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HP Victus 15 TPN-Q279_598U1AV Review

We live in truly amazing times. To find a full-fledged gaming laptop that, too, at a price tag of less than $600 was completely unheard of not more than a couple of years ago.

But that truly has changed, and HP Victus 15 TPN-Q279_598U1AV is a testament to that fact.

Now, this machine, by all means, is not going to win gaming performance accolades, however, for the price it grants a budget gamer the ability to enjoy many games at medium overall graphics (FHD).

While most gamers are gawking at super high FPS, 4K resolution, Ultra high graphics with DLSS and ray tracing, the humble gamers out there who can settle just fine with 60 FPS max at FHD resolution would find HP Victus 15 TPN-Q279_598U1AV truly an extraordinary device for the budget.

Here are the Key Highlights:

  • The laptop features AMD Ryzen 5 7535HS middle-of-the-line CPU

  • RTX 2050 – it is a bit aged, but should be able to play many modern AAA games with medium graphics.

  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM <- again just beautiful at the price tag. There are laptops costing twice as much and do not feature 16 GB RAM. The base variant offers 16GB DDR4 and 512GB SSD.


  • RAM ranging from 16GB – 64GB

  • Disk Size ranging from 512GB SSD to 1 TB

What Kind of Gamer is This for?

In my opinion, this is a laptop most suited for gamers who play competitive games like Fortnite, DOTA, Valorant, Apex Legends, etc.

Why? Because most eSports games are designed to be played by the masses and hence do not have AAA-level of graphics requirements.

Again, while this laptop does have dedicated graphics (thus making it a gaming laptop, obviously), RTX 2050 is only a low to lower-mid-range graphics card at best.

Hence, many modern AAA games are out of the question for this machine.

Here are some of the numbers from ntoebookcheck.net

Games Best FPS / Graphics Settings (FHD) Verdict
Armored Core Med @ 35.6 FPS Playable
Immortals of Avenum Low @ 22.7 FPS Not Playable
Atlas Fallen Med @ 52.2 FPS Excellent
Baldur’s Gate 3 Med @ 35.8 FPS Playable
F1 23 Med @ 50.8 Excellent
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Med @ 21.8 Not Playable
Atomic Heart Med @ 48.7 Excellent
Hogwarts Legacy Med @ 34.5 Playable
Call of Duty MW 2 Med @ 52 Excellent

How Does This Laptop Stack Up to the Competition?

Well, given the CPU, the graphics card, and, of course, the 16 GB DDR4 (base) and 512 TB NVMe SSD (base), here is how it stacks up to some of its close competition.

MSI GF63 (Budget Variant)

Intel Core i5 11400H | RTX 3050 | 16 GB DDR4| 512GB SSD

This laptop trades off a weaker CPU for much better graphics as compared to the HP Victus 15 TPN-Q279_598U1AV but at a SLIGHTLY higher base price (think $50 more).

As a gamer, I would personally prefer this simply because of its better GPU.

However, if you are on a tight budget and would prefer to have a more powerful CPU instead (perhaps for work purposes), then you can stick to the HP Victus 15 TPN-Q279_598U1AV



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