7 Best Mouse for Excel in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

If you work on Excel on a day to day basis, you may find that having a mouse offers high flexibility and a lot of value.

You can do a lot with your mouse, from scrolling through the spreadsheets to selecting specific cells to edit.

However, it just doesn’t end there and you will be pleased to know that your productivity can be improved with the best mouse for Excel.

When it comes to productivity, you’ll need a mouse that does more than just pointing and clicking. Some offer better ways to scroll and programmable keys.

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Comparison of Top Mouse for Excel Users

able keys
MX Anywhere 2S
3 System
Buy at
MX Vertical
3 Systems
Buy at
Logitech MX
Master 3
3 systems
Buy at
Surface Mobile
WirelessNo Glass1,800NoNo
Buy at
WirelessNo Glass-YesNo
Buy at
Razer Naga
WiredNo Glass16,000NoYes
Buy at
Buy at

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1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 – Recommended Mouse for Excel

Logitech MX Anywhere 2

A popular mouse that works on any surface and offers plethora of useful features for excel users.

If you don’t know much about mice and you don’t want to spend hours researching and just want to go straight for the most recommended option out there, then this what we recommend.

This is by far one of the most popular mouse out there. It is neither extraordinary large, nor is too small. It is large enough to be both used a travel mouse as well as for standalone desktop.

Of course, the real attraction here is its smooth tracking technology. This mouse uses the Logitech proprietary Darkfield technology. Hence it uses a laser tracker.

It allows the mouse to have a very high DPI of 4000 for precision and control and also allows it to work on almost any surface including glass.

The mouse uses no battery instead it is rechargeable.

Other than the usual three buttons and the mouse, this mouse also offers the front and back buttons on the side. It also has a dedicated button on top near the mouse wheel for changing the DPI settings.

One of the most lucrative feature this offers is that it connect to two PCs at once and hence allows you to control two system at a time.

While this mouse does come with a USB reciever, you can also connect it using Bluetooth in your PC or devices.

All in all, if you are looking for our personal favorite option, then this is the best mouse for excel users in our opinion.

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2. Logitech MX Vertical – Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical

An advanced vertical mouse. Control content on 3 PC/Mac at a time. Tracks on all surfaces.

For users who have been using regular mice all their lives, the Logitech MX Vertical will feel a little foreign at first.

However, with a little getting used to, you, you will be able to get to the degree of accuracy with pointing that you were at with the regular mice.

This one offers a lot of comfort due to its ergonomic design. Cupping it feels as natural as a handshake and using it will minimize the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries.

The device can be connected to up to three devices over Bluetooth. This allows you to switch between devices easily without having to disconnect and pair with each new connection.

You can also use Logitech’s unifying adapter instead of Bluetooth and if you have any other of their devices that are compatible with it, they can all be connected through the one dongle.

Moving files between different computers is as easy as copying the files from one computer, and pasting them at the target. The transfer happens via your network connection and this convenience makes this the best mouse for Excel.

IT IS on the expensive side of spectrum but it features a high end laser tracking giving it a high DPI of 4000. The higher the DPI the more precise a mouse is.

It should also be noted that this comes with 4 programmable buttons which you can use to assign certain macros to. This is essential for many excel power users.

In short, if you are looking for an advanced vertical model, then this is the best mouse for excel in our opinion.

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3. Logitech MX Master 3 – Horizontal Scroll Wheel for Excel

Logitech MX Master 3

An advanced and a premium comfortable mouse with a tremendous control on your finger tips.

Stepping into the realm of premium mice, we have the Logitech MX Master 3. This unit is significantly expensive than most mice, but for the cost, you get the best mouse for Excel.

While it’s not as ergonomic as a vertical mouse might be, it is built to be comfortable and has a thumb rest for your arm when using it.

Hidden under the thumb rest is a gesture button that has a myriad of customizations. You also get a previous and next button that you can use while browsing websites or configure for some other functions.

You get up to 4000DPI of sensitivity and a MagSpeed wheel that allows you to spin the scroll wheel continuously.

This mouse features a high end laser sensor enabling it to work across any surfaces including glass.

