6 Best Mouse for Drag Clicking in 2022

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

In a game like Minecraft and such where CPS matters, users need to adopt methods to get high numbers of clicks registered if they are going to have a competitive advantage.

There are many ways to do this, and it depends upon a user’s playing style. One of the methods is drag clicking.

This can be used to get as many as 30CPS and even more. But, to do this and be good at it, users need the best mouse for drag clicking.

A good mouse is basically a tool that you can employ in order to perform drag clicks properly and this has a lot to do with the way the mouse is designed.

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Comparison of Drag Clicking Mice

It is important to note that not all mice are capable of drag clicking – particularly for beginners.

The mice above have been selected after performing extensive research on this topic.

While a few gamers may have mastered the technique of drag clicking on any mice, the ones reviewed below are what most experts recommend though.

1. Roccat Kone AIMO – Recommended Mouse for Drag Clicking

Roccat Kone AIMO

One of the most popular mice. Newer and superior mouse from Roccat Kone series – a series famous for drag clicking.

If you are looking for your next drag clicking mouse, then there are high chances that it could hail from the Roccat Kone series.

In your endeavors to find the right mouse for this technique you will almost certainly come across recommendation for Roccat Kone mice.

One such particularly famous mouse for this technique is the Roccat Kone AIMO. It is relatively newer compared to the Kone XTD, EMP, Pure Owl Eye models and also adds a lot of features.

For starters it offers a high 16K DPI optical sensor making this on par with the newer gaming mice out there in terms of precision and tracking.

Furthermore, the mouse offers a whopping 23 customizable buttons which can be configured to assign tasks or macros. While the mouse itself does not have 23 buttons on it, it has the Easy-Shift button which operates just as the Function Key on your keyboard.

It allows you to access alternative commands you have set to each programmable button.

So if you want a highly customizable option, then this is the best mouse for drag clicking. It is, however, slightly more expensive than the average.

At 130 grams the mouse isn’t the lightest, but it is excellent for those who either want something sturdier or a mouse comfortable for a palm grip.

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2. ROCCAT KONE Pure Owl-Eye – Another Popular Choice


Another popular Roccat Kone model for drag clickers.

As mentioned earlier, Roccat Kone is a series that stands out the most for drag clickers and Kone Pure Owl-Eye is one mouse that you will hear a lot about.

Like the Roccat Kone Aimo above, this mouse too is heavily customizable. It offers upto 17 programmable buttons.

Again like the Aimo above, it does not have all the 17 buttons on it physically, instead with the Easy-Shift button you can access the alternative function for each button allowing this mouse to have 17 different button configurations.

This mice is much lighter than the Kone Aimo at 88 grams. This should resonate well with most gamers who prefer a light weight mouse.

The mouse features a decent 12K DPI sensor. But again, the main appealing point of this mouse is that it has buttons that facilitate in drag clicking.

The buttons feedback and mechanism alone makes this the best mouse for drag clicking, but lightweight and simple form factor could appeal to many too.

Watch this Mouse in Action

3. Razer DeathAdder Elite – A Mouse Synonymous with Gaming Mice Industry

Razer DeathAdder Elite

DeathAdder series by Razer is perfect for all kinds of clicking technique. The Elite version is great for drag clicking.

If there is one gaming mouse that stands out the most anywhere among PC gaming circles, it is the Razer DeathAdder series. When a gamer talks about a gaming mouse, this is perhaps the one that first comes to mind.

Now there are many models of the DeathAdder series. For instance there is the newer DeathAdder V2 which is light, has a 20K DPI sensor and 8 programmable keys.

However, when it comes to drag clicking, it is the DeathAdder Elite that many talk about.

The Elite version has a DPI of 16K and has 7 programmable buttons. However, it has time and again proven to be very efficient for getting a lot of clicks particularly with the drag clicking method.

While this may not be as good as the newer V2 DeathAdder for the rest of the games, it is a cheaper and a proven drag clicking mouse and hence that makes this one of our recommended choice.

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4. Glorious Model D – Lightweight and Ergonomic Option

Glorious Model D

This list would be incomplete without the mentioning of Glorious Model D mouse.

Model D by Glorious PC Gaming Race (yes that is actually the brand name) is a mouse that has almost become a specialized model known by those who practice unique clicking techniques.

Whether it is butterfly, jitter, or drag clicking, Glorious Model D is a mouse that you will find always being recommended by someone.

Again how well you can drag click depends a lot upon the switches as well as the grip of the mouse. However, this mouse goes a step further.

You see many newer mice have the built in functionality to prevent double clicking because for most of the games, you do not want a mouse that double clicks so easily.

However, this mouse gives you the ability to toggle the double clicking on or off by sliding the Debounce Setting all the way to low.

This allows the mouse to easily register many clicks at a time

Other than that, this is a very lightweight mouse weighing at about 69 grams. It has a 12K DPI and a 6 button layout.

It is also ergonomic as it has a slight bump on the left side. So when you place your hand it tilts toward the right mimicking the natural wrist position. In addition to that, it also has a comfortable thumb rest.

