5 Best Hard Drives for Movie Storage in 2021

The rise of online movie streaming services has made it possible to watch movies without having them on your drive. However, some times you need local access to your movies.

A good example of such times is when your internet cuts off or the connection gets so bad that you cannot watch your movie in the quality you expect.

You can have your entire movie library downloaded in high definition to enjoy when internet access is unavailable.

For the best results, you should opt for one of the best hard drives for movie storage.

List of Best Hard Drives for Movie Storage in 2021

The following hard drives stand out the most in their respective type and size category for storing your collection of movies.

  1. WD My Book – Affordable 3.5” External Hard Drive for Movie Storage
  2. G-Technology G-Drive – High Transfer Speeds with USB 3.1
  3. WD WDBU6Y0020BBK – Basic Drive 2.5″ Drive for Storing Movies
  4. ADATA SD700 – Affordable Rugged External SSD
  5. Samsung T5 – Popular SSD for Video Editors

1. WD My Book – Affordable 3.5” External Hard Drive for Movie Storage

A desktop external hard drive. Has the most affordable cost per GB. Requires external power source.

For users who are keen on reliability but are operating on a tight budget, the WD My Book is the best hard drive for movie storage.

This stems from the fact that the device comes with an affordable price, considering the storage space that you get.

With very large libraries, users get a wide variety of options from the smallest 3TB drive to 14 TB meaning that you can store very many High Definition movies without suddenly running out of space.

The drive comes with software that takes care of automatically backing up your files so you’re covered here in case you forget to do it.

This device isn’t built with portability in mind. It is a 3.5-inch drive which is larger than most and you should just consider keeping it in one place since it doesn’t come with safety features like shock or waterproofing.

However, you get USB 3.0 support out of the box which will allow you to transfer files fast.

With large capacities at an affordable price, this drive is ideal

2. G-Technology G-Drive – High Transfer Speeds with USB 3.1

A highly suitable movie storage hard disk for MAC. Offers USB Type C connectivity.

The G-Drive from G-technology is an external drive that you can use with almost any device. It comes with large capacity options that would suit users with large movie libraries quite well.

It uses a USB 3.1 type C Gen-1 connector that not only lets you connect to USB devices, but also gets you high transfer speeds. It’s also compatible with the newer devices.

The drive comes in a well-designed compact form factor with its enclosure made wholly out of aluminum for protection of the internal components thus enhancing durability.

You also get USB power delivery with this device, this means that while you’re accessing your files, the G-Drive can also be charging your device (if compatible) all at the same time.

You get plug and play Mac support. However, Windows users may need to reformat the drive to work with the file-system.

Nevertheless, using the device after setup will be easy and you get the bonus of easy file backups by Apple Time Machine.

Large capacities as well as durability, design, and file backups make this one of the best hard drive for movie storage.

3. WD WDBU6Y0020BBK – Basic Drive 2.5″ Drive for Storing Movies

A basic portable 2.5″ HDD. For those who want to move their movies around with them.

The WD elements is a basic external hard drive for cost-conscious users. It comes in a plastic enclosure for the drive’s internals and is very affordable for users on a tight budget.

What this drive does so well is keeping the cost down, thus allowing a wide range of users to find it affordable. However, the quality isn’t compromised too much.

You get a USB 3.0 port that’s very standard for most modern external hard drives as it allows wide compatibility with devices as well as good transfer speeds.

The drive comes formatted to work with Windows devices out of the box. However, for other Operating Systems, you may need to do some reformatting to get it to work.

It’s portable, easy to use, and reliable. Unfortunately, the hard drive does not come with any safety features like waterproofing or a rugged case for added durability. This means that the user has to take care of the device on their own.

Nevertheless, if keeping cost down is your goal then this is the best hard drive for movie storage.

4. ADATA SD700 – Affordable Rugged External SSD

A highly affordable SATA SSD albeit with a lower than average SSD transfer speed.

For users who are looking for a storage solution that not only performs well but is also built for durability, this will be the best hard drive for movie storage.

It may not be as affordable as hard drives are, but, for an external SSD, the cost is very reasonable.

