5 Best Mouse For SketchUp in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

SketchUp is among the most popular 3D modelling software out there and its nature of being freemium makes it popular among individuals and small firms. However, just as is the case with almost all software, you need the right system and tools to work efficiently.

If you are a SketchUp power user, then one of the wisest things you can do for yourself is to invest intelligently on the right set of peripherals including a good mouse.

The definition of the best mouse for Sketchup is different from person to person. While there is no dedicated mouse specifically designed for Sketchup, there are certainly are a generally category of mice that are loved by 3D designers and editors.

When selecting a mouse, there are three different options that you can opt for: 6DoF mouse that can allow you to navigate through 3D spaces, gaming mouse which focuses on precision and customization, and finally productivity mouse that is comfortable and has features essential for typical office users.

Of these, the 3D Space mouse is among the most unique and it has to be used in conjunction with a normal mouse. More on this below.

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Comparison of Top Mice for SketchUp

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MX Master 3
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1. Logitech MX Master 3 – Recommended Productivity Mouse for Sketchup

Logitech MX Master 3

A high performance productivity mouse for Sketchup and general office use

First up we have a premium productivity mouse. Logitech MX Master 3 is to productivity mice what Mercedes is to cars. For any and all kind of office related work including professional software use like SkectUp, this mouse can come in handy

For starters, this is a large wireless mouse with an ergonomic form factor and a comfortable thumb rest that promotes the palm grip. If you are the kind who likes to rest your entire hand on the mouse, then you will like the body this mouse has to offer.

The comfort factor for long hours of work on SketchUp and other software is something that cannot be understated here.

The downside is that this is a heavy mouse weighing at about 141 grams therefore the occasional lifting and the usual panning across the mouse pad may feel a bit heavy.

Besides a comfortable large body, there is a whole list of features and specs this mouse offers. It can connect to 3 PCs at a time. You switch between these with a button located on the mouse.

On top of that, with Logitech Flow feature, you can even copy and paste files and images from one PC to another. So if you have some design files located on PC and want to move to another PC, this feature can certainly help.

The mouse also offers 3 programmable buttons as well as the Darkfield sensor that is one of its kind allowing the mouse to even track on glass surfaces.

While the DPI of the mouse is low compared to an average gaming mouse, compared to a casual mouse, it is multiple folds higher.

All in all, where productivity and comfort is concerned, we believe this is among the best mouse for Sketchup.

2. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700059 Spacemouse – Best Mouse for 3D Space Navigation

3Dconnexion Spacemouse

A high performance productivity mouse for Sketchup and general office use

Next up we have a mouse that is unlike any other in this list. This is a rare 3D space mouse and is something that only those who work with 3D models on SketchUp would understand and appreciate.

Basically, this is what is called a 6DoF mouse which stands for 6 degrees of Freedom. This is because the mouse allows you to move forward and backward, up and down, left and right and also allows to change the orientation by yawing, pitching and rolling the model or the work area.

Hence, when it comes to 3D designing, many find this to be a critical tool of the trade. While all those movements can be performed with a normal mouse, this mouse gives you convenience and efficiency in those movements.

Be warned though, that this cannot be used as the sole mouse for your computer. You will most certainly need a regular mouse as well.

While this is a pricey device, if 3D modelling and working on SketchUp is your full time job, then we believe this to be a no-brainer for power users.

So in short, if you are sold by the idea of 3D navigation mouse, then this can well be the best mouse for SketchUp for you.

3. Razer Naga X -Mouse with Plethora of Programmable Buttons

Razer Naga X

A gaming mouse with a plethora of programmable buttons that can used for assigning commands and macros to.

Razer Naga X is a gaming mouse and one of the latest iteration of the Razer Naga series. So what is this mouse all about and why should you opt this if you are a SketchUp user?

Well, the simplest answer is that it offers tremendous customization. And by that we mean it offers a plethora of customizable buttons that you can assign tools, actions and even macros to.

The mouse has a total of 16 programmable buttons with 12 located on the thumb side. Each of these buttons can be assigned a separate command using the Razer Synapse 3.0 software.

If you are someone who believes that a large number of hotkeys can help propel your productivity and efficiency, then this could be the best mouse for SketchUp for you.

Other than that, being a gaming mouse, it offers an excellent optical sensor with a DPI of a whopping 18K. If you want precision with your work then a high DPI can help.

Also, the latest Razer Naga X greatly reduces the overall weight of the mouse. This mouse weighs about 85 grams compared to Razer Naga Trinity which weight about 120 grams.

4. Logitech MX Anywhere 3 – Compact Ambidextrous Productivity Mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

A compact and a lightweight productivity mouse for small hands and for traveling.

