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6 Best Motherboards with Integrated Graphics in 2020

If you are low on budget or If you do not care much for a gaming or a high performance setup, then there is absolutely no point in investing an expensive dedicated graphics card.

In such a case, integrated graphics make the most sense.

This brings your cost down significantly yet still allows you to perform average CPU and RAM driven tasks like word processing, office work, casual work etc without any hassle.

Thus, in this article, we will look at the best motherboards with integrated graphics support. However, before we begin, it is better to remove some of the misconceptions regarding integrated MOBO graphics.

Comparison of Top Motherboards with Integrated Graphics

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A 2.0
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Z490 UD
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List of Best Motherboards with Integrated Graphics in 2020

We have selected the following as the best motherboards in this category:

  1. ASUS Prime B460M – Micro ATX – Recommended All Rounder Motherboard – LGA1200
  2. GIGABYTE H310M A 2.0 – Micro ATX – Affordable Motherboard – LGA1151
  3. GIGABYTE Z490 UD – ATX – Z Series Chipset at Cheap – LGA1200
  4. GIGABYTE B550M DS3H – Micro ATX – Recommended AMD Motherboard with Onboard Graphics
  5. GIGABYTE B450M DS3H – Micro ATX – Budget Option
  6. Asus Prime X570-P – ATX – Premium X570 Chipset

Points to Note

Here we will assume that you are building a budget PC since only a budget PC relies upon integrated graphics alone. Gaming or performance based desktops require a dedicated graphics card.

Best Intel Motherboard with Integrated Graphics Support

1. ASUS Prime B460M – ATX – Recommended All Rounder Motherboard – LGA1200

ASUS Prime B460M

A recommended motherboard with the latest LGA 1200 socket for supporting tenth gen processors.

An ATX motherboard for most mid range gaming and professional builds. Offer support for LGA1151 socket with Z390 chipset.

Next up we have a rather well received large ATX sized motherboard. While this may seem expensive for a budget PC, if you want future expandability, then we recommend you invest in an ATX motherboard.

This also offers support for LGA 1151 socket and thus can support the latest 8th and 9th gen intel processors.

As far expandability goes, this has plenty of support. While it still offers a single PCI-E x16 (16x mode) slot for running graphics card, the rest of the two PCI-E x16 (4x mode) and the PCI-E x1 slot can be used to install additional components such as PCIE SSD Adapter or Add in Card (AiC) SSDs.

On top of that you can use the plenty of SATA 3 connection for installed external components like an extra USB hub, HDD, optical drive etc.

The relative drawback of this motherboard is that it does not offer a built in USB 3.1 Type C port. Therefore, you will to spend separately to get a SATA powered USB hub with the required port.

As far as connectivity to displays go, it offers a single built in HDMI port. Of course, this will be powered by the igpu installed on the processor. Fortunately, all Intel processors supported by this MOBO have an igpu.

All in all, if you need a reasonably priced and a somewhat robust option, then this is the best motherboard with integrated graphics support.

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2. GIGABYTE H310M A 2.0 – Micro ATX – Affordable Motherboard – LGA1151


One of the cheapest motherboard with LGA1151 socket for Intel processor. It has a Micro ATX form factor and therefore is suitable for budget builds.

GIGABYTE H310M A 2.0 is one of the cheapest boards that you can find with a built in DisplayPort as well as an HDMI port. As such, if you are building a budget PC, then this should certainly come in handy.

There are few important points to take note about this motherboard. The first is that this has a micro ATX form factor instead of ATX. Micro ATX boards are smaller, but are also quite cheaper.

They do not have as extensive features, but for budget systems they are more than enough.

Another important point to note is that despite being a very affordable motherboard, it even features a USB 3.1 Type C port. This port is rare in boards of this price category.

As far as the processor support goes, it supports Intel Processors with the LGA1151 socket. Therefore, it can support a wide range of processors ranging from Intel Celeron all the way to Core i7s.

You must note that not all Celeron and Pentium processors from the latest generation support this socket. For example, the J series Celeron Processors have the 1090 socket. The G series Celeron processors, on the other hand, are support with 1151 socket.

You must note that your integrated graphics will depend on the processor you get. Cheaper processors such as Intel Celeron G series processors feature the Intel UHD Graphics 610.  Whereas higher end processors like the Intel Core i7-9700K processor features the better Intel UHD Graphics 630.

In any case, they both are not gaming grade graphics.

All in all, if you are seeking the most affordable option, then this is certainly the best motherboard with integrated graphics support for Intel processors.

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3. GIGABYTE Z490 UD – ATX – Z Series Chipset at Cheap – LGA1200


Yet another rather affordable micro ATX motherboard featuring LGA1200 socket but with the premium Z series chipset.