The device has a USB 3.0 interface that lets you carry out fast data transfers. However, the most remarkable thing is that it can move files with speeds of up to 440MB/s.

This is rather low, compared to what some SSDs are capable of; but compared to HDDs, it’s a huge step forward.

The device’s enclosure has been ruggedized to provide military-grade shock-proofing that makes the device more resistant to damages than some of the drives covered here.

Besides being shock-proof, you also get water and dust resistance with an IP68 rating. The rating means that the device is dust-tight and can survive immersion in water at a depth of more than a meter.

Because it’s very affordable and performs reasonably well for an SSD, the ADATA SD700 is a great choice for movie storage.

5. Samsung T5 – Popular SSD for Video Editors

A very popular SATA SSD with a great transfer speed of 540 MB/s.

The Samsung T5 is a great hard drive for users who are very keen on portability. If you want to be able to carry your movie library when going on trips or visiting people then this will be your best hard drive for movie storage.

The device has a metallic casing but unlike the G-Drive, it is small enough to comfortably fit in your pockets.

It’s also an SSD so you’d expect great performance from it. And it delivers. You can get speeds of about 540 MB/s when working with this device and the performance, as well as portability, has made it very popular among video editors.

The drive makes use of the more modern USB 3.1 type C interface that lets you transfer files very fast between this external drive and a computer.

It comes in a wide variety of colors as well as storage capacities and you also get a password encryption feature that lets you secure all the files on your drive, protecting them from unwanted access.

The device is shock-resistant, a great performer, and very portable; features you’d like in a drive.


What to Look for in a Hard Drive for Movie Storage?

With videos, better quality will translate to larger storage sizes. So, a movie in 720P will not take the same amount of space as the same film in, let’s say, Blu-ray quality.

Because of this, one of the biggest factors you’ll need to consider for a hard drive that’s intended to be used to store movies is the size.

Storage Capacity

wd my book
For a huge movie collection on a stationary archive, we recommend desktop external hard disk. Source: WD My Book

High definition movie files require a lot of space. And since the files are meant for personal storage, you will often need to store only the good quality ones on your hard drove.

When investing in a hard drive for movie storage, ensure that you get one with adequate storage space.

You may need several terabytes of storage if you have a really large library. For people who don’t need a lot of space, there are smaller capacity options that will also not burn your pockets in the process.


Saving some extra cash when making purchases is always great. However, when getting a hard drive to store your movies in, you wouldn’t want to go too cheap.

If you store all your files in one drive then that means that when that drive fails you will lose your entire library.

Hard drives are not that expensive, however, going for cheaper drives whose quality and reliability is not assured could lead to disaster somewhere along the road.

To best circumvent this issue, do your research on the brands you’re interested in and avoid making purchases based on savings alone.


ssd speed
When it comes to speed, external SSDs take the cake. Source: ADATA SD700

No matter what you’ll be using your hard drive for, speed will always be an important factor to consider.

HDDs with a rotating platter are slower than SSDs that have no moving parts. For that reason, you may always need a fast SSD if you will be moving large movie files to and from your drive occasionally. This will significantly reduce your read and write times.

Reliability and Durability

Best Hard Drives for Movie Storage
3.5 inch HDD are large, require an external power source, but offer a lot of space for very cheap.

With a hard drive, one of the many fears users have is a crash since this can result in total or partial loss of files.

After spending time building your movie library, the fear of losing it all in one go should drive a user to pick a good reliable drive.

Some external hard drives come with enhanced durability. They may have shock-absorbent padding or water and dust resistance to give you an extra layer of security.

Final Words

In this article we checked out some of the best hard drives for movie storage. Basically, if you want to store your movies externally, you have a choice between large and small drives.

A large 3.5 inch drive, albeit bulky, offers a lot of space for very cheap. Hence we highly recommend it if you want a stationary movie archive.

On the other hand, if you want portability and want to carry your movies around with you, then you have either a 2.5 inch HDD option or a SATA SSD option.

Of course SSD is the more expensive option. So if you want save up on cost.

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