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5 Best Mouse for Engineers in 2021

Engineers do a lot of complex work and hence require a lot of specialized equipment. Key among these is a good computer coupled with the best mouse for engineers.

A good mouse will be the difference between having an effective work sprint or being a little unproductive.

Here we take a look at some mice that can come in handy for engineers on various tasks like CAD work.

When choosing your mouse, it’s vital to ensure that you get one whose features match your day to day needs; compromising can lead to challenges down the line.

List of Best Mouse for Engineers in 2021

We have selected the following popular mice based on their price value and overall feature set.

  1. 3D Connexion 3DX SpaceMouse Pro – 15-Button unique 3D mouse – Recommended Mouse for Engineers
  2. Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Wireless with multitouch surface
  3. 3D Connexion 3DX SpaceNavigator – Small form factor 3D Mouse
  4. Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Ergonomic grip with 10000DPI Sensor
  5. Logitech MX Vertical – Vertical mouse, controls multiple devices

1. 3D Connexion 3DX SpaceMouse Pro – 15-Button Unique 3D Mouse – Recommended Mouse for Engineers

This is the best mouse for engineers who are working on sophisticated layouts that involve interacting with 3D viewports.

The mouse allows users to interact naturally in a 3D view and works with a lot of programs in Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

It allows for more degrees of movements, allowing the engineer to get technical with whatever object they have in their viewport.

Besides the knob, which is also the main tool you will be using, the mouse comes with 15 keys that perform different tasks and can be customized as well. The knob takes input and translates it into motion on the computer.

One downside to owning this mouse is that it will cost you significantly more than a regular mouse. At the same time, the device is meant to be used hand in hand with a regular mouse to select and view objects.

Nevertheless, the device is rather large so its best to use it on a desktop setup or carry it around only when you need to.

2. Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Wireless with multitouch surface

The Magic Mouse 2 from apple is a small device that is great for when you are constantly traveling. This is because it’s small enough to fit in your pockets. At the same time, its wireless, and you get great battery life as a full charge can easily last well over a month under normal use.

The charging port is placed awkwardly at the bottom meaning you won’t use the mouse while you charge it. Nevertheless, a few minutes of charging can easily last you up to a full day of use.

It pairs to devices over Bluetooth and you can expedite this process by connecting it to the target device via a thunderbolt cable.

What makes this the best mouse for engineers is the fact that it has a multitouch surface. This can come in handy when you do a lot of CAD work and need to interact more freely with the objects in your viewport.

The gestures also work in other apps allowing you to easily switch between tasks, therefore contributing to your productivity.

3. 3D Connexion 3DX SpaceNavigator – Small form factor 3D Mouse

The 3DX SpaceNavigator is a great 3D mouse for people who appreciate portability. Unlike the SpaceMouse Pro, this one is small enough to be carried around easily and still maintains some great features.

The device comes in a wired or wireless version to fit the preferences of either demographic of users. At the same time, it can be used by both left and right-handed people easily.

You get a single knob that’s used to move objects and navigate in the 3D space. Coming from a regular mouse, an engineer will appreciate the degree of motion that this mouse offers.

Everything from rotating, panning, and even moving an object can be done with the help of simple gestures.

A rubber ring at the bottom helps keep the device anchored on the desk as you use it. It’s also a little hefty and the extra weight also goes into keeping it grounded on your desk. This ensures that you don’t end up registering unwanted input from time to time as its very sensitive.

This is the best mouse for engineers who work with 3D applications and need a portable 3D mouse.

4. Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Ergonomic grip with 10000DPI Sensor

This is a gaming mouse and because of this, you get some features that help improve performance, not only in games but also in productive activities.

You get an optical sensor that performs at up to 10000DPI. This lets you play with the sensitivity of the mouse until you get to an optimum point that feels right.

At the same time, you get a myriad of customization features thanks to Razer’s Synapse software. This mouse is supported and the options allow you to map and assign all the various buttons to different functions in different software.

This means you can assign certain keypresses to certain shortcuts on your computer to improve your workflow.

Through the software, you can also do some surface calibration. This allows you to change the sensor’s performance on different surfaces. This is the best mouse for engineers, who are constantly visiting sites as it can work on various surfaces.

While it’s not very small, you get a nice ergonomic grip that matches a palm well, and at the same time, LED lighting on the logo and scroll wheel give this a premium feel.

5. Logitech MX Vertical – Vertical Mouse, controls multiple devices

If you spend a lot of time behind a computer then you will benefit from getting a vertical mouse for your work desk.

Issues such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) occur when performing the same movement in an uncomfortable position continuously over a long period.

This mouse reduces strain on your arms by leveraging a vertical design. As a result, holding it feels comfortable, allowing you to work for longer periods of time without feeling discomfort.

The mouse is wireless which lets you use it freely over a Bluetooth connection. At the same time, you can use a dongle if you have one.

You get to connect to up to three devices simultaneously and this allows you to quickly switch between them on the fly. This is great for demanding tasks where you have software running on different computers.

What makes this the best mouse for engineers is its seamless use that allows you to copy files in one computer and paste them on another.

Lastly, its sensitive tracking is provided thanks to a 4000 DPI sensor.


How to Find the Best Mice for Engineering and CAD?

Mice have evolved ever since they were introduced. As such, you get more features on modern mice as opposed to the basic pointing and clicking.

These design changes have led to the creation of units specialized for specific tasks. While they all perform more or less the same roles, different models come with their features to differentiate them from the rest.

3D Mouse

best mouse for engineers

One impressive creation is the 3D mouse. Unlike regular ones, this type is specifically built to assist users to navigate a virtual 3D workspace.

Of course, you can use any mouse for this. However, a 3D mouse allows you to get finer movements and better control.

It does this by being as intuitive as possible in translating the movements you make on a dial to camera movements in the viewport.

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Benefits of a 3D Mouse

These offer a wider range of movement and provide enough sensitivity to allow you to traverse a 3D object more effectively.

Engineers working on CAD software will appreciate the wider range of motion.


While they do offer key benefits above regular mice, these tend to be more expensive than the latter. This is in part because they are specialized devices and they serve very specific purposes.

Some users find them gimmicky and unnecessary while others have nothing but praise, so getting one will depend largely on your preferences.

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Mouse Sensitivity

apple magic 2

Getting back to the good old-fashioned mice, sensitivity is a huge issue for engineers. Working on complicated models requires fine movements as every last measurement counts.

As such, getting a sensitive and highly responsive mouse is ideal. Furthermore, a good mouse will be very useful even for non-productive work. So, getting one good mouse can pose great advantages to your work and play.


Most CAD and 3D software use a lot of shortcut keys. Having these at the reach of your fingers can greatly improve your productivity.

For this, engineers may need a mouse with some customizable buttons. The customizable keys will help you reach your tools with more ease thus improving your workflow.

Connectivity and Portability

deathadder chroma

The size of the mouse can be a potential drawback depending on a user’s nature of work. Engineers who travel a lot may appreciate a unit that’s easy to carry around, so minimal bulk. Also, depending on your preferences, you may consider getting a wired mouse or a wireless one.

Final Words

In this article we reviewed some of the best mouse for engineers. If you constantly work on CAD software for a long term basis then the mice chosen above can be looked into.

The aim of this article was to atleast point you to the right direction. This article’s primary purpose is to serve as a guide for those looking to find dedicated or the most popular mice for CAD usage.

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