This is especially useful in large spreadsheets as you can easily skip through up to a thousand lines in a second.

The second scroll wheel is easily accessible to your thumb and can be used for horizontal scrolling. This can be useful for users whose spreadsheets consist of numerous columns.

You can connect with three devices simultaneously and automatically switch between each connected device by dragging your mouse to the screen’s edge.

Furthermore, this mouse comes with a proprietary software whereby you can customize the profile of the buttons here. For instance you have a certain profile for Excel while another for Adobe Photoshop etc.

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4. Microsoft Surface Mobile – Light and Affordable

Microsoft Sculpt

A simple and a minimal mouse particularly for laptop users and for travelers.

If you require a mouse that is light, easy to use and has a gorgeous form factor, then we highly recommend this Microsoft Surface Mobile mouse.

As the name suggest, this practically a mouse designed for those who travel. However, for excel users who need a minimal mouse that is neither too large nor too small in their palms, this can work quite well.

This is a wireless mouse that can operate on a single battery for 12 months at a time.

One of the most lucrative aspect of this mouse is that it features the BlueTrack technology enabling it to work on any surface other than gloss or mirrors.

This is essentially an optical mouse with an improved and a proprietary Microsoft CMOS chip making it one of the most smooth mice to track on most surfaces.

Other than, due the nature of it being small and light for users on laptops, this is particularly the best mouse for Excel. You get a wireless Bluetooth connection that means no cables. At the same time, not using dongles means one less thing to account for when traveling.

All in all, if you are looking for a popular and a rather affordable option, then this is one of the best mouse for excel.

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5. Microsoft Sculpt – Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt

An ergonomic mouse for comfortable Excel operating for long hours.

Next up, we have an ergonomic mouse by Microsoft. Generally when it comes to ergonomics, people usually take it into account when they start suffering from discomfort in their hands.

If you suffer from such issues or if you just want an all out comfortable mouse from the get go, then this is the best mouse for excel users particular those who work very long hours.

Like most of the Microsoft Mouse out there, this uses the BlueTrack technology enabling it to track across all surfaces except for glass and mirrored surfaces.

The real highlight of this mouse if of course the thumb rest that allows an natural wrist position. Another pretty useful feature it has is the Windows button pressing which takes you to the Quick Start screen on PC.

So if comfort is what you are after, then we highly recommend this.

It does not have any advanced features, but given its low cost, this offers a fair value.

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6. Razer Naga Trinity – Plethora of Programmable Buttons for Excel Macros

Microsoft Sculpt

A gaming that is highly suitable for Excel power users thanks to the many programmable keys for assigning macros.

If there is one thing many Microsoft Excel users recommend is the availability of many programmable buttons.

Programmable buttons basically allow you to assign macros for certain often used functions. This allows you to insert a function or a formula without having to type it every single time.

Instead, you can just press the pre-programmed button and that will automatically insert the entire desired command for you.

Here is one way users use programmable buttons for accounting work on excel.

This particular mouse with a plethora of programmable buttons is the famous Razer Naga Pro. Now Razer needs no introduction. They make some of the most advanced gaming peripherals out there.

What this model offers is 12 programmable buttons on the thumb rest. Again, these can be used for assigning different macros.

The Razer naga comes with 3 interchangeable side plates with different button configuration i.e 2 / 6 and 12 allowing for greater control on your mouse.

Of course being a premium gaming mouse, not only does this offers RGB colors, it also offers a whopping 16K DPI with an optical sensor.

So if you do require a high quality mouse with programmable keys, then this is the best mouse for excel in our opinion.

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7. Logitech G600 – Programmable Keys / Affordable

Microsoft Sculpt

An affordable mouse with plethora of programmable keys for assigning Microsoft Excel Macros.

If you do appreciate programmable keys but the Razer Naga above is too expensive for your budget, then you can look into this very popular Logitech G600 mouse.

This, again, is primarily built for gamers. However, its 20 programmable buttons including 12 on the thumb rest area makes it an excellent model for excel power users.

While the 8200 dpi is not as high a DPI as the Razer Naga above, the fact that this has laser tracking allows it to track on any surface including glass and glossy surfaces.

