5 Best Mouse for Solidworks in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Solidworks is a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program used for solid modeling. It helps designers create both simple and complex models and allows them to visualize and iterate on the models without having to build out the actual product.

To take full advantage of this, you will not only need a capable computer, but also the right peripherals.

Peripherals are your primary form of interacting with your PC. So no matter how powerful your PC is, if you are not using the right peripherals then you would have damaged your productivity. Here we talk specifically about the best mouse for Solidworks.

Having a good mouse will save you time and also keep you productive in the long run.

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Comparison of Top Mice for Solidworks

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Logitech MX
Master 3
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Scimitar Pro
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1. Logitech MX Master 3 – Advanced and recommended for Solidworks

Logitech MX Master 3

A very popular productivity mouse with programmable buttons and Logitech Flow.

The MX Master 3 is a highly recommended mouse for professionals thanks to its advanced features and a whole host of customization options.

This is the best mouse for Solidworks for users who want to control up to three systems at once and just simply want to drastically want to improve their productivity.

It uses Logitech Flow software to allow users to connect and use up to three devices. You move your cursor between them and also copy files from one computer and paste them on another one over a network.

This can be useful for sharing your Solidworks models without having to use an external drive or sending them via email.

This also lets you work across multiple devices if you need to, a practice that can save you a lot of time during design and production.

You get a gesture button integrated into the thumb rest that lets you perform several functions on your computer and the addition of programmable buttons lets you assign some complex functions to single keys.

Being an advanced mouse, you get useful features from this unit, allowing you to be more productive and the ergonomic build reduces the strain on your arms and wrist.

2. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700067 Kit – Expensive, includes Spacemouse and Mat

3Dconnexion 3DX-700067 Kit

A mouse highly loved by professional who work with 3D spaces.

This mouse is not for people who are on a budget because it a bit on the expensive side. However, the value it brings, particularly for 3D modeling, almost makes the price worth it because instead of getting a single unit, you get an entire modeling kit.

3D mice allow users to work in virtual 3D scenes with ease, particularly navigating them and inspecting complex models. To make the Spacemouse more effective, it needs to be used together with the regular mouse.

As a result, you get a two-handed workflow which results in increased efficiency in the long run.

Seeing as you get a full kit with the purchase of this unit, you get to experience the versatility of the Spacemouse that gives you up to six degrees of motion, a mat as well as a carrying case.

There’s also a regular mouse that is also packed with useful features for Solidworks along with a USB dongle for the 2.4GHz wireless connection.

You get a dedicated middle mouse button which is useful for modeling. Adding this to the fact that the mouse is wireless and made for portability makes this the best mouse for Solidworks.

3. Logitech MX Vertical – Plenty buttons, controls the systems

Logitech MX Vertical

A high performance vertical mouse.

For those who are keen on ergonomics, the Logitech MX Vertical is the best mouse for Solidworks.

It has a near-vertical 57-degree profile which means holding it feels as natural as a handshake. Its vertical shape allows for more natural wrist movements when working on models and minimizes the risk of developing a repetitive strain injury.

Besides being very comfortable to use, the mouse also comes with advanced features such as controlling multiple systems at once. It is wireless and works either through Bluetooth or Logitech’s unifying connector.

Just like with the MX Master 3, you can copy files from one computer to another with this mouse and you also have plenty of buttons that you can customize and use in Solidworks for a streamlined workflow.

The mouse is rechargeable via a Type-C connector and a full charge can last up to 70 days of usage.

It has a high precision 4000DPI optical sensor whose sensitivity is also adjustable, allowing you to set it up as you prefer for optimal performance.

4. Logitech MX Ergo – Wireless Trackball – Ergonomic, uses a precision trackball

Logitech MX Ergo

Trackball mouse for high precision navigation across models.

When you want the convenience of a good mouse minus the hassle of having to move your arm around, a trackball mouse is a great choice.

Trackball mice like the MX Ergo from Logitech use a small ball that’s held within the mouse and can take input to move the cursor on the screen.