We mentioned earlier that we will specifically look at budget motherboard since only the budget PCs rely soley on integrated graphics.

We had to mention this particular motherboard since it is one the cheapest featuring the Z series chipset with LGA 1200 socket.

The Z series chipset is considered the chipset of choice by the enthusiasts. It offers higher PCIe lanes, better VRM design and the ability to overclock your system.

Besides that, it comes with a higher PCIe slot count with 2 x PCIe X 16 slots (one working at X4 bandwidth).

Hence, you can add plenty of expansion card on to this.

On top of that, the latest Z490 chipset also gives you plenty of latest gen USB ports from the 3.1 and 3.2 gen and also M.2 slot for SSD expansion. This motherboard offers 2 x M.2 slots both of which support the faster NVME SSDs.

Again, this motherboard is not intended for the budget oriented, but if you plan to utilize the overclocking ability or the multiple PCIe slot on this then this is one of the best motherboard with onboard graphics.

Unfortunately though, as far as the output goes, it only comes with a single HDMI slot.

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Best AMD Motherboards with Integrated Graphics Support

4. GIGABYTE B550M DS3H – Micro ATX – Recommended AMD Motherboard with Onboard Graphics


A performance based affordable AMD motherboard with Am4 socket and latest B550 chipset.

If you are planning on building an AMD system, then we highly recommend that you go for the motherboard featuring the latest B550 chipset such as this.

There are many reasons to this. For starters, these motherboard support the latest Ryzen Gen 3 processors from the get go without you having to update the BIOS.

Secondly, they are well future proof. B550 is among the first chipset to feature the PCIe v4.0 protocol. This doubles the transfer speeds compared to the previous third gen protocol.

While motherboards featuring the older B450 chipset are cheaper and more economical, for more optimized performance we recommend you stick with the newer chipsets.

The newer chipset also features a higher number of latest and faster USB 3.2 usb ports for connectivity.

As far as video connectivity goes, this motherboard offers a DVI-D and an HDMI connection. Hence you can connect two monitors to it without any hassle.

All in all, for AMD build featuring latest chipset, this is the best motherboard with integrated graphics in our opinion.

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5. GIGABYTE B450M DS3H – Micro ATX – Budget Option


A highly affordable Micro ATX motherboard for budget AMD builds requiring AM4 socket.

If you are building a budget AMD system, then this equally budget friendly motherboard will certainly come in handy.

It can support the latest processors from the Ryzen 1 all the way to Ryzen 3 processors. Basically, any processor with the AM4 socket.

Note that being a Micro ATX motherboard, it is smaller and has less expandability features as compared to an ATX motherboard.

Even so, if you want to expand, it offers a single PCI-E x16 (16x mode) slot for graphics card as well as a PCIE x16 (4x mode) slot for running AMD Crossfire setup with two graphics. It won’t however, support NVIDIA SLI support since SLI requires an another PCIE x16 operating at 8x mode.

However, you are probably won’t be buying this motherboard for installing graphics card. Since you are here for integrated graphics, you must note that it offers a single DVI-D and a single HDMI port for connecting to displays.

While it does not have an onboard graphics chip of its own (as detailed in the FAQ section), it supports the AMD Ryzen processors that come with powerful VEGA series integrated graphics.

VEGA integrated graphics are much better in performance as compared to the Intel HD graphics.

In the end, if you are looking for a budget setup, then this is the best motherboard with integrated graphics for an AMD system.

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6. Asus Prime X570-P – ATX – Premium X570 Chipset

Asus Prime X570-P

A mid range ATX motherboard featuring the X570 chipset.

Like the Z series from Intel, the X series is the premium chipset by AMD that is generally used on motherboard build for performance.

However, X series motherboard can range highly in terms of price tag. This particular motherboard happens to be on the lower price spectrum.

This is a specialized motherboard built for overclocking your AMD processor. On top of that, the latest X570 chipset brings about with it many different changes comparde to the older X470.

Like the B550 chipset we saw above, this too offers support for latest PCIe V4.0 protocol making it highly future proof. Secondly, it offers a plenty of newer gen USB ports and also many expansion slots.

This motherboard 2 x PCIe x16 slots with the capacity to Crossfire two AMD graphics card (an overkill for most). It is also one of the rare few motherboard with an active heatsink – meaning it has a fan on its chipset to keep it cool while you overclock your system.

Furthermore, the one key factor that determiness the quality of a motherboard is its phase power desing and the size of the VRMs. This has a high end solution of 8+4 power stages (budget motherboard have power stages of 6 or lower in total).

While this may not cater to everyone’s taste, if you are somewhat of an ethusiast looking for a enhanced build, then this is the best motherboard with integrated graphics in our opinion for AMD build.

