5 Best Mouse for Photo Editing in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Photo editing is one of the most common tasks performed on a PC and depending upon your level of expertise, it can get quite complex.

Unfortunately though, there isn’t a mouse particularly built and dedicated for photo editing. This is probably because most of the professional photo editors make use of drawing tablets and stylus as their preferred peripherals.

Nevertheless, having a good mouse for photo editing can not only enhance the comfort factor but also your overall productivity. In this article we strive to look at the best mouse for photo editing from various categories.

Again, there is not one set of specs that all Photo Editors need and agree upon. Instead, there is a variety of features that you can look into to find the mouse that meets your needs.

We generally prefer looking at two sets of mice i.e productivity and gaming mice for anything remotely related to professional work.

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Should You Go for Casual / Travel Mice?

While we have nothing against casual mice like the Apple Magic Mouse or the Microsoft mice such as the Surface Mouse or the Arc Mouse, we do not find them be suitable for power usage.

Where efficiency, speed and performance is concerned, casual and basic mice are generally found to be quite uncomfortable and lacking for office and professional use.

Top Photo Editing Mice Compared

able keys
Logitech MX
Master 3
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Razer Naga
12 side buttons
Buy at
Logitech MX
Anywhere 3
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G502 Hero
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MX Ergo
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1. Logitech MX Master 3 – Premium Productivity Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 

One of the most advanced wireless productivity mouse for large hands.

First up, we have one of the most popular productivity mouse out there. The MX Master series from Logitech has long being the reigning champion of office and professional work. The MX Master 3 follows the tradition.

This is essentially a large premium mouse that weighs a hefty 141 grams and is suitable for those who need an ergonomic option for a palm grip experience. The thumb rest and its large body is particularly designed to facilitate no other grip than the Palm Grip.

But besides it premium form factor, there is a plethora of features that make this among the best mouse for photo editing.

For starters, this mouse can connect to three devices at a time and you can switch between them easily via a button located on the mouse.

Secondly, it offers the proprietary Logitech Flow feature which allows you to copy and paste files from one PC to another if they are connected to the same network.

Thirdly, not only does it come with 3 programmable buttons, the button located beneath the vertical scroll wheel can be programmed to act as a shift key allowing you to access up to four more customized commands.

Fourthly, the mouse features the Darkfield sensor. As far as tracking on surface goes, this is the most advanced sensor as it can even track on glass.

And then there are the Magspeed Speed scroll wheels. These are unlike anything you have seen on a mouse. Depending upon the setting, these scroll wheel can spin upto speeds of 1000 lines per second. This can come in handy when scrolling through a large graphic or photo.

The mouse recharges via USB-C and connects through both a dongle as well as Bluetooth.

All in all, if it is efficiency and comfort you are after, then we recommend this as the best mouse for photo editing.

2. Razer Naga X – Recommended Gaming Mouse for Photo Editing

Razer Naga X

A gaming mouse with a plethora of programmable buttons for assigning hotkeys.

If you are a power user and you are looking for a hotkey heaven on your mouse, then we highly recommend this.

Basically this is an MMO gaming mouse with 12 side programmable buttons and 16 total programmable buttons.

Each of these buttons can be assigned either a function or a macro. Not only can you assign basic functions like cut and paste to each of the buttons, but you can even assign complex Macros such as a certain filter.

All this can be done via using the provided Razer Synapse 3.0 software.

While there are a handful of more gaming mice with side buttons out there. We recommend this because of its light weight. Despite being a large and a comfortable mouse, it weight at only about 85 grams.

The mouse uses an optical sensor with 18K DPI. As long as you use the mouse on a solid non-reflective surface, you can expect to have a high precision and control over your cursor.

So again, if you seek a mouse with an array of programmable button, then we recommend this as the best mouse for photo editing.

3. Logitech MX Anywhere 3 – Compact Travel Mouse for Productivity

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

One of a very few compact travel mice built for productivity.

Recall from earlier that we had discouraged the use of travel and compact mice because most are uncomfortable and offer only the most basic functionality i.e two buttons, a scroll wheel, weak sensor and no customization .

Logitech MX Anywhere 3, however, challenges that notion entirely and thus deserves a spot here in this list.

This also a compact mouse but the features it offers are on par with advanced productivity mice such as the MX Master 3.

It offers Magspeed Scroll Wheel which can scroll 1000 lines per second. It has the Darkfield sensor for tracking anywhere including glass. It can connect to three devices at a time and offers the Logitech Flow feature which allows you to copy and paste files, text and images from one PC to another.

On top of all that, it also offers button customization for its scroll wheel as well as two side buttons and another extra customization button located under the Scroll Wheel.

It should also be noted that most compact casual mice do not offer any comfort enhancing features. This, on the other hand, offers silicon grips for comfortable handling.

So with all that said, if you are looking for a small productivity mouse perhaps for claw or finger tip grip, then this is the best mouse for photo editing.

4. Logitech G502 Hero – High Performance and Popular Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Hero

A very popular gaming mouse with precision sensor and plethora of customizable button.

