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5 Best Budget AM4 Motherboards in 2020

AMD based PCs are well known for their affordability. Not only are AMD based motherboard cheaper than their Intel counterparts, but also their processors as well as graphics cards.

In this article we will look at the best budget AM4 motherboards. AM4 is the latest AMD socket that is compatible with AMD the Ryzen 3, 2, 1 as well as some other processors.

If you are looking for an economical rig either for work purposes or for gaming then you can certainly find an excellent deals here.

Here we will review budget motherboard from different categories. We will look at motherboards from different form factors as well as PCIe configuration.

Before we look into the AMD AM4 motherboards, let us see what you can expect from this list.

List of Best Budget AM4 Motherboards in 2020

The following motherboards have the best value for their budget price category. We have divided them based on their form factor:

  1. Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H – Micro ATX – The Most Budget AM4 Motherboard
  2. Gigabyte B450 AORUS M – Micro ATX – Budget Gaming AM4 Motherboard
  3. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F – ATX – Best Budget AM4 Motherboard for Overclocking
  4. MSI X470 Gaming PRO Carbon – ATX – Cheapest AMD SLI Motherboard
  5. ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/AC – Mini ITX – Best Budget AM4 Motherboard with WiFi

 Budget Micro ATX AMD AM4 Motherboards

1. Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H – The Most Budget AM4 Motherboard

The most affordable AMD AM4 motherboard with a micro ATX form factor. Popular and recommended.

First up we have the most affordable and popular AMD AM4 motherboard out there.

If you came here looking to make a bee-line for the most recommended option, then this is hands down, the ideal option to go for.

While this is mostly intended for those looking for make an average PC for work or home related tasks, you can certainly use this for your gaming setup as well.

Being an affordable motherboard, it offers only the minimal specs. For instance unlike an average motherboard that has 4 x DIMM slots, this motherboard only has 2 x DIMM slots for RAM with a max support for 32 GB of DDR 4 RAM.

This is in all reality, more than enough for any economical build as well as for a full fledged gaming build.

One point to note is that despite being a micro ATX motherboard, it only offers a single PCIe X16 slot for graphics card. It DOES NOT offer any X4 slot that you can use for a Crossfire setup.

It does, however, offer 2 x PCIe X1 slot that you can use to install smaller add-in cards like a sound card or a WiFi card.

In short, if you want to make the most economical build, then this is the best budget AMD motherboard in the market.

2. Gigabyte B450 AORUS M – Budget Gaming AM4 Motherboard

An affordable AM4 gaming motherboard. Offers higher quality components, support for crossfire as well as great audio.

Gigabyte B450 AORUS M is a step up from the previous motherboard. While it is well within the budget range, it improves on almost all the aspects.

For the starters, the motherboard looks absolutely fantastic in comparison to the previous motherboard. On top of that, it offers better quality sub-components like capacitors, heat sinks, and chokes.

All these feature make it an excellent budget motherboard for gamers. The better sub-components are essential for those who overclock. While the beautiful looks and color accents makes it an attractive option for enthusiasts.

As far as configuration goes, this offers much higher expandability. Firstly, it offers support of upto 64 GB of RAM. Therefore, if you want to build a workstation, you would be able to do so with this.

Furthermore, it offers one PCIe X16 slots, one PCIe X4 slot and one PCIe X1 slot. The X16 and the X4 slot can be used for a crossfire setup. Therefore, if you plan to have a rig with 2 x AMD cards, it is possible with this motherboard.

Finally, this motherboard offers a much better sound system as compared to the previous motherboard. While the previous motherboard offered support for only a stereo system, this offers support for upto 7.1 surround sound system thanks to its 6 audio ports.

All in all, if you are looking for a performance based micro ATX model, then this is the best budget AM4 motherboard in the market.

Budget ATX AMD AM4 Motherboards

3. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F – Best Budget AM4 Motherboard for Overclocking

A recommended ATX AM4 motherboard that is highly suitable for gaming builds. Supports crossfire and is great for overclocking.

ATX motherboards are generally expensive than Micro ATX are usually used for workstation or high performance desktops.

This motherboard is a testament to that fact.

This is one of the most affordable AMD based ATX motherboard out there, yet it offers features that would cater to any professional out there be it a gamer or a video editor.

Unlike the previous two mentioned motherboard out there, this offers a lot of expandability. Despite being a budget ATX motherboard, it offers support for 3 x AMD Graphics card.

You can essentially have a 3-Way crossfire on this. How? Because it offers a single PCIe X16 slot and two X4 slots. Since an AMD Graphics card requires a minimum of X4 PCIe bandwidth, you can have triple GPU rig.

Of course, for a budget PC that would be an overkill, it is still great to have that feature in a budget motherboard.

Furthermore, it also offers an additiona 3 x PCIe X1 slots that you can use to add a separate WiFi modem, sound card etc.

Besides, it also comes with a built in 5.1 surround sound with an optical out.

All in all, if you are looking to build a high performance desktop, then this is the best budget AM4 motherboard out there in our opinion.

4. MSI X470 Gaming PRO Carbon – Cheapest AMD SLI Motherboard

The cheapest AMD AM4 motherboard that is can support NVIDIA SLI. Offers high degree of expandability.

This is a motherboard that would cater to a specific need of those who want to have an NVIDIA SLI setup on an AM4 motherboard.

Most of the motherboard mentioned here only have support for AMD Crossfire but not for NVIDIA SLI.

Finding SLI support on an AMD motherboard is difficult at a budget price range. This motherboard, despite being the most expensive in this list, is the cheapest motherboard that offers SLI support.

