUE

The following video shows how you can map hotkeys to programmable buttons on Razer Naga:

How to Choose Right Day Trading Mouse?

Investing, in many ways carries risk. However, you also stand a chance to make significant profits with the correct strategies.

Investing in a good mouse can be the first step. Now, you don’t need to purchase a very expensive mouse to start day trading. A simple generic mouse will do too, as many platforms provide an interface that’s easy to navigate even with a keyboard.

However, if you prefer a mouse, then here are some of the features you should be looking for, at the very least, to have a great experience day trading.

Should You Go for Gaming Mouse for Trading?

You don’t necessarily have to go for gaming mice for day trading, however, most traders would recommend that you do so due to the quality of the tracking they provide compared to an average mouse.

Precision is a Key Factor

The charts that indicate movements within the markets can be very small on your screen. At the same time, you may have indicators and need to narrow down to a specific time frame to see how a particular commodity performed.

To do this easily, you need a mouse that’s built with high precision in mind. Gaming mice here, generally tend to be the best when it comes to general precision.

Highly precise mice are great and many mice these days come with adjustable DPI levels to allow you to adapt the performance of the sensor to your needs.


logitech ergonomic mouse
If you suffer from wrist pain, we recommend going for a vertical mouse that mimics the natural wrist position. Source: Logitech MX Vertical

Ergonomic mice are built to be safe and easy to use with minimal risk of injury to the user over long periods. These come in various form factors including mice that are sculpted to match a palm and even vertical mice.

This will often boil down to personal preferences. The main idea is to get a mouse that will be comfortable to use if you need to monitor the indicators and the graphs for long periods.

By reducing risks of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) because you’ll be moving your arms a lot, an ergonomic mouse will feel very natural and comfortable.

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Other Useful Features

best mouse for day trading
Some of the performance based mice offer programmable buttons that you can set for your day trading commands and tasks

Many mice offer more than the regular features you’d expect from a mouse. Some of these features can be useful for day trading whereas some may be passed by as gimmicks.

Programmable buttons on a mouse, for instance, can come in handy if you want to setup hotkeys. Similarly, onboard memory can also serve you well in instances where you want your key assignments saved on the mouse.

Other aspects such as the grip, material used, adjustable weight can all serve personal preference.

RGB lights is another feature that can adds some functionality. While its main purpose is to add to the aesthetics of the mouse, the RGB lights is a great indication of whether your mouse if on or off.

Wireless or Wired Mouse for Day Trading

Most day traders prefer having a wired mouse since it saves you from the trouble of worrying about the charge of your mouse.

It would be a hassle if the battery of your wireless mouse were to die down just when you are about to open or close a trade.

Nevertheless, for those who want to de-clutter their desk space and who have no issue monitoring the battery often can benefit from wireless mice.

Also, subpar wireless mouse can in fact present great lags and latency in registering clicks. Therefore, when choosing a wireless, always go for a well reviewed option and from an established brand.

Final Words

In this article we reviewed some of the best mouse for day trading. We talked about affordable, expensive, wired, wireless, ergonomic and simple mice.

We also talked about the critical aspects that matter when getting a new mouse. All in all, if you continuously find your self working long sessions of trading and if you find that your hands get too uncomfortable, then it is time for an upgrade.

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