Unfortunately, like most premium chipset motherboard at a budget, it only features a single video output i.e an HDMI port.

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Do Motherboards have Integrated Graphics?

The simple answer is NO! Motherboards do not have integrated graphics of their own. Meaning, they do not have a separate chipset installed right on top of the mainboard that facilitates graphics processing.

There was a time when motherboards did feature true “onboard graphics chipsets”. However, that changed when AMD and Intel started making processors with integrated graphics card.

So What Does “Onboard Graphics” Mean in the Specifications?

Best Motherboards with Integrated Graphics
Unlike older motherboards, motherboards of today are powered by integrated graphics found in the processors.

I understand why you must so confused if the motherboard specsheet says it has ‘Onboard Graphics’ yet doesn’t really offer a dedicated video chipset.

Basically, this has to do with older terminology. The term ‘onboard graphics’ has been carried over since the time when motherboard actually USED to have a dedicated graphics chipset.

These days it just means that the motherboard has the PORTS to connect to a monitor as well as the ability to handle the PROCESSORS that have integrated graphics.

Do All Processors have Integrated Graphics?

No, not all processor have integrated graphics. Some of the older AMD processor may lack integrated graphics.

Fortunately, though, all of the newer processor do come with integrated graphics.

Do All Motherboard have “Onbaord Graphics”?

No, they do not. While most do, there are some that do not feature onboard graphics for two reasons.

Firstly, the motherboard may not support the processor with an integrated graphics card. Since motherboards nowadays do not have a graphics chipset of their own, they need to rely on integrated graphics on the CPU. If the CPU also lacks it, then there is no way for the motherboard to display.

Secondly, a motherboard may support a processor with an integrated graphics, but it may not have any output port such as HDMI, DVI-D, DP etc. In this case, the motherboard cannot claim to have onboard graphics.

Why Don’t Motherboard Feature their Own Graphics Cards?

As mentioned earlier, MOBOs used to have a dedicated graphics chipset. That changed when processors started featuring integrated graphics.

There is no point in having redundant low level graphics card i.e MOBO ‘onboard graphics’ and processor ‘integrated graphics’ at the same time since it only adds to useless cost.

Onboard Graphics vs CPU Integrated Graphics

Again, onboard graphics is just a term used on a motherboard to indicate that it has the PORTs to connect to a display and also the ability to support a CPU with integrated graphics card.

The confusion stems from the way specifications are written.

Best Motherboards with Integrated Graphics
Specsheet for a motherboard says On-board Graphics

For instance, the specsheet above for a motherboard says that it has ‘onboard graphics’ without stating that it does not have chipset of its own.

To add to that to confusion it also says ‘integrated graphics processor-Intel HD Graphics’, this just adds more to confusion since a normal person would understand this as the motherboard infact having an integrated card.

However, on the bottom, it actually sheds some light by clarifying that the actual support varies from CPU to CPU thus indicating that the onboard graphics does actually depend on CPU.

The point is, actual ‘Onboard Graphics’ do not exist.

Integrated graphics, on the other hand, like the Intel HD series card or the AMD VEGA series cards are actually built in to the processor. You don’t pay an extra amount for these when buying a new processor.

The ports such as HDMI, and VGA found on the MOBO are actually powered by the integrated graphics of the processor NOT by any onboard chip found on the MOBO.

Can These MOBO Support 4K Resolution?

hdmi 2.1 port
An HDMI 2.1 port can support 4k output

While the integrated graphics do support 4k resolution, whether the motherboard can output it or not depends on the PORTs AVAILABLE.

Basically, your motherboard will need to have at least one of HDMI, DisplayPort or a Thunderbolt 3.0 port in order to display 4k resolution.

You must also note that HDMI 1.4 is different from HDMI 2.0. While both can display 4k resolution, the HDMI 1.4 can only output 4K resolution at 30Hz refresh rate, while the more recent HDMI 2.0 can handle 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate.


In this article we reviewed some of the best motherboards with integrated graphics support. The first thing to note is that the motherboards DO NOT actually have a graphics chipset of their own (unlike the older motherboards).

Instead, these motherboards have output ports to connect to a monitor such as HDMI, DP, DVI etc as well as support PROCESSORS that have the integrated graphics card like the Intel HD or the AMD VEGA.

This allows your PC to function without needing a dedicated graphics card.

The best motherboards with integrated graphic support reviewed here were all rather affordable. We haven’t opted for any high end performance or gaming based MOBO since only a low grade PC build would rely solely on integrated graphics.

However, if you need expandability for future or if you need more features like built in WiFi, then you must be ready to dish out some extra cash.

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