This means that instead of moving your forearms when working with 3D objects, all you need to move is your thumb. This makes these devices more comfortable to use and because they don’t respond to the surface, you can set them up and use them almost anywhere.

This unit’s trackball is adjustable to provide you with a custom and personalized feel. Besides that, it is highly advanced and performs well once you get used to it.

This is the best mouse for Solidworks if you prefer ergonomics and ease in a mouse as it offers both, aside from the fact that it is loaded with features such as cross-computer control and the ability to connect up to three computers simultaneously.

5. Corsair Scimitar Pro – Many programmable keys, perfect tracking

Corsair Scimitar Pro

A mouse with plethora of programmable buttons for assigning commands and macros for easy access.

For those who treasure convenience in the form of programmable keys, this is the best mouse for Solidworks.

Many power users love having as many programmable buttons as they can as it allows them to assign commonly used commands and tools thus improving their productivity.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is a high-performance mouse, which is particularly built for gaming. However, since gaming mice are durable, well crafted, precise and ripe with features, this can do quite well with Solid 3D modeling.

The mouse also has a very high 1600DPI for precision. This is adjustable and chances are your values will not be that high for Solidworks.

Nevertheless, you get great performance and in the customizability arena, you get about 12 programmable keys that will allow you to set up multiple functions at the reach of your thumb.

To make it work at its best on any surface, you get a surface calibration feature that can be done in the software to make adjusting to different work environments much easier and more efficient.

Being a wired mouse, you get high response times which makes this ideal for fast-paced work environments. This is further enhanced by the design which provides enhanced grip and support.

Its features that include high precision and tracking make this a great mouse for any Solidworks designer.


How to Choose the Right Mouse for Solidworks and CAD in General?

When it comes to 3D solid modeling, you will need a good mouse as the tasks will often involve high precision and good response times.

Because the 3D models will most likely be going into production and may have to be integrated into already existing systems, users will need to cut precise shapes and make very accurate measurements to reduce errors or variability in the final product.

As a result, there are several things you will need to look out for when getting a mouse for Solidworks.

Programmable Buttons

best mouse for solidworks
The programmable buttons can be used to set macros by power SolidWorks users

This feature adds to the value of a mouse immensely especially when the mouse is meant for modeling components and objects.

As it turns out, many shortcut keys can be used in Solidworks to make the modeling process smoother and more intuitive.

To achieve a high degree of flexibility, having these shortcut keys easily available on one key, and having those keys on a mouse make work much easier.

Not only will you move your arms around less, trying to hit those keys on the keyboard, you will also have far less strain on your arms which will reduce fatigue during long working hours.

There’s no set figure on the most optimal number of programmable keys so this will depend entirely on the user’s preferences.


mouse for solidworks

As a Solidworks designer, working on a computer with a mouse in hand is a normal occurrence. There may be times when the working day is longer than normal.

With a regular mouse, the chances of suffering from RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries) are heightened because of repetitive movements. This can be mitigated by having an ergonomic mouse that feels more natural in the hand and offers a more comfortable grip.

Whether the mouse’s top surface is contoured or constructed with a vertical profile, ergonomic mice provide users with a comfortable feel, especially when working for extended periods.

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Other Factors

Comfort and customizability improve a user’s performance when working in Solidworks. But other features make work a bit easier.

Users can opt for wireless mice if they don’t like the look and feel of a wired mouse. This is mainly a preference issue.

At the same time, a mouse’s sensor plays a huge role in the performance, and getting one that can work on any surface like glass can be beneficial.

Also, the cost of the unit if an important factor to consider.

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Final Words

Solidworks is a demanding software. It requires the right set of tools in order for you to work productively. Besides having the right PC hardware, you also need the right PC peripherals.

In this article we looked at some of the best mouse for Solidworks. These mice are designed specifically to CAD designers and engineers.

Whether you are looking for a mouse that can help you navigate through 3D space or looking for a mouse with plenty of programmable keys for your macros, we hope this guide pointed you to the right direction.


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