6 Best External Hard Drives for Youtubers in 2022

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

As a YouTuber, you probably have a large collection of videos that you’re working on and some that need archiving for future use.

A lot of these files can build up and fill your storage fast, so to catch up you may need to have large drives or even constantly buy new hard drives to get extra space.

While whichever method you choose may work well for you, you will be far better off when you chose to get the best external hard drives for Youtubers. These will have attractive features for your work.

Depending on your budget and your needs you can either go the fast SSD route or large storage HDD route.

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Comparison of Top External Hard Drives for Youtubers

ProductTypeSizeConnectivityTransfer SpeedCheck
WD My BookHDD3.5" USB 3.0~140
Buy at
WD Black P10HDD2.5" USB 3.2
Buy at
Samsung T5SATA
2.5"USB 3.2
Buy at
LaCie RuggedNVMe
M.2USB 3.21050
Buy at
HDD2.5"USB 3.0
Buy at
My Book Duo
HDD3.5"USB 3.1
Buy at

1. WD My Book – Affordable 3.5 Inch External Hard Drive for Youtubers

WD My Book

A highly affordable desktop external hard disk with a huge capacity. Requires external power to operate.

As a YouTuber, you may want to save costs, especially when starting. This is where the WD My Book comes in.

This is a very affordable 3.5-Inch external HDD that has a lot to offer. With it, you can save your money for some other equipment.

The unit comes with many storage sizes options, allowing you to stock up with the storage you need.

It makes use of the USB 3.0 interface for connection meaning that transfers will not be badly bottlenecked, compared to using the older USB 2.0 standard.

While the device is basic, but you get some great features like an auto backup. With this, you can have fewer worries about your files’ integrity when you store them in the drive.

Additionally, you get password encryption for your files, allowing you to limit access to your video files which is key for a YouTuber.

Being reliable is also a feature that makes this one of the best external hard drive for youtubers. You benefit from high storage, reliability, good performance, and hardware encryption. This is great for YouTubers with a large video archive.

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2. WD Black P10– High Performance 2.5 Inch Drive

WD Black P10

A high performance 2.5 inch portable hard disk. Great for Youtube gamers.

This 2.5-Inch external drive comes with great features that make it great to store files in. To start, it is very affordable and that makes it easy for many YouTubers to own.

You also get many options when it comes to storage capacities so users can always stock up on devices depending on their needs or have one large drive to store most of their files in.

The fact that it is a 2.5 Inch drive means that it is very portable. For that reason, this hard drive is ideal for users who are constantly on the move.

A durable hard drive is always a great choice for users who are constantly traveling with their drives. As such, the WD Black demonstrates a good amount of durability.

This is a high-performance drive meaning you can expect to get good read and write speeds out of it. While it may bot be at par with SSDs, you can expect it to perform well nonetheless.

The drive is built backed with years of development from WD. As such, it is one of the best external hard drive for youtubers.

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3. Samsung T5 – Popular External SSD for Youtubers

Samsung T5 MU-PA2T0B

Popular SATA SSD with speeds at least 5 times faster than a normal HDD.

YouTubers who do their video editing will enjoy having and using the Samsung T5. This is because being an SSD, you get great performance from the device.

Read and write speeds are far beyond those that you’d expect from a hard drive. More specifically, during use, the SSD can register speeds of up to 540MB/s.

This will give users a lot of freedom including the ability to edit their videos straight from the hard drive itself.

The hard drive is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and has a sturdy metallic construction. This makes it very durable and also very portable so you can carry it along when shooting videos for YouTube as an extra storage device.

The device uses the USB 3.1 type-C standard interface that supports fast transfer speeds. This means moving files to and from it will be a breeze.

The device is very popular among video editors because it performs well and has a fair price. However, you also get the added benefit of shock-resistance thus making it the best external hard drive for youtubers.

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4. LaCie STHR1000800 – Expensive Portable External SSD

LaCie STHR1000800

A ruggedized external SSD that is perfect for the adventurous Youtubers.

The LaCie STHR1000800 is a premium external SSD that comes with an expensive price tag. However, it makes up for the cost with great features.

For starters, it is a very high-performance external SSDs with speeds that go up to 950 MB/s. Not only will this help you when moving large video files around, but you will also reap the benefits when you decide to work off the device.

It is very durable, thanks to its rugged case, the device can withstand a huge amount of force including an accidental drop from 3m.

You also get some water resistance with the hard drive since it comes with an IP67 rating. This means it has full dust protection and can survive a 1-meter immersion in water for 30 minutes.

You get added crush resistance and the files are safe from prying eyes when you make use of the disk encryption feature that comes with the device. All of these make this the best external hard drive for youtubers, especially those who travel a lot.

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5. WD My Passport Wireless Pro – Battery Powered Drive with WIFI

WD My Passport Wireless Pro

A unique external hard disk. Battery powered with WiFi connectivity. Great for ultimate portability.