Of course, unless you are a gamer, you wouldn’t quite need as a high a DPI as 8200 anyways. But you WILL most certainly experience the precision a high DPI mouse tends to offer.

It is also worth nothing that this mouse has 3 memory profiles which allow you to set different programmed keys for each profile. Hence you can set one key profile for excel and another profile for another software.

OR you can set all three profiles for different use on Excel.

All in all, if you need an advanced model with programmable keys but at an affordable price tag, then this is the best mouse for excel.

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How to Find the Right Computer Mice for Excel?

When buying a mouse for work, there’s a lot to consider. You typically want a mouse that will feel good in the hand even after long periods of use.

Additionally, you would want a mouse that’s responsive and fits well in your workspace. Connectivity is a huge factor to consider for your workplace. You tend to have a few choices that fall in either wireless or wired. Wireless use either Bluetooth or a wireless dongle.

Here are some things you’ll need to consider.


The overall price of the mouse you get will depend on your budget and your needs. As a rule of thumb, go for a mouse that has the features you need. Here well see some of the features you might need for Excel.

That aside, if you need the mouse for only this and have no need for any extra special features then it would be wise to not pay for the extra features.

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best mouse for excel
Thin and light mouse are great for notebook users.

The appealing nature of the design of a particular mouse is purely subjective. However, in this aspect, you get mice of all shapes and sizes.

However, the design is not just intended for the appealing to the eye. There are plenty of things that you can take away from the design itself.

For instance slim and compact mice are generally great for traveler and notebook users.

Similarly, an ergonomic mouse with either a vertical form factor or a thumb rest position in that mimic that natural wrist resting position may look different or appealing but serve a dedicated purpose.

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transfering files
Advanced mice allow for controlling and transferring content across multiple PC/Macs at a time.

As mentioned, you can have a wired mouse or choose a wireless one. With both options, you get a wide range of devices that can perform well in most productive tasks.

As excel users, we generally recommend you stick with wireless mice as they can allow you to declutter your desk space.

Now within the wireless category, there are two main sub categories i.e those that comes with a dongle and those that can connect via the already present Bluetooth device in the PC.

The options featuring Bluetooth connectivity are generally more expensive.

Some of the most advanced mice out there like the Logitech MX Master 3 above, allow you control content across multiple PCs at a time. This is a blessing for many office users.

Extra Buttons

mouse with programmable keys
A mouse with programmable keys is great for Excel power users for assigning Macros to. These are expensive though.

If you want to trigger some tasks with the push of a button then this is what you should be looking for, a mouse with extra buttons.

You can map buttons to functions like selecting entire rows or columns, switching tabs, and a wide range of other tasks on your spreadsheets.

Certain mice, particularly gaming grade, come with a plethora of programmable buttons which you can use to assign different Excel macros to.

These are generally quite expensive such as the Razer Naga Trinity.


Not all mice can track on all surfaces. Depending upon the tracking technology used i.e laser or optical, among other things, the type of surface you can use it on differs.

While it is highly unlikely that you will be using the Excel mouse anywhere other than a solid office desk, if you want a mouse to track on tough surfaces like glass, then you need a dedicated mouse capable of tracking on all surfaces.

Laser mice or the mice with Logitech’s Darkfield technology can track on all surfaces.

Benefits of a Mouse on Excel

Like many computer software, you need a way to point and click items on the screen for productivity.

Granted, you can work without the mouse. But, in some areas, this may quickly become very tedious.

With a mouse, you get access to a variety of commands when you right-click inside a cell. Accessing this with a keyboard, especially in a very large spreadsheet, can take a while.

You also get quick access to many context menus as well as useful objects at the top toolbar. Even better, a scroll wheel will let you quickly move through your document.

Different mice have different capabilites. While the simplest mouse has three buttons i.e right, left and mouse wheel, the more advanced mice, albeit expensive, can add tremendous capabilities at your fingertips literally.

Final Words

This article was dedicated for the best mouse for excel. We had a look at some affordable as well as premium options.

We also talked specifically about how to choose the right mouse for working on excel.

The important points to note here are first that the mouse do not have to be expensive. Secondly, it must have a high comfort factor. The rest of the features are as per your liking.


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