5 Best Mouse for Tennis Elbow in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Tennis Elbow is a condition more officially known as Lateral Epicondylitis. It is very painful and also being a repetitive strain injury means it is caused by several factors relating to your posture.

You may suffer from this if you work long hours and maintain an uncomfortable form throughout your working day.

If you suspect, the pain originates from the use of your mouse, then you may avoid this with the use of the best mouse for Tennis Elbow based on ergonomic and popular suggestion..

Choosing an ergonomic mouse may help with the pain and you can have some relief when working long hours.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this article as well as the reviews below is not serve as a medical advise. We are NOT doctors. Therefore, if you suffer from any chronic or acute pain, we recommend you seek doctor’s advise.

Tennis Elbow Mice Compared

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1. Logitech MX Vertical – Recommended Mouse for Tennis Elbow

Logitech MX Vertical

A highly recommended vertical mouse for promoting natural wrist position.

Logitech MX Vertical is a premium vertical mouse designed particularly for those suffering from pain due to prolonged mouse usage.

It is very common for many suffering from tennis elbow due to their incorrect posture on the PC to suggest an ergonomic vertical mouse as it mimics the natural movement for the wrist and the elbow.

It has a near-vertical profile that makes holding the mouse feels almost as natural as shaking someone’s hand.

With this, you get a lot of support for your forearms and wrist, and you maintain a good posture that as a result may limit your susceptibility to tennis elbow.

Being an advanced vertical mouse, you get a whole suite of features including a popular features that allows you to control multiple systems without having to disconnect from one and connect to another when you need to switch.

This is thanks to the fact that it is wireless, but also, with Logitech Flow, you can copy files from one of the connected computers and paste it in another. This makes working with many files distributed over several computers very convenient.

You get several customizable buttons with two on the side that can be used to navigate browsers or file explorers, and the textured thumb rest provides an excellent grip.

This is a great ergonomic mouse for power users and if you are looking for a high quality option, then this maybe the best mouse for tennis elbow for you. However, as always, we do recommend you consult with a specialist first.

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2. Logitech MX Ergo – Stationary Trackball Mice

Logitech MX Ergo

A stationary trackball mouse for as little wrist movement as possible.

For those of you suffering from acute and chronic pain, a trackball mice can be the right way to go. If your physician has advised you against using any kind of mouse to recover but if your work is important, then this is a mouse is something that you can consult with your physician.

Basically, a trackball mouse is a stationary mouse. You navigate on it using the, well, trackball. On this mouse it is located on the right thumb rest however, some mice may offer trackball in other locations.

Logitech MX Ergo is basically a highly popular and premium productivity based trackball mouse.

Like the rest of the MX series mice, this too allows for Flow Control which enables this mouse to control 2 devices at the same time without disconnecting from one. Not just that, you can even copy and paste files from one system to another without them being networked in any way.

This is a wireless mouse with a whopping 8 programmable buttons. The 8 programmable buttons can allow you to setup plenty of custom profiles and key assignment for different software that you use.

Another highly functional ergonomic aspect this offers is the 0-20 degrees tilt. You can tilt this mouse to a side or have it flat on the desk depending upon your preference.

And finally, this is a rechargeable mouse, hence you would not have to worry about spending on batteries every now and then.

In short, if the prospect of a stationary trackball option sound good to you, then this can be the best mouse for tennis elbow for you.

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3. Microsoft Sculpt – Compact Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

A compact and a portable wireless ergonomic mouse

Microsoft sculpt is basically a small and a compact ergonomic mouse that you can use for traveling. This is particularly a great option for laptop users who move a lot.

The trackpad on a mouse can be atrocious for your wrist and your elbow. Hence this is something that you can use as a replacement on your travels.

The mouse has a large vertical height and physical profile that may make it appear large than others, but it is short along its length, therefore giving it a near-rounded appearance.

This grants you enough surface to completely wrap your palm around it when working, and the top also has an outward-slanting shape. The sides have a thumb scoop for extra support and grip.

This results in a surface that’s designed to comfortably fit a human hand and reduces wrist tension and minimizes the risk of developing a tennis elbow.

You get great features as well; the mouse has a powerful sensor equipped with Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology.  This lets it track motion on almost any surface, giving you the freedom to travel with and use your mouse on the go.

This is the best mouse for tennis elbow due to its great performance and unique ergonomic design.