The WD My Passport Wireless Pro is a WIFI-enabled external hard drive that can offer a lot to a youtuber who wants to minimize their cabling.

Decluttering is not the only benefit of the WIFI feature on this device. You can set up the device and use it as a media server so that once connected to the same network, you can access files on the drive from other devices like phones.

Apart from WIFI, you can use the added USB 3.0 interface to move your files around. It is compatible with most Operating Systems, though it may need a little setting-up.

These features are supported by the device’s battery pack which allows the device to also function as a power bank, recharging your devices when in dire need.

With the My Cloud mobile app, users can stream files on the hard drive directly on their phone over WIFI. All you need to do is connect to the drive’s Hotspot Network.

This is a great tool for productivity and one of the best external hard drive for Youtubers.

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6. WD My Book Duo – For Extremely Large Archives

WD My Book Duo

This is a gigantic storage solution for those needing a very storage for large YouTube video archive.

This is probably the closes thing you will come to an actual NAS.

This is the much larger version of the WD My Book reviewed above and thus features a much larger capacity of upto 24 TB.

This device basically serves as an enclosure for multiple 3.5″ WD Red Drives that are optimized for ANS usage.

These come with RAID 0 configuration from the get go which distributes the data across the storage evenly, however, if you want redundancy, this device also gives you the option to switch to RAID 1.

Finally, you can choose to use the drives inside independently as well. The HDD connectivity can be done through its USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and it comes with both  USB Type-C to Type-C and Type C to Type-A cables for use on different devices.

While this hard disk offers much more including a USB 3.0 hub for connectivity accessory as well as password encryption, this caters only to those who have a very high demand for storage.

We are talking about Youtubers who have hours upon hours of footage. In fact, the storage here is sufficient for a small organization let alone a single Youtuber.

So in short, if it is very high capacity that you are looking for, then this is the Best External Hard Drives for Youtubers in our opinion.

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A Note on Reliability

One of the biggest dilemma that any Youtuber or video editor face is the factor of how reliable their hard drives would be.

No hard drive, be it an internal or an external, can promise to be 100% reliable.

You may think that perhaps NAS is a reliable storage device, however, the drives inside the NAS can also fail.

You may think that ruggedized hard drive may sustain the wear and tear. But while they are excellent for travelers, they again DO NOT guarantee a 100% reliable solution.

So the bottom line is not to keep all your eggs in one basket particularly with your important video footage.

If you have a budget to spend on an 8 GB external hard drive, we recommend getting two 4 GB ones and then mirroring them.

This way, you would have a redundancy backup or disaster recovery solution.

Of course, this would incur twice the cost per GB but if your archived footage is important to you, then we recommend this as the only solution.

How to Find the Right External Hard Drive As a Youtuber?

Because your work will depend on the videos you take and prepare, you will often need the means to store them that is reliable, accessible, and large enough for your library no matter the size.

For this reason, when choosing a drive for you, there are some major aspects that you will always need to consider beforehand.


SSD win by a huge margin when it comes to sheer performance. Source: Samsung T5

When you’re buying an external hard drive for productivity, speed is usually an important factor to consider.

A slow drive will mean a lot of time spent waiting for large movies to be read or written to the disk.

You will also take a lot of time when exporting the file to the external disk and when you choose to work straight from the disk, a slow one will be a bottleneck to your productivity.

A fast SSD will allow you to do a lot of things including working with very demanding video codecs.

Storage Capacity

Best External Hard Drives for Steam Games
3.5 Inch external HDD, aka Desktop External HDD are the cheapest but they are large and they require a power source. Source: WD My Book

When you’re constantly shooting videos, which will be in High definition for YouTube, you will end up generating large file sizes that will need to be stored and archived somewhere.

With a small collection, you can get away with having just a small disk. However, if you have a large collection of files then you will quickly see the need of having a large disk.

The good thing is that you get a wide range of options when it comes to disk capacity so your biggest hindrance will be the cost.


Best External Hard Drives for Youtubers
If you want durability, get ruggedized external hard drives.

You do not want to lose your hard work just because you accidentally dropped your external hard drive or spilled some liquid on it.

For this reason, you should always look to getting a hard drive that’s been tested and rated for durability.

Physical durability can range from having a ruggedized case to absorb shocks to having waterproofing and even crush resistance.

Nevertheless, opt for a hard drive that’s durable to better safeguard your files.


When considering a hard drive, as a YouTuber, opt for one with a high endurance rating. Drives that are well documented to survive large workloads for a long time will be very reliable and you can expect them to serve you for long.


Security is also an important feature for a hard drive that you use for YouTube videos. To prevent loss of privacy, consider getting one with data encryption as they are safer.

Final Words

There are many types of external hard drives. In this article we looked at some of the best external hard drives for Youtubers from different categories.

We looked at large 3.5 inch HDD, 2.5 inch HDD as well as into SSDs.

If you want capacity, go for the larger 3.5 inch HDD. If you need portability, go for 2.5 inch HDD. If you want portability AND speed, go for SSD. It is as simple as that.


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