The reason for the higher price tag is simple. Firstly, AMD encoruages you to couple their motherboard with an AMD GPU. Secondly, unlike an AMD GPU that requires a minimum of X4 PCIe slot to operate, NVIDIA GPU, on the other hand, requires a minimum of X8 PCIe slot to operate.

In other words, to support SLI you will need at least two PCIe X8 slots. This configuraiton is generally more expensive. Hence the higher price tag.

Besides that, noone can argue the quality this motherboard provides. Other than the high quality components that are fit for overclocking, this offers gaming hotkey and myriad of special features specially catered toward gamers.

But in short, if you want to have a 2 – way NVIDIA system on AMD motherboard, then this is the best budget AM4 motherboard for you.

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Budget Mini ITX AMD AM4 Motherboards

5. ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/AC – Best Budget AM4 Motherboard with WiFi

A recommended budget option for building a compact and a portable PC.

Finally we have the smallest class of motherboard that features an AM4 chipset.

This is a mini ITX motherboard that is considered the smallest category of motherboard for a conventional PC build. Since they have a dimension of mere 6.7 x 6.7 inches, they can fit into very compact chassis that not just occupy a small footprint, but are also cheap and portable.

An important consideration here is that mini ITX motherboard are generally more expensive than Micro ATX despite being smaller. This is because of the fact that they offer a built in WiFi and also charge a premium for their compact design.

As far as expandability goes, mini ITX motherboards are the worst. This motherboard only offers a single PCIe X16 slot that is fit only for a single Graphics Card.

Therefore, if you do not think that you will ever be needing a higher PCIe slots, then this is an excellent option to go for.

While you won’t be able to add an extra PCIe sound card to this, if the singular PCIe X16 slot is already occupied, the built-in sound card is quite great with its 5.1 channel.

All in all, if you are looking to build an economical compact build, then this is the best budget AM4 motherboard.

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What to Expect Here?

When choosing an AMD motherboards especially at a budget, you can keep the following points into account.

Cheaper Than Intel Counterparts

For starters it is worth noting that a typical AMD motherboard is much cheaper than an Intel motherboard.

Therefore, for the ultimate economical build, AMD is the way to go.

However, it is also worth noting that an average AMD processor is weaker than an average Intel processor.

Yet for basic work as well as for gaming, AMD is still well worth it. Take for example the 5th generation gaming console. They all use AMD based systems.

Form Factor Matters

best budget AM4 motherboard
Form factor pertains to size, slot configuration and price. Source: Reddit

When choosing the most economical option, the form factor of the motherboard matters a lot.

Form factor basically defines the size and dimension of the motherboard.

The most common motherboard form factors are ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX. ATX is the largest with a 12 x 9.6 inch dimension, micro ATX is smaller at 9.6 x 9.6 inch dimension and the Mini ITX is the smaller coming at 6.7 x 6.7 inch.

Generally, out of all these, the micro ATX motherboards are the cheapest to procure. Therefore, for utmost affordability go for micro ATX motherboard or mATX.

When it comes to the budget range Mini ITX motherboards are the most expensive. This is because these motherboard come with a built in WIFI and they do tend to charge a premium for their rare compact form factor.

The ATX motherboards have a vast price range. In the budget category, they are slightly more expensive than micro ATX motherboards, but can be found at a much cheaper price than Mini ITX motherboards.

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Graphic Card Configuration and Expandability

Best Motherboards for SLI
The more graphics card you want to install the more PCIe X16 slots and lanes you need.

Motherboards vary heavily in terms of their PCIe configuration.

While all motherboards offer at least a single PCIe X16 slot so that you can add a graphics card to it, further expandability is usually costly.

For instance, motherboards that can handle NVIDIA SLI are fairly more expensive than an average motherboard since it has two X16 slots. NVIDIA requires at least an X8 slot to operate.

Hence when you populate the two X16 slots, they dial down their bandwidth to X8 each. This has to do with amount of PCIe lanes you have.

On the other hand, a motherboard designed for Crossfire is cheaper since AMD graphics card can run on an X4 slot. Therefore, if your motherboard has an extra X4 slot along with the primary X16 slot, you will be able to Crossfire.

Micro ATX and ATX motherboards usually have an additional X4 slot. Mini ITX, on the other hand, cap out at only a single PCIe X16 slot.

Hence, if you want more expandability in terms of more PCIe slots, the motherboard will cost extra.

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Update Issues

It should be noted that the AM4 is fairly old socket and has been found on motherboards since the first generation AMD Ryzen processors came out.

The current AMD Ryzen generation is the third. However, you can still find older motherboards that were released years earlier.

Incidentally, the cheapest AM4 motherboard also happen to be the oldest. However, it should be noted that some of the older motherboards do not have their BIOS updated.

Therefore, while they can technically support the newer generation of AMD Ryzen processors, their BIOS will need to be updated first.

Generally, if the stock for a certain motherboard is old, it will usually have an older BIOS and will need to be updated if you get a newer generation Ryzen processor.

However, if the stock is newer then even if the model is old, there is a high chance that it will come factory updated to the latest BIOS that supports the newer AMD processors.

In this article the best budget AMD motherboard we have selected do not have any reported BIOS update issue from their customers.

Final Words

In this article we reviewed some of the best budget AM4 motherboards from various form factors.

We must reiterate again that the right motherboard for you depends upon what you want to accomplish. If you just need a simple motherboard that can harbor a single graphics card, then you can certainly find very cheap motherboards out there.

However, if you plan to have multiple graphics card or if you plan to overclock, then you will need to dish out a little extra.

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