All in all, if you need a capable model for all sorts of techniques, then this is one of the best mouse for drag clicking.

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5. Glorious Model O – Ambidextrous Drag Clicking Mouse

Glorious Model O

An ambidextrous mouse for all sorts of clicking techniques.

This is yet another mouse by the Glorious PC Gaming Race brand. It is also very similar to the Model D above, however, there are few differences that may appeal to certain gamers.

For starters, like its Model D cousin, this too is heavily recommended for all sorts of clicking methods from butterfly to drag clicking.

What separates this from many other, as well as from the model D, is its ambidextrous form factor. This should particularly appeal to left hand users and generally to those with a preference of having a symmetrical mouse.

This mouse also has a lower profile compared to Model D but has almost the same rest of the specs i.e 12K DPI, 6 programmable buttons and weight of about 68 grams.

So if you came here looking for an ambidextrous option, then this could well be the best mouse for drag clicking for you.

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6. Roccat Kone Pure Ultra – Affordable Model

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

A highly affordable mouse for drag clicking.

Here we have yet another mouse from the popular drag clicking Roccat Kone series. However this mouse falls in the affordable category of gaming mice.

Hence, if you want to drag click on a budget, then this is a recommend mouse to go for.

One of the best aspects about this model is that despite being affordable it manages to fit an excellent 16K DPI sensor.

Unfortunately, unlike the Aimo and Pure Owl-Eye seen above, this does not have the Easy-Shift button for setting plethora of programmable buttons.

This is a mouse that is as simple as it gets. Because of that, it is also one of the lightest mouse in this list weighing at about 66 grams.

Watch This Mouse in Action

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What is Drag Clicking?

Just like many other clicking styles, drag clicking is a clicking technique employed with the aim to register as high CPS (Clicks Per Second) as possible.

This is useful in certain games, particularly in Minecraft where you perform actions by clicking. More clicks = more actions being done.

Whether it is attacking or building, a high CPS is instrumental to your performance in Minecraft.

Drag clicking helps raise the user’s CPS count by letting them have successive presses of the mouse button by dragging a finger across it.

You can do this by dragging your finger along the mouse button in a way that presses the button down. This registers a click, and as the button snaps back, the dragging motion pushes it back down again, registering another click.

Done correctly, drag clicking will get you higher CPS than many other clicking methods if the series of rapid presses and rebounds register as separate clicks.

Of course, in order to perform drag clicking seamlessly, you need to have the right mouse.

Drag clicking requires specific and tested mice. Unlike butterfly or jitter clicking, drag clicking is something that cannot be done on all gaming mice.

Guide to Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse for Drag Clicking

Let us review some of the things to take into consideration when choosing the right mouse.

It should be noted that while most of the factors below are subject to personal preference, the factors below are just a general set of guidelines and should NOT be taken as requirements carved in stone.

The Grip is Essential

best mouse for drag clicking
For this to work well, you need a mouse with a good grip. The most common grip employed to drag click is the palm grip.

This is because the palm grip positions your fingers at an angle that is suitable for dragging the fingers across.

The Tip and the Clawgrip are rarely used because these grips are intended to press DOWN instead of allowing your fingers to slip across the buttons.

Hence, you need a mouse with good base grip and one that has a good bump in the center for a palm grip. Compact and travel mice may not be perfect for this technique.

Debounce Delay for Registering Clicks

Basically, the lower the Debounce Delay, the better would be the mouse at registering as many click as possible.

Newer mice, however, are optimized with a high Debounce Delay and hence are bad at registering very fast successive clicks. This is because on most games, a mouse that registers double click so easily is frowned upon.

For Minecraft and for Drag Clicking to work, however, you need the polar opposite.

Some mice, such as the Glorious Model D and Model O, offer settings that allow you to set your own Debounce time.

Other mice tackle this by using advanced mechanical or even optical switches.

Material Used Can Improve Drag Clicking

Another important consideration is the material used on the mouse surface.

You need a mouse that offers sufficient resistance to grip your hand but also low enough so that your fingers can easily slip across the buttons.

A mouse covered in a high resistance material would prevent your fingers from dragging.

We recommend looking for rubberized matte material.

drag clicking tape

You can also opt for a drag click tape which you will stick on the mouse button to make it grippier.

A good choice for this will be the Razer mouse grip tape. It is relatively inexpensive and may help you achieve  your desired results.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many mice can drag click with the correct features. However, there is no replacement for practice and personal effort.

Doing it often will make you better.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drag Clicking

Having a good mouse makes it easier to drag click. This improves your gaming performance and makes you more competitive by increasing the number of clicks you register in a second.

A drawback is that some servers discourage drag clicking. This can potentially get you banned as it’s seen as an unfair advantage. To be on the safe side, confirm whether drag clicking is allowed on your server before proceeding.

Final Words

Not all mice, even if they are gaming mice, can drag click. The only sure way to gauge whether a mouse can drag click properly or not is to either test it yourself or research for reviews.

The selection above are all the best mouse for drag clicking that the users across have suggested to perform well with this technique.

Again, some gamers can drag click on may different mice, but the options above are the most capable and recommended ones by seasoned users.




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