Next up we have a popular gaming mouse. This is more catered toward those who do not want to have a premium productivity mouse or a mouse with an odd shape.

This is a normal gaming mouse that just happens to offer 11 customizable buttons located in very comfortable positions.

Each of these programmable buttons can assigned a function or a macro and hence, for professional photo editors, this can prove to be a critical tool.

This is a large mouse, however, and also on the heavier side of the weight spectrum. However, it is ergonomic and offers comfortable form factor for a palm grip.

One of the most lucrative aspects of this mouse is that it offers one of the most advanced and coveted sensor by gamers i.e HERO sensor. This has a DPI of 25K. Hence, if it is utmost precision you are after for your photo editing endeavors, then this mouse can certainly deliver.

5. Logitech MX Ergo – Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech MX Ergo

Trackball mouse with precision mode for giving you a lot of control on your cursor.

Finally, we have a mouse here that is unlike any other in this list.

Logitech MX Ergo is a wireless mouse with a trackball on the side and unlike the rest of the mice listed here, you do not physically move the mouse to move the cursor.

Instead, this is a stationary mouse with no sensor on the button. The cursor is moved by using the trackball. While this may seem odd to amateurs, professional photo editors and designers find this to be an essential tool.

Basically, if it is precision tracking you are after, then this is best mouse for photo editing. This mouse goes a bit further by including an added precision mode which gives you a much higher grip on the cursor.

Since it hails from Logitech MX series, this is nothing short of a premium mouse in construction and features. For starters, it can connect to two computers at a time and also allows for copy and pasting files from one PC to another thanks to the Logitech Flow feature.

In addition to that, this is an ergonomic mouse. Not only is it shaped to mimic the natural position of the wrist, it also offers an adjustable tilt to further cater to your wrist comfort.

The only issue here is that this is a rather expensive mouse and you may to complement this with a regular mouse for basic use. However, if you are an avid trackball user, then this alone should suffice.

The following video reviews this mouse.

Additional Resources for Photo Editing


What Are Some of The Important Features for Photo Editing Mice?

While the requirement for features, size and weight ranges from person to person, the are a few features that can relate to your performance on a photo editing software.

Size and Ergonomic

The size and the overall shape of the mouse can make or break the deal for you. While many take this lightly initially, it is only after prolonged use do people realize whether the shape and the size is to their liking or not.

Therefore, initially getting the right mouse can go a long way in ensuring you get a mouse that you would fall in love with.

The size and ergonomic of the mouse largely depends upon your grip style.

mouse grips

The most common of these grips is the palm grip. It is also the most comfortable as you can rest your entire hand on the mouse with it.

Palm grip mouse are also large, and heavier than the Claw and Fingertip counterparts.

In short, you must choose the mouse depending upon your grip preferred grip style. It can provide you comfort and precision control for photo editing sessions.

Programmable Buttons

Best mouse for photo editing

Programmable buttons are a way of greatly enhancing your productivity. Once you get used to them, you can greatly improve the speed at which you work.

Basically programmable buttons can be assigned not only basic functions like move, cut, copy etc but also complex functions like assigning a macro that puts your favorite filter on a photo.

To assign a complex macro you use the dedicated software for mouse. The following are some of the software for different mice brands:

  • Logitech: Logitech GHub
  • Razer: Razer Synapse
  • SteelSeries: SteelSeries Engine
  • Roccat: Roccat Swarm
  • Corsair: iCUE

These software have a “Record” functionality selecting which allows you assign the acro to a button on the fly. You can also assign a macro manually. 

While this may seem trivial, you can only imagine the combination of hotkeys that you can assign for your photo editing software to quickly access commands and most used effects, filters etc.

Is Apple Magic Mouse Good for Photoshop

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Flagship Apple wireless mouse.

Whether the Apple Magic mouse is good for Photoshop or Photo Editing basically boils down to your personal preference.

However, looking at it holistically and by comparing with the rest of the high performance mice out there, you may find it a bit lacking.

It has a few issues the biggest of which is its form factor. The mouse is designed in a way that only promotes the fingertip grip. This to many users can be uncomfortable for long work sessions.

In addition to that, it does not have the best of the sensors out there. It may seem slow and imprecise compared to an even an ordinary gaming mouse.

It does have two big attraction such as the touch controls which can be accessed by performing gesture on the surface as well as a compact shape which is excellent for traveling.

But for power users, and in terms of comfort, ergonomic and features this does not cut out to be the best productivity mouse for photo editing. Shame that it does not offer a single programmable button either.

Final Words

Photo editing mouse does not have to be complex. Like choosing any peripheral, you have to go back to the basics.

The mouse has to be comfortable, it has to have a precise sensor for editing the minute pixels and it should have some degree of features that can enhance your overall productivity when using editing software.

In this article, we tried to list the best mouse for photo editing from various feature and price categories. We hope that this guide would have at least pointed you to the right direction and have made your buying process simpler.


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