5 Best Wireless Mouse Under $100 in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

Wireless mice tend to be generally more expensive than their wired counterparts. This might be because they offer a little more ease of use since, for one, you won’t be tethered right next to the computer.

Nevertheless, when looking for the best wireless mouse under $100, you will be bombarded by a lot of options to choose from.

This is mainly because the under $100 range is actually considered quite generous for a mouse and you can find pretty sweet deals with this budget.

The mice come with numerous features and capabilities. Some are aimed towards productivity and office work and others are designed to suit gamers better.

Here we explore this topic further.

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Top Wireless Mice Under $100 Compared

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Logitech MX
Master 3
USB Dongle
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Logitech MX
Anywhere 2S
USB Dongle
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Lightspeed Hero
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Razer Basilisk
X HyperSpeed
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MX Vertical
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1. Logitech MX Master 3 – Recommended Wireless Mouse Under $100 for Productivity

Logitech MX Master 3

A popular productivity mouse for power users.

The MX Master 3 is an ergonomic mouse that comes with some very advanced features for productivity.

This is flagship productivity mouse by perhaps the most popular peripheral manufacturer out there. If you are a power use then no matter if you work on excel or AutoCAD, this mouse can help.

For starters, this is an ergonomic mouse with a very comfortable form factor. It is a bit large and can be slightly odd particularly for those moving from a small mice, but when you get used to it, it can actually make a lot of sense to you.

A very lucrative feature this mouse offers in our opinion is the Logitech Flow. easily move files by copying them on one of the connected computers, dragging the cursor over to a different connected computer, and pasting them there. This happens wirelessly.

You can connect upto three devices with different operating systems to this mouse using Bluetooth. You will be able to switch between them conveniently with the button on the underside of the mouse.

As far as customizability goes, the mouse offers 2 macro buttons as well as a gesture button next to the vertical scroll wheel which allows you to assign 4 different functions to the mouse.

These functions can be accessed by pressing down the gesture button and moving the mouse up, down, left or right.

It has 2 x MagSpeed scroll wheel (magnetic scroll wheel), one for vertical scroll and the other for horizontal scrolling (located on the thumbside). Both can scroll 1000 lines in just a second with precision.

The optical sensor is a 4000DPI unit and offers high precision. It uses DarkField technology that lets you work even on reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass.

Hence this is a mouse that works on all surfaces.

A single charge via USB-C can last up to 70 days and a single minute of charging can deliver 3 hours of use.

With all that considered. If you are a power user, then there is not doubt that this is among the best wireless mouse under $100.

2. Logitech MX Anywhere 2s – Best for Traveling and Productivity

Logitech MX Anywhere 2s

A small and a compact productivity wireless mouse for laptop, fingertip grip or for traveling.

This is the mouse for people looking for a lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly device. Just as the name suggests, you can take this mouse and use it anywhere and on virtually any surface thanks to an innovative optical sensor design. It also has long battery life.

It uses a 4000DPI sensor that utilizes DarkField technology for efficient tracking on all surfaces including glass and glossy surfaces.

This mouse is in contrast to the Logitech MX Master 3 above. While the mouse listed above is large and suitable for those who want a palm grip. This mouse is for those who like smaller form factor for a fingertip grip.

It does not have a thumb rest, it weighs less and is smaller in size compared to the Logitech MX Master 3.

Like the Logitech MX Master 3, this too offers cross computer support with the Logitech Flow feature. It can be paired up with three devices and can allow you to copy and paste between the systems.

As far as customizability goes, all of the the seven buttons on the muse are customizable. This mouse also features the gesture button, which acts as a function key.

Pressing down this gesture button can allow you to set 4 different macros which can be accessed by moving the mouse in one of the four directions i.e up, down, left or right.

Furthermore, the mouse also comes with hyper-fast scrolling thanks to a MagSpeed scroll wheel. This makes it ideal for most users who are looking for a handy productivity device.

The mouse can also work via a USB dongle using Logitech’s unifying connector. The same connector can also be used with several other compatible devices from Logitech.

It is compatible with devices running any of the popular computer operating systems, making it the best wireless mouse under $100 particularly for those who like the small form factor.

Furthermore, it does not require any other setup besides connecting it to your machine and installing some additional drivers for the extra features.

3. Logitech G502 – Recommended Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $100

Logitech G502 HERO

High performance wireless gaming mouse.

If you came here looking for a wireless gaming grade mouse, then this should be somewhere on the top of your list. It is among the most loved and reviewed wireless gaming mouse out there.

While it can be used for productivity, this mouse is geared more towards gamers with features such as LightSpeed wireless. This is Logitech’s answer to the common bottlenecks of Bluetooth. Lightspeed offers lower latencies and faster response times, all over a stable wireless connection.

And that is one of the best aspects about this mouse. PCMag.com goes as far as to say that it is “Wireless with almost no latency”.

Having no latency is essential for gamers as any kind of lag in the feedback can hinder your gaming performance.

As far as the mouse itself goes, this is a large mouse with an ergonomic form factor.

The sides have textured rubber that enhances a user’s grip which is ideal for high performance in competitive gaming. Furthermore, the mouse has a comfortable design making it easy on your hand and wrist even during extended gaming sessions.

With dual connectivity, users can easily switch between Bluetooth and Lightspeed, favoring Bluetooth for better battery life and Lightspeed for better in-game performance.