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4. Logitech MX Master 3 – Large Ergonomic Productivity Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3

A very popular productivity mouse with a large thumb rest for a good palm grip.

Logitech MX Master 3 is a very popular, large productivity mouse with a large thumb rest. This is a mouse that is designed to harbor your entire hand on top of it for a very comfortable palm grip.

This is a premium mouse, however. This unit does comes with advanced features that make using it a breeze and allows users to quickly go through their tasks.

It’s a wireless mouse that uses either Bluetooth or Logitech’s unifying dongle that can be used with several other of Logitech’s supported devices like keyboards.

It works on most popular operating systems and with Logitech Flow, you can not only operate three computers simultaneously but also copy files from one and paste them on another.

Its shape is sculpted to fit a person’s hand comfortably and you have a generous offering of programmable buttons that can be set to perform various functions on the computer.

Under the thumb rest is a gesture button that provides users with extra functionality and you get a sensor that can track even on glass, thanks to Darkfield technology.

What makes this among the best mice for tennis elbow is it offers a lot of functionality, buttons and two scroll wheels which can ultimately make sure you do not move your arm around much.

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5. Corsair Nightsword – Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Corsair Nightsword

A large and a comfortable gaming mouse.

For gamers, spending several hours in front of a screen is a regular occurrence. However, doing it daily can lead to injuries if you don’t have the best mouse for tennis elbow.

The Corsair Nightsword is built for gamers and it has the looks and features required. What’s more interesting is that it offers high levels of comfort over the performance needed for a mouse of its kind.

The unit has up to 18000 DPI which gives it great sensitivity allowing for faster reflex and more smooth movements in games. This is also adjustable for you need to.

You also have the backlit RGB lighting feature that is appreciated by many gamers.

Because repetitive movements can cause harm and tennis elbow, this unit is built with a feature that detects the device’s center of gravity.

It then automatically adjusts the device’s weight to fit the user’s parameters, allowing for a more comfortable feel when gaming and even using it regularly.

The ergonomic shape is contoured and aids with alleviating wrist pain while allowing users to maintain great performance.

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How to Choose the Right Ergonomic Mouse for Tennis Elbow?

what is tennis elbow
Source: Masalo.eu

Whether you’re working or playing, spending long hours in front of your computer with your mouse in hand can cause discomfort.

When you perform repetitive movements with your forearms and your wrists, you inadvertently stretch and tear some of the tendons on your elbow.

This is more prominent when you hold a bad posture when performing the said movements. As a result, you may end up developing what is commonly known as Tennis elbow. Not only is it painful in advanced cases, but it may also lead to severe medical conditions if it goes unchecked.

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Ergonomic Mouse

best mouse for tennis elbow

One way to reduce the strain on your muscles and tendons when working for long periods is to use an ergonomic mouse.

These devices are built to offer support and improve posture for the user when handling a mouse. Instead of having your hand completely flat over the mouse and moving laterally with your wrists, you get a little slant on some and others can be even vertical.

The main idea is to allow your arms the freedom of movement while giving them a better range of motion that doesn’t pull too much muscle and tendon resources.

As such, you end your working day on a comfortable and painless note while still maintaining the same level of productivity as you had before – if not more.

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Benefits of Ergonomic Mice

Besides just being nice and pain-free to use, ergonomic mice are also great for people with arthritis.

It reduces strain on your joints and muscles thus saving people from extra hassles and pain with stretching and straining their joints.

You also get reduced fatigue. The constant strain when using a mouse that lacks an ergonomic build can get you tired very fast. This leads to inefficiencies and you break your day physically and mentally exhausted.

Ergonomic mice are just as performant as their non-ergonomic counterparts. Some of them provide numerous features that are very helpful and can help with productivity.

The Mouse

There are numerous options when it comes to getting an ergonomic mouse. In this arena, it boils down to the features you need or you might want to use.

Some come with extra programmable buttons that can be assigned to various functions and others allow you to move files between computers with ease.

So, when it comes to buying, the choice ultimately falls on the user and their needs.

Final Words

If you suffer from tennis elbow or any kind of pain associated pain, the first thing we recommend is that you go see a physician.

Get it checked up and take the doctors advice.

The list above was a lest of best mouse for tennis elbow from the ergonomic perspective. These are mice that people suffering from such issues tend to prefer.

This list here is not intended to give you a medical advice.


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