Next up we have a compact productivity mouse. While on the first glance this may seem like an average travel mouse for laptops, but that is not the case here. There is so much more to this mouse.

While this truly is an excellent device for travel or to use with a laptop, coming from the Logitech MX series, it offers almost the same features as the much large MX Master 3 we saw above.

The mouse can connect to 3 PCs at a time, it can allow you to copy stuff from one PC to another via Logitech Flow feature, it has a 3 programmable buttons and it also has a DarkField sensor that can track on all surfaces including glass.

Another great area where it excels compared to a casual mouse, is with comfort. The mouse offers silicon grip on the sides for added comfort – something which you cannot find on popular casual mice like Apple Magic mouse or Microsoft Surface mouse.

So if you have small hands or if your like using the mouse with a claw or fingertip grip, then this could be one of the best mice for SketchUp for you.

5. Logitech G604 Lightspeed – Comfortable Wireless Mouse with Great Customization

Logitech G604 Lightspeed

Premium wireless gaming mouse that can double as a professional mouse for Sketchup.

Logitech G604 is a large wireless gaming mouse that looks elegant and classy. While the mouse has a heart of gamer, it looks more like a decent productivity mouse.

For starters, the mouse has a large form factor and is thus great for medium to large hands and for those that like having a good palm grip.

But the catchiest aspect about this mouse is that it comes with a whopping 15 programmable buttons all located in convenient places – 6 of which are located on the side.

All these buttons can be customized and programmed with tools, actions, commands even macros that you often use in Sketchup.

The wireless functionality is simply cherry on the cake. If you like to de clutter your desk space, then a wireless mouse is the way to go.

However, not all wireless mice are created equally. Unlike the MX Master series wireless mice seen above, this uses gaming grade technology that allows it to have a polling rate of 1ms (minimal input delay).

On top of that, the HERO 25K DPI sensor it offers is one of the most famous and precise optical sensor available for mice. The downside is that unlike the Darkfield sensor it cannot track on all surfaces and requires a smooth solid surface to work well.

So if wireless gaming grade productivity option is what you are after, then this is the best mouse for SketchUp in our opinion.


Things to Look Out For While Choosing The Right Gaming Mouse For SketchUp:

Finding a mouse that will perform the best for you usually depends on what kind of mouse aspect you value the most.

There are a few important factors that you should keep in mind when deciding to select a mouse.

Firstly, if you are someone who works on long lasting projects and if you work for prolonged hours then it makes sense to invest in a comfortable ergonomic mouse.

Secondly, you may like the aspect of customization using the large array of programmable buttons which you can use to assign hotkeys to.

Thirdly, you may want to try out the 3D space mouse with 6DoF.

And of course, then there are the rest of aspects like precision with a high DPI or mouse with a sensor that tracks on all surface including glass.

3D Modeling and 6DoF

The following video explains the 3D space Mouse:

If your main focus is on navigating through 3D models then having a mouse dedicated for 3D space can most certainly help.

This is where the 6DoF mouse fall. Although, you should keep in mind that there are only a select number of models that offer this feature.

With a 6DoF mouse you can surge, heave, sway, yaw, pitch and roll your 3D models and views.

It must be noted, however, that if you want to browse through your system or use alternate programs then a standard mouse is required.

Setting Up Macros and Custom Buttons

programmable buttons.
Source: Razer Naga X

The programmable buttons on a mouse essentially allow you to assign tools, command and actions to them. From setting up basic Undo and Redo commands to assigning shortcuts, there is so much you can do with these.

A good setup of hotkeys and programmed buttons can prove to be a great time saver particularly if they do not have an intuitive keyboard shortcut already available.

Razer Synapse
Official Customization Software Can Allow You to Map Keys

Each mouse brand has its own customization software. Logitech has the Logitech GHub, Razer has Razer Synpase and Corsair has iCUE etc.

These software can be used to assign the different Sketchup functions to the programmable buttons. These software also allow you to set up the programmed buttons so that they only work with a particular software.

This article is a short guide on how customizing the buttons can help albeit the mouse used here is only very basic.

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Final Words

So in short there are a few categories that you can look into when choosing the best mouse for SketchUp i.e gaming, productivity and 6DoF mice. Within these categories, there are sub categories such as ergonomic, small, large mice etc.

The bottom line is that there isn’t a specialized mouse that is built specifically for SketchUp. The 3Dconnexion 3DX-700059 Spacemouse is the closest it comes to having a specialized mouse for 3D space navigation.

But other than that, when choosing the right mouse you have to think of what feature you value the most i.e programmable button customization, connectivity with multiple PCs at the same time, ergonomic form factor etc.


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