In total, the device has 11 customizable buttons. These can be set up with macros to support a user’s workflow or gaming actions and tasks. Hence with full customization, you will reduce the time spent hitting multiple key combinations on your keyboard.

The weight and balance can be adjusted, and users can play around with the RGB lights.

So if you want to make a beeline for one of the most popular wireless gaming option, then this is the best wireless mouse under $100 range.

4. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed – Affordable Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed

High performance wireless gaming mouse.

The Razer Basilisk X is an affordable gaming mouse that features great specs on paper and performance in real-life usage.

This is also a fairly ergonomic mouse with large palm grip and a comfortable thumb rest making it suitable for long gaming sessions.

The design does take some inspiration of the Logitech G502 above, however, this mouse is cheaper. That is mostly attributable to the fact that it has a lower number of programmable buttons and does not feature rechargeable battery.

It comes with an optical sensor that’s rated for up to 16000DPI. This gives accurate tracking and makes it ideal for gaming. It is also adjustable, meaning you can raise and lower it as you wish.

Like most quality gaming wireless mouse, there is not noticeable latency with this mouse either. And, with the added benefit of 450-hour battery life, you get the best wireless mouse under $100.

It has support for dual wireless connectivity. When doing light gaming, you can use Bluetooth which will be forgiving on your battery life. However, if you need to switch up the performance, you can switch over to HyperSpeed wireless.

Again, the mouse is not as customizable as the Logitech G502 Hero above as it does not have adjustable weights and only 6 programmable buttons, but if you are looking for a much cheaper option, then this is a recommended wireless mouse for gaming.

5. Logitech MX Vertical – Ergonomic, Vertical Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical

A high performance and productivity based ergonomic vertical wireless mouse.

This mouse from Logitech aims to reduce the risk of suffering an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) from poor arm movement.

It does this by adopting an ergonomic vertical design so that instead of laying your palm flat on the mouse surface, your hand assumes a position similar to that of a handshake.

This ensures you have good posture and that your arms can move naturally, allowing you to work effectively and get more done for longer.

While there are plenty of Wireless Vertical mice out there and being offered at much cheaper price tags, the reason we have selected this particular mouse is because it offers premium features for productivity.

Like the rest of the Logitech MX series mice, this too is a productivity mouse for power users.

The Logitech Flow, a feature that allows you to, among many things, copy files on one computer and paste them on another.

It works via Bluetooth, and can even use Logitech’s Unifying USB dongle. With Bluetooth, you get the ability to connect up to three devices simultaneously. You can then switch which one you control whenever you need to.

There is one slight drawback with this mouse as compared to the rest of the Logitech MX Series mice. You will notice that this mouse lacks the Darkfiled sensor which allows the mouse to track on any surface including glass. Instead if features an regular optical sensor, albeit with 4000 DPI.

The mouse is is rechargeable and has a long battery life whereby a single 1-minute charge can last about 3 hours.

When it comes to productivity with vertical form factor, this is the best wireless mouse under $100 as it’s ergonomic, and comes with very useful features.

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Guide to Finding the Right Wireless Mouse Under $100

Wireless mice are not all the same. For starters, they may use different wireless technologies to communicate with the computer.

A wireless mouse can be connected via USB dongle or Via Bluetooth.

USB Dongle Connectivity

Many wireless mice come with a USB receiver that’s used to connect to the computer. The receiver plugs directly into an open USB port, allowing you to start using the mouse immediately.

A benefit of this is you do not need to do any further configuration. A lot of the time, the drivers will be automatically installed once you plug in the dongle for the first time.

If this is not the case, you will have to get the correct drivers as advised via the manufacturer’s website.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Another popular wireless instrument is Bluetooth. This is universal and many computers already have the functionality.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity is generally found on premium wireless mice.

With Bluetooth, all you need to do is switch on your mouse, pair it with the computer and have them connected.

Bluetooth is a good choice for laptops as well as desktops as you can use many other devices with it. Also, you do not run the risk of losing a dongle.

Unfortunately, Bluetooth connectivity is known to present some lags which may not be the option for connectivity particularly for gamers.

For productivity, though, and for having a redundant means of connectivity, this is an excellent feature to have.

Are There Are Any Good Wireless Gaming Mice?

best wireless mouse under $100

For some time, wireless mice had been plagued with high latencies. This could be problematic for gaming as well as other productive tasks.

However, there already exist proprietary ways to deliver data between the mouse and computer with reduced bottlenecks.

Logitech mice use Lightspeed for this. It offers reliable and stable performance and many mice that support it also support Bluetooth.

Razer, on the other hand, implements their version called HyperSpeed. Just like Lightspeed, its main aim is to improve the mouse’s performance and this tech is mostly found on wireless gaming mice.

These technologies have been reported to reduce the latencies to almost non existent.

Battery Life

Because the mouse is wireless, it needs to be powered somehow. Batteries are used for this. Different mice either use rechargeable internal batteries or non-rechargeable ones that will need to be replaced once they run out.

Cheaper mice generally do not feature rechargeable batteries. However, in the under $100 range, you can find plenty of mice with rechargeable battery.

Final Words

Whether you are looking for productivity or gaming wireless mouse, the under $100 is an excellent range to go for.

Of course, when you choose the best wireless mouse under $100, you will notice that the choice can get a bit specialized. For instance, if you are an office user, the specific productivity mouse for your will be very different as compared to a professional gaming mouse.

Hence it is important to gauge your needs first before investing in a premium mouse under $100.


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