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When designing different products, manufacturing companies tend to have a sense of uniqueness in each of their products. This is the reason why an Acer charger cannot charge a Toshiba laptop.

In the graphics processing world, AMD and Nvidia are the main households. Being among the most trusted companies one may ask, can you use Nvidia Graphics card with AMD processor given the fact that both are competitors.

The answer is yes. Nvidia and AMD processors both works equally well. You can pair Nvidia Graphics cards with AMD processors and you can even with Intel Processors. All of these processors are compatible hence when building your custom PC, the graphics card and processor you plan on using are based on your preference.

Even though they are compatible this does not necessarily mean that all AMD processors are compatible with all NVIDIA graphics cards.

The Confusion

Can You Use Nvidia Graphics Card with AMD Processor

New PC builders in general and gamers in particularly have notion that NVIDIA Graphics card may not be compatible with an AMD processor.

This is because they believe that only AMD would allow their GPU i.e from the Radeon line, to be compatible with the processors.

However, that is hardly the case.

Graphics card from NVIDIA or AMD and processors from Intel and AMD are all compatible with each other.

So as far as the question of compatibility goes, you have nothing to worry about. However, an issue may arise when you are looking for slot configuration, PCIe lanes and multiple GPU build. This has nothing to do with the compatibility and everything to do with what kind of PC you want to build.

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Can You Use Nvidia Graphics Card with AMD Processor?

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processors, Intel processors, and Nvidia Graphics cards can work together provided their features and software are compatible. Connecting them to the motherboard is where an issue may arise.

While AMD does not necessarily manufacture motherboards, they make CPUs that are used in determining the compatibility of motherboards. Processor and the motherboard determine the amount of PCIe lanes you have available too.

These AMD compatible/based motherboards are able to run Nvidia Graphics cards provided they meet the compatibility specifications. These specifications include things such as slots and drivers.

Fortunately, if you want to run just a single NVIDIA graphics card, you will have no issue. For multiple GPUs, there can be some issue.

PCIe Slot and Their Configuration

Why Is Second SLI PCIe 8

All computers systems have PCIe slots on their motherboards. These slots on the motherboard are used to add extra devices to your computer such as graphics cards, and other add in cards.

A graphics card generally takes up 16x of PCIe lanes. Almost all motherboard have that.

However when it comes to dual GPU, AMD motherboards, in the budget range, mostly offer a single extra x4 slot.

The issue here is that while an AMD GPU can run on x4 slot, the NVIDIA GPUs cannot. NVIDIA requires at least an x8 slot.

So in short, while you will have no issues running a single card, you may have to look out when going for an NVIDIA SLI setup.

The Drivers

Computer drivers are programs or instructions that give instructions to the computer’s hardware. Most of your computer hardware requires drivers to function correctly. There are high-level drivers, intermediate drivers, and lowest level drivers.

Among these are graphical drivers whose main aim is to dictate the graphical components of your computer and take all that load away from your computer.

AMD based motherboards have specific driver specifications that should be matched with both Nvidia graphics cards and AMD processors to function correctly.

When building your custom PC and asking yourself can you use Nvidia graphics cards and AMD processors it is essential to consider the drivers.

When your Nvidia graphics card and AMD processor stop working correctly after an update it may be advisable to consider changing the graphics card and the processor since the two may have different driver specifications.

The details pertaining to the drivers you should have when considering to work with these two can be found on the AMD and Nvidia websites

The Power Supply Unit Must be Powerful Enough

power supply unit

When building a custom PC, the slots, drivers and the motherboard is not all you should consider if you are considering pairing NVIDIA GPU with AMD processor. The power supply is equally as important.

This is because these cards and processors work differently. With this in mind, it is only obvious that some cards require more power compared to other cards.  Some Nvidia cards require a lot more power than can be acquired from the motherboard interface.

This makes it hectic to run these graphic cards without connecting the power supply. This should be considered and you should make sure that your power supply is in accordance with Nvidia requirements and these can be found on the card specifications.

In case if your NVIDIA card is malfunctioning and you are wondering if that is caused due to the compatibility issue with an AMD processor. It is not. It could be an issue with an inadequate power supply or the drivers.

Are There Advantages of Using an Nvidia Graphics Card with AMD Processors?

Having answered the question; can you use Nvidia Graphics card with AMD processor, you may be wondering whether there are advantages to combining the two.

The answer will mainly depend on the user. This is because both Nvidia GPUs and AMD GPUs are almost similarly designed hence you will hardly see any difference in the performance when combining AMD processors with NVIDIA graphics cards.

There are certain games, however, that are designed particularly for NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards. Therefore, you preference may matter there.

Generally, the biggest advantage you may see is with the price point or a good deal. If you find a great deal on the NVIDIA and the AMD processor, it is wiser to go with both.

Final Words

In short, if you are wondering can you use NVIDIA Graphics Card with AMD procecssor, the simplest answer is a profound yes.

There is absolutely no issue with using the two together granted that the rest of the system including the slots, PSU, motherboard and the